Lil Wayne – Smackdown (Feat Pharrell)

Wed, Jan 13, 2010 by

Lil Wayne Smackdown Feat Pharrell

Here is a snippet, or an unfinished track called “Smackdown” by Lil Wayne featuring Pharrell. Not sure where this song will end up or if we will ever get the full version, but you can stream/download the track below:

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  • weezy.mothafuckin.babby

    weezy.mothafuckin.babby first……YMCM get at em WAYNE

  • Much love for Weezey from Germany!!!

  • Mrs.Carter

    I love weezy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx love this xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Weezy sounds good

  • d_weezy08

    Wayne was goin ham….. pharrell kinda messed the shit up but i fucks wit pharrell

    this should be a pretty nice try tho…im pretty suree pharrell gne give wayne a

    bange 4 C4 tho

  • J

    Pharrell and Wayne always combine for some different sounding tracks. “Yes”, “How you doing?” and now this one

  • yeah nyc song dude..
    im a producer from moz..
    i hope someday u sing in one of my beatz..

    Luar Beatz

  • r.ichii

    HAHAHAHAHA Lil’ Wayne his punclines always make me laugh for real hahaha xD

  • rudeboi11208

    FIRE******* (PLzz 30 minutes to New Orleans)********

  • Tha B.G.’z

    It sounds like it would be an intro or outro on C.4 to me.

  • brahmwatson

    sounds like juvenile’s ha!

  • weezyfbaby

    Still waiting for Home Run and 30 mins to New Orleans please give them to us!!!!!

  • mike

    I want Home Run !!!

  • Lil’ Wayne i post the song on my account if youd rather watch it on youtube than to download first

  • waala

    30 minutes to new Orleans ???

  • waala

    30 minutes to New Orleans???

  • weezy some good dream.
    we love you wayne

  • darren

    how you doing that track was beast! but this was very nice.

  • darren

    this could be carter 4 single for sure

  • dadadmac

    “And yes i eat pussy, as long as she gushy AND i put the smackdown when he couldnt” hahah weezy is da best

    im thinking this is NOT going to be on C4 tho

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  • “Call Me W.W.F Weezy Will Fuck You To Death” fucking awesome as song.
    Check out mah Lil Wayne Bebo Skins

  • mmasts

    wayne is killin it right now… dope ass song..

    i want the full version nowww
    and ofcourse homerun

  • phsyco

    this nigg wayne kills every song yall

    ha peep this out real talk

  • wayne killed this song. i love it.

  • mmasts

    somebody post them lyrics please

  • rg

    Wayen a monstah!! that flow is always good like grandma cookies

  • tes

    i like how, whenever something good leaks people are always “this could be on carter 4”, “this could be a single”, do you know how many songs wayne puts out?? not saying it wont happen but it might just be another song..

    either way i am really hoping for a full version to be released before this friday…

  • Call Me W.W.F~ Weezy Will Fuck You To Death…shhh~ Cant hear me now~ got ya panties to the ground~ wen ya man is out of town imma mutha fucka aint I?~ Girl u know ya cant lie~ thats why i got ya walking crooked like (Saint eyes?)~ And she say her boyfriend is liking watching paint dry so i let her get on my dick and make her do the macarina~ I make her touch her toes~ Im flyer then some crows~ Right now Im Lil Wayne~ But imma giant out my clothes~ And yes i eat pussy as long as she douchey~ And i put the smackdown when he couldnt~~Holla at me

  • rg

    “she said her boyfriend is like watching paint dry”

    hahah yall get it?

  • Juma

    i dont get it.. β€œshe said her boyfriend is like watching paint dry”.. explain please

  • J

    Watching paint dry is boring as fuck. Hence, her boyfriend is boring as fuck. Contrarily, Wayne lays the smackdown on her.

  • Tmmy

    mb its a feature from the upcoming drake album
    because drake is getting pharrell beats

  • Orc

    30 minutes to New Orleans???

  • Dude

    W.W.F. weezy will fuck you to death. πŸ˜€

  • WeezyFbaby

    also waiting for 30 minutes to new orleans.. if we all keep asking for it, eventually somebody who has the power to release it will hear us and do it πŸ™‚

    makes me wonder who has this kind of power, and who selects what we get and what not.. makes no sense that track didn’t make the cut, no matter the reason…

  • Seb

    I hope there will be a full version of the song.
    I really like it.

  • DAMMNN….Wayne Kilt dat shit lol….WOW
    ay peoples check me out at tell me what u think…add me…I WOULD APPRECIATE IT

  • Ay that shit was fire Wayne but, ay yall I dont think its album material.

  • Maybe just a hit on a mixtape.Anyone know when the Dedication 4 coming out?

  • Rain

    Wayne so classic in this one,
    He went back to his old flow.
    And WWF is classic smackdown haha
    And he kinda sounds like his old self,
    like younger.

  • youngmoney12

    pharrel sound funny

  • Myus

    Young Money Cash Money all day i rep Toronto Love the whole vibe Weezy kills it every time stay up Shouts out to Tha Boi Drizzy Drake Toronto got you we by your side not at your back no homo lol……….A lil something to a fool who dissed Young Money on facebook in a freestyle group…I handed him his ass

    Home boy i am not a lyricist i’m just doing this for fun
    Ya’ll the real lyricist i should be scared of you guys come on
    I never said i was Rap where the fuck did you see that
    You the one wit no intelligence a lot of that you lack
    Boy i’m on some other shit i’m so sick with it
    Funny how ya’ll so tough i’m weak but don’t …quit
    I’m here to irritate ya’ll pussies CHLAMYDIA.. SYPHILIS
    I’m all up on facebook nothing to hide yes it’s true
    Cops are looking for a lyrical disgrace you’re in hiding so its you
    I had to go ahead and create my own group
    Cuz there bare homo niggas over here…Squares in a loop
    I got mad love for my nigga Drizzy Drake
    Tdot representer out to expose the Un-United States fakes
    You hating on YOUNG MONEY that’s mad love to them right there
    Cuz you dissing them aint nothing but a whisper in the air
    You guys are such Lyricists but you rhyming on facebook
    Shame on all you mother fuckers and amateur like me got ya’ll shook