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Drake – Forever (Feat Lil Wayne, Kanye West & Eminem) [Official Music Video]

Wed, Sep 23, 2009 by

Here is the official music video for Drake‘s “Forever” single featuring Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Eminem.

This Hype Williams-directed visual first premiered on BET’s 106 & Park television show with LeBron James.

The Boi-1da-produced song appears on the More Than A Game documentary soundtrack and also on the re-release of Em‘s Relapse: Refill album!

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  • seen it on wayne was ill in it, him and drake, young mula!!! u got this shit up quick loll.

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  • Aweezyfan

    Saw this on BET it was hot.

  • video wa on B.E.T video was ill!!!

  • nana




  • EMINEM!!!


  • thacarter4

    wayne was cool but he shoulda got more action on his verse

  • Wayne killed it MUCH MORE than the other 3.

  • Wow this was pretty disappointing it coulda been so much better. Nothing happens in the video except them just sitting there rapping. They should have at least faded more lebron clips in during the verses. Boring ass video they just sittin there with the camera on them while they rap. Coulda been amazing, was so mediocre.

  • Matt

    Great video, all of em went hard! on Eminem’s part was that Joe Budden in the background?

  • Ooohhh

    The lighting ruined the video for me… it was only Eminem’s part which was clear

  • RebIRth69

    @bob9023: I agree, tHE vIDEo wAS kNIDa diSapoINTIng…

    iT DeservEd a BEtteR Vid fOR a SONg thaT EpiC!!!

  • grand buzz

    lol at birdman rofl

  • Jamie Foxx’s Penis

    Yes that was Joe Budden in the background of Em’s part. All of Slaughterhouse was in the background tbh

  • young nas

    that was so shitty….. they could of made it a lot better especially for the song of the year



  • paige

    I love this video so much! It is BEYOND amazing!!!! gotta watch over and over and over

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  • alfady

    video was prettty tight. em need to take that hoodie off haha

  • yo they should of had all them, together wtf, thats some bullshit, just fly, em, in to miami are something and do it up like that, it dosent feel like a video because all the different scenes.

  • Samser

    Why was none of them all in the same scenes ?

  • pie148

    wayne was the only 1 who a gd part and im not being biased cus this is a wayne site…. eminem looked weird… kanye was just wack….. drake had two pics smh

  • Honest to god, what the bloody fuck was that.
    This song had the potential to be the best, and they had to go and crank the saturation of the video over to max for the entire thing. If they filmed this shit in b&w it would a been better. Not much is happening and it’s like a pyrotechnic display. Also agree with bob9023, they shoulda thrown in all those clips in the chorus, or just left them out entirely. Got great respect for all of them, but seriously, it sorta just screwed the song up.

  • darkman

    the video was dope but we need the dirty version 🙂

  • Sorry to post again,

    but guys srsly, dont front. Video wasnt that great that you need to yell
    /just my opinion

  • Chazz

    hmmm the vid aint that gud. but beyonce,had one of the best videos of all time !!!! 😀

  • Kyle

    wanye and drake sucked its all about em and mr west f**k young money they was wack as f**k

  • goon7








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  • YoUnCaRteR


  • yungtune33

    that shit was tight now give us money to blow

  • Updated with an explicit version 🙂

  • Best video of the year, period


    THATS ALL I HAVE TO SAY, THIS TRACK SHOULD BE CALLED FOREVER EMINEM: EVEN THOUGH THE 3 POP SINGERS ARE ON IT AS WELL!!! There they go Back in stadiums as Shady spits his flow nuts they go, macadamian, … they go so balistic.. wow he can make them look like bozos he’s wondering if he should spit this slow f*ck no, Go for gold his cup just runneth over, oh no he aint have a buzz like this since the last time he overdosed they been waitin patiently for Pinocchio to poke his nose back into the game and they know, rappin’ll be the same as befo’ bashing in the brains of these hos and establishing a name as he goes the passion and the flame is ignited, you can’t put it out once we light it this sh*t is exactly what the f*ck that-im talking about when we riot you dealin with a future villain so stand inside of the booth truth spillin that spit true feelin until our true feelings come flyin up out of our mouths and rewind it Payback motherf*cker for the way that you got at me now how’s it taste when i slap the taste out your mouth with a base so loud that it shakes the place I’m hannibal, More?

