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Lil Wayne On The Set Of “Blood Niggaz” [Pics & Video]

Mon, Feb 1, 2010 by

Lil Wayne On Set Of Blood Niggaz Video Shoot

We posted two pictures of Lil Wayne on the set of the “Blood Niggaz” video shoot yesterday, and we now have five more and a behind the scenes video. You can see the video below and the rest of the pictures after the jump:

Shouts to ImTrill

Lil Wayne On Set Of Blood Niggaz Video Shoot

Lil Wayne On Set Of Blood Niggaz Video Shoot

Lil Wayne On Set Of Blood Niggaz Video Shoot

Lil Wayne On Set Of Blood Niggaz Video Shoot

Y’all think the video is looking good ❓

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  • Balapele


  • Yemzi

    I love the red, black n white color scheme!



  • Chazz

    tnx danny

    weezy f baby !



  • Buyrebirth

    buy Rebirth he is doing SOOOOOO much rght now!

  • Smitty

    i see hes back on da syrup in tha 3rd pic. lol

  • Devin

    ha to me i personally think that is VITAMIN WATER. thats red. not purple:)

  • http://WWW.LILWAYNEHQ.COM young nino

    he wont stope makeing hits hes the best listen to lil wayne

  • http://WWW.LILWAYNEHQ.COM buy the rebirth it is super nice im buyin 3 copys maybe 4 or 5 ym 4 life

    lil wayne gets the finest ladies ever so fine

  • Lilweezyfan1

    nice i can’t wait. love the pics, and video

  • Omeezy

    weezy’s making the best shit

  • http://lilwaynehq D4 lil wayne


  • http://lilwaynehq D4 lil wayne

    soowoo bloodz

  • YoungStunna-DirtyBurky-209

    dumb mutha fuckas. its SooWoop!! and no he aint on tha syrupp. that shit is red plus he drank syrup in a white styrofoam cup. and it was black because he mixed it with soda

  • Lil Lil Weezy

    Best Rapper alive, Piont Blank, Period!
    Suwu Its a Blood Thang

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  • lil waynes son

    @YoungStunna-DirtyBurky he drinks syrup out of a vitimin water bootles. sometimes. because he was drinking out f one in the carter doc.

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  • Marquisa

    Luvin da video
    weezy f baby

  • Waynes Daughter

    Luv Him!!!