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Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter IV” Makes Complex’s “25 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2010”

Thu, Jan 21, 2010 by

Ever since Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter III was released on August 19th, 2008, everyone’s been anticipating the next chapter of Tha Carter series, Tha Carter IV. The anticipation grew more once Wayne was sentenced to a year in prison, due to a felony gun charge. The hype of the album is so big, that Complex considered it in their “25 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2010”. Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter IV made #7 on the list, which may be a disappointment to most of his fans. But despite it’s lower-than-expected ranking, it’ll be an album to remember. Here’s what Complex had to say:

During last summer Universal said this record would be released in the 4th quarter of 2009, after Rebirth, so clearly there are songs recorded. But with Rebirth’s release at a standstill due to lack of interest and the Best Rapper Alive ‘pon lock for most of 2010, we’re thinking Universal, and more importantly their shareholders, are gonna force this LP’s release by the end of the year. The big question is, will it be a frankenstein of the rap records he’s made post-Rebirth, or will he scrap everything when he gets out of jail and put together an entirely new LP reflecting his presumably changed world view?

What do you guys think about Tha Carter IV only reaching the #7 spot, and do you all think it will be released this year?

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  • alexfuckingflores

    Dome me up

  • i dont think it will get released this year…rebirth is gonna be the only album we getting from wayne this year..

    C IV gonna make the list next year again…it’ll top it this time

  • alexfuckingflores

    Not till 2011………summer???

  • dirk29

    hes not going to do it till after jail time..he has mad shit recorded, but no need to rush it..shit will leak eventually. but ya deff no rush with the album..and ya hes def gona be on top again next year..

  • I say if you wait you might get some acting roles. Go in, chill, take some law classes. Come out C.E.O and write screen plays and things of that nature. Get cha Spike Lee, Chris Rock on! UNIVERSAL STUDIOS


    Drake #1 ~ Young Money on

  • s

    Crystal Castles didn’t even make the cut and this dude did?!
    I doubt he’s even gonna release it this year anyway.

  • billyprince

    fuck what spot it reach on whoevers list. lollipop love cant last forever, but weezy did pick up alot more like minded devoted fans along the way whove paved the way for a whole new scene, props 2 ymcmb for striking while tha irons triple blazed, wayne got so much in the bank he cant soar to the tip-top anytime he want, no ceilings just like priceless, pop cultures dryin up and waynes tha personification of hope for greatness, thats why we lifted him up thats why he is music and i promise you do not wanna sleep on it.

  • alexfuckingflores

    Fuck crystal bullshit

  • Retro_87

    No C4 this year… & correction, “Tha Carter III was released on August 19th, 2008” quote is wrong! The Album dropped June 10th, 2008… A day i’ll never 4get (copped 3 copies)

  • infinite

    das right Retro, got my own copies the same day!
    Carter 4 aint droppin this year mayne hell no, everyone is still waiting for the REAL rebirth to come out with a new Prom Queen and other new songs like they said because of the leak..
    I think when he’s outta jail in 2011

  • Karu

    Drizzy is #1. And who cares about Complex when it comes to Wayne?

  • Rock LIfe

    Rebirth is a fuckin good album!! He really can rap and sing on millions of different beats….I wait the 2010 version but keep Paradice, Get A Life and KnockOut wayne

  • Rock LIfe

    I think Carter IV will be released when wayne exited the prison..Everybody will wait him…I dont think that Carter 3 will be released this year, all his last albums was push back, and we have not a date for Carter 3

  • Luney tune

    man who dont want the CarterIV to be released this year!! but it wont be cuz wayne b getn people hyped up about his albums nd bump the release date bakk! but his albums b sik doee!!

  • it would be ace if it was this year

  • Whatever Wayne doooes I’m down for. but I thinknot’ll be next year most likely. and his rebirthh was the shit, so was no ceilings. so just imagine Carter IV 🙂

  • sevenasi

    hi for all youg money team. im lost i want to open my years, i love so longest all musics of lil wayne, Akon and everybody of your team.
    I would like visit all of you, but no how bicouse of money, iam mozambican, i need your help.

  • rg

    it aint coming out in this year

  • Matheo

    This year will be Huge for music industry Wayne’s Rebirth & Tha Carter IV can’t wait for this two albums !

  • Jayskii

    They put jeezys tm103 in front of C4 are u kidding me nd jay electronica ahead Of Cudi that list is all fucked up… Weezy aint even top 5 nd he sold over a mil in a week that makes no sense !

  • weezyfer2

    uhm guys does he still has to cut of his dreads?????????????????

  • cody122555

    tha carter 3 came out june 10th 2008 not august 19th

  • lvwyne

    He will look better w/o dreads. Dreads are dirty. Why would anybody want dreads? I love Lil Wayne tho.

  • yeedee

    i hope the Carter 4 will be like No Ceilings. kinda new style, none or barely used autotune. oh yeah autotune really does suck dick. did i mention that autotune sucks. Carter 3 was awesome and i dono if it can be topped but if Weezy puts his mind to it there aint no ceilings in sight.

  • Quil

    I think he will drop it this year along with his rick albulm if you watched the doc he has a song in there that he just leaked and fuck one time is about 2 yrs old and he hasnt released it he already has the carter 5 and 6 cookin up say stay tuned folks

  • Quil

    I think he will drop it this year along with his rick albulm if you watched the doc he has a song in there that he just leaked and fuck one time is about 2 yrs old and he hasnt released it he already has the carter 5 and 6 cookin up so stay tuned folks


    Who even r sum of da ppl ahead of his album? lol
    It probably wud’ve gotten hiya but they dunno if it actually will be released dis year…. I say 2011

  • Sportzz

    I expect late 2010 to early 2011

  • fgd
  • i think the carter 4 will drop this year. in the middle of 2010

  • martian101

    im sayin carter IV drops this summer. with rebirth dropping in feb that will give his fans some new music for a little bit then he’ll drop carter IV in the middle of summer. it will seem like he never went to prison….i hope im right ahah

  • blahhh

    carter 4 will definitley come out in 2011. i doubt he’d drop 2 albums in a year. plus he’s in jail so.. but im definitley excited for this!! can’t wait for drakes album either

  • Kayla_F_Baby

    Anticipated indeed

  • fern

    When is drakes album due?

  • peep

  • tw0n91

    naa carter 4 and rebirth is g0n dr0p this year hes g0n b in jail cant make music he gta keep makin m0ney while hes locked up carter 4 jus w0nt dr0p till t0wards tha end 0f tha year

  • Youngmoney18

    I can’t wait for c4. I’ve loved lil Wayne since 2004 and love all his albums even the undergrounds like no ceilings. Rebirth has some sweet tracks esp Drop the World wit eminem prbly the best collaboration. Keep doing what u do Wayne.

  • yuri estevão da silva

    espero que quando lil wayne sai da prisão não ser apucenter lil wayne não faça isso com seus fãs ta cara meu nome é yuri e meu MAIOR SONHO É SER CANTOR DE REPPER COMO VOÇE CARA