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Kevin Rudolf – I Made It (Cash Money Hero’s) (Feat Lil Wayne, Birdman & Jay Sean)

Thu, Jan 7, 2010 by

Kevin Rudolf I Made It Cash Money Heroes Feat Lil Wayne Birdman & Jay Sean

We finally have Cash Money Hero‘s!!! The official name of this Kevin Rudolf record is “I Made It” and it features Lil Wayne, Birdman and Jay Sean. Kevin‘s album is set to drop sometime this year, and a music video has been shot for this song. You can listen and download the song below:

Download: Rapidshare

Shouts to YK2Daily, and leave a comment with your thoughts on this record… is it what you was expecting ❓

Update: You can view the lyrics here!

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  • drem

    holy shit

  • D!ps3t


  • JMB

    finally and fuck you dipset:D

  • D!ps3t

    swallow slow

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  • GSK14


  • Arash

    Not as good as i expected, but it’s still amazing, jam for sure

  • yeedee

    feels good to be a Weezy fan. cause the music just keeps comin 🙂

  • niceee track

  • JJW

    This track is on Fire!!!! =)
    thnx to, nice work!!!

  • Negativ


  • yungnitto

    wow is all i have to say…absolutley amazing…lilwaynehq does work no joke…30 minutes to NO next hopefully lol

  • martijnjwz

    nice shit!

  • Lil Wes

    this record is sick man I think it is going to in the top 10 of billboard hot 100

  • Brandyn Simpson

    This song fresh as hell!!!!

  • Wow.. I love it!!

  • Been waiting for this one.

  • Tae

    Dis is superhero music rite here!!

  • nice shit. i love this song. and when is the music video going to be released?

  • WeexyFCrazy

    Jay Seans Verse should’ve been the chorus……But its still hot….

  • zeeshan

    y iz weezy wearin a black bandana on his jeans :S?? loool
    or am i jus color blind

  • Lupe the GOAT

    This is embarrassing dont you guys every get tired of listening to the same shit over and over again, and the fact that young money signed kevin rudolph is a joke


  • yaboi

    lupe the GOAT. are u dumb, kevin rudolf aint on young money hes on cash money you fool! this track is sooooooo HOT!

  • Track is solid, but I wish birdman wasn’t on it.

  • leezy

    this track is fuckin amazin. 😀

  • youngstaty

    Lil wayne Killed It!! “I may drop tha world If i change hands!”

  • Deeas

    Not bad I gotta say, glad Weezy took out his lame “ashley” line

    People will get sick of this song real fast though.

  • Nasty69

    hot hot hot hot hot hot
    hot collaboration !!!

  • Seb

    Thanks Danny,
    My bro and I couldnt wait for its release.
    Amazing song.

  • weezyjoachim

    best son ever 😀

  • Kai

    Been waiting for this one!!!!

  • Domo

    That Was Never In It
    They Were Jus Listenin 2 That Song In That Video

  • Ooohhh

    Birdman actually did good on this

  • ratman


    Much respect to Rudolf as well for producing this TRACK, it should be radio friendly

    Rock + R&B/Soul + RAP
    (major force when combined)

    Guys you gotto buy it aswell, so it gets good Billboard charting

  • WeezyForLife(408)

    daaaannng, been waiting for this one, it was well worth the wait, fukkin AMAIZING!!!! Song is the Shit!

    WEEEEZZZZYYYYY!!!!!!! One-HunniT

  • luiseezy f crazy

    hell yea (lol am at skool rite now bt i gota check out on weezy)

  • S

    Hmm, I like it, I like how Jay Sean mentions his hit Down, Weezy mentions Drop The World, and Kevin mentions Let It Rock. I jsut wish it wasn’t censored, the only one you notice it on is Wayne’s verse though. Is the second part of the chorus Jay Sean or is it all Kevin? I can’t wait for his album, just finally completed buying In The City 2 days ago haha.

  • yungtune33

    fuck yea this song is fuckin bad ass everything i expected plus more ilove it 30 mins to n.o next everyone go donate please

  • Tha B.G.’z

    Hot track. It seems more like a summer June type song rather than a winter January song tho lol.

  • YoungMoney

    Track 2010
    i love it

  • Qadeem

    Lyrics! Please! Amazing song!

  • Falltrack

    that was a realllllllly good song! i just realized how good jay Sean is , I think he has like the best r&b voice. And weeeezy killed it , ofcourse . Birdman , same ol same ol with him,Mediocre. But overall Great mainstream song, sounds like a hit!!

  • lilwaynemerks

    It wasnt expected….. until i heard waynes verse (:

  • YouNgCarter


  • Erik

    This is a great track 😀

  • CMB

    Great CM Anthem. Wonder what bow wow feels about this LOL.

    Jay sean and Weezy’s parts are soild. Birdman just about stepped up

  • this track is fire, it was like a little bit of each genre. good as hell.

  • Toonchie

    Hero’s – WTF? Shouldnt’t it be “Heroes”?
    And this is a good song, YMCMB

  • ThisGuyHere

    yo some one upload on myspace im provide link please…. or unless they got they shit copy wrighted :S

  • J

    “Boy we gettin money like we just found oil”
    -Weezy Baby best to ever do it

  • Adiz

    This song is pretty tight. Good mix of beast artists right now with out any of those YM scrubs ruining tracks (Drake’s getting there though). Also does not clash. I def see this track on the Top 10 Billboards. Music video should be ridiculous too.

  • sebastian

    are you going to pu it in m space? cuz i like this song

  • pretty much ON FIRE!!!

  • Xclusive Wayne

    Amazing. everybody killed their verse. For sure a hit single.

