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"Buck ten in the Coupe and ya bitch love it; Switching lanes faster than she switch subjects"

Ride For My Niggas


"I got to bring the hood back after Katrina; Weezy F Baby, now the F is for FEMA"

Feel Me


"I bulletproof the ride, now I feel like armadillos; And fuck your hospital, Young Money we the illest"

Ride For My Niggas


"And I had coke so I had hope, you may say that it's wrong; But I ain't talkin' to ya child, I'm talkin' to this song"



"I got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one; I got 99 partners and a snitch ain't one; I got 99 bitches and I don't love one; My 1999 bitches I been done"

In My Life


"She on that white shit, I ain't talking 'bout cum; Put powder on my dick and she suck it till she numb, shit"

U Gon' Love Me


"But right now, at this given place and time, I'm tired of you niggas; I need a bed everywhere I go to go to sleep every time I hear the bullshit man, I'm tired of that man; It's gon' be real fucked up when I get sick and tired of you niggas... I'mma throw up on one of you boys"

In My Life


"She say she can come and help my fat wallet get fit; I told her that's not in this script, I don't see that in the script"



"That ain't a threat, that's a bet; Cause they coming at my neck like the best a man can get"

Thug Cry


"She only want alcohol and trees, fuck that you gotta branch out; I camp out by a rat house, wait till he turn the lamp out"



"Do a drive-by on you niggas, make a u-turn for survivors; Take a newborn from his momma, stick a shoe horn in vaginas"



"I've failed you many times, I know; But tonight when I rest, I hope that I can say: 'Dear God, I've tried my best... rapper alive, holla!'"

Let Us Pray


"And I got them bloods with me, bandanna like a hippie; And I'll tell you this, you can be my miss just like issippi"

Pop That Pussy


"Shoot him in the eye, make the nigga see clearly; Now he only got one eye like the pyramid"

Pom Pom


"M.O.B., a bitch couldn't get lemonade out me"

Step Back

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