Jay-Z Disses Lil Wayne On “La Familia” By Responding To Kidnapping Beyonce Shots

Sun, Jun 30, 2013 by Danny M

Jay-Z Disses Lil Wayne On La Familia By Responding To Kidnapping Beyonce Shots

Nearly two years later since Lil Wayne dissed Jay-Z on “It’s Good” off Tha Carter IV, Jay has sent shots back to Wayne on his “La Familia” song off Magna Carta Holy Grail.

“Nigga wanna kidnap wifey, good luck with that bruh; You must gonna hide your whole family, what you think we wearing black for? Ready for that war, ready for that war ready; You ain’t ready yo’, you radio; You ain’t really ready, real nigga chea”

This “beef” all started after Jay-Z had dissed Birdman on “H.A.M.” by rapping:

“I’m like really half a billi nigga, really you got Baby money; Keep it real with niggas, niggas ain’t got my lady money”

Then Weezy F Baby responded with these bars going at Jay and Beyonce:

“Talkin ’bout Baby money? I got your baby money; Kidnap your bitch, get that ‘how much you love your lady’ money; I know you fake nigga, press your brakes nigga; I’ll take you out, that’s a date nigga”

Now Jay-Z has responded, I wonder if Tune will send more shots at him :?: Maybe something on Dedication 5

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  • ni@@er

    its good came out in 2011 and hes responding to it now? doesn’t make sense -_-

  • Tunechi Li

    all i know is Tune gone have some words for Jay-Z and Jay-Z better stop acting tuff for Wayne have to show him what’s up ! Jay-Z ain’t ready for that WAR !

  • sooo woooo

    jay-z a bitch

  • Cut-Tims

    What kind of weak ass diss was this lmfao? Weezy ethered this nigga

  • philly c

    Why the fuck is he now responding two years later….HOV your timing is all the way fucked up !!!!!

  • Sho

    KILL HIM DEAD WEEZY! I hate Jay-Z & Beyonce! #BothCanSuckDick!!!

  • Chris

    Really Jay? Responding two years later? With that? Nigga shut up. took him two years to conjure up that weak ass responce.

  • words

    its all a promotional thing
    he dissing lil wayne to try and get more sales for his album
    marley g still need to kidnap beyonce

  • TuneAintNoTrick

    Weezy gonna diss the fuck outta this nigga. Y’all think its gonna be on D5, C5 or he gonna make a single diss track?

  • http://Www.ytnatureboy854.com Natureboy

    Jay al d way

  • http://lilwaynehq.com nasz

    Really jay?…well what you think we wearing RED for??? Weezy gonn kill him again if he responds!!! Fuck jay-z

  • wayne92

    2 years too late & it’s an awful diss? wayne’s diss was actually better?
    don’t understand this beef either, its pathetic, wayne looked up to jay years ago & collaborated on a couple of songs…?

  • Benvolio

    It’s not beef, it’s just tactics of getting album sales from both of them. Very smart.

  • Ballin

    Who is or what is a JayZ ?

  • Loyal fan

    Really JAY-Z!!!!!!!! After 2 yearz u cm up wth dis awful diss!!! Cm On nikka u r pathetic!!i!i! Mxm.TUNECH! BETTER CM UP WTH A BETTER DISS SONG….(D5) FUCK JAY Z, BEYONCE, PUSHA T AND PITBULL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dante

    Y’all need to shut up.. let that man say what he want to wayne.
    I feel as it going to be a fun battle.. it just word no action… Jayz And Lil wayne. Give us a show

  • Edo

    they used to be supa cool back then…whatch their “hello brooklyn performance here”

  • Trebles’ Garcia

    Jay is an icon but come on bro. Even the rookiest rapper in the game knows wen to quit. Or atleast stop bringin old shit up. .. I mean if weezy wud stop skating for one day, hell remaster every jayz song nd go tripple plat

  • Birdmanson

    I noe weezy will bounce back so hard,Hov will hire more body guard…

  • omgitsObaid

    LOL.. WTF i thought it would be the diss would be tight..
    fuck the Illuminati’s man…
    Blood da fuck up

  • Edo

    album promo they r just tryna sell more but damn they used to be cool back then…Hello Brooklyn, Mr. Carter, Swagga Like Us….. I really miss those moments

  • T-Twitch

    Na but this dude threatened his family. Wayne you better break that board in half jump in that fucking studio and tear this dude to shreds. Bring that flow 2 weezy!

  • SpittaRGM

    diss to jay z from me

    ok this nigga sendin shots but they not hittin nobody
    see he think he all tuff cause he wit the luminati
    see if I was young money I would have been smacked u
    shit u speakin bout tune but now I am yo issue
    I would pop u send u to yo mommy rolled in tissue
    see this a lil somethin to show ya I could diss ya
    see u lucky flow locked up cause he would come at ya
    u so weak dam u even make chief keef sound good
    i smoke a blunt put it out let u smoke the duck
    dot dot dot dot did I just end ya… haa haa

  • ronna

    jayz is a rap vet yes its all promo and weezy knows better. Ctfu the last time weezy got tough he paid jay to feat on Mr. Carter. So please stop saying Wayne will destroy jayz. Most of you don’t know rap and don’t know good rap if u think weezy is even close to bars with jay. I grew up listening to rap not this bs young money gay shit. Please kill that noise.

