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Lil Wayne – Single [Official Music Video]

Sun, Apr 18, 2010 by

Here is the official music video for Lil Wayne‘s “Single” that was directed by DJ Scoob Doo.

The Noah “40” Shebib and Omen-co-produced song appears on both of Weezy‘s No Ceilings mixtape and his I Am Not A Human Being album.

There are also appearances in the visual from Nicki Minaj, Tammy Torres, Marley G, Scoob Doo, Mack Maine, and Natasha!

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  • richii


  • dont like the vid, because i dont like the song, too πŸ˜€

  • MO


  • turk32

    hmm not that good
    but its still fiunny

  • humairrr

    It was kinda lame man, hope the video-version with Drake will be better than this crap. Mostly Tyga makes this kinda videos (in studio performances etc), but that doesn’t fit the style of Weezy main.

  • Vitalic

    Cool song but too slow (not Wayne’s stile) nice raping.

  • OMG #2, how the fuck cant u like this song. Its like my favorite song of all wezzyz song. Its so relaxing and everything he says is true. With the phone, how she goes through it, when they fuss, everything. It feels like the song is made for me haha. But the vid, naaah man I thought it would be like a real video, its more like clips gettin togehter:(

  • moorizzla

    love upppppp the song obviously but i dunno how i feel about the video actually, im a bit disappointed.

  • fisherr

    epickie! pozdro dla Poland ;-D



  • Thierry

    nice song man, really like it ! the video is excauly good

  • A-Bjerg

    I like the song, but the video just reminds me of the nino brown stories. Not impressed. There isn’t so much “music video” about it, if you know what i mean.

  • bzthatchick

    Fuck Yall Haters!!! Weezy is truly an Original 1ofaKind Type of Nigga! im feeln the video 100%

  • bzthatchick

    If ya Hatin on My Nigga Wayne, Suck a FatDick Biiiiiitttttchhhhh!! He tha SHIT!!

  • jemmaaa

    i fuckin love this song
    the vid is pretty good

  • Felicia

    Wayne kills it, but the girls was eeeuuh!

  • o-sre

    greatest rapper of all time

  • Ooohhh

    Yo Felicia what are you saying lol, did you not see Tammy Torress’ ass ???

  • Jamie Foxx’s Penis

    WTF Scoob doo needs to do a better job next time

  • pie148

    really wanna hear the drizzy version



  • OurWorldWeMakeItSpin

    Shit is hot considering the lil amount of time he had to shoot the video along with countless other videos he shot before going in. So to everybody who’s hatin be glad he shot it at all because he did’nt have to. & oh yea Tammy Torres look gud but the other chick not so much (kanye shrug)

  • young nas

    this aint no music video….its just him playing the track in the studio
    that bitch on the beach is bad as fuck tho

  • freeweezy!

    like the song but why don; t they make a good vid for it, instead of an in studio performancer?:/………
    But still a great song!!!;)


  • PaniCarter

    Piosenka fajna ale teledysk taki sobie;/

    No ale Lil wyglada fajnie i to sie liczy;]

    Free Tune<333


  • james roby

    1 word – horrible

  • Fresh King

    This song is real chill and the video is laid back which i expected it to be πŸ˜›

  • Samser

    Needs to be more color in the video and why did they put parts of Mrs Officer in this video

    Not impressed at all

  • grand buzz

    not what i expected but i wonder what music video we will get next πŸ˜€

  • youlyce

    Damn, sad think when i saw weezy.

    Yeah i’m singleeeee today i’m single….:’-(

  • hahhaaa

    damnn he high as fuckkkk. ahaaa

  • brendan

    the song is good but this was def. one of the vids he did real quick just to have a music video out there

  • OurWorldWeMakeItSpin

    @Samser Needs to be more color in the video

    ^^^wow i cant believe u said sumthin that stupid [its a damn black&white video]…smh

  • Jay

    I love this song, but this video is shit. Like its a slow song and he’s all happy. Plus the girl is butch

  • hanK

    yeah… its not really good, i hope scoob doo didnt direct any other videos for weezy

    • @hanK – He directed “Steady Mobbin'” and I think “No Ceilings” with Birdman.