  • thacarter4

    wow the video wasn’t epic but didn’t suck. drake was ok, kanye had a pretty good part, wayne needs more action and Eminem just fucked shit up. end of story


    Em’s has got an army behind him…LOL!!! Honestly the other 3 are not good rappers at all they acctually are terrible!! I could name 20 rappers that are way above them,
    Every Wu tang member, biggie, pac, havoc, prodigy, nas, AZ, Jay-z, NORE, T.I., Red man, Busta, 50, lloyd banks, ya-yo, b-real, big-l. big pun, snoop, dre, warren-g, out-laws, the game, cannibus, obie-trice, the lox, junior mafia, das efx, goodie mob, gang-starr. the list goes on and on..if you guys are true rap-hip fans and know ur music. you guys would say these guys suck..

    ~~~SHADY ALL DAY~~~

  • jminor01

    drake didnt fall YES!

  • John Doe

    Why do all of Drake’s videos suck?

    Amazing song though, but like the others, the videos are weird.

  • poopy

    you should put a download link for this

  • yezzir

    Wayne was sick the way he rapped with so much ease. That was the best part of the video.

    Wack video tho.

  • Jr

    @BIGRAY…not one person mentioned that drake wayne or kanye were the best rappers of all time so relax and thats simply your opinion and why in gods name do you have obie trice up there with a bunch of obviously dont know hip hop at all

  • ShamWOW

    No way glued midget could b better. Raw video tho, lil wayne is da Best.

  • WOW

    lil wayne actually was the dude with the most like shots? drake had two, i couldnt even see kanyes face, and eminem was just staring at the camera 24/7 dissapointing video.

  • tha illest

    @BIGRAY your fucking garbage.

  • z-eezy

    this vid was aight. the song deserves way better. i just wish they could have had a few group shots… i was really lookin forward to seein four of my favorite rappers in the same room…

  • 50cent

    ok well i agree with a lot of the comments but it just me or lil wayne look like a devil ? with the red light on him his beared and shades …
    and no dout eminem killed it!!!!

  • good video.. wayne was fucking sick..

  • JMB

    everybody on this track tryed to impress…
    except for wayne and thats why i liked his part the most.
    eminem got this whole black gang behind him like he needs to prove that he should be rappin’

  • mike

    at first when i heard this song i though that eminem had the best verse but after listening to this song about 100 times i believe that wayne and drake have the best verses !

  • Zly

    HA! Weezy get back into hip hop image again in this music video

  • ^^ yeah haha..
    mike cosign…
    anyone knows how can i get weezy’s shades?

  • brazilian boy

    for real?
    i thought this video would be bigger
    i mean,i expected so much more
    it seems like they just put the artists together and like…”go!! lets”
    looks like they didnt want to spend to many $$ on the video
    cuz it is so simple…

  • Yep!

    Drake is still fresh in the rap industry and he’s HUNGRY to prove himself. He’s got some pocket change from the advances, tours, and whatever he made from “Degrassi”, but all in all, he’s trying to get to where Wayne, Em and Kanye are right now, financially and work ethic wise. He got bars, but at the end of the day, he’s not no “hood nigga”, however you want to define that. He got fame from a t.v show first. Trying to be taken seriously in the rap game for him won’t be easy. Especially if he’s going to keep needing two people to help him off stage.

    Wayne didn’t go in on this track in MY opinion, sorry. I’d imagine that by now, Wayne’s fucked some of the baddest bitches in the world, thousands of groupies, and he’s pretty rich too. His Mom, Daughter, or close family members are not in the hood or struggling anywhere. He’s proven himself as one of the best rappers in the game, ONE of the best. What is supposed to motivate him to keep putting out hot shit like he did on Drought 3, Carter 3, and alot of other mixtapes? Sometimes when you get so high, you lose motivation, and life gets in the way of making great music. You may not think so, but Wayne has created alot of responsibility for himself with those kids. You haven’t really seen alot of new posts flying up, because he’s been with Lauren and his newborn, and waiting for Nivea to pop too. Life is the reason why Wayne ain’t what he used to be and drugs. Period. He’s good, but not what he used to be.

    Eminem ain’t what he used to be either. Mainly because of drugs and the effect that the loss of his best friend “Proof” had on him. He was living in a trailer park, struggling and trying to make ends meat to provide for his daughter, when Dre heard about him . He came up too fast and dove head first into the industry pit. This pit includes alot of shit: Money, which equals= Some of the best drugs he ever did in his life, pussy, and fame, which means time away from home and what really matters. After he made so much money and put out 50, he started feeling guilty about all the time he took away from Hailie, and tried to reconcile with Kim for the millionth time, popped a million pills, went to rehab, got out, and it was like the Eminem I used to know and love, disappeared. The old Shady would have killed Wayne in a battle. Most of you will disagree, but that’s MY opinion. You can actually go on You Tube and see Eminem slaughtering niggas in battles. You won’t see Wayne doing that, because he’s not a battle rapper. He’s an industry rapper.