  • Tru

    2 years for dis wack diss. I hope weezy makes a single diss track and fucks jayz’s old ass up

  • lauren

    @words YESSSS!!! i said the same thing as soon as i saw the post. he already

    got samsung BUYING A MILLION OF HIS ALBUM (which foud out billboard wont

    count towards sales lol) now he tryna use this OLD ass line wayne said as promo

    for people to go buy the album smfh he a old fool

  • aaron mcdonald


  • yung turk

    hov just lost the beef right here, if theres any beef actually.. this was lame as fk. wayne got the better of it

  • jason

    his album drops in a few days and he releases the LYRICS to THIS song today???? hmmmmm no need to wonder too long what this is about lol smfh

  • patriots

    i dont even know if wayne should even come back cuz first of all the diss was weak as fuck and i dont even like jay z but if he’s one of the best (under weezy and a few others) and that’s wat he comes up with that’s sad so sad for a so called legend and second jay z that shit is dead come on now 2 years ago. He said you not ready you radio GTFOH yo shit done nigga you’re like a little kid who ask someone older than him to play one on one knowing they to get dunked or some shit matter a fact yup weezy get his ass one more time to end it u got round 1 take round 2 u could even come at they fake daughter blue it took him 2 yrs. After he talked beyonce lets see how long it takes for him to come back after talkin about his so called child D5 bout to be so raw jay z stupid ass just added feul to weezy’s fire as method man would say GET EM!!!

  • joes

    jay-z must go pick up toys to play with#this rap game it aint the that fat lips he hv like clits

  • Ducksick999

    Well 2 grown ass rich man fighting each other on record
    Wich they probaly called to each over to create more buzz
    Its fucking patethic
    Anything for attention

    And while all the real fans taking sides and arguing

    They probally laughing how sad you fans really are

    Be a real man and fistfight it out

  • ace!

    yeah he made himself look bad with this one.

    this is something a “new nigga” would do esp.around the time they album about to drop

  • kush and oj

    idk if i pissed at him waiting this long to say something or if im pissed at how corny it was. 0___o

  • tommy gunz

    @ace! word my nigga i feel you on that and lmao @kushandoj

  • darius

    im not mad he responded thats what he was supposed to do. im just smh at how long this nigga waited and he released the lyrics days befopre his album drops. thats not something a real nigga wouldve done he shouldve addressed it soon as he heard c4 . he made a bitch move this time sorry hov

  • Fukdawurl

    Fuk jayz his a lil pussy it took him 2 years to respone what a vigina lol. YMCMB GANG

  • state the real

    @kushandoj hell yeah lol but you know the dickriders that praise jay gon’ say its “murder”

  • joes

    RICH GANG – YMCMB thr good at what they do……

  • eric

    @ronna hoe put that dick back in yo mouth and swallow. you “real hip-hop heads” irk tf outta me with yall repeative bullshit. everytime a rapper from today or wayne say something yall kick that lame shit. bitch dont nobody gives two fkying fucks when you started listninig to rap point is jay is a cornball for waiting this long to reply if he flet it as a diss he shouldve dissed wayne in 2011 when this shit started. you fucking people praise jay as if he was really HOVA . thats nigga aint paying yall bills nor has he died for yall sins., stop taking his nickname serious hoe.

    and ps : FUCK YOU

  • Patrick 33


  • brittany

    fuck that camel nas > jay anyday of the year

  • trell

    @ERIC oh shit lmfaooooooooooo

  • will_

    ayo eric you stating real shit my g.

  • ZipLiner

    this actually started years ago they have a love hate on and off relationship but wayne has the utmost respect for jay waited til he dropped a solo studio album to respond to a solo studio album. IF wayne diss you on the carter series he wanted to dis him on his solo shit. Watch the throne was already passed the main recording phase and it wasnt his own album

  • RyanM

    D5 diss track for Jay

  • Mr_brazylloyd

    That was weak as fuck, dedication 5 = dedicated to dissing jay z

  • Punani

    Ghloush Part 2 coming soon……..

  • erick

    @wayne92 wayne also said to be the best you gotta take out the best!

  • http://www.hello.com LJ

    man you all are crazy. So what it’s two years. Why make the lil negro a priority. And to count this as a dis is dumb. Just like weezy lines where jabs…so is this. Just like Jays baby money line was a jab. This here is the bait. If you recall all jay said about nas was Ask nas he don’t want it with HOV..Noooooooo. That was at the summer jam concert. then nas responded. The jay put out the blueprint with that murderous verse. This is the bait. He says he aint ready for that WAR. and be honest….Wayne done rode jay dick way too much to be taken serious when trying to diss him. Wayne isn’t ready for that war.

  • Joey priest

    I like both of them they got money I wish I had 50000 right now I was good
    Keep making the money

  • JTheMan.

    I was a little nervous until I read the diss.. Super trash

  • jdubcreative

    Actually…it started when Baby said that Wayne made more money than Jay-Z.