  • weezy

    i love him great video and song , free hip-hop free my nigg! pozdro dla polskich fanow

  • vatiiiixbby

    yesss, my fav song off no ceilings. the video is really cute. and it doesn’t have to be one of those lolipop videos, it’s a mixtape single ahaha. that girl was so hit lmfao. free tune*:

  • Simon

    We both say we single, and we both lying
    We both wrong, but It feel right
    Put your hands up if youre single for the night

  • freeweezykb24

    hw do u nt like dis if ur a weezy fan fire song fire vid 2 go with it

  • antonio

    man dis some reall shit my nigga wezzy be on some real shit most people dont understand him but i do free weezy

  • ammofan

    The video is bad….
    But I love the song, I was expecting better but whatever…..

  • LilTuneChi

    Video Go Hard.!!! SWEAR!!

  • shannon

    ahh. i lovee it all
    keep it up lil wayne β™₯Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β 

  • Song is good, i like it, but the girls in the video… i dont know, i think that girls were ugly… And they have meat on the bone so much…(fat, fat asses…)

  • darren

    wasnt really feeling that . The song still pretty good though.

  • Wayne, you are hoooottt, you must have that kind of girls in your videos….

  • sashaj

    I like the song a lot, the vid was aiight, but WTF was up with that TRANNY looking chick?

  • Moore


  • Witie203

    To all da nikkaz sayin dat da song iz wack dnt kno wat wayne iz talkin bout.he speekin truth…wen u got a krazee chick at home(and i mean KRAZEE)u probably cheat too.dats why i can relate to dis song its sum real shit.da video iz alright…but it reminds me of da classic wayne.but song is one of the best on no ceilings

  • Catherine

    My favorite song on the no ceilings mixtape πŸ™‚

  • I love this shit

  • cheese-pol

    video is very different but i do like the concept of it



  • that girl texting wayne is an ugly tranny

  • tunechi

    for errbody who disagreed and said how bad the vid was bad well fuck you. and its weezy does it really matter? if yall all didnt know the song is of a fuckin mixtape, i dont ever recall wayne shootin a vid for a mixtape track. thats prolly why it is how it is, neways if yer hatin like most of you yall aint real fans so please move to the next site, k thanks. and oh scoob doo and all yall did a great job, keep doin ya thing, and fuck em! (wack ass comments)

  • Jordan

    Someone can give me the Youtube URL plz ?

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  • martian101

    dope song and video. FREE WEEZY!!

  • wyatt

    Her momma got ass too

  • Javy

    Best Part Of The Video Was TAMMY TORRES!!!!!!!!
    She Fine!!

  • dragos

    lil wayne the best !!!

    Free Weezy !!!

  • TriGGaJay

    Man this video rite wayne go hard no matta wat.
    Im chilln .. but my swagg on full attack haha

  • TriGGaJay

    Man this video rite wayne go hard no matta wat.
    Im chilln .. but my swagg on full attack haha.

  • schwein

    for some reason i think those pics on 3:2-3:25 are gonna be Carter IV cover pics

  • TuneNino

    Like The Sonq, Best Sonq in No Ceilinqs.. The Video Its Aiiqht. Tammy Lookinq Fine Ass Hell..

  • Tunechi

    @Schwein, I Dont Think So, To Old. I Wanna See The Cover For Carter IV!! At Least..

  • weezy.f.b.

    come on man they are fuckin old

  • hoesgotsmarter

    okay people i’m not sure about this. and i totally hope i am wrong. but from an unreliable source, there is news on wayne in prison. he knived an inmate and could get 5 years more. let us hope this is not true. single video is dope. free tunechi

  • Julie

    the only reason the video is so amatuer is coz Dj scoob doo put it together, he’s the same dude that dose all the nino brown dvd’s.

  • video is too simple for my liking but that tammy chick is bad !!

  • OurWorldWeMakeItSpin

    @schwein those pics are hella old. do u really think he wud be showin us the Carter IV pics awready….smh

  • deshaun1

    tammy torress iz stupid kold

  • KoBra

    Haaa THis Video istnt theee besst
    Butt WeZzy Still WrecKs It!!!!
    No0o Hypeee


  • nasty69

    is good, can’t be bad cuz weezy is on it..

    free weezy!

  • chloe

    Just proves again why he is the best rapper alive!!
    I Love You Baby

  • Bigdog

    Also Yall Can See Some Nice Guns On the table While He Watchin ESPN lmao At His Left ^^

  • damn yall aint feelin this!!!!! this shit great to vibe to!!!!!!
    the song is hot an its a nice mixtape video!!!!!!!!
    YM CMB!!!!!

  • B-Cloud

    This song made me has a lil chill out man … !!!

  • Czarny

    PocisnΔ…Ε‚ po caΕ‚oΕ›ci , zajebisty track πŸ˜€
    Free Weezy !!!

