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Video: Cash Money Back To Business In NYC

Tue, Oct 27, 2009 by

The Cash Money fam arrive back in the US from just being on a Europe tour in the video above. They go to Universal to do some business, and even check out the artwork for Birdman‘s Priceless album. Then they head to a party where Jay Sean is performing at, and hand him a present.

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Props Derick G

Enjoy 8)

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  • james roby

    baby need to remove some tats…. he looks a right mess

    su woo

  • Diesel

    that must’ve been two songs from the priceless album that was playing in the limo. Sounds pretty good.

  • i agree with diesel

  • Which songs are playing in the vid?

  • JMB

    he got a new tat on his head again

  • louisvuitton5g

    Congratulation to JAY SEAN ! Birdman so sexy no homo hi stay fresh every day every hour GOOD LUCK !

  • mayne

    the songs on the video are crazy, can anyone write them fo us..need them big time

  • this nigga

    is it me or does birdman just say the same damn shit in every video. “man you know how we live it Ym cmb all day big money poppin bllllllat 100 soo woo”

  • tessssx

    damn! i could have seen them!! I was there on holiday
    but i didnt seen them 🙁

  • IamMuzic

    What is that second song that played in the background in the video and where did that Wayne verse come from about mid way through?? I have never heard those lyrics before…

  • Million Dolla Baby

    what the song at 11:53

    Please, someone can say to me?!?

  • IamMuzic

    Make that the third song to play in the background, starts at 2:22

  • Dizero

    same shit diferent day !
    birdman say ” big money poppin biacth , Ym CMB how we living , big money poppin belive that , blaaattt ”

    all the videos he say this words !

  • rhyminlikea24

    Whats the music between 1:03 – 1:10?

  • Can some1 tell us, which songs are played in the video?


  • L.I.L.’.W.A.Y.N.E

    what is the name of the jay sean , sean paul, (lil john?) song , ans maybe someone can say all the names of the video

  • willy

    whats the song at 16:14 please?

  • Million Dolla Baby

    song at 16:14 is Beat Without Bass – Lil Wayne

  • nigg4zzzz

    Need to know what’s the name of the track at 16’15” ! PLEASE Tell me i need to get dat lil wayne’s shit its so damn hoooot ! thxx

  • MillionDolla Baby

    song at 16:14 is Beat Without Bass – Lil Wayne

  • r3ady_4DaWorld504

    cant wait 4 da album

  • WCS3003

    What is the song playing in the background when Baby’s on the bus? Its a woman singing, its not a lil wayne or cash money song, starts at 3:50? Also I can list all the songs for you but be specific it will take to long to list all. The song at 1:03-1:10 is Baby and Lil Waynes version of get “you shine on” it was originally a B.G. song that they redid after the split.

  • Karmel

    yo, whats the name of the song that start at about mintue 5:30? just lemme know.

  • Karmel

    Nvm lol, I totally blanked out, I know the song. Thanks.