    Then Jay-Z responded with this:


    @LJ nigga gtfoh wayne aint ride jay dick THATS YOU and the rest of yall clones aka stans. wayne gave/give jay his props and always stated jay is his idol IN MUSIC.

    and so fucking what if wayne give him his props and looked at jay as his idol in hip-hop

    IVERSON HAD TO CROSS JORDAN NIGGA ….. keep that in mind

  • wigged out


  • lacey

    @lj but i bet if the shoe was on the other foot you’ll be talking down on wayne though huh ? smh

  • AlexSutton

    jay z acting like theres gonna be a war, who’s he gonna go to war with, rihanna jcole? rita ora? agaisnt young money! hahaha he’s taking cheap shots to bump his record sales up

  • esho_nino

    @thetruth yo comment is what your name is bruh. these bias ass stans ride rappers dicks so hard (esp. the old ones) that they make up that excuse all the time . find another reason bruh just cause jay is wayne idol in music dont mean he cant give jay that work!!!!!

  • ya bish you

    @the truth…. ohhh shit you hit that nigga with the iverson/23 line? you won with that one bro hahahahaha

  • JTFO

    @LJ you sound stupid af jay started it by replying to birdman forbes statement on wax on “h.a.m” which is when wayne came home and sway interviewed him and asked him did he hear it and what he thought about it and was he going to respond back? wayne said he heard it and was gonig to “play off it since he was back home with all eyes on him ” at the time and thats what he did!! he took jay words and used them against him . then jay went m.i.a. and didnt reply back but now 2 years later its a problem right beore your album drops? where they do dat @?


    WEAKEST THING IVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE! I hope wayne goes in on him like he did on problem solver about gillie the squid

  • http://Mzkoboka@gmail.com Sir. T

    Loool!! I got a feeling Wayne won’t respond to this whack ass shit.
    ”Jay I tot u waz kool bro”

  • tuned in

    nigga this aint “bait” this aint shit but a weak ass obvious promo scheme! stop sucking his dick @LJ

  • malli Benjamin

    @lj dude you might as well dont even comment again niggas flamming yo ass lol and @eric damn son lol & @thetruth >>>>>>>>>

  • Sir. T

    Loool did dat Ni55a jus call Wayne a Radio?? I got a feeling Wayne won’t respond to this whack ass shit.
    ”Jay I tot u waz kool bro”

  • 17TH lil josh

    @hetruth that inverson vs jordan line was a ether homie

  • brandon bee

    just like the truth said in his/her comment (( iverson had to cross jordan )) .just because you admire someone and what they do or use them as a inspiration to do what you do dont mean you cant go at them if you feel need to. but honestly i dont think this deserves a reply too old/irrelevant and a set up for jay new album smh

  • tropez





  • LP

    Out of all the wack shit Wayne has done in the past 2 years, this is what Jay-Z had to say? They both should retire

  • gking

    Kanye can’t help cuz he already called weezy the best earlier this year,j.cole 4ks with him,rihanna? I wouldn’t even go there and rita ora,who knows her ass

  • kanye

    Not responding to Wayne was the real diss
    If I was jay I wouldn’t respond to Wayne but since I’m on Wayne’s side I’m happy he responded cuz that shit degraded him
    Still he should of came harder. I would consider this as a tease more than diss kinda stupid from jigga
    Hope Wayne start rapping again soon

  • kiss boi

    damn…i can feel wayne murdering ths lil nigga…weezy a beast,u say u ready nigga??the only thing u ready 4 is yr funeral…boy i’ma murder you & dance @ yr funeral..old ass nigga,u belong in a museum…

  • Mike

    Pshhh 2 years to think of something and that’s all he responded with?

  • Eshall

    FUCK JAY Z!! He wears black because it matches his black soul. There is only one Mr. Carter for me and that is Wayne. Nuff said.

  • MB

    Jay-Z > Lil Wayne

  • Young Teezy

    thts a weak ass diss jay z are u serious weezy will destroy u hell even birdman aka stunna man will destroy u u cant beat YMCMB, FGM , and B.W.A, not even B.W.S wayne probably laughing cause of jay z dump ass diss YMCMB #1

    free FLOW, free BG, free boosie, free G. Wilson, free my unc DJ, FREE ALL DA MONSTERS

    Martians 4 Life

  • J. rahl

    Jay you should have dropped that since, not bad doe but wayne’s coming

  • Kidd

    Alright i honestly know that wayne would murk jay in a rap battle that being said when jay said nigga you radio hes saying that wayne went commercial so wayne should switch it up on him and show what this “commercial” nigga can do

  • Don

    @Kidd I agree Idk why everybody sayin that Jay’s dissed sucked maybe cuz they don’t understand it but this should interesting tho I hope Wayne go in on em and str8 wreck Hov lol bring out that dangerous Wayne

  • http://Twitter.com Marley

    Jay z trash he aint had a hit song in years were the heck he been at tunechi is the best the best ever!!!!

  • quece

    Battle rapping sometimes improves rappers makes rappers more relevant and want to go off more wayne is gearing up if hes really giving us d5 this quick music is on his mind wayne gonna go H.A.M

  • Day43

    We all know Wayne went “radio” this shit is still trash. But let’s hope Jay still has the power to make Wayne go harder

  • amenace

    Weezy & Flow… along with the rest of YMCMB & etc… gonna end this ole guy! Buhleedat

  • http://- m699

    tunechi is pretty.. pretty face, eyes, nose, everything

  • Joey

    Anybody with a brain knows wayne cant f*** with Jay. Lyrically, Financially. NOTHING.

