Lil Wayne New “Public Enemy” Mixtape Coming Soon

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Lil Wayne New Public Enemy Mixtape Coming Soon

The most dangerous Lil Wayne release is finally here. The Connect somehow got his hands on 4 tracks off of “The Rebirth” and the streets are eating it up. The day of the exclusive is dead since the internet change the game, but The Connect proves the naysayers wrong by digging deep and finding those rare collabo’s that the radio hasn’t flooded the market with yet. If your local retailer doesn’t have it, tell them Mtk’s said, they’re doing bad business.

A few people have known about this Lil Wayne mixtape for 2 – 3 weeks now including me and it seems that it will be be dropping to the net this week! It is called “Public Enemy” and there is going to be about 4 – 5 exclusives on there including tracks from Rebirth. Check out the tracklist below:

1. Human (World Premier)
2. Fuck Me (World Premier)
3. Another Planet Feat Huey (World Premier)
4. Ready (World Premier)
5. Easy Money Feat Poni (World Premier)
6. Got A Bitch Feat Lil Flip & Smitty (Prod By Tru Beatz) (World Premier)
7. Ground Zero Feat Drake (World Premier)
8. Girls Forever (World Premier)
9. Mr. Gangsta (Remix) Feat Smitty & Ice Berg (Prod By Tru Beatz) (World Premier)
10. Lets Chill Feat Mack Main & Lil Twist
11. We Be Steady Mobbin’ Feat Gucci Mane
12. Goin In
13. Politics Feat Gudda Gudda
14. Done It Now Feat T.I
15. Told Y’all
16. Ups And Downs Feat Young Buck
17. After Disaster Feat Juelz Santana
18. The Best Feat Jay-Z, T.I. & Kanye West
19. I’m Going In Feat Young Jeezy & Drake
20. Rollers Feat Juelz Santana
21. Always Strapped (Remix) Feat Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Birdman
22. Down Feat Jay Sean
23. Man Of The Year Feat Drake
24. Every Girl Feat Drake, Jae Millz & Mack Maine
25. Kobe Bryant

Now, a question to y’all – Do you want me to post the whole mixtape available for download on LilWayneHQ when it comes to us or just the new exclusive songs ❓ Let me know in the comments.

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  • Ooohhh

    Yeah just post the new songs, because I have all the others



  • Ooohhh

    What day is it as well, does anyone know?

  • Lil_Ole

    I’d say post up the exclusive ones, yeah πŸ˜‰

  • It says it is coming this week and I bet it will the end of the week LOL =]
    Post the new ones please =]

  • grand buzz

    i have a feeling this will be fake

  • Tmmy

    nicee new mixtrape

    putting up the whole mixtape would be great not just the new songs so you can listen to the whole mixtape and not have to put em in a map seperately

  • jmb

    whole mixtape please

  • Whole mixtape please…I mean, it’s not a hassle for the people who already got certain songs to throw them away but it is a huge plus for people who don’t have the songs yet to download the whole mixtape at once.

  • lilweezy24

    post the exvlusives, does any1 know when the video for jay sean down ft lil wayne comes out

  • Brett

    whole mixtpae please, be nice to go with my collection

  • GSK14

    The full mixtape would be really good!

  • Mula

    whole mixtape please πŸ˜€

  • Young Money!

    The new ones plz

    YOUNG MULA BABBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RoRo F Baby


  • Lil Waynah

    whole thinggg plzzz… im a truu weezyy fann!!!!!!!!!

  • lil weezy baby

    the whole mixtape will be much better
    and i cant wait 4 it

  • humair

    post the mixtape Γ‘nd the new songs, everyone will be happy XD

  • cj

    nahh man post the whole thing just in case some of us dont have the other songs

  • weezyf

    whole mixtape please

  • jugnaut

    Just post the exclusives. The die-hard Weezy fans already have all the other songs and don’t want to be bothered with deleting duplicate tracks

  • dirty

    please post the whole mixtape! thank you a lot!

