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Lil Wayne Disses Young Thug & Rich Gang Hard At The Xclusive Venue In Columbus, Ohio

Lil Wayne Disses Young Thug, Birdman & Rich Gang Hard At The Xclusive Venue In Columbus Ohio

On April 16th, Lil Wayne attended The Xclusive Venue in Columbus, Ohio for a stop on his “Release Partiez” tour. Mr. Carter will next be performing live on his nightclub tour later today at Levels nightclub in Carbondale, Illinois.

You can watch some footage of Weezy performing his Sorry 4 The Wait 2 songs “Sh!t” and “Coco” live at the venue after the jump below! Tunechi can also be heard dissing the f*ck out of Young Thug, his Tha Carter VI album and Rich Gang by telling the crowd the following:

“If there were any other albums that dropped recently, tell ‘em I said: ‘suck my dick’”

“Carter V coming soon, ain’t no motherfuckin’ such thing as Carter VI”

“Anytime y’all book them bitch ass niggas to come up in this motherfucker, before they say one word, you let ‘em know Tunechi said: ‘suck my dick’”

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Lil Wayne Disses Young Thug & Rich Gang During Performance At Freelon’s Bar & Groove

Lil Wayne Disses Young Thug & Rich Gang During Performance At Freelons Bar & Groove

During his appearance at Freelon’s Bar & Groove in Jackson, Mississippi on April 9th, Lil Wayne got on the mic and sent some shots to Young Thug, who will be releasing his Carter Six project next Friday and has already released the artwork that shows him naked on the cover, as well as Birdman‘s Rich Gang brand.

“I want y’all to understand that there’s only one motherfucking Carter, ya digg.”

“I want y’all do me a favor, if y’all ever have Rich Gang or whoever it is in this motherfucker, y’all let ‘em know I said fuck ‘em!”

“I want y’all to do me a favor and stop listening to songs of niggas that pose naked on their motherfucking album cover.”

Weezy also performed “Coco“, “Fingers Hurting“, “Sh!t“, “Steady Mobbin’“, and announced that his Free Weezy Album will be free and is still coming soon. You can check out some front row footage of all of this below, courtesy of LilWayneHQ.com reader Dexter Mills!

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Karrine Steffans Explains Why Lil Wayne Is The Love Of Her Life, Says He Is Frustrated As An Artist

Karrine Steffans Explains Why Lil Wayne Is The Love Of Her Life, Says He Is Frustrated As An Artist

During a recent one on one interview with Vlad TV, Karrine “Superhead” Steffans spoke on her relationship with Lil Wayne and why he is the love of her life for nearly 13-minutes. You can watch this interview below.

Superhead went into detail about how her and Tunechi first met back in 2007, the tattoo that she has on her body of something he said to her, how she deals with the other men in her life because she will “never be getting rid of him”, meeting Birdman before Tune, and the current feud going on between them two.

The author, who was pretty emotional during the conversation, also mentioned that she prefers to listen to Weezy‘s earlier music than his newer work, which she thinks has been sub-par most-likely due to him being frustrated with his record label Cash Money Records!

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Lil Wayne Moves $51 Million Lawsuit Against Birdman & Cash Money Records To New Orleans

Lil Wayne Has Withdrawn His 51 Million Lawsuit Against Birdman & Cash Money

According to theJasmineBRAND, Lil Wayne has dropped his lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money Records. If you recall, Weezy originally filed a lawsuit earlier this year claiming that he is owed $51 million and wants himself and his Young Money artists off Cash Money, because Baby never pays him or his artists the money that they are owed and because he refuses to release Tha Carter V.

The lawsuit was dropped on April 6th, which you would think means that Tunechi and Birdman have reached a settlement outside of court. Even though the case has been dismissed, Tune can still re-file if he wanted to. Click here to read the court documents.

UPDATE: Karen Civil says that Mr. Carter is not withdrawing the case, but instead just moving it to New Orleans!


Juvenile Speaks On Staying Out Of Lil Wayne & Birdman’s Feud In 2 Interviews

Juvenile Speaks On Staying Out Of Lil Wayne & Birdman Feud

Check out two interviews Juvenile did earlier this month with MTV and Hip-HopWired about the current drama going on between Lil Wayne and Birdman, as well as Cash Money Records (who he just resigned back to).

The original Hot Boys member discussed how he doesn’t want to get involved with the feud, because no one knows how it will resolve, so he is trying to stay away from it, as well as confirmed that him and Weezy will be recording more songs together in the future.

Juvie also mentioned that when he had beef with Baby and Cash Money years ago, Tunechi stayed out of the way of it and so he is going to give Tune the same respect. You can watch both interviews after the jump below!

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