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Mannie Fresh Says Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter V” Album Will Have That “Original Cash Money Feel”

Mannie Fresh Says Lil Wayne Tha Carter 5 Album Will Have That Original Cash Money Feel

Montreality caught up with Mannie Fresh recently for an interview about various subjects including the job he had as a teenager, his favorite cartoon character, Kanye West, the music industry, and more.

During their conversation, the producer revealed that him and Lil Wayne went back to the original Cash Money sound when working on the upcoming Tha Carter V album, as well as that it will have the first Tha Carter album feel. He discussed a bit more about Cash Money Records too.

You can watch the full interview between Montreality and Mannie after the jump below. Head to the 3:30 mark to go to the Weezy and C5 question!

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Turk Talks Lil Wayne, Hot Boys, Slim, Cash Money, Birdman, Young Thug, “Barter 6”, Kissing & More

Turk Talks Lil Wayne, Hot Boys, Cash Money, Birdman, Young Thug, Barter 6, Kissing & More

Just over a week ago, Turk visited Power 105.1′s “The Breakfast Club” radio show in New York City to chop it up with DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God for an interview that you can watch below.

During their conversation, Turk spoke on how it was being an original Hot Boys member, an artist on Cash Money Records, him and others leaving because they weren’t getting what they was supposed to, the story of how he got locked up in jail for 12 years, Ronald “Slim” Williams, and more.

Turk also discussed doing heroin and cocaine in his past, being a fan of Young Thug‘s music, Thugger‘s Barter 6 album title, everyone kissing each other on the lips back in the day, and Birdman stopping him and Lil Wayne from seeing each other!

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Lil Wayne Reunites With Juvenile & Mannie Fresh In New Orleans, Performs “Rollin’” & “Back That Azz Up”

Lil Wayne Reunites With Juvenile & Mannie Fresh In New Orleans, Performs Rollin & Back That Azz Up

On April 5th for a stop on his “Release Partiez” tour, Lil Wayne made an appearance at Hyatt Regency New Orleans in Louisiana. Weezy was reunited at the event with Mannie Fresh and Juvenile.

During his appearance, Tunechi also got on the mic and performed “Rollin’“, “Coco“, “Fingers Hurting“, and “Back That Azz Up” live with Juvie and Mannie, which was dope to see.

You can watch footage from the Cash Money Millionaires reunion after the jump below!

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Lil Wayne Moves $51 Million Lawsuit Against Birdman & Cash Money Records To New Orleans

Lil Wayne Has Withdrawn His 51 Million Lawsuit Against Birdman & Cash Money

According to theJasmineBRAND, Lil Wayne has dropped his lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money Records. If you recall, Weezy originally filed a lawsuit earlier this year claiming that he is owed $51 million and wants himself and his Young Money artists off Cash Money, because Baby never pays him or his artists the money that they are owed and because he refuses to release Tha Carter V.

The lawsuit was dropped on April 6th, which you would think means that Tunechi and Birdman have reached a settlement outside of court. Even though the case has been dismissed, Tune can still re-file if he wanted to. Click here to read the court documents.

UPDATE: Karen Civil says that Mr. Carter is not withdrawing the case, but instead just moving it to New Orleans!


Lil Wayne Gets On The Mic & Says “Fuck Cash Money” At Aqua Nightclub & Lounge [Video]

Lil Wayne Gets On The Mic & Says Fuck Cash Money At Aqua Nightclub & Lounge

Last night, Lil Wayne hosted a Sorry 4 The Wait 2 mixtape release party at Aqua Nightclub & Lounge in Jacksonville, Florida for a stop on his “Release Partiez” nightclub tour.

At the end of his live performance before dropping the microphone, Weezy made sure to let everyone know that his Tha Carter V and his Free Weezy Album are both “coming soon”, as well as it’s “fuck Cash Money!”

You can check it all out in the clip after the jump below. I’ll post up some photos of Tunechi at the Aqua Nightclub & Lounge as soon as possible!

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