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DJ Khaled – Take It To The Head (Feat Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj) [Music Video]

Sun, May 20, 2012 by

Here is the official music video for DJ Khaled‘s “Take It To The Head” single featuring Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj. The visual, which was shot in Los Angeles, was directed by Colin Tilley and the song will appear on Khaled‘s forthcoming Kiss The Ring album, due out in the summer. Cameos can be seen from YMCMB‘s Birdman, Drake, Mack Maine and Busta Rhymes.

Click here to view some behind the scenes footage from the video shoot!

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    First bitches

  • Mage

    First follow @Mag1cc

  • Diego_Boiii


  • No1TuneFan4Eva

    First , video is tha shit , YMCMB we winning, tune best rapper alive

  • Heibaaa

    2nd hoesss

  • tunechiiii

    First!!!! Dope vid

  • im faded

    chris brown hook >>>>>>>>>>



  • sammy

    Hey I cant see anything!!!!
    Please upload the video for people living in europe

  • Sham

    Why did they censor “asian” before persuasion….that shit don’t even make no sense?!



  • TuneChi Baby

    On May 20, 2012 at 7:28 pm sammy responded with…
    Hey I cant see anything!!!!
    Please upload the video for people living in europe


    I can watch the video and I’m located in Germany.

  • KingDeezy

    they censored it because they probably thinking it was racial profiling.

  • Jared

    Bahaha, I love it how Drake is in the video and he doesn’t even sing…

  • N-eezy

    stop censur wayne’s shit xD

  • Victor



  • DJ Khaled Sucks

    I’m On One song and video was better than this tbh.

  • Woods_OVO

    Wat is Drake & Busta Rhymes Doing there?? Lol!

  • YunG based god

    waynes verse is god awful

  • Speedy Gonzales

    Chris Brown on the hook <
    I can't stand that bitch voice coming out after a rap. But then again…Wayne fell the fuck off so it's suitable.

  • http://lilwaynehq flystealth

    weezy flyinstealth!

  • lastking

    wayne is the only person that i ever see wearing truckfit,……does anyone even wear that shit??

  • Mrs.MC

    Watching, love the vibes and video:-()!

  • YunG based god

    @last king fat maine rocks it too. that seems to be all he ever wears. fuck “tunechi baby” lazy ass

  • Dillon

    The director of this video is a God at what his doing! This Video is great!

  • Wigg Monsta

    Best Freestyle Ever!! Upcoming New Orleans rapper named “WIGG MONSTA”!!

    Click this link to listen:
    Real or Fake Freestyle-

  • ROC

    Oh my godz i have been on that ride in Universal Studios lollol…. why they shoot this video there lollol

  • ROC

    But still this is better than those wack azz green vidz

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  • the infamous Siege

    well it seems i was rite when the first post about this bullshit appeared, this was a wack video.
    made no sense, wish i could get back the time i spent watching it. :(
    Y ou
    M ake
    C rap
    M usic
    B itch

  • Inizzle

    WHO AGREEZ ???
    •lil wayne ft busta rhymes- You Got it !
    • Lil wayne ft Birdman- Fake Feel
    • lil wayne- you and I
    • lil wayne cascades
    • Atention aka Call of duty
    and others if any one can think…
    @ DANNY M try get these ones pleeeeaaase :)

  • tunemeh




    vid is real kool i would fukin do any thing to be in a ymcmb music vid dis shit is dope haha bloodz in da south gunz in yo mouth eat deez fukin bullets an shoot dem hoes

  • fuk u

    i really dont think YMCMB is really that awesome acctually there pieces of shit i hate all them they can rim my asshole clean and kiss my dick fukin wannabe ass gangstas down wit YMCMB!


    fuk u u over sized peice of shit ymcmb 4 life lil nigga ill fukin dik slap u and ur fuckin bitch slut whore of ur wife u lil prick piru 4 life

  • LP

    “Hibernating all winter, eating all summer” – DJ Khaled

  • Gina

    Not fillin it.. I like wayne tho drakes lil better.. hope waynes on sum fire on F.I.V.E cuz Game drops Classics;)

  • Kim C

    YunG based god is a SUPER MAN FAN hahahahahaha gay as niqqa Smh why yu on this site yungbased fake god= FagSwaG lil b haha

  • Gina

    I kno i want to hear that Game and Wayne f.i.v.e all damm ready! This shit didnt do it for me.

