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Omarion – I Get It In (Feat Lil Wayne) [Full/CDQ]

Wed, Aug 19, 2009 by

Omarion I Get It In Featuring Lil Wayne

We finally have the full CDQ version of this record! It is Omarion featuring the best rapper alive, Lil Wayne collaborating together to make a hot track called “I Get It In“. You can listen and download the song below:

Download: Rapidshare | zShare

Let us know what you think of this song in the comments 🙂

Young Mullaa baabbyyy

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  • White Mamba

    Damn! I was away to post this, i literally refreshed the page n saw it was there. Well played hq well played

  • baby


  • koolkiddale13

    Love this songg!
    It’s amazing as fuckk!

    Thanks Danny!

  • gil wayne

    hop datz no.1billbord ol ova da us

  • YoUnCaRteR

    SHIT IZ FIRE!..weezy n omarion murdered on that shit!


    that song is sooooo amazing they must make a vid i love ittt

  • Frankthetank

    usershare is better! keep using usershare please!! or atleast include it with rapidshare and zshare

  • weezyywee

    omarion is shit!
    weezy is fire as always
    f**k omarion his part sucks whos idea was it to sign him

  • antuon

    that didn’t even sound like omarion..

  • steezyfbaby

    I like what o did, it wasnt fire like Waynes verse(they all are though) but it was legit. And i doubt itll run the airways like best i ever had and ever girl are. This is like, too much of a hip hop beat, itll only please one group of people, as with those other songs they make errone happy.

  • jamesF


  • matthew

    Wow i think omarion signed with young money

    because his career was about to end

  • waala

    deamm weezy goes superr hard on this track
    i swearr
    keep it up wayne
    yuuu dee f. Best



  • james roby

    this song is ok but defo not their best and this song >>>>> 50 cent’s i get it in lol

  • Ooohhh

    I can’t wait for the video 😀 But O should of sang on this and not rapped.

  • Samser

    Yes Omarion should stick to singing…. just imagine how wack this track would be if Wayne didn’t save it?

    Think about that….



  • this song is catchy
    wtf you all on about saying it is shit

  • JMB

    i like this omarions so let him be
    and weezy baby on fire
    as alway?..

  • Remix baby

    So Omarion is a rapper now?

  • Remix baby

    And they should do a remix and get Drake on here as this would suit a verse from Drizzy

  • pie148

    loved the beat to it! waynes verse was murdered by himself though lol

  • Is this going to be on the YoungMoney album or an Omarion album? =]

  • Kingrich

    Wht da fuck y’all h8rz bitchin bwt, dis shit go so hard….Yung Mula bay-bay!?!

  • Kingrich

    Wht da fuck is y’all h8rz trippin bwt, my nigga’s Wanye & O wnt hard on dis shit…Yung Mula bay-bay!!!

  • Brett

    waynes verse makes the song.

  • kb

    omarion absolutely ruined this song. thanks to wayne, its a decent song. not sure what omarion is doing? but he killed the song.

  • it was iiiiiiqht..if it wont 4 wayne it wudve sucked..sorry

  • son this song is old i herd this like 3 weeks ago i stay up dating my music it’s nice i like the beat.

  • oh shit, this song is on fire. i love it..

  • @Swaggerboy100%Real – Erm, it only got leaked today 😕 😆

  • lil wayne killed this

  • janea

    i like it gotta get used to the omarion thing but wayne killed like always his part was hot!!!

    • @ Weezy F Kobe – WTF man 😕

      Thanks for letting him know epeezy

  • Weezy F Kobe

    i really dont knw how to contact this sites writer or whatever but how tha fuck do u not post anything about bow wow signing to young money on here or on ur youngmoneyhq…..its the biggiest thing to happen since drake signing u lost alot of crediabilty to me for missing that its been like 3 days already where u at?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • epeezy

    @Weezy f Kobe-umm The Bow Wow signing was posted on this site as soon as it happened

  • epeezy
  • Michelle

    Omarion isn’t on Cash money anymore , and this song isn’t official according to Mack maines twitter ..

  • kb

    omarion is no longer in young money. check lil twist’ twitter.

  • youngtune312

    tune on dis shit lyke we already knew but he got omarion on some new shit now and its straight fire!!!

    YME & CMB takin over errthang wit weezy, drake, omarion and now bow wow, they branchin out on all levels and really becomin a franchize!!
    i just hope they dont start to sign a ton of people now cuz it will ruin the uniqueness of what YME music is

  • Weezy F Kobe

    o iight i guess i missed it how does that make me a hater bro? I promise u ive been listin to weezy since u were in pampers lil nigga…since weezy was rocking tha blue flag watchu knw about that

  • fire

  • weeezyffan

    Omarion got dropped for this song cause he leaked it.

  • carter yeahhh

    sooooo sick

  • Drizzy

    crazy O aint with Young money no more but oh well its youngggg mulaaa baybeehh

  • gazz

    Its okish

  • jay money

    dis song is fuckin tuff b..yall niggas is crazii if yall aint feelin dis no homo

  • that’s good becuase wayne don’t need all this weak ass soft ass rnb artist stick to thatt rap shit wayne repatation is on 100% again [young money]

  • weezyywee

    f**kin right mutha f**kkkka fuckin got droped cuz your stupid and leaked a track that was gonna be good till you got on it and f**ked it up
    so now wayne gotta go back to the drawing board and rredoo this song with someone young money and wayne can be proud of……………………………….drizzy drake rogers