  • Fresh King

    “I falls in that pussy like quicksand”

    Beat is amazing on this track

  • C

    i kinda think the vidis srt8,id rather have a vid for it thn not have 1 at this my fav song off no ceilings.”fuck you for a hour than i smoke it off” lol



  • Hobielicous

    Fiya Song..can’t wait fo his shit to hop out after jail.


    i dont know bout you guys but this song and video are sickk. even though it aint a real music vid it still tight

  • wow

    if scoob doo directed steady mobbin………….ruining songs and shit….video has nothing to do with the damn song

  • patty

    yo weezy bBY THAT braud had a body on her but b….. face was fugly…lol i should of been on that muuuaaah

  • freeweezy

    Tbh this is propberly the worst music video ive ever seen, love the song tho.. dont hate on my comment, im saying what all of you are thinking!!

  • dawg….lil wayne is so sexy i would cancel anybody for him any day …soooo ffiiinnee

  • lilbugati

    the vid its not great!!!!!!!but come on maneeee its a compilation, i see it more as a preview of nino brown pt 3 cant wait for thatt shit to drop……………thanks dj scoob doo……….free wezzy…….

  • lilbugati

    saw it again and fucking love it!!!!!!!

  • lilbugati

    i guess you need to watch it high!!!!!!!!!!!lol 4:20….

  • CACA


  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    cheap ass video leave dis type of shit to wack ass flacka lame cuz he aint got no money lol i dnt like da vid

  • NAP original

    dis video sick mane wayne spittin hot lyrics through da whole song and gotta love the video. now go listen to Stuntin’ while Shinin’ by Birdman feat. Trick Trick dat shit go hard for real!

  • omgg! the begging is him n nicki backstage at the jay-z concert on march 2nd 2010 at madison square garden in ny! i was theree! it was the best night everrrr xD . amazing music videoo πŸ™‚ <33 iloveyou lil wayne free weezy!


  • YG

    i like the vid, and i wasnt expectin it to be so big cause the song is from a mixtape and not an official album. feel me? still like it. keep doin you Wayne. #FreeWayne.

  • Ricky

    this video is to damn plain for weezy to be in it, tha song is hot tho. FREE TUNECHI!!!!

  • kevin

    i dnt fuck wiff it

  • Wichtor

    Great video and absolutely a great song too.

  • Mrs. Youngest Money

    loveeee this video. but the actress playing as his gf is such a bad actor haha wtf

  • tunechi

    cameltoe!!!!!!! pause at 3.02

  • Nik

    @ danny

    a video for “steady mobbin” was shot ? and when will it be released ?? i didnt hear anywhere that they shot a video for that song !!! i cant wait to see it πŸ™‚

    • @Nik – Not sure when it’s being released, but DJ Scoob Doo and Weezy did shoot a video for “Steady Mobbin'”

  • F Baby Lvr

    the songs too slow for a hot vid. but sick song weeezy keep it up but hope the drizzy one does bettr

  • weezy at

    like that shit unusual for weezy and the song is too too nice just call it mornning song

  • Weezyfsbabysitter

    Its exactly how i thought it would be I LOVE IT!!!

  • tunechi man

    this is a bt rubbish but a lot of people will be able to relate to the tune thats why i think its not THAT bad

  • ahungryjewfro

    someone said this doesnt fit the style of weezy but they should know that wayne has a bunch of videos like this and is he really droppin a vid with drake and mack on it?

  • Is Wayne married? Or who’s his gf? Cuz at the beginning when Nicki was talking she mentioned a girl, I heard her say ” your wife” or sumthing is it true? Is he married?

  • Hannah

    I love the video. it’s not “music video” and that’s what I love about it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. It’s original just like this song.

  • this nigga

    SCOOBDOO you did it again

  • ~TeAM WeeZY~

    Aw! I like the video. I love the song, too. It’s rather funny. I laugh almost everytime I listen to it. His chick in the video looked like a tranny though. EW.

    MiSSiN.MY.WaYNe. πŸ™

  • tunechijr

    @gigi its shanell

  • ereezy02

    wuzn’t wut i wuz expecting. great song tho..

  • hahhaaa

    cant do nothin but LAUGHHHH at this video. SERIOUSLY AT 1:25 HAHA laugheeed foreverr. ahaaa wayne fucked up here. an everyone knowss it.

