Lil Wayne Quotes & Sayings

"Call me bad Wayne and I'm like Max Payne; The sickest shit to hit since anthrax came; I leave you with a Tampax frame, all bloody"

Ether Freestyle


"There's cooler ways to die, but I'm smokin'; There's cooler ways to ride, but I'm soarin'"

Flashy And Fly


"Ain't nothin' sweet nigga, recognize the bloody clothes; Ready to represent the 'Grove with two Calico's"

For My


"I'm a lil' nigga, but I'm a big tipper; Cause it ain't nothin' to me, but you gotta work for it"

Face Down


"Fuck 007, I work 24/7, ain't got time to bond with no bitch"



"Shit, I'm talking about riding out tonight; Only way I die first, gotta kill me in this verse"

Stand Up


"We'll bring a Gucci bag in this bitch; And you know what's stashed in that bitch; For niggas walkin' around with they chests out like Janet Jackson and shit"



"And my grill looks like an iced out barricade; And I got more green than the Everglades; I'm the shit, I am funky like I never bathe; Baby I'm tryin' to do numbers like a yellow page"

Rollers & Riders


"I fuck her until I get tired, retire, then come out of retirement; My girl like it rough, she said: 'find me a diamond', I'm 'bout to be grindin'"



"My jewelry earth blue, some say it's earth green; I'm like whatever... my shit mean and obscene"

Mo Fire


"I'm from New Orleans, homeless but don't forget the sun even shines on dog shit"

The Profit


"You can find me prancin' in the finest mansion with the finest dancer with a height advantage; She want cocaine, pills, and weed, liquor and dick, she gotta micro manage; I'm just eating rappers, they go nice with salad and some diced up carrots"



"My niggas gettin' checks from Baby; Now bitches tryna get checks for babies, go head; But if it ain't Nae Nae, baby go head; And if you ain't Nae Nae momma then baby go head; Don't leave, I mean baby blow head; I'm in Fee new Mercedes, no head over my head; I would go ahead, but I'm goin' over ya head"

Weezy Baby


"AK to your face, knock half off like coupons; Too cool for school, but I sold cool points to school boys; Tell the cops we don't name drop, that's like droppin' newborns"



"Compared to Bigfoot, you just twinkle-toes; I get ya girlfriend wet like wrinkled clothes"

Rock Star

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