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Update On Lil Wayne’s Health Trouble, Vanessa Hugdens & Selena Gomez Express Their Concern

Mon, Mar 18, 2013 by Daniel Mousdell

Update On Lil Wayne Health Trouble, Vanessa Hugdens & Selena Gomez Express Their Concern

Six days after being rushed to hospital after suffering from multiple seizures, Lil Wayne is still recovering in the Intensive Care Unit at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Birdman tweeted that Wayne would be heading home at the weekend, but it looks like Weezy F Baby‘s condition has not got any better so the doctors are keeping him in the Los Angeles hospital for a little longer.

Other than his family and close friends, Drake, Chris Paul, Baby and Nicki Minaj have all been spotted visiting Tunechi to show their support. While promoting their Spring Breakers film on Friday, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens also showed their concern for Weezy and his health trouble. Check out what they said below:

At the March 15 press conference for Spring Breakers at the Beverly Hills SLS hotel, Vanessa, 24, and Selena, 20, began to speak out about Lil Wayne’s terrifying experience.

Vanessa said “Can you believe what happened to Lil Wayne?!”, which prompted Selena to ask “Will he be OK?.” Vanessa replied “I don’t know…”

Selena, ever the optimist said “He’ll be OK.” Someone then said “Apparently he is getting better…”, to which the Wizards of Waverly Place star said “OK, Good!”

Via Hollywood Life

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  • zeeroman

    still no answer. Read that shit on TMZ already :(

  • Armando


  • wael

    Firsttt!!! But anyway fuck first so glad wayne is doing ok and I hope he recovers soon #IANAHBII

  • Baba


  • mula

    hah! all yall fail for saying 1st when you aint!

    im trying to debate who i would rather smash – vanessa or selena

    i’mma go with selena

  • Marley g

  • ridaa

    get better soon wayne

    please dont die on us

  • Marley g

    I wonna smash Selena Gomez asap

  • Joshhhhh

    Man even in the hospital wayne gets pussy from hot bitches

  • Pussy Ass Niggah

    He’ll be released from hospital on March 26th, the day his album drops. It’s all been a promotion plan for I am Not a Human Being 2. They trying to sell a milli first week again.

  • raw tune

    damn every celebrity been asking bout weezy

  • God Bless Lil Wayne

    The hospital just want to keep a closer eye on him so he don’t have any more seizures.

  • Marley g

    If Gucci smashed Selena I don’t see y she won’t let me smash ya dig

  • @pensyayo

    hmmm get up wayne!! U aint dying now G!
    #loveFrom Nigeria

  • Zodiac

    In the pic Wayne’s cross is upside down. Illuminati shit. They probably the people who put him in the coma,

  • Tahir

    every time i see a new update about Weezys health my heart beats faster really scared ,i just wanna hear that he is out and straight ..please Allah give him another chance

  • kgomotso

    I’m a weezy fan nd I really wish him the best,#get well man#

  • Marley g

    I needa talk to stunna

  • ~Lil Wayne Lover~

    Wayne please don’t die on us we love you with all our heart .we continue praying and showing you love and support.

  • F

    Wow, so he is still at the hospital! #PrayforWeezy

  • Carlos padilla

    Im glad wayne is ok when i heard all this i was in shock because he is my inspiration for the music i make do better wayne see you soon

  • MiMi

    Get well soon Wayne!!! I really hope u make a speedy recovery…ur in my prayers!! xxx

  • untillmyfaceturnpurple


  • Weezy F Bby

    @Pussy ass Niggah Can suck A dick Ya heard me A publicity stunt would mean they want more people to know YMCMB were always reporting that he was good trying to get less atention, so take yr hating ass outa here Bitch Ass Pussy ass Niggah U one stupid ass nigga talking shit U know Nothing about

  • http://nill jaz-segzy

    Wayne wake up ,nigga get well soon , I missed you , we need you and I love you with passion #love from Nigeria.