  • Samser

    You might as well post both then seeing as though some people only want the new songs and others want the full mixtape… as for me, I am not bothered, I will download however πŸ™‚

  • Weezyweetellem

    Just exclusives. Make sure you post Ground Zero too because its with Drake instead of Tyga

  • W. Fuckin’ Baby

    Only exclusive songs for me

  • @Weezyweetellem – I know, I thought about that, but I actually think it is just a typo πŸ˜›

  • me

    Just post the whole mixtape and then have the exclusives as separate links πŸ™‚

    Anyways, cannot wait for this! YAY

  • will

    i think only the new tracks

  • G-boy

    always have trouble downloading the whole mixtape…..
    plsss post the link to the entire mixtape n have the exclusives separate as thats the most important 2 me πŸ˜€ thanx!! cnt wait!

  • LWTBR_SepotoK

    Zdes’ iz RΠΎssii est’ ktΠΎ nit’?

  • Wezzy F. Baby

    post the whole mixtape. Just like WutWutWut said “it’s not a hassle for the people who already got certain songs to throw them away but it is a huge plus for people who don’t have the songs yet to download the whole mixtape at once.”

    i wanna download the whole mixtape at once, so please post thye whole mixtape πŸ˜‰

  • LWTBR_SepotoK

    Russii* =))

  • Wayne

    Whole Mixtape please! ;D

  • YoUnCaRteR

    tha whole mixtape!!!..dad will be off the HOOK!!!!!

  • Tony T

    Post em up!!

  • Reno Sampson

    Cant you just do both???

  • Yung Flame

    Just The New Songs

  • Weezyfff

    The whole mixtape beause it’s an good mixtape for so much songs..

  • weezyfbabiee17


  • martianchronicals

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post it as soon as it comes out <3

  • lakerballah08

    Whole Mixtape!!!

  • Nookie

    the whole one please… πŸ˜‰

  • Dezzzy D Swaby


  • Gucci Wayne

    whole mixtape please so i can jam with the whole thing :smile

  • T-Wayne-YoungMoney23

    If you want rebirth to sell good don’t post the songs! let the fans wait until rebirth releases

  • ManABadmon

    Put up the whole mixtape please, damn cant wait for this wayne.

  • Moo!

    Just the exlusives we havent heard yet.

  • T-WEEzY

    Yea just the exclusives and like a person said in a previous comment the ground zero song with drake in it because i dont think anyone has tha i have the one with tyga but yea those 5

  • T-WEEzY

    oh yea do you know which ones will be on rebirth and which ones are just weezy doing what he does coming out with songs for no reason

  • cartercartel

    whoole thing danny, plz that would be decent

  • dub_c

    mixtape please

  • sweet i can’t wait:) i want you to post the whole mix tape for download.

  • dirty

    2 new mixtapes featuring lil wayne are out today


  • weezana


  • weezana


  • Just the EXCLUSIVES makes no sense to repost the other old songs which have been out for more than two months now.

  • Just the EXCLUSIVES makes no sense to repost the other old songs which have been out for more than two months now..

  • Weezyiswayne21


  • nick

    i really really hope this isn’t fake cuz i been waitin for a lil wayne and huey callabo for a long time huey be goin hard

  • waynefan24

    yea jus post the exclusives

  • chava

    just put in da exclusive ones

  • debssss

    Post the whole mixtape. Everybody has different tastes in what they do or don’t like!

  • woddle1000

    the whole thing please matey!!!!

  • yung mo

    yea put it for download please. i been tryin to get this mixtape for weeks

  • Pestrator

    whole mixtape

  • D.R.A

    yea, you should jus post theexclusivescus im pretty sure most of us have alot of those songs

  • Jmarie

    whole mixtape, with the newest as seperate links<3

  • Fireman

    Post up the whole thing plz!!

  • Weezy

    You should post the whole mixtape!

