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2 Chainz Talks About Lil Wayne’s Influence On Hip-Hop & Stresses His Run Is Not Over

2 Chainz Talks About Lil Wayne Influence On Hip Hop & Stresses His Run Is Not Over Yet

2 Chainz recently chopped it up with Kyle Kramer from Noisey for their article about how good “Duffle Bag Boy” is.

For the interview, Chainz revealed that he thinks Lil Wayne is the reason for why a lot of people rap today, every rapper has face tattoos because of Wayne, and considers him a brother as he was an only child.

Tity Boi also spoke on people forgetting about what Tunechi has done in hip-hop so fast, first meeting Tune, and stressed that his run is not over and it’s going to be “pressure” when Weezy finally gets his record label situation together!

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UFC Fighter Conor McGregor Speaks On Lil Wayne’s Face Tattoos & Says He Is A Fan [Video]

UFC Fighter Conor McGregor Speaks On Lil Wayne Face Tattoos & Says He Is A Fan

Irish mixed martial artist Conor McGregor, who is the current UFC Interim Featherweight Champion, recently chopped it up with FOX Sports Live to share his opinion on celebrity tattoos that are famous online.

During their conversation, Lil Wayne‘s face tattoos appeared and the UFC fighter mentioned that he loves Wayne‘s tattoos as it shows he does not care for what other people think about him.

Connor also revealed that he is a fan of Tunechi‘s ink and a fan of his music. You can check out the interview in the video after the jump below!

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Lil Wayne Parties At LIV Nightclub In Miami With Migos [Pictures]

Lil Wayne Parties At LIV Nightclub In Miami With Migos

Lil Wayne attended LIV nightclub in Miami, Florida on December 28th for “LIV on Sunday’s”. Also joining Tunechi at the club on Sunday was Migos and his homie T@.

Hit the jump to view a few more photos of Weezy F Baby at LIV. You can also get a better look at his new face tattoos and his colored dreads!

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Lil Wayne Gets An Eye & Arabic Text Tattooed On His Face

Lil Wayne Gets An Eye & Arabic Text Tattooed On His Face

A couple of days ago in San Clemente, California, Lil Wayne got some new ink on his face by a tattoo artist named Spider. The artist shared some pictures of his work with the following message:

“Couple pieces I did on my man Lil Wayne. A very hospitable and professional client, thanks Wayne!”

I am not too sure what these tattoos are of, so I will edit this post when official confirmation surfaces online, but it looks like Weezy got the Eye of Providence tattooed on his chin and “Mumma’s Boy” in Arabic tatted above his left eye. But like I said, I am not 100% certain.

You can view more photos of Tunechi‘s tatts after the jump below. What are your thoughts?

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Lil Wayne Tattoos The “Power” Symbol On His Face

Lil Wayne Tattoos The Power Symbol On His Face

Lil Wayne has decided to get some more ink on his face! You can see in the picture above that Tunechi has tattooed the symbol for “power” on the side of his face in between his “Misunderstood” and “Tune” tatts, as well as above his “5 strikes” tatt.

There could be a lot of meanings behind this symbol tattoo and if you are an Xbox and iMac user like myself, you should recognize the symbol straight away from it being on the power buttons.

Click here to check out a lot more of Weezy F Baby‘s tattoos and the meanings behind the ink. Also don’t forget to leave a comment below with your thoughts on Wayne‘s latest tattoo!


Woman With No Panties On Puts Her Crotch In Lil Wayne’s Face, But He’s Got “No Worries”

Back in the summer when Lil Wayne had a show at the CWM Pavilion in Houston, Texas during a stop on his America’s Most Wanted tour, a group of females were brought on stage to dance around Tune while he performed his verse on “Pop That“.

The cameraman, who was front row filming the concert for the two large monitors at the side of stage, accidentally (or purposely) filmed up one of the females’ dresses as her skirt was pulling up. This showed everyone in the crowd that she was not wearing any underwear. The woman then goes and puts her crotch area in front of Wayne‘s face as he’s sitting down performing. It’s funny because you can tell with the change of his voice that he most notice she has gone commando.

Once Weezy F Baby finished performing the song, he tells the woman in front of everyone: “You are crazy for that, okay? You put that thing in my face, okay? Put that pussy in my face… I ain’t got no worries!” You can watch the crazy footage in the clip above. Shouts to Wes LeBlanc!

In other news, DJ Stevie J recently filmed Tunechi having a skateboarding session at his private indoor skatepark. In the video, which you can watch below, you can see a pornography film is being played on one of the TV monitors!

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