    Jay’s worst day > Wayne’s best.

  • love lil wayne

    tunchi gonna win this shit

  • lynchi lune.

    Its clear, jay is sufferin from old age,,,,hahah…..
    Advice to jay n anybody who like him,,
    “ar u scared of something? If I was u I wud be” remember these line?…..well fuck jay z n all his fan……..born n unborn…

  • http://lilwaynehq Weezyf

    Honestly jay could rip wayne apart in a diss battle now cuz wayne will have to say sum dum shit about pussy and drugs and shit in his diss.. dnt think im hating. Im just being honest. I still listen to sum of waynes songs. But most of his songs are crap. The last good song he had was gunwalk. All his recent features have ben weak

  • y u mad

    Jay Z played himself.. shoulda let it slide like a boss than embarrase himself. He comes across as scared from reading the lyrics.

  • RyRy

    Wayne please kill this old dusty nigga!!

  • lil tune

    OK, seriously jay-z (bitch nigga) you needa step it up, I personally think that diss was TRASH! I understood every thing jay said and it was complete TRASH! Wayne should respond to it even though it was weak, wayne should drestroy jay for threating his family yo! Let jay see that monster. “I got them twins wit me nigga clicker and clack”

  • LuvTunechi


  • suavebrotha

    this aint even beef Yasiin Bey said it best “real beef happens every day real life not ya verse send to K Slay” or media hype but go ham if makes feel better about yourself or believe somebody actually cares

  • Tnt

    Wayne would have to get into that weezy f baby zone to go at jay

  • jessica

    Lil wayne look so sexy in the photo im too distracted

  • lo_atl

    jayz got too many dick riders. anyway nas > jay 24/7 365

  • lake show baybee

    if i was wayne i wouldnt bother responding to this watered shit

  • trickster

    This isn’t cool guys… Wayne is average at the moment then jigga come with this ish… Jiggi waited 4 the nigga to go weak then atack. That’s skill rite there lol

  • http://google Harry Bash

    Dz nigga pussy jay is ready for funeral,my nigga tune never scare of any bitch,u remembered whn he said phuck pusha t and anybody arnd him,I think Wayne should phuck bitch asspussy Beyonce,phuck her hard,he is tryn to see how death is u try born gangs as rich u btch nigga,YMCMB forever,fuck u jay z motherfuck,whatever u dress u wll b fucked up,illuminatbch

  • http://google Harry Bash

    Ni55a tune on the way to studio,coz of btch jay,tune should stop skating for a while and make sure this nigga disappear completely@teamtunech

  • Young Pizzle

    Take it easy guys, this beef is definitely not one to be taken seriously.

  • @lunatic_dee

    Tune better stop rapping ’bout pussy nd diss dis hoe ass niggah back!


  • ?!?!

    If lil wayne or tunechi as he goes by now, drops a diss track like ghoulish he should keep it in his vault and never take it out because that “diss” was garbage.
    Btw as a true hiphop/rap fan, not a lil wayne stan, this diss looks pretty good. We’ll just have to wait what kind of production this is on.

  • Bongani Given Zondo

    Hov u nigga b slow dats y u thinking of a war 2 years l8tr nd dnt 4get Weezy is gona hit u nd u will respond after 4 years. Y.M.C.M.B 4 life

  • Sticki

    Ok Jay is still mad Weezy killed ” Run this town” on NO CEILING better than the trash he did on tha ORINAL!!!

  • http://www.lilwaynehq.com tunechi


  • Ed!

    Fuck jay-z… Son of a Bitch!!! I dont like dat nigga;)

  • jordan

    It taken jay z 2 years to put that together lol. Weezy make comeback off the spot.

  • JB

    Y’all do know this all publicity to sell more records right? They probably had a strategy meeting about this 3 years ago… #GetMoney

  • I am the orginator of the word bling bling

    Man, this diss was both weak and waaaaaay to late
    Tunes most likely long forgotton bout this unimportant ‘beef’

    But i still respect Jay-Z as a legend and as a rapper and agree with him that this is all ‘sport’

  • Baby JJ

    Jay Z u call that shit a diss? That shit was weak as fuck. Wayne aint got time for weak shit

  • Cortez Bryant

    Weezy D5 Remix Jay z La Familia,

    “Fuck is a Hov, this nigga know, took 2 years for a come back ? like nigga no,
    better have a army boy I’m from the N.O.
    Where we point choppers at cha head like its halo,
    Like hello how you doing pop poof like where yo head go ?
    Surely up your asshole as you gassing up my old flows,
    Weezy F yo Baby twice in Beyonce 2000 shows,
    And nigga you will never know, but thanks to the radio I think you already know,
    Plus saying my family they should hide, you better run because the seek is Hov,
    Something yo baby ain’t ready fo, see her old man go bye bye and you will never be able to see her to grow,

    Tunechu Lee bitch I’m Hollygrove, and that black you wearing is just a false fo show.

