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Thread: Fuck This Forum - Lil Trev

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    Fuck This Forum - Lil Trev

    Well, I just want to give this forum a big fuck you. There is probably 3 people on here that give GOOD feedback. Mykill is the only dude on here that's worth a shit really...

    That's really all I have to say... Fuck this forum, fuck everyone in it, and fuck you if your reading this. I'll go find a more active, better, studio forum somewhere else.. and fuck you.. bye.

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    Re: Fuck This Forum - Lil Trev

    Its because this forum is pretty much dedicated to weezy.
    There actually ARE some better forums that will give you a lot better feedback, but this forum is really for lil wayne fans, and this is just a sub-forum.

    Sorry that you caught feelings like that son, bye.

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    Re: Fuck This Forum - Lil Trev

    I was gonna give feedback on the song with you and your other 2 friends but something had came up so I had to leave my computer and forgot to give feedback. I was just gonna say that it's not a bad song and you had the best verse. Your flow and lyrics were on point.

    Well alright, I guess this is where we part ways. Buh-bye dawg

    "I stole a Bible, is that a sin"?

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