Lil Wayne Quotes & Sayings

"Open mouth and it'll beam like the sun is emerging; When I'm out, women scream like I'm thumbing a virgin"

U Know How We Do


"And my pistol is a motherfucker; I shot myself, what make it hard to shoot another fucker?"

Heat (Original)


"If you try to pass, take my advice - drive fast; Cause my man, ain't no escapin' when shots blast"

Nigga Couldn't Know


"Nigga I crash parties, crash shorties, crash Bacardi, crash Ferraris; Crash authorities, crash sororities, crash quarter keys; Infected with a raw disease, call it H.I.V.; That stands for Hoes Incoming Violence, that's what I die with"

Lick Shots


"Me and my nigga Super Sosa; Run up in your crib while ya grandma watchin' Oprah; Jag her up and rope her; If you wan' grudge, chance is slim like Ethiopia; If you want drugs, I got more flavors than Fruitopia"



"I got the scope on the tool, I can see what you do; With a little red dot, nigga peek-a-boo; Ooh shhh, the silence will speak to you; Hit you from across the street while you tying ya shoe"

Tha Heat


"I smoke Beverly Hills, whatever that kill; And leave a nigga with the heavenly feel, yeah; Step and I will, step in ya grill, yeah; Leave a nigga with that heavenly feel, yeah"

Welcome To The Concrete Jungle


"Word up, Eagle Street I'm throwing my curve up; We take ya ice cream and turn you into sherbet"

6 Minutes


"Thank God I ain't blind, I fuck her every time I see her"

Miami (Freestyle)


"This whole world gon' end up with some bad fucking tumors, listening to these Cash Money rumors; I'll blast, bust, and shoot you, hit ya block without the mask, fucking screw you; Treat you like a bitch, bitch look at me while I do you"



"And may I say these fake niggas on some Ray Charles shit, blind to the fact; 9 to ya cap, blat, put ya mind in ya lap; I ride with the gat for hard times, crimes, and rats; It's rhymes of the crack, my Sqad, I'd die for that"



"Told mami you can keep your clothes on, I wan' see where your head at; In other words, I don't wanna fuck I wan' see where your head at"

Lick Shots


"Tempt me and anything can happen, I ain't rappin'; I ain't shootin' at you soldiers, bitch I'm goin' for the captain; I ain't shootin' at ya shoulders, bitch I'm goin' for ya cap and… I won't stop clappin'"

Welcome To The Concrete Jungle


"I'm Major Payne, man my arm poked the sun and made it rain; But you wouldn't get wet if you stayed with Wayne; But ya girl would get wet if she stayed with Wayne; Next morning she on a plane taped with 'caine"



"And I don't save a hoe, you better read about Noah again"

Weezy, Please

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