  • hopezzy wayne

    go count water jay since you aint got what to do koz i knw tune will bury you alive if you f**k up with him..it even took u like forever to reply #longlivetunechi

  • doped_king

    @ cortez, that shit go hard bro

  • http://google harrytune

    dats t my ni55a@cortez,ur not a carter u bitch,real carter is tune,ymcmb

  • damn

    @Cortez …. aaaawwwwhh fuck! TuneAllDay

  • arth

    2 years to respond a beef???? Lmao what’s wrong with this guy? noobody takes 2 years to write a diss so fucking weak!!!! I guess wayne will respond with soomething like “what the hell are you talking bout? Nigga I don’t even remember what happened 2 weeks ago” hahaha!

  • Lil jay -R

    Wayne will dismantle this fagget

  • philly c

    HJay-z is at the point in his career where his name itself is a brand. So I don’t buy the fact that he’s finally going at Wayne for album sells and promotion for his new album. Shit he doesn’t need to do that anymore, he’s Jay-z ! And as far as the diss, the only good line is the “you ain’t ready to, you radio”, which is true to a certain extent outside of a select group of songs he’s done since No Ceilings. But outside of that bar this diss was weak !

  • At everybody above me

    Lmao!!! You guys shouldn’t be bashing Jay Z after the last diss track that Lil Wayne dropped (Ghoulish). The only diss that was on that track was fuck Pusha T and every that love ‘em.
    Wtf “his head up his ass im gonna have to head butt him” Is Wayne going to stick his head up Pusha T’s ass also.
    Wayne is done for. This diss is something he can not and will not respond to.
    Sorry little kids but that Carter 2 Lil Wayne is done for

  • Don

    @Cortez Is that for real?

  • anthony

    Lil Wayne isn’t even in the same tax bracket as Jay. And the young money whatever you call it is R&B music with words that rhyme…DEFINATELY NOT HIP-HOP or HARDCORE Rap.

  • Caro

    it took to him 2 years to be ready??

  • Kidd

    Yeah he should diss jay z back but are we forgetting about this little gnat named pusha t that wont leave tune alo he should kill both of them in one legendary diss track

  • Cortez Bryant

    Weezy D5 remix La familia

    Verse 2

    “Try me if you wanna, yo insides be out like lasagna,
    I’m a Louisiana nigga, Weezy F is out of his Dungeon,
    Let me catch you slipping you’ll be sprint running,
    My fans totally down with me and you fucking with a rare breed,
    No jail on my time list nigga, hand game like Tyson nigga,
    I dare you to step into the ring wit a king nigga,
    Better yet call me tha God because I father nigga’s,
    Taught’d nigga’s tha game I’m pulling cards nigga,
    What you know about dat you broking heart nigga ?
    You started it so I’m finish it raw nigga, tunafish like the spell of yo garbage bars nigga,
    No competition at all you just a pop-tart nigga, I could’ve swore when I met cha you was afraid,
    Plus a shady nigga, trying play a nigga, saying if I left Young Money I’ll be made nigga ?
    Well just look at me nigga, now I’m the greatness nigga, skateboarding yo fucking face,
    Now nigga feel dat bass aka my damn 12-gauge.

    Dj Drama say, Weezy got dat bass, Dedication 5, we throwing it in yo face!

  • ryan

    HONESTLY.. The best diss would to just kidnap her for real and not rap about it weezy.

  • Rolls

    That shit go hard Cortez someone get this to Tunechi right quick we need dedication 5 ad old weezy back in this bitch

  • lil tune

    @cortez bryant, I hope that was real cuz that went so fuckin hard, honestly he shoulda made ghoulish like this fo real! Pusha T would have been shut down!

  • Kidd

    @ryan lmfao RIGHT!!!!!!

  • http://27780701500@mxit.im TroY

    …i bet Tunechi in dis bitch had forgotten dat he dissd dat buthole….bt watch da space,a sick diss is cuming Jiggas way

  • JustCorey

    Any real wayne fan knows jay z and wayne been beefing off and on since 2007… Beat without bass, watch what you say to me.. Dough is what I got… Jay waited too long to diss wayne.. Don’t matter though

  • t(-_-t)

    Wayne Murdered his ass already he’ll do it again

  • http://razlawmusic.blogspot.com ZipLiner

    Not going to spam nor repeat post! but if anyone is interested in new young music please check my page out!

  • Khosta

    Danny m you forgot the diss he did at a show

    He said: i brought a girl home i asked her wath she wanted to watch she said surely not the throne.

    It was somethin like that

  • http://lilwaynehq Tane Jariah

    Wayne or jay-z wont do sit talking trash for nothin

  • http://lilwaynehq Tane Jariah

    Even know this is Lil Wayne Hq doesn’t mean that everyone has got to praise and nurture hims ffs

  • http://lilwaynehq Tane Jariah

    That verse off D5 is so gay, cmon Weezy use the word nigga enough fucking joke

  • Don

    The first one was better if they are real lol

  • Buck buck

    “But that fashion statement is telling a lie” -weezy Jay talking about they dressed in all black lmao

  • Beyonce

    It took the motherfucker 2 years to come up with this shit!

