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"Money is the topic baby; See I'm a giant, all these other niggas mocking baby; They microscopic baby; Big crib, I can't even hear 'em knocking baby; Headed to the top like I'm tied to a rocket baby; To all the foreign women, let's make a tropic baby"

Time To Gimme Mine


"They be hatin' on my girl though, and they wish they was the bitch they're hatin'; Salutations to my old hoes, and thank you for your participation"

Take Kare


"And I really got bazookas with the silencer; Pointed right at your medulla oblongata; Ramen noodles on your collar; I maneuver like a cougar with the chopper"

Errrbody (Remix)


"I smoke a lot of weed and drink a whole bunch of syrup; I like brain, so I fucks with a whole bunch of nerds; I am number one, cause two is not a winner and no one remembers third"

Time To Gimme Mine


"Riding by myself in that all-red Enzo; Smoke make it look like I got tinted windows"



"Don't confuse me, no they don't amuse me; I come after the money, like Wednesday come after Tuesday"

Time To Gimme Mine


"Jumped out the driver looking like lava; Stickin' to the script like java, holla atcha gwalla"

Gettin' It


"I make them niggas bleed like that time of the month; See I told 'em: 'Nobody move, nobody head bust'; Plus, a hundred rush turn a boy to dust; Nigga I'm a soldier, trust... I'll blow a hole in your guts"

Get It Right


"Call me bad Wayne and I'm like Max Payne; The sickest shit to hit since anthrax came; I leave you with a Tampax frame, all bloody"

Ether Freestyle


"There's cooler ways to die, but I'm smokin'; There's cooler ways to ride, but I'm soarin'"

Flashy And Fly


"Ain't nothin' sweet nigga, recognize the bloody clothes; Ready to represent the 'Grove with two Calico's"

For My


"I'm a lil' nigga, but I'm a big tipper; Cause it ain't nothin' to me, but you gotta work for it"

Face Down


"Fuck 007, I work 24/7, ain't got time to bond with no bitch"



"Shit, I'm talking about riding out tonight; Only way I die first, gotta kill me in this verse"

Stand Up


"We'll bring a Gucci bag in this bitch; And you know what's stashed in that bitch; For niggas walkin' around with they chests out like Janet Jackson and shit"


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