    I kinda dug Kanye’s verse, but it was overshadowed, by the fact that I can’t forget what he did to Taylor Swift. He’s just an asshole, and I tune his ass out alot now. Anytime a song comes on the radio, and he’s on it, I can’t even fully enjoy his verse, because in the back of my mind there’s always this little voice saying “He’s an arrogant asshole, fuck him!” Yep!

  • ILiveInWaynesWorld

    Ladies and Gentlemen – History has been Made

    lol =P i loved all of it yeezys bit was sickk drake did his thing wayne was hott (on the track lmao) and em went for it to loved it

  • sweet this video is sick. i love it.

  • Weezy killed it!
    I didn’t like the basketball part. BUt it was awsome besides that

  • waala

    wayne looks the flyest ;]

  • Quez95

    @Yep! do you have to diss every single rapper in this song? Yeah the video kinda sucked but this song was EPIC! And you know it. Also, if you think Wayne isn’t as good as he was before, why do you even bother coming on the site you bitch?

  • youngmoney816


  • youngmoney816

    lebron is amazing, he was so danm funny lookin as a kid

  • weezylover3

    Saw this on BET && it was blazing
    man this is dopee!!!

  • Windu

    damn all of em went in, i apprecitated his verse much more after seeing the vid, wayne when in, kanye sort of fell of at the end but overall it was ill

  • mr302

    ok so this is too nice. but eminem just straight killed that shit without even trying. then weezy was nice as shit too. kayne was alright. then drake was just whatever

  • beezy

    @kyle- FUCK YOU!

    @goon7- back you up 1000% thas my boy

  • luiseezy

    wayne killed it he was da onli 1 with girls next 2 him

  • please someone reply.. where can i get weezy’s shades??

  • 187GB

    1st of all, all u niggas that said lil wayne killed it “young money” r sucking dick hard body, lil wayne sat there & did wat beside moving his mouth, EMINEM rape every1 on this, btw this website didht put this video up quick, eminem shit gt it up in 1 hour after it air pussies.

  • ^^ nigga you can suck my dick… twista could’ve layed down the same verse as em get the fuck out of here… eminem looked like a gay ass nerd with his fucking hoodie pulled down…

    but its cool man.. maybe ur hyped up cuz this was the hottest shit from em from like 10 years.. hahaha

  • The video was okay. First off, Drake Could Have Done way better than he did. Kanye Was alright, Nothing special. I personally think Wayne looked the best in this vid and did the best. Eminem was great but looked kind of stupid in this with his hoodie on the whole time staring at the camera. i give this 6 outa 10.

  • Eddie

    I Think the video was bad… its like it was just 4 different videos noone was together… I was hoping to see wayne and eminem together, no homo.

  • stephanie

    I still love u kanye, no matter what people say I love ur swag,,, keep being ur!!!! :))))))

  • stephanie

    my bad, i meant being u!!! :))))

  • Owen Klinkon

    This is such an AMAZING song, Drake is pretty great, Kanye is fairly good, Eminem is great and Lil Wayne is insane. But the music video simply SUCKED. It was boring and not very well done. The entire time I was watching it I was just thinking “This music video must have taken them almost no time to make compared to other ones.”

  • this song good but lil wanye should have get more action in his piece

  • this is the shit and emienm he is the bes who do u know that is the better than him he is the best and the song is ill man i loved emienm make more songs em

  • homedizzle


  • casper

    Fuck lil wayne drake and kanye em strit raped everyone in that track and if yall lil fags think wezZy is tha best em will fucking shut I’m down any time

  • Justin

    … Eminem raped the sh*t out of everyone in this song Peace

  • dat thang was fie boy lilwayne coolin chillin

  • Shane

    Eminem Owns In That Song

  • Justin Bieber

    I like to suck penises

  • Saks


  • muito doidooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • steve

    em killed it

  • Kanye West’s first career productions came on Chicago rapper Grav’s 1996 debut album Down to Earth. ,.,

  • Oh my fuken god drake Is So Mo’Fuken Beyond It I Love Yhu!LilWayne,Kanye &nd Eminem Were Live I like How All Guwed Rapin Guys Could Make Ah Song Yall Should Make Ah Nother One!
    <33Veronica : )