  • lewis

    I dont get how wayne and kanye are close friends and so are kanye and jay z. jay z sounds a like a jealous bitch, must of got offended when ye said tune best rapper of all time. blood gang slime time Tune

  • iyke

    Wayne jez laff n b lyk jigga jez hatin#he nidz new pussy

  • Cortez Bryant

    Sorry this is the real second verse

    Dios mio, el puta has a problem with nino, I leave shit stains on the record like debo, big ego mind surfing when yo bitch wave I wave back, fucking with yo loose bitch flow tighter than a wavecap, now Im radio cause yo ass cant make a hit, bitch I make hits, spray clips, yo lateness is what shows Im greatness, and with this cheddar wheeling in barrels Im the gratest, Im a hot boy for life free my nigga BG,all my bitches dimes but keep nines like three 3s, one eye open so you could never say he sleep, all I do is fuck and stomp Cds, cause I smash records, break records, take a second, how you gone come back, you gone wait till Im done to send some back, nigga I bust caps and turn yo top to a snapback, boy you slipping the top went through ya fingers, Im always strapped bloodgang my shooters ninas, you ready for war ready, boy the tensions heavy cut the bull with machettis, pockets saucy meat balls and spaghetti, got the bucks like corey magette, I must be radio cause the streets tuned in to tune, look out HOV you in jungle guess who swooped in the goons,tunechi

  • Kidd

    @cortez bryant if this verse right above me is real I cant wait for D5

  • love lil wayne

    love how everybody knows that tunichi will win this fucken battle

  • love lil wayne

    sorry mean tunchi

  • love lil wayne


  • mal

    Wayne is what every other mainstream rapper is..a lazy ass with no real dedication to their music. Just making catchy beats and clever hooks. It’s all about money pussy weed and alcohol. Anyone can be a mainstream rapper and its really pathetic to see everyone supporting them. Pac wouldn hate Wayne or any other mainstream rapper he would hate the fans because you idiots let it happen, they are just taking advantage of how easy it is and how simple minded you are. Rappers are trash now a days but a small handful and none of them get the recognition they deserve.. smh. Lil Wayne and every major mainstream rapper making the same old bs can suck a Dick. Elevate your game, expand your tucking mind.

  • nic456pmo

    D5 he jux need to releave so stress take a brick with u n a 40oz of syrup n jux murder everybody bring dat attitude

  • Moses Soka

    “Niggas fucking with the wrong nigga,
    first ask you bitch who’s dick bigga
    Lets get this straight, you fucking fake
    and the diss is late and I aint surprised u actually pressed ur breaks ”

    “i put the pressure on em my AK hungry for em
    I leave u dead in a Coffin please no coughing for em cuz I’m sick of the bullshit i need no ruba tousin”

    I make a nigga regret that he fucking rapped it
    but the nigga confused my gun make em refuse that he actually losed
    take a swing take a punch i drink that nigga for lunch
    him and pusha are just to fucking much”

    “Ok cortez we got this nigga but our money is smalla,
    but our bars murk the nigga can yall see the pictcha”

  • http://Notyet DEKSEL

    couldn’t wrap my mind around those lyrics. though i already know about wayne’s own. trying to get the message they telling each other, but with that said, all i know is — Its a date, and lil wayne will take jay out. don’t know in what aspect but all i know is, very soon. there wouldn’t be any record Jay has, wayne wouldn’t have broken and set newer ones.

  • http://Notyet DEKSEL

    @mal, is ignorant as fuck. since its easy as u think it is. why don’t u go and make better music for the fans.. biatch

  • #111111orlast

    Who give a fuck. Both paid. Yes Jay Z is richer, Yes Lil Wayne got money too. And the funny things is nobody who post a comment on here is going to get a dollars of Jay Z half bill or Lil Wayne 95 mill so shut da fuck up and the only person good in young money is Drake and he cool with Jay Z and J Cole is cool with Lil wayne so nobody gives a fuck.

  • mal

    @DEKSEL Typical Wayne fan reply.. its not ignorance to hear his music and understand that he has basically been rapping the same shit since carter 2. It’s ignorance to keep listening to the same old shit and denying rappers with real talent recognition. It’s ignorant to even think Wayne is a top rapper anymore. Yea he is good but he lacks dedication and love for the music. He just gets his money and that’s it. Mother fucker could make a song about nut hair and most of you idiots and especially you would be all over it. Real rap has been forgotten in today’s society because most people who listen are simple minded punk bitches. Most rappers now a days are simple minded punk bitches. It’s funny because you all worship the ground Wayne and his mainstream fucks walk even though their music has no purpose, meaning or value, just dollars in their pocket for ignorant shit that anyone that can rhyme could write.

  • Moses Soka

    @mal those are true words it’s our generation who need to bring rap back

  • Moses Soka

    ^^^^^^^@mal those are true words it’s our generation who need to bring rap back

  • jason aka hitman273

    Yeh jay-z big lips young money hater take ur bottom lip and whipe my ass coz its like toilet paper ur real fucked up u should quit selling ur ass u dump ass nigger I’m the gun about 2 pull da trigger so shut the fuck up coz ur wifes a fucken gold digger let me tel u sumting u fucked with tha birdman junior in this rap game u aint even a senior and stop crying cos those fat lips are lying on ur face aren’t going 2 rest weezy is da best and he should put a bullet right threw ur chest!!!!!!! Follow me on twitter …groepjason@yahoo.com or invite me on bbm 25BEE1C1 or mxit-hitman273

    • Amy

      That was tight bro!!

