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"Looking in my son's eyes only time I see a upside; I tell him he gon' be a tough guy and never be a punchline; Tell him never wait in one line, tell him not even a lunch line; Pray more than sometimes; When the cops come, you tongue-tied; Take dirt, make a mud pie"

Post Bail Ballin'


"Do you ever miss me? Do you ever wish we get it right and the rest is history? I wish I could go back in time and fix my lack of time; Because back then I had to grind, but see you thought I'd rather grind"

Without You


"Nigga, who is you? I looked in the mirror, said: 'ooh, it's you'; All my goons be too enthused, so don't open your mouth like you're chewing glue"

Pull Up


"Judge mad cause a nigga make more than him; Ignoring him, I know you can't ignore the rims; I'm goin' in till I'm pourin' in more than M's"

Post Bail Ballin'


"My goons waitin' for you to snap like some photo bombers"

Thinking 'Bout You


"Niggas panic, button pressing; The end is coming, count your blessings; We living in the day and time where the ten commandments are now suggestions"



"I do business in her panties, that's my real office; And these Jordans I got on come from the real Jordan"

Bill Gates (Remix)


"Even psycho's need love too, I save all her text messages; I smell her panties while she in the bathroom and taste whatever she left in them; I take pictures of her when she not lookin', study 'em microscopically; Marry me and then bury me, and then bury her on top of me"



"Sipping out my GRAMMY... Best Hip-Hop Artist"

Bill Gates (Remix)


"I'm the exterminator, they call me Terminator; I cock this motherfucker back and Arnold Schwarzenegger"



"Take her ass home, eat her clit up; Body like a pinup, I hit it with my chin up; Tell her call a friend up, and if she acts stuck up; There's plenty fish in the sea with their fin up"

Switch Up


"My shooters don't listen, I tell 'em you cool but still they don't listen; I cut on the news and they say you missin', and I can't stop grinnin'; Like 'nigga, we did it', and they show police fishin'; And searching under bridges when they say no witness, I start hoppin' around like Jiminy Cricket"

Pour Up


"I thank God momma didn't have an abortion; So every time I get paid she get a portion"

I'm That Nigga


"I just want my check, I don't want a trial; I just want some neck, I don't want no vowels"

Pour Up


"A Tunechi verse is like a body found"

Do Yo' Thang

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