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"And I ain't never scared, but I'm scared of me; Me versus me, I need a referee; Need weaponry, especially if the treasury in jeopardy; Fuck deputies, big letter B, need equity"



"And my lil' girl whole family tryna lie in court; Tryna put me, a child, on child support"

Fuck Tha World


"Now I'm cuckoo like birds with my words; I'm poo-poo meaning I'm the shit on you turds"



"Blessings on top of sins, resting with topless twins; Picture me broke, but forgot to take the top off the lens; In the restaurant I'm with Slim, wrestling with lobster limbs; Talking about some M's, it's sounding like gospel hymns"



"I swear that court room can minimize a motherfucker; Pray for us cause we be in and out that motherfucker"

Buy The World


"You short, you take a hard right smack to the jaw; Weezy still grippin' smack in the jar, got bitches holdin' smack in they jaw; Lil' crack in they bras, if they ain't got titties then it's up in they drawers"

Act A Fool


"The .9 send eight straight to your mind tower; That's mind power, shit I got to get mine like mind power"

I'm About It


"In my predicament, I'm guilty until proven innocent; Hustle ridiculous, I'm tryin' to get this dough continuous"

Get Off The Corner


"Got a good game honestly, so respect the youngin'; Got your girl undercover like a detective woman"

Fo' Sheezy


"But call me Weezy, baby, and don't forget the Baby; I hit her from behind, I make her shit the baby; When she get on her knees, she don't forget the babies"

Weezy F Baby


"They sayin' life is short, but money is long and money is life"

Real Talk


"I don't wan' rap and take control of the game; Cause I'm steady going Platinum and Gold with this 'caine; Got a multimillion fanbase of noses and veins; Sell out shows when I tell them shop is open again; And sometimes I go on tour - I put the coke on a plane; Got groupies - some of them get they blow for some brain"

Aww Naw


"Weezy blazin', come through in somethin' amazin'; I ball so good, I need a sports agent; Look at me and squint your eyes like Asains; What's wrong? My jewelry's like a white boy, always stoned"

Flippin' In A Whippa


"Keep it clean, I'm a young Sqad street teen, only into green; If you intervene, I'll leave your ass colder than Winter scenes"



"I takes my space, I blaze the haze, take ya babe to space; She give me major face, I sung 'Amazing Grace'"

Who Wanna

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