  • Kev

    Has anyone ever heard of cameos? quit finding reasons to hate on every little thing Im not much of a drake fan and I agree wayne has fell off a little but hes starting to get better but jesus it annoys me how you guys actully have to find something so little to hate on

  • Ki


  • DjJacko k

    Whens that The F.I.V.E album coming

  • #1JUice-fan

    I dont think tune fell off i think he jus needs time yu ppl are fukin stans let the dude chill.. wrk wit the right ppl like drake nippz game kendrick ect idk bout ross tho same sound all the time. Wayne needs MC’s to spit wit cuz he’s a MC not a rapper.

  • YunG based god

    Kim C suck my dick hoe

  • Eshall

    Got me smiling all big! love this vid, Tunechi Tunechi Tunechi Li!!! <3

  • YunG based god

    how does this fake ass peice of trash still have a fan base? hes so irrelevant

  • C4

    Koo.. ~YmCMBws$MoNEYgaNG$”MMG%

  • Kim C

    Are yu sure you dnt want to suck a dick yur the MAN FAN on the site ya bitch lmao lil b hahaha WOW TrASH are Are Yu a 12 gurl boo awww


    weezy jst won male artist of the f#cking year! to bad he wasnt there to get the award

  • Kim C

    Yung based god yur life is irrelevant so go take them lil b posters dwn yu fuk boy… Tie lil b up to a full tank of propane SwaG.. Sushi lol

  • Gina

    YunG based god?lol kik him off the world lol clown KIM C is real lol

  • only Wayne can make a weak ass verse sound better than it is.

  • Jay jay

    I like it YMCMB.. Dat F.I.V.E single already coming? Next week damm i kno the album is gna go H.A.M!

  • YunG based god

    My people, you gota think before you move, you gota speak before you cry, you gota live before you die.

  • YunG based god

    I’m not guna let anything take the love from my heart, the love of life and spreading peace and positive, thank you earth I’m alive.

  • Kdot

    Idk bout this

  • green eyes

    Looks like they filmed it at Universal Studios Hollywood

  • Hype




  • Jay jay

    YunG based god real

  • Jay jay

    YunG based god real shit

  • YunG based god

    Roll with the piece beside him not talkin bout the gun, but the peace inside him YunG jay jayThe mind is so complex when your based. 32 levels

  • @&:;%1+

    Wow that sucked

  • Smiles

    LMAO DJ Khaled filmed this at Universal Studios theme park!

    This is the BackDrift Ride! Look it up! I knew that red truck was familiar!

  • Young Tune

    Take it to the head is a cool track… But wayne fucked up big time on this though #DISAPPOINTED but dat nigga still the best .. F.I.V.E gotta be dope

  • vodafon

    Inizzle cascades it was realesed..last year. :)) .wtf bro? search on youtube..Rob (Of One Chance) Ft. Lil Wayne – This Is All I Need

  • Inizzle

    At Vodafon
    WOW homie never knew that :O…
    Do you know about any other snippets that are now a full song ???

  • Kdot

    Fuk dot im waitin on Game F.I.V.E n i aint tlkin nba.. wayne better not spit that trash..


    He wont wayne n Game only make clasics when they hit the lab its like snoop n dre waynes Games new fif but waynes getting sum lines on this n brezzy gettin the hook epic

  • Nasty~nas

    If Games sings hes gna be there Pac its gna be like deathRow wit all the superstars

  • D.c.2

    That b dope huge game fan

  • steph

    ymcmb we winning! lil wayne the best rapper alive, rapper eater!

  • Swag

    Where do these Trukfit fitteds keep coming from? I want one!
    Fuck a snapback

  • Ray J

    Video has nothing to do with the song though

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  • imani grant

    i luv lilwayne all day

  • Nasty~nas

    Game the best rapper alive..hands dwn