  • weezyfan at other pc

    put the whole!!

  • Izco

    Just the new leaks. I mean if these people got all the other songs n keep up to date with this website you should just post the new leaks. .More than half of these people already got all those songs anywayz

  • Just the EXCLUSIVES makes no sense to repost the other old songs which have been out for more than two months now….

  • Or another idea would be to have a whole mixtape download nd then the other new tracks sep download links so its a win win for all of us.


  • Juju

    I’d say the new shit, but i don’t have all the old songs.
    but go with the exclusive shit.(:

  • ivan

    exclusives already got like all songs made by wayne

  • Carter Yeahhhh

    just the new…i hate this dj stuff…..just wait for rebirth but yeah exclusives only

  • trevon


  • datboyocho

    i just want the exclusives!

  • lilwayneisawesome

    Just do the exclusives that would be so much fun. =P

  • yuntune33

    just post the news ones i guess everyone should have all these songs but the new ones any way

  • dc


  • SuperKid

    I say post the whole mix tape. its gonna be badass!!!!!!!

  • post the whole mixtape so we can download

  • Post The WHOLE MIXTAPE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Young Money!

    I said songs only before,but da whole tape will be better.This will b a good playlist.

    YOUNG MULA BABBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ha

    whole mixtape plz, that’d b great, i would buy the whole damn thing!!!

  • WeezyB

    Please just post the new songs. There’s no point to post the whole mixtapes, if everyone doesn’t have all the other songs already then you’re for sure not a weezy fan.

  • Bigdood

    put the WHOLE TAPE up because. one day this mite be classic. its always goo to have the whole tape. ive been waiting for this since June 20th. it is not on the streets. there are 9 exclusives. and yes it will prolly come tomorrow.

  • WeeezyyyyF Babyyy

    Post the Whole Tape pleaseee ;D

  • jminor01

    just post the new songs most fans got the other tracks already and plus if ppl want the whole mixtape they can go somewhere else

  • B

    post da whole Rebirth! plz, dat would be great. for those who already got some of da songs n only want da exclusives, well just download da whole thing n delete the songs u already have. shouldnt be so much of a problem right πŸ˜‰

  • yorled

    dude u remove my comment anyway 20 songs will be on rebirth…..i have 9 songs already saw the official track list a few days ago

  • Jon

    Definetly put the whole mixtape for a couple reasons. 1 beacause you can there isn’t any point in just putting a couple of the songs and 2 becasue we should be able to decide for yourselves which ones we like some people may not like the exclusive songs but may like the other ones. Having more options is always better. Just put the whole album on and then people can delete the songs they don’t want in my opionion every song Wayne makes is good so definetly put the whole album. Thanks.

  • YuhhDigg


  • none


  • keenofosho

    chyeah real talk weezy still gon sell 5 milli even tho 90% of album leakin

  • Yo post tha whole mixtape please dawg

  • nano

    I say post the whole thing so it can be played all the way thru.

  • PJ

    BOTH, just in case.

  • Post it I can’t wait I know its hoooootttttt you have alot of hot people on this cd.

  • Trevor

    just get the exclusive stuff up here.
    yehh,it’ll be hott as hell.

  • benox

    exclusives only πŸ˜€

  • tha illest

    just post the whole thing and the exclusives seperate. that way its easy for every one. cant wait!

  • arrsh

    Yo only do exclusives man

  • dmoney747

    post the whole thing

  • eskimopie23

    Yo Post the whole mix-tape and the 4 exclusives separate, can’t wait for that ish



  • Post it all bro

  • hova

    the whole tape!

  • SAballa

    post the whole thing πŸ˜€

  • devontebu

    post tha whole damn thing ya diggz
    p.s. 112th

  • luiseezy

    go full nigga

  • july

    this mixtape iz guna be raw nd juz cant wait for da rebirth 2…
    lil wayne u doin it mann!

