Ashley Roberts – Invasion (Feat Lil Wayne & Michael Early)

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Ashley Roberts Invasion Feat Lil Wayne & Michael Early

Here is a new pop single from Pussycat Dolls member Ashley Roberts featuring Lil Wayne and Michael Early. The song is called “Invasion” and it is not exactly CDQ, but then again, it is not terrible quality… I think it has been ripped from somewhere to be honest. Anyways check it out below and don’t forget to comment on what you think of it 🙂

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Enjoy 8)

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  • A bit to “pop” for me, but Wayne kills it =]

  • grand buzz

    who the fuck is that other guy… he whack as fuck

  • Samser

    Thanks and if this is a single, will there be a video?

  • Young Money!

    1st!!!!!! (first time doin this)

    “he can take you to his mansion but I, can take you to my planet”

    He added da final piece nicely.


  • Young Money!

    lmaoooo ooopss..just a bit (wont do that again)lol.

  • cjizzle lol

    ok I kno wayne thinks he’s versatile and shit, but he needs a filter. he cant just jump on anything.

    this was def one of those tracks he shouldnt of jumped on.

  • wayne kills is verse

  • weeziana

    Not an good song, this is not good for wayne to make on songs of everyone an cameo..

  • Young Money!

    u guys are stupid.Wayne is Music.Why should he be limited to it.If he wants to do jazz,techno,blues.Let him be.and he will come up with creative stuff in each genre.Im just sayin.And who are you to say that wayne needs a fliter???? You serious.Why dont u tell him he needs a filter for how he spends his money too.lmao.jeez lo weez.


  • creecher

    not a fan of this song but wayne does it big but fuck the rest of it fuckin annoying haha

    does anyone know if drake is completly done on the tour cause i got tickets for the 14th in anaheim and i wanna know if hes gunna b there

  • Seb

    he is completly off as far as i know

  • gazz

    That guys voice is horrible and where’s that pic of wayne from

  • dc

    wayne killed that shit ha

  • lil wayne your great singer and rapper.. but when it comes to Pop/Rock and soft music… it dosent click w your voice…. you need stay on Rap/lil rock bit/Hip-hop and lil sum ft RNB…. i mean… man you the definition of music… its just dot get to much into rock bec it makes you sound like someone that cant do music… i like the Rock beat.. the Guittars… but just dont go to far…your good 4 who u are….. YOU DEFINITION OF RAP… you made game hott… evryone trying get there….

    JUst do what you first started doing mix lil rock.. but dont go to deep…


    i like that Always strapped…. that Rap/Rock… Beat go hard

  • kb

    i need CDQ!!

  • G

    pictures hard as fuck.
    is it in the gallery?

  • M0R8

    Gucci Mane Feat. Lil Wayne & Ace Hood – Paramount (Prod. By M&D) MUST HEAR!!

  • freezy

    wayne kills it, but im not feelin the autotune anymore

  • man

    of course that picture is from his planet

  • ILiveInWaynesWorld

    I didn’t like her at all but Wayne killed it duhh

  • Ooohhh

    Weezy just proves once again why he is a martian.

  • CJ

    Its definitely not rip or blend he says ok ashley in the song more than a coincidence i think

  • ymeallday

    this is one of those songs that he shouldnt have done

  • he does wut he wants and kills it every time

  • Invasion

    New final full version of Ashley Roberts from the Pussycat Dolls song “Invasion”. The demo of the song was leaked about 4 weeks ago. But this is the final version of the song. It may or may not be her but we know 2 people are in this song Lil Wayne ( and Michael Earley (Found him on myspace So i thought some people would want the HQ new verson of the song.


  • Sara

    Its Michael Earley not Michael Early plz change it! and i think it is hot! =)