  • lil wayne jr

    WOW finally CASH MONEY HEROES CAME OUT!!!! /yhanks 🙂

  • lil wayne jr


  • krock247

    all i gotta say is ITS ABOUT TIME they put this song out!!!!!!!!! ;] i had to replay this two times after hearing this the first time

    theme song for the NBA finals 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jon

    came from the gutta
    lookin like my motha
    made it to the goal line straight out the huddle
    cash money gold mine weezy stay loyal
    boy we gettin money like we just found oil
    and thats word my red flag
    i live first and leave the bullshit dead last
    i lay it down so hard i got a bed rash
    and i just tell em to loaf it when the bread pass
    starin at you from the top of the game man
    i might drop the world if i change hands
    if feel good to be here
    weezy in the buildin got this bitch rebuilt
    young money

  • mwskate

    damn sick song Kevin Rudolf is the shit.

  • YoungMoney4Eva

    Hey y’all… Just took my time to listen to the lyrics and would like to share with y’all.

    [ Birdman ]
    Cash Money Heroes
    Private Jets, Polish, Fly

    [ Kevin Rudolf ] – [ Chorus]
    I look up to the sky
    And now the world is mine
    I’ve known it all my life
    I made it, I made it
    I used to dream about the life I’m living now
    I know that there’s no doubt
    I made it, I made it.

    [ Kevin Rudolf = Verse 1 ]
    Known from the city
    Where no one believed in me
    But I never give up the fight
    Ya, but now on top
    I told you to let it rock
    The money’s falling down from the sky-y-y-y-y-y
    I made it!


    [ Verse 2 – Birdman ]
    Rooftop, hella chopper burning smoke
    Louie bag, stay strapped with a priceless globe
    High life, flipping and get some more
    Paradise, the luxury marble floor
    When I hit, hit me full of that cash
    More money than I seen in a garbage can
    Stunna island, money and the power
    That’s how we do it, make it rain make it shower
    Top floor, big timer doing big things
    Over city views bought shawty new range
    Flip another 100, popping throwing hundreds
    In a new Bentley, uptown stunna!

    [ Kevin Rudolf ]
    I look up to the sky ( To the sky)
    And now the world is mine ( The world is mine )
    I’ve known it all my life ( All my lifeee)
    I made it, I made it!

    I used to dream about, the life I’m living now (ooooo)
    I know that there’s no doubt
    I made it, I made it!

    [ Verse 3 – Jay Sean ]
    Ooo I made it
    I made it
    I made it
    I made it……
    Yo, ay, ay, ay, listen
    See I don’t live for glamour
    And I don’t care for more
    I’m in this for the love of the game
    Funny how things can change
    They didn’t believe in me
    Then they calling my na – ame
    Now look who cashed in
    They didn’t wanna know me back then
    But ever since I done gone platinum
    Everything turned around
    And now the sky is falling downnnnnn!

    [ Kevin Rudolf – Chorus ]

    [ 4th Verse – Lil Wayne ]
    Came from the gutter, looking like my mother
    Made it to the goal line
    Straight out the huddle
    Cash money goldmine, Weezy stay loyal
    Boy we getting money like we just found oil
    Uh, and that’s word to my red flag
    I leave first and leave the bullshit, dead last
    I lay it down so hard I got a bedrash
    And I just tell em to loaf it when the bread pass
    Staring at you from the top of the game man
    I might “Drop The World” if I change hands
    Uh, it feel good to be here
    Weezy in the building got this bitch rebuilt

  • Chazz

    nice track
    dun like birdman tho

  • Chalupa Cabra

    Thats Great!

  • WeezyWayne

    For Up To Date Lil Wayne Songs…Add ME

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  • Yung Artisk

    yes finally, one long anticipating wait lol

  • Kaz

    Good song

    WTF is jay sean doing at 2:53 mins? :S

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  • NewWhiz

    Beat Is Dope
    I Realy Like This ish!
    Respect From Curacao! CMB YM!!

  • PunjabRS

    @YoungMoney4Eva Thaaanks buddy ! Isnt Jay Sean doing the second part of the chorus? Anyways, there’s a lil confusion, I think he’s sayin “See I don’t live for glamour, And I don’t care for FAME” ^^ Thanks again man

  • Weezy the best

    Sounds fine, but i like Jay’s chrous more…. but its nice. 😛

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  • Chazz

    yea the beat is sick anyone got the instrumental? =D

  • jadoreWEEZY

    siiiick. weezy kills it.

  • Genuine Artikle

    Another banger track is str8 fire juss needs to be explicit version

  • Genuine Artikle

    wheres the explicit version

  • Bradford

    Sick track… just wondering why is Wayne’s line “…and that’s word to my red flag” is censored?

  • laura lopez

    i LOVE this song 🙂

  • Kim

    damn this is the real shit


  • rko

    superb song,my favo.

  • erick

    danny is fat lose weight lil wayne is the best

  • da best song everrrr.. love dis song especiallly lil wayne’s, and jay sean’s

  • best song ever… cool song, lil wayne & jay sean.

  • Cool, i am Marika from norwegien !<3 love you Lil wayne!!

  • sefa


  • || Kevin Wayne ||

    Fuck that song it rocks man 🙂 It’s amazing guys!!!!! 🙂

  • || Kevin Wayne ||

    best song ever i swear 😀

  • || Kevin Wayne ||

    That song rocks!!!!!!!!!!! Best song ever and 4 ever i made it I made it!!!!! 😀

  • || Kevin Wayne ||

    :O :O :O :O :O That’s what i can say but i hate lil Wayne didnt see that one coming :O :O :O :O :O

  • || Kevin Wayne ||

    Fuck Birdman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Think wayne, be wayne, say lil wayne.

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