  • martian

    fuck a nigga thought post it all

  • exclusives


  • RebIRth69

    POst tHe wHOlE daMn MixtApe uP heRE Yo!!!

  • derek

    all of it please!!!!

    yall remember this line, try and get the name of song without google, mp3 player or anything

    lilwayne: to him im a killer, to her im a lover, i always wear a mask and i always wear a rubber

    weezy f baby, the motherf****** carter, B****** on my stick, buyt my name aint harry potter!
    wow ppl say wayne aint lyrical?

  • tomb2398

    yeah just put the exclusives cuz ive got erething else

  • Yung P.

    Juss the exclusives!!!

  • J.Young

    Exclusives!You this is hot!

  • beastman

    The whole thing…

    @derek its from “Work’em” off of Dedication 2

  • d.rob

    yo post that whole mixtape. that shit gon’ be doooope!

  • VXXXA123

    nahh post the exclusives only ya dig ?

  • Drizzy

    nah my dude post the whole thing

  • lmontejo

    cant wait untill it drops i cant believe that young buck is in it havent heard from him in a minute hes a good rapper but what he did to the g-unit and 50 oh well cant wait

  • realgangsta

    lol yeea my nikka wit them fukin cheriois lol yaaah.. sloppy cock haahahah yeeah was good wit those shit ya digg haha yeeaah ya boy is outie

  • pez


  • Weezy

    Post the whole thing + the exclusives together.
    Than you only post the exclusives for the folks who want the exclusives!

  • Weezyfff

    Whole thing together becaus its an exclusive mixtape!!

  • junior

    post the whole thing

  • milad

    post them separately , the exclusives and the whole thing , thank u !

  • fifty

    the whole tape!

  • very hot

  • i like lil wayen so am glad to be the fans of him thanks a lot , so here from the news says that my man is very seck ,so i need more informaton thanks a lot

  • Kd


  • Danny

    Post it all up πŸ™‚

  • k-zillah

    i thought Ground Zero was Weez and Tyga .!

  • d-murder

    post it all

  • wint21

    post the whole mixtape dawg.

  • have most of these already, post it all

  • xHazyPurple420x

    exclusives only would be dope

  • Majestic

    Give dat shit full like a bitch givin dome ya dig.and yall hollain hes ill.of course stupid his a sick cat.ha ha praly needs a vet instead of a doc

  • weezyf

    whole thing

  • post both my nigga

  • TJ


  • JM

    Post the entire mixtape… Or you could post the most anticipated tracks (Rebirth tracks) and then also have a link for the entire mixtape itself, which gives us the choice of the entire mixtape or the selected tracks.

  • Ryan

    Post the whole thing shit is dope

  • IReallyLovesWeezy

    can mixtapes be in stores? will this one be?

  • youngandgifted27

    post it all

  • D.A.S

    Are some of the exlusives already available somewhere ? ( those from Rebirth )
    When is it comming out ??
    Post the whole thing . We can sort.
    Can you post the dvd too ? That’d be great.

  • Axel

    Post it all and the exclusives separate this shit is hot!

  • Frank

    Jus posted!!! I CANT WAIT!!

  • sik shittt !! clik my name to chek me out on youtube



  • T-WEEzY

    ……come out already……. ive waited patiently all week now im getting antsy lol. it’s been 6 days come out

  • ak_wfb03

    should drop tomorrow..end of week always means sunday!!!!! cant wait !! believe that πŸ™‚

  • ak_wfb03

    btw post it alll danny!

  • Hi webmaster! nsh

  • just ordered the CD its gonna be hot

  • Bobby

    post it all!!
    its gonna be hott!!!!!

  • Max

    post d exclusive only
    other songs are oldd
    or do em separate for others

  • weeyz u ar a very smart niger , u make lick like lollipop
    o yeah i like da

  • weezy

    hott mixtape

  • ky


  • Abdulhamid

    pls guy pos the whole mixtape

  • Dope Shit

    The good days man….