  • DirtyBurky-209

    this video is gay. drake aint even in tha song.
    this aint no official video

  • jessica

    love this side of Wayne!!!!! love him period no matter what

  • weezybestrapper

    this song is so fucking DOPE

  • NatalieCarter

    i like the video & the song. he looks really sexy. haha. i can’t wait to hear the drizzy version of the song. free weezy f baby. : )

  • myke lujan

    man the video is tite, simple, but wayne ya know?? he dont always gotta be over the dge crazy, he is talented enough to make anything great. he is a superstar!! and come on, who else is as much of a lyrical genius as him? WAYNE is theee best

  • The music video isn’t so amusing but the song itself is beautiful. There are many poignant songs that don’t have a music video but are heard on the radio

    You could visit my online radio site to hear unlimited hit singles all over the globe. Here’s the link:

    thank you

  • Raw

    Free Wayne

  • personnally i am a woman ,i like looking at wayne so the video was just plain not wayne style but because he was in the video i loved it. its just something about this man swagg….. ohh.

  • Just a mixtape video but still good

  • Daniel

    When came the Music Video ” Home Run” ?

  • freeWeezyEarly

    “South beach Miami Hoe, Im prolly Wit Tammy Toe” She bad all dees hoes on here hatin cusz they wasnt in tha video
    & Stop Fckin bitchin We Lucky to still Have New Videos & i kno its music still to drop from Wayne
    Appreciate that shit & go change yall pads keep bitchin
    Only reason tha video is like that is cusz he had to DoOtherVideos, SomeOfYallNeed to be jus banned from this site cusz yall HorribleSupporters & fans crying cusz its A “Mixtape Song” if it WasFrom a album it wouldve BeenShot better
    Free Weezy

  • Matheo

    Not bad although this isn’t my favourite track of “No Ceilings” but i like this song .

    Ps. This chick is fuckin hot anybody knows her name ? πŸ˜€

  • wqazx

    pozdro dla fisherr i PaniCarter.!!

    free weezy

  • i actually like this video cos who else has done it and done it well? also i like the way wayne acts in it im thinkin hes high on something πŸ˜› great song to, loving it x

  • sh8377

    that is just sum bull shit do not like this song!

  • freetunechi.

    when that real one wit drake and all of them drop ; that vid gone be flame ya dig..this wun strait tho.

  • Louis

    C’mon I love this song but first of all this nigga is in jail rite now what the hell did you expect they gotta use old clips but the vid really encompasses the relaxing chill vibe the song gives you and of course it could be better but it kinda show show Wayne loves to make music and shouts out the problems and thoughts a lot of couples have.

  • waala

    weezy murdered [ :


  • sayy wezzy the truth but thats my idol YOUNG MONEY BABY!!!!

  • Freshy

    This is a fucking masterpiece. Wayne did it again, all I got to say.

  • thisismla

    dis shit is fie

  • Queen

    the video was visually delicate yet simple but honest, and sensual at the same time. In my opinion the whole art of it was stimulating!
    : )
    Wayne you are lyrically brillant!

    Universal Blessings to you, QueenM.

  • Norman

    Tammy Torress is thick lookin for a phorne vid heres vid on youtube

  • Billy

    Hi guys!!! I loveeee lil wayne i jerk to him on a daily basis….HES SO HOTTTTT!

  • fuk all of u dat say dat dis video n song is gay…….u wanna noe wats gay? listen to 40 glocc’s pussy ass n you’ll noe wats gay hahaha

  • skidnigga

    video was bap as hell. but i love the song. theme song for life lol. weezy can never do wrong song wise, but plenty of rappers have video flops. and i think this was one of those times haha. love weezy though

  • tunechijr

    @Danny, you seen the rumor bout nicki on media fake out?? talkin bout how nicki aint gay and shes all fake and lied bout her age??

  • tunechijr

    @Danny you seen that rumor bout nicki on media fake out?? talkin bout how she aint gay and she fake and lied bout her age??

  • d_weezy08

    Is This a Carter 4 single or just a single off of No Ceilings cuz its on the radio now?

  • Jbedolla

    Video sucked, bad acting. Great song and so true

  • ~Soo’Shaii

    iLuvv Thysz Sonqq.!~ Lil Waynee Thaa Bestt.!

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  • O.

    this girl from the video is ugly

  • Lil kayne

    Best part of song 2:14

  • cynthia_weezy

    me encanta esta cancion el video esta padrisimo me encantas weezy eres el mejor me encanta todo de ti, tu voz, tu forma de ser y de pensar, te amo te amo weezy sigue asi te quiero baby!!!

  • SwaggishJoy

    love tha song…interestingly funny…lol

  • Harry….


