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Official Artwork For Young Money’s “Rise Of An Empire” Compilation

Artwork For Young Money Rise Of An Empire Album

Young Money have released the artwork for their upcoming compilation, Young Money: Rise Of An Empire, due to be released in stores on March 11th.

So far we know that the project will include “We Alright” by Lil Wayne, Euro and Birdman, “Trophies” by Drake, and “Lookin’ Ass Nigga” by Nicki Minaj.

According to Nicki, the next single from the YM compilation “Senile” will be released next week now instead of on Monday.



Artwork & Release Date For Young Money’s “Senile” Single

Artwork For Young Money Senile Single

Tyga went on Instagram today to show off the artwork for Young Money‘s next single, “Senile“, off their upcoming album titled Young Money: Rise Of An Empire, due to drop on March 11th.

You can view the cover for “Senile” above, which as you can see includes a Photoshopped photo of Albert Einstein that has “YMCMB” text going down his tongue. The release date for the David D.A. Doman-produced song will be on Monday February 24th!

Don’t forget Young Moneyians, the official music video for “We Alright” will premiere later this week. Click here to read what the producer of “Senile” said about the track itself and the verses from Lil Wayne, T-Raww, and Nicki Minaj.

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Lil Wayne Appears On The Front Cover Of XXL Magazine’s Final Issue Of 2013

Lil Wayne Appears On The Front Cover Of XXL Magazine Final Issue Of 2013

To honor hip-hop’s 40-year-anniversary, XXL magazine are celebrating the achievement by releasing collector’s edition covers starring some of the biggest rappers including Lil Wayne.

Other rappers who XXL have chosen to feature on the cover for their last issue of 2013 are: Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Outkast, and LL Cool J. The issue will hit newsstands all over the world on December 31st.

You can view the XXL magazine cover for the four decades of hip-hop special edition issue that has Weezy F Baby on the front above!


Is Chris Brown About To Release A Single Called “Loyal” Featuring Lil Wayne & French Montana?

Is Chris Brown About To Release A Single Called Loyal Featuring Lil Wayne & French Montana

Even though he did not send out any tweets, Chris Brown has changed the profile picture on his Twitter account to the picture above, which looks to be the artwork for his next single.

On the cover, we can see the word “Loyal” and the names “Lil Wayne” and “French Montana“, so I think Chris is getting ready to drop the next single off his upcoming X album titled “Loyal” featuring Tune and Montana.

There is no confirmed release date for “Loyal” just yet, but hopefully it is released soon!


Two Members From The LilWayneHQ Forum Meet Lil Wayne

Two Members From The LilWayneHQ Forum Meet Lil Wayne

Two members from the LilWayneHQ message board met Lil Wayne backstage after his concert in Amsterdam, Netherlands on October 21st. Tune invited Olly Tas and Abidul aka RomanReloaded onto his tour bus for a meet and greet session after they created the artwork for his latest mixtape, Dedication 5.

Olly and Abidul also met Mack Maine and Cortez Bryant, as well as got interviewed by ABC – who have been following Weezy F Baby around on his European tour and filming him, so hopefully they are working on a documentary that will drop soon.

While backstage, they asked Wayne if he will tour England any time soon and if they can design the artwork for his upcoming Devol project. Tunechi answered that he will be touring the UK next year and he likes the idea of them creating a cover for Devol.

It’s always good to see big fans of Lil Wayne meeting their idol, so congratulations to both Olly and RomanReloaded. You can check out some more photos from their meet and greet below!

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