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"I've failed you many times, I know; But tonight when I rest, I hope that I can say: 'Dear God, I've tried my best... rapper alive, holla!'"

Let Us Pray


"And I got them bloods with me, bandanna like a hippie; And I'll tell you this, you can be my miss just like issippi"

Pop That Pussy


"Shoot him in the eye, make the nigga see clearly; Now he only got one eye like the pyramid"

Pom Pom


"M.O.B., a bitch couldn't get lemonade out me"

Step Back


"Young Money motherfucker, we like captains; Walkin' with the bravo cause we like clappin'"

'Round Here


"Money fucked me up, but believe me man money could get you fucked up, so don't fuck my with money fucker!"

Niggaz 'N' Trouble (Remix)


"First off, fuck your bitch and the clique you claim; Southside when we ride, come equipped with flame; Blood gang in this motherfucker, soo woo bitch; I'm from New Orleans, so I'm smokin' on that VooDoo shit"

How We Roll


"Boy you are not a man, you are just Amanda"



"I say what I want... and I don't want nothin'"

Seat Down Low


"Yeah, and I'm so brazy; Fly like a bird, bitch that's so raven"

Guys Like Us


"Anybody who can be explained should be ashamed of themselves. I wasn't created, I wasn't made. I was put here and there's no word for it."

The Guardian Interview


"Don't like to think like everybody else, don't like to try to think like everybody else, don't like to do nothing everybody else think I'm gon' do, don't like to say nothing everybody else think I'm gon' say. I'm a Martian. I like to be different and what's more different than a Martian?"

GQ Interview


"I can explain me in one word - unexplainable."

The Guardian Interview


"Imagine wakin' up out ya sleep to them pistols blastin'; And if the witness is dead, there's no trial; If you didn't know, then hoe well ya know now"

Get High, Screw The World


"But loose lips sank ships, but I just let these hoes worship; She think I'm a window of opportunity, close curtains"

We Alright

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