  • Patrice

    Lil Wayne always the one to speak wats real.I love tha song I love tha video I love him he got a way with words and I think everyone needs to give the man his respect.



  • rickman

    that lil wayne is the ninth priest mere man the net and anyone is an asshole fuck him jeje ricki rickman

  • Leo_

    @cynthia_weezy Que Chevere Que Te Guste Weezy! πŸ˜€
    Free Weezy.

  • Kat

    Is there really a remix with Drake? I can’t find it.

  • Andybee

    Dope. Love this guy. Weezy ure a sexy genius

  • tunechijr

    @kat thats bc they aint released it yet

  • keshia

    fuck u haters dis video nd song wuz raw u haten cuz u dnt make enough money lke he do so ur llllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmee

  • Jose Perez

    This video was the lamest of all the videos Lil Wayne has ever made !

  • HOI

    The song is nice, but what a stupid video

  • I3ASHA

    OMG I LuV it, DJ Scoob Doo did a gud job doe.. FREE TUNECHI

  • mis PR

    daddy wayne i love u and if we ever meet im positive u will love me to

  • a weezy

    raisinig both hands way up free weezy lil lil chuckee says you feel

  • Tony C.

    @ Mateo

    The girl is Celeste Doubleday. She fine as a motha…

  • where can i get this song i want to listen to it in my car at night i think its very chilli

  • weezy wood

    i find that very special and cool

  • BEST SONG GO WEEzy GO WeeZY Go Yong MullaaaaHHHH!!!!!!!!

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  • dtreal

    follow me on twitter @dtreal414

  • 954nigga

    weezy in jail. this vid toke place before he was in jail and they now just put it on since they couldnt make a vid with him and drake, atc

  • FreeWeezyFBaby!!!!

    free weezy & i’m sure we gona be blasted away wit da carter IV….Can’t wait who can?!!!!???

  • jamie hughes

    this song is made for me i fucks wit lil wayne, real shit, i love this song fuc being a couple . yeah im single, hes the realest rapper. fuc a nigga cuz im single get weezy

  • hes so fuckin sexy i want to suck his dick

  • Andybee

    This song just tells it like it is, u gta give it a chance-the bass,hmmm, weez’s seductive voice…double mhhh, hs honesty is so sexy. I’d so do him.. lol Mhhh*DAy dreamin*

  • cristian

    tha song s amazing i luv it

  • shakeera

    i cant really say….i love the song but the video……ummm dont think soo!!!! yu woulda been betta off wit me in it, instead of dat girl….she wont cute at all
    but me personally i wanna join YMCM cuz i write music and dane n sing

  • Hastylez

    Weezy (Wayne) do you bro. They gonna either salute you, or hate on you. Either way they payin attention. So Immm single fo the nite is a HIT*****
    Slide off haterz seriously. If you have nothin nice to say keep it 2 yahself.
    Oh also,
    Everyone who got sumbody, at some point wishes they 2 could be single 4 the nite.PIMPIN……n thatz real talk

  • JayB

    Luuuv dhaa song bt dha video aint really go wit it it kud been beta. FREEEE WEZZZY!!! ;)))

  • Wasana

    Hate this song!! what the fuck!! I’m from Sri Lanka..This is like SHIT!!
    Anyone can become a singer~~If you have money I guess..This bitchass cant even RAP!!

  • bpbabyb

    mmmm u did it again weezy fuk dem haters 3 more months cant wait to hear wut is nxt

  • Toni V.

    I love this video. Lil Wayne is nothin but real 100% of the time, so how could you get mad at that. I know for me bein a chick thats bad to say, but
    I aint worried bout sumbody that keeps it real with me. He dont lie bout nothin, and he dont try to hide it.

  • nikki

    I love this song!!! I don’t like the video.

  • Sophia

    Wtff ? Likee this videoo damn suckedd. woww. Wezzyy ii love thiss fuckinqq sonq buht the videooo iss fuckedd uhpp yo. Smhh couldaa done betterr yhurr WEEZYYYYYYYYYYY ! buh anywayssss FREEEEE WEEZYY HOESS !

  • I really liked this video of Lil Wayne I liked the beat everything about it. Out of all the songs it’s my favorite good job lil wayne i be blasting this in my computer… Just can listen to it over and over again it’s the joint!

  • carmela marlas

    I love this song !!!!!! ladies listen up !!! stop goin through your mans shit !!!!!!!

  • JR

    wat up i lov ur songs im the next lil wayne *ymcmb* young money moo like baby laterz catch u round lil wayne