  • tuneC4

    hahaha Jay dats weak AF who gon cop yo wack shit

  • King Traits

    This ish is getting interesting Wayne drop the mixtape just to diss the show him how its bin done…..

  • carter richie

    jay-z a dick head mother fucker you want war come get it son of a bitch tunechi is gon take you a head shot………….tunechi till i die

  • zizouymcmb

    fuck you jay-z dont mess with weezy nigga you aint nothing but a bitch you might think of retiring grangpa !!!

  • B2rhom

    Damn he so old

  • kk

    waynes part is HARD!! jay z part is whack.not hard at all

  • MusicJunkieMil

    The fact that some of yall think Wayne is better Hov…You obviously dont know music. Jay Z will MURDER Wayne. Wayne is a “implied metaphor” type rapper. Jay Z is a mastermind. To spit things like he do you need to be ignorant & smart. Jay Z, Kanye, & Kendrick are the smartest rappers in the game. Lil Wayne, 2 Chains & the rest of those “turn up” ppl are all of what you call “radio” rappers. Its about album purchases & downloads…Like he said “you aint ready yo you radio you aint really ready” & half a billion too??? Why would you be ready??? Understand real music besides bs metaphors & quit d**k riding the more popular/favorite person.

  • Kidd

    @musicjunkiemil i dont know what you on but wayne is the only rapper with 100million off rapping period jay has 500 mill but thats mot all off rapping

  • http://lilwaynehq.com benjikonize

    jay-z nd his wifey too lil 4 tunechi,mehn…………

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/cobainesrevolver Revolver of COBAINE

    Wait…are there any rappers on here? The jump off line wasn’t even a burner it was a shout out Jay referenced Bird in a convo with somebody else saying listen you think you got doe, but you ain’t got doe like Bird hell you certainly aint’ chippin like B….right? Ain’t that truth? That’s not a shot – of course B got more money… the girl is a walking pretty piggy bang. But for J to even class Bird in a money/stunting category is more respect… Also, its 2013 when we say fuck you in the bars its no need to sugar coat it… J coulda went hard on some 50 and got to fuckin with that cash flow…. more chess than checkers

    Revolver of Cobaine

  • Dummies

    This wasn’t a diss track it was a diss verse.. the track is letting Wayne know that he isn’t ready for war.. they’ve been fire warning shots at each other guess this is the beginning of the ‘war’… Wayne is not ready jeans to tight

  • http://IilWaynehq.com Josh Alley

    LMAO, I see some Wack Wayne wannabes on here. Please don’t mention Lil Wayne in the same breath as Jay-Z. It’s offensive to Jay-Z. It wasn’t even a diss, it was more of a statement. Something along the lines of “you won’t really do what you say you will” which is true. You have to compare Wayne to someone on his level…someone like 50 Tyson.

  • fuck josh Alley

    50 tyson bitch yo hoe smells like 50 Tyson get the fuck off of lil Wayne fan website go on jay z punk ass and also jay z not even on waka floka’s level and all dat nigga do is screem

  • Kyle

    Jay-Z destroyed Wayne with one line, let me explain:

    The line where Jay says, “You ain’t ready yo, you radio” has three different meanings.

    You ain’t ready yo = You aren’t ready for war
    You ready yo/radio = You’re just a mainstream rapper, who gets in the Booth and spits ‘gangster’ shit.
    You Radio = You’re retarded (Reference to the movie “Radio”)

    Smarten up niggas, Wayne doesn’t want it with Jigga.

  • zizouymcmb

    @musicjunkiemil i dont think that you know a shit on rap sucker if you like jay-z that mush what are you doing on weezy’s web site……..YMCMB 4 life

  • http://peperonity.calvnphlytee.com 2 Truks MrFits

    Think this nikka be a bitch yeah jayz gon gay should be dumped in a ditch… He decerves the title: “Pussy Ass Nikka”. He should literally pick his fights cause nikkas got UZZI tongues ouT here… Tunechi

  • Kidd

    @kyle why are you telling us to smarten up youre the gay z fan besides have you actually heard the song in fact his lyrics are super lazy his flow like chiefs and this is a weak diss and thats nowhere near destroying anyone obviously you dont know battle rapping and you dont know if you think that lazy bar destroyed wayne

  • zizouymcmb

    @kidd that’s what i’m tallkin’ ’bout

  • Lynette Martin

    Jay z don’t have shit on my baby!!!! Love u wayne

  • stizzY

    dedication5…weezY kill thz fake ass ni55a on hiz on beat…la famillia on a weezy tip…bt u wre killed by waynE years ago..D.O.A he killed you raw.Mr Carter murdered yu..grw sme balls Jay

  • Alessandra

    Meanwhile Jay and Beyoncè are worth a billion dollars, while most of you commenting here are using food stamps. FOH!

