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America’s Most Wanted Tour Has Finished

Mon, Sep 7, 2009 by


Young Money‘s and Lil Wayne‘s “America’s Most Wanted Music Festival” has finally come to an end on Sunday (September 6) in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

There has been some good memories from the tour including Omarion’s and Chris Brown’s moonwalk, and also 50 Cent joining Soulja Boy on stage 😛

We have four more pictures for you all and if you managed to make it to a show, then why not leave a comment telling us your favorite bits from the show 🙂




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  • nice i love it. it was a pretty sick hard concert.

  • mweez22

    ye it was sik, but sum songs were better at the I am music tour .. but still overall very goooood!!!

  • my favorite part from the show in milwaukee was when nikki minaj told wayne she need to see him in his office, then said get yo dick up. i also like when tyga gave me a hug thaT SO CUTE I WANTED A HUG FROM WAYNE



  • freshk3v1n

    he loves those shorts. i wonder how many of those he has haaha

  • waynehead2442

    I made it to the show in detroit and my favorite part was when he came out the entrance was rediculous!

  • Yep!

    Closing out the show with the infamous cargo pants again huh? This time with the hat to match.

  • scott

    i went to his concert in buffalo ny and his entrance was amazing!

  • Jamell

    my favorite part was when 50 cent came out the clown suit … shit was super vishish lol

  • Weezyiswayne21

    dude when he asks everyone if theyre smokers and says “im not talking about no ciggerettes” i enjoy a nice blunt once and while so i yelled like it was for my life, then he goes “what chu’ smoke? cuz i smoke that KUSH!!!!” and that song comes in….blew my fucking mind

  • Ash’lea

    I went to the show In Kansas City. The show has good. The only thing I wished was that He show cased the whole young money family more and that Drake was there. It was still a hard concert and wayne showed his butt. Loved it..If you missed it sorry for ya.

  • bradberkeKUSH

    weezyiswayne21 that was so raw haha the concert in ft lauderdale last night was ballin, shit was fogged out all night. another sick part was when weezy and shanell were fuckin onstage

  • d_weezy08

    Waynes Best Tour To Date…

    Fuckin Killed it In Milwaukee type shit

  • yungtune33

    the concert was amazing denver colorado amazing all i can say he did a lil bit of everything on lil carter 2 him and birdman al young money it was sick

  • Lil wayne’s wife

    I love it

  • babyboo123

    WELL. I WAS SUPPOSSED TO GO. BUT THEY CANCELLED IT IN VANCOUVER, CANADA ! :'( shiiittt. we were all so damn upsett.

  • babyboo123

    also. he wheres those pants so much ! you’d think that he won’t wear the same pants since he has a gazillion dollers, I gues hes “attached” to those pants .. : )

  • T Wayne

    mann da concert was live azz fuk shit was bumpin we was soooo high nd damn nikki minaj just to fukin thick bt wayne killed dat shit nd props go to jeezy S. Boy was aight

  • someone please tell where can i get these shoes?

  • FEP

    I went to the one in Atlanta ga and i loved waynes entrance, the tributes he did, and his shoes! The JS wings from adidas… Ballin!

  • LLK

    Ok, so I went to the concert in Tampa and alls I have to say is that it was amazing. Lil Wayne looked and sounded soo g00d. Soulja did a killer job and overall it was the best concert I have ever been to. 🙂

  • Weezy F Kobe

    Good now he can focus on finishing some albums……….hot boys reuinon……….i cant feel my face…….he rap he sang……….and of cours carter 4

  • weeeezy

    best part about the show was …

    oh wait it was cancelled.

  • You showed out in Ft.Lauderdale nice show with ur sexy a**

  • Pootsy

    This concert was by far one of the best I been to in a while!!! The lineup couldnt have been any better. I had no idea Jeremih was gonna perform so I was extremely hype about that. I dont know if all the other cities were as hype as us.. But Miami showed him mad love!!! It was definitely worth every penny! Next time i’ll make sure to get my tickets early, I WANT FRONT ROW!!!!!! ONE <3

    I <3 ♫
    (Pootsy from the 305)

  • Emily

    Does anyone know if there’s gonna be any tour dvds? Either for America’s Most Wanted or I Am Music. I went to both but my videos weren’t the greatest 🙁

  • chuckee

    they all where really americas most wanted there the hottest in the game right now…when they came to the windy city…….hell froze…young jeezy put on for everybody in that place…lil wayne and his young money dudes did there thanggg….and soulja boy tured his swag onn at the right time….haha overall a really decent concert…goodtimes gooodtimes…..chicagoooo stand the fuck upppppppppppppppppppppp………..