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ONHEL Talks Working With Lil Wayne, “Like A Man”, His Recording Process, “President Carter” & More

ONHEL Talks Working With Lil Wayne, Like A Man, His Recording Process, President Carter & More

Producer ONHEL recently participated in an interview with PigeonsandPlanes over the phone to talk all about his new collaboration with Lil Wayne called “Like A Man“, how it first leaked, and confirm it is a recent recording from this year.

ONHEL also discussed how he first started working with Tunechi back in 2004, what a studio session is like with Tune, making the transition of being an engineer to a record producer, and what Wayne‘s recording process is like.

The producer even revealed that he has around 50 songs with Weezy, but we have only heard a few of them like “Brown Paper Bag“, “Dinnertime“, “President Carter“, “Glory“, and “Like A Man“. He also mentioned that he believes “President Carter” is the only track on Tha Carter IV that was recorded before jail!

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Marvel Has Paired Spider-Man With Lil Wayne For Their Hip-Hop Variant Artwork Campaign

Marvel Has Paired SpiderMan With Lil Wayne For Their Hip Hop Variant Artwork Campaign

Marvel are reworking various hip-hop album artworks with some of their superheroes for their huge refresh of their classic comic book titles.

The Editor In Chief of Marvel Comics, Axel Alonso, said that the Marvel and hip-hop relationship makes sense because they are both “really big powerful threads of pop culture”, as well as how over the years he has heard plenty of rappers reference superheroes in their music.

One of the hip-hop album covers that Marvel have paid homage to is Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter IV artwork. You can check out the variant cover that was created by Gyimah Gariba above, courtesy of The FADER!


Tech N9ne Breaks Down How His “Fuck Food” Collaboration With Lil Wayne Came About

Tech N9ne Breaks Down How His Fuck Food Collaboration With Lil Wayne Came About

Tech N9ne recently sat down with HotNewHipHop to discuss the stories of how his biggest mainstream collaborations came about. One of these collabos was the 2011 All 6’s And 7’s cut, “Fuck Food“, with Lil Wayne, T-Pain and Krizz Kaliko.

The Strange Music leader explained how he was surprised that he was put on a song with Andre 3000 on Tha Carter IV, why he decided to send “Fuck Food” to Tunechi, and what him and Tune talked about in Rikers Island.

You can check out the conversation in the clip below. If you wish to skip straight to the “Fuck Food” story, then go to the 8:10 mark. Don’t forget that we will also be hearing a new Tech N9ne and Weezy track called “Bass Ackwards” soon!

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Tech N9ne Says “Tha Carter IV” Boosted His Appeal To African Americans, Calls Lil Wayne A “Lyricist”

Tech N9ne Says Tha Carter 4 Boosted His Appeal To African Americans, Calls Lil Wayne A Lyricist

J. Bachelor from Only Hip Hop Facts recently sat down with Tech N9ne for a one on one interview, which you can check out after the jump below.

During their conversation at the 3:15 mark, Tech mentioned that him appearing on Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter IV album boosted his appeal to African Americans as he saw more turn up to his shows. He also thanked Weezy for recognizing a lyricist:

“Thank you to Wayne for making that happen, I love you brother. Thank you man for even recognizing a lyricist, as well, because he’s a lyricist, I don’t care what nobody says, fuck ’em, that nigga can rap!”

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Lil Wayne’s “John” Single Goes Double Platinum & “My Homies Still” Single Goes Platinum!

Lil Wayne John Single Goes Double Platinum & My Homies Still Single Goes Platinum

On May 23rd, the RIAA confirmed that Lil Wayne‘s “John” single featuring Rick Ross was certified double Platinum and his “My Homies Still” single featuring Big Sean went Platinum.

The “John” song, which was produced by Polow Da Don, appears on Tha Carter IV and was released on iTunes back in March, 2011. The “My Homies Still” track, which was co-produced by STREETRUNNER and Sarom, appears on I Am Not A Human Being II and was released on iTunes back in June, 2012.

Congratulations to Weezy F Baby on more amazing accomplishments. I’m sure it won’t be too long until his new single “Believe Me” will sell over a million!


Tech N9ne Says Working With Lil Wayne Was The Highest Point Of His Career

Tech N9ne Says Working With Lil Wayne Was The Highest Point Of His Career

XXL recently asked Tech N9ne what was the highest point of his career and he answered Lil Wayne hitting him up to work on Tha Carter IV. Pretty cool!

I couldn’t believe that Wayne hit me up for Tha Carter IV. And never met me. Couldn’t believe that. I’ve always been the outcast. The dude with the facepaint. Everybody thought I was a devil worshipper. The weird guy who rapped backwards. Nobody does that shit. I’ve always been the weirdo dude. When somebody of that stature—I’m independent. I use my own money, me and Travis [O’Guin, co-founder of Strange Music], you know. These motherfuckers are filthy rich. He was in jail at the time, this nigga is sitting on a lot. He can work with anybody he want to and Funkmaster Flex asked him, “Who do you want to work with?” He said, “Andre 3000 and my man Tech N9ne.” Wow.