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Lil Wayne – Rebirth [Official Front Cover]

Wed, Nov 11, 2009 by

Lil Wayne Rebirth Official Front Cover

Here is the official artwork for Lil Wayne‘s upcoming album, Rebirth dropping December 15th along with Young Money’s “We Are Young Money”.

What are y’all thoughts on it โ“

I’m wondering why they didn’t use another photo, but on the good side maybe we will be seeing a tracklist soon.

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  • ?

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  • mimi

    luv lil wayne no matter wat <3 <3 <3

  • JMB

    fuck can’t see it haha

  • leezy

    can’t see the picture ?

  • JMB
  • Weezy Fan

    the cover sucks, but the Album still will be awesome!!!

  • 757

    cant see da picture neitha. damn

  • Ooohhh

    That’s not the tracklist lol ^

  • Jamie Foxx’s Penis

    Thats wank… why the fuck did they use an old picture?

  • stryder

    cant see the picture arghhh

  • young nas

    this was the hot revolver cover too ????



  • cheese-pol

    image working for me and its pretty dope

  • carter jr

    cool!!!!!cant wait

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  • fuck i cant see the picture

  • Hello World..Dis Is Weezy F. Baby Please Say The Baby


    Tune In This BITCH

  • any word on the cover of the youngmoney album?

  • weezyfer

    hmmm isn’t it hot revolver:S////huh???wtf

  • jj

    cover sucks that pic has been out for like a year now…..

  • Mack Maine

    Whats up this ya boy Mack Mizzle and i just logged on to LilWayneHQ to tell everybody to go get that REBIRTH and We Are Young Money Albums On Dec. 15

    one more thing…….


  • Yung Ginge

    DEC 15TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dis picture goes stupid hard cheack out the kicks tho

  • Mack Maine!

  • lzbone

    the front cover is still fire

  • Pestrator

    i dont like the cover but w.e hope we get a tracklist soon

  • Frankthetank

    i like the front cover

  • So0o NASTY 69

    is the same pic that was on hot revolver single… is alright all i care is about the music

  • 687

    nah dont like it the other where hes wearin the hat is way cooler
    but still gonna get the album:)

  • Good To Hear ๐Ÿ˜€

    I Heard That Lil Wayne Collaborated With John Mayor On Ah Son Entitled “Just Me & My Guitar??

    What Do Ya’ll Think?

  • jc.weezy

    Yo danny, is the album gonna be parental advisory or clean?

  • Nicki Minaj

    Hey yall this is the queen barbie nicki minaj telling you to pick up rebirth and we are young money on dec. 15th. They are gonna be hotter than my jugs.

    Love you barbies!

  • Jason

    Ha ha.

    What kind of question was that? A clean lil wayne album?

  • stephen richard

    i like it. tha other one would look mad sicker thoe

  • ken

    No one really cares about Rebirth anymore after No Ceilings

  • beezy

    here we GO!!

  • Seb

    pretty neat.
    nice cover.
    but i am not quite sure if i am looking forward for it or not :S.
    still wayne’s the greatest rapper alive :).

  • matthew

    i like the other album cover when they took a picture of his good side and it was black that one was dope

    i dnt like this cover

  • nana

    dang i dont know

    nomatta how long ago pic was taken it is classical….i love it…and whats important too is what is on the album

  • sashaj

    the picture is nice so is the font…although i have a certain problem with the fact it was the cover to hot revolver single as well…not bad just lazy

  • djrodgerrabbit

    FIRE!!!! I’m Buying It

  • Moe Tough

    thought we already knew the cover. no matter !)

  • Rawtune

    Man I wish Wayne couldve did a song to all the way turnt up by travis porter he wouldve killed it aaallllll the waaayyyy tuuuuurnt up da remix wit soulja boy is fie no cielings mothafucka

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  • snax

    it’s gonna be the shit piss garunteed

  • alfady

    not gonna lie, covers wack lol

  • Jimmy Mays

    Hi my name is Jimmy Mays and I like dick in and around my ass

  • goon7



  • hello123

    when is birdmans mixtape bigger than life gonna drop

  • YoungMoney4Life

    I’ve always liked this pic so i’m glad it’s the going to be the album cover. Definitely copping on Dec. 15th (been waiting long enough….)

  • mike

    is this the young money cover too ?

  • nice the cover looks good. and i can’t wait to see the track list.. where’s the young money album cover?

  • wei

    where can i get that shoes

  • yeedee

    those look like converse chuck taylors but they got some crazy designs on the sides

  • rankin

    hahah almost the same as hot revolver cover only difference i can see is that near his foot the cup has dissapeared

  • lilweezyfan

    i liked the first one best! this sucks, i like the picture, but not to a album cover!

  • FREE willy i FEEL like DYing


  • rf

    No Ceilings makes me accept this album even more. Cuz he just shut it down with No Ceilings so im comfortable and content enough to hear him experiment.

  • looks soo nice!! ommmg i cant wait ๐Ÿ˜€

  • youngmoneyent

    Def was hoping for a dif cover..

  • Nik

    hey danny, do you know when the tracklist will come out and also when is the next single coming out ??

  • Jason

    Birdmans got a mixtape coming out a week before priceless…

  • Jason

    I’m not sure if that’s official. Probably not.

  • Jason
  • natalskaa

    nivea gave birth to her child today. congrads to her & weezy. : )

  • $Yung Billionaire$

    can’t wait to cop that album nikki holla at me

  • Camie

    lil wayne is so sexy in this picture, he is just so AAAYYYEEE

  • dis cover look harder den a bitch & i already know wayne gonna have hard songs

  • Lil Wayne is fuckin’ hot right now, respect

  • AntiHerO

    What kinรฐa cHucKs are those.?

  • babi britni

    Boy you gotta problem. But you aint foolin no one but yourself. Your like a hot revolver. But you aint killin no one but yourself.
    -hot revolver <3

  • babi britni