  • awes

    wayne said: to be the best you have to take out the best. this means he knows jay is the best. source;eminem in the song: g.o.a.t
    btw wayne was good when he started buh now he is shit. y’all wayne fans are still in denial.

  • Bugatti

    What’s up with the the Lil Wayne fans saying hova took 2 years to respond. Lil Wayne took a whole year to respond when jay dissed bird man. Oh I forgot the lil Wayne fans are bunch of teenagers 17-18 year olds that listen to radio rap and don’t know true hip hop.

    Get your facts straight kids, Wayne will never be in the same category as hova.

  • HD the Vice

    You a all must be some young punks on here. Waynes shot was better? Really? HAM was sick as fuck. Waynes response to HAM was weak as fuck. Jay is an OG. He responded 2 years later because this is his latest ALBUM since, silly guys. Thats what Jay does. Get it together youngs punks. H

  • ric flair

    So why exactly do you guys believe wayne is so hard? because he became a blood in his late 20′s? who the hell joins a gang AFTER escaping the streets?

  • http://yahoo ricky

    To many niggas on lil wayne dick real shit that was a weak diss by jayz on his new album but on the ham song that was some truth about that shit jayz said that shit lilwayne said was not real he ant about that life that nigga is a fake ass blood and you know what on the ti and lil wayne new song ti ate lilwayne ass up so lilwayne is not all that he cant even fuck with pusha t when pusha diss lilwayne came back weak all these lil dumb ass lil wayne fans better wake the fuck up because that nigga is not all that. That nigga just a porn rapper thats all he is now. And plus lil wayne will never catch up with jayz money i dont give fuck how many songs he make or albums he will never have jayz money and thats the truth

  • zizouymcmb

    @bugatti wayne took him a year to come with a good respond not like your gay z who took him 2 years to come with this shit he shoud find a better respond and I am 22 years old nigga and if you know that mush about hip hop why you dont sing than ? or you are just good to kiss up

  • Kingkash

    Hop off Wayne’s dick he has never of ever be better that jay that’s a fact jay sells more tells more and makes more than Wayne ever will make so all u druged up people that only listen to Wayne because u on the same drugs he’s on shut up #1 HOV Magna Carta holly grail

  • MizKiwii

    This is like a high school teen drama

  • http://HUH BOSS


  • http://HUH BOSS


  • http://HUH BOSS


  • NinaRoss

    Lmfao why are yall on waynes dick like he pay your bills fuckin clowns! In my opinion Jayz is a better lyricist than Wayne. Wayne is a metaphor whore and hes running out of shit to say lmao

  • someone

    so hov won that tbh Lil wayne is a shit rapper idk how u could be a fan of him his music is trash

  • sherita

    wayne didn”t see that one coming. im Lil WAyne all the way but I think he just met his Man.

  • Free BG

    I don’t like neither Gay Z nor LiL Gayne… they both are weak and wack rappers…. i don’t know why yall are babacking up Lil Wayne when any and everybody know Lil Wayne is fake… a fake ass blood too… when Juvenile, BG, and Turk was dissing Lil Wayne did any of them respond??? I don’t think so because Wayne know they couldnt fuck with them… cuz they all know the truth.. they know Wayne is no real blood… how Wayne gone go from always rocking blue rags to wanting to joing a blood gang???

    Jay Z haven’t had time to record a record to respond to LiL Wayne so Jay Z recorded a diss response on his album which was they only thing he put out since Wayne dissed him

  • Anubis

    Jay killed that! Real respects real!

  • http://jayfridaycharlse@yaho.com jayfridaycharlse

    so what now.
    i wonder what si going on.why would she be kednaped ma nigas?

  • god’swill

    Lil weezy diss d pussy sucker nd d boney ass bitch

  • Big bloc boy

    Lol this all started with baby saying wayne was gettin more money than j. he had to be high that day to think something so foolish and then actually be dumb enough to say it out loud lol. as for j waiting so long he didnt dumb asssses, watch the throne was finished and magna carter was two years away so actually the diss came right on time. I agree for the record the diss was weak,it should be obvious that to jay wayne is not that important ,because jay sure didnt wait two years after nas ripped his asshole wide open on ether to respond did he, jay is a boss ,bosses only make confrontations with other bosses a priority. wayne is no boss in jay eyes that is why jay adressed the boss (baby) who said the money shit in the first place. besides i love how yall jabbing a jay saying he shade but yall dont mention that ymcmb signed corey guns just to make sure he would be a problem for wayne. how can somebody claim boss status when they sign better mc’s just because they know cant go toe to toe with them , lets remember 2010 i think i remember corey destroying shit on 6ft. now lets not bring nicki into this cause she spit circles around wayne in her sleep,and if drake wasnt so obsessed with other peoples chicks,silk shirts,and pursing his lips for the camera ,he might have time to remeber how good he can be when he is focused, but he cant so he dropped the.most jump off the highest building around depressing album this year. before wayne worry about j he need to fix ymcb. not saying j aint never did no grimey shit before we all know he has, jusy saying with both at they best wayne dont deserve to even hold a mic once jay is done with it. wayne is a baby to jay , jay was remixing HA with juvey while wayne was home with his nintendo 64!

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