  • MsicechaslovesTunechi

    Love u Wayne, hope u are doing better an getting rest … We all need U in ourlives all day everyday an i am praying u are getting better..for ur family, urself, an all of ur millions, an millions of Fans…. Love u Wayne Carter

  • Nkosana Ingwe

    People no need to worry mr carter the words most loved rapper has got a million years to live. I love you lil wayne with every piece of my heart*no homo*

  • Young Tunechi

    Am great,great,great grandchildren are gonna meet wayne thats a must.

  • Khosta

    Remember what drake said wayne, “when they love you to death it’s never die on em” and we love you to death tunechi so don’t die on us…no homo..#lovefromSOUTHAFRICA

  • Bobby B A song a wrote earlier today after finding about the news about my favorite rapper, my idol, my inspiration…Lil Wayne. Check this Tribute out. And keep him ya prayers.

  • iyke

    Weezy gon be good#pray 4 Wayne#stay TUNEd

  • Bunz


  • http://lilwaynehq raahee

    Wayne I’m praying for u every hr of the day….! U gotta grt better. There r so so many fans out here that want to c u out that hospital! Don’t do it for ur fans weezy do it for ur kids and family. Plz regain that strength. Lets pray: dear Lord , I pray for wayne to regain his strength, his health, to keep his condition at bay. Lord forgive any sins caused by us. Lil Wayne should not be subjected to this. Only u can help him get better. Amen

  • Ashley

    Yall care so much for a celebrity then our own military men and woman who are drug free and fight for our freedom, Yall disgust me… Like seriously, all the shit he has done in his past led him to where he is today, I don’t feel sorry. That’s my opinion! Don’t hate because your probably no better if you do.

  • Triggerman

    is that eddie lacey in the photo

  • lil khalil

    Plsssss get well soo….ǐ wish ma best rapper quick αη∂ speedy recovery ohhh Tunechi plssss stay wî†ђ us

  • Nick

    Another idiot who doesn’t understand how chains work… The cross is not upside down you idiot!!! It’s a freaking connector that the chain hangs on. Open your damn eyes and stop blaming everything on the “myth” that is the Illuminati. Anyways glad to hear he doing a little better than what he was! I Am Not A Human 2 is moving a Mil first week!!!

  • lil khalil

    Plsssss get well soo….ǐ wish ma best rapper quick αη∂ speedy recovery ohhh Tunechi plssss stay wî†ђ us….khaleel ƒяσм Nigeria

  • Sir. T

    If Tune could just cut a lil’slack outa drugs he’d be good..
    If not for him then for his fans @TEAM_TUNECHI but I’m certain he’ll recover in no time before IANAHB2′s release.

  • Stasi

    He had a seizure listening to his shitty music?

  • t(-_-t)


  • Eliud

    we pray for you Nìgga get well as soon!
    We need yu

  • Baffer Abraham Jupiter

    hmmmm long damn life ma mentor love from nigeria

  • Florida girl

    Wayne I been a fan since you was a jit…..and gone always be….so with all the prayers and Gods will I know you can pull through this….from a true fan you’re in my prayers….ya heard me!!! Don’t worry bout all den haters….remember you don’t pay attention…..attention pays you….lol!!!! Get better Wayne….

  • Killuminati

    He will die soon enough

  • Solltunne

    Fuck u! @Killuminati

  • James

    U d bst 4eva, n wil alwayz b d best!!

  • @w3ezyf

    Hope Lil Wayne Gets Better , Damn ! Wayne Has A lot Of Fans Though , Even Celebrity Fans , But Yeah I Hope Wayne Recovers , We All Should Pray For Him !

  • flip3180

    He can not be replace

  • jason


  • Nix Kuiper

    Hey Weezy. GET AN MRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET AN MRI

  • kgomotso

    I thank God u better,u are worth much,we cnt lose u,nt tht way

  • QuE

    Weezy common get up please I gat 2videos wit yo so its not dat tiMe to sleep off on that bed

  • Rodger

    165th comment!!! YES!

  • LuvTunechi


  • Kushy Kush

    Syruuup got me slow like a turtle round this hoe

    Weezy f baby n the f is fo a bunch of shit red dank blue pills white dusttttt yes i love my countryyy biiiittchhh


  • Big man

    Get better mangods love u

  • Ed!

    My Best Wiches !!! To you homie!:)

  • iamsosickwithit