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Lil Wayne Featured On Game’s Mixtape “Brake Lights”

Fri, Jul 23, 2010 by

Lil Wayne Featured On Games Mixtape Brake Lights

Good news Wayniacs, we can now look forward to another Lil Wayne feature. Game recently told MTV that he worked with Wayne before he went to jail for his new mixtape, Brake Lights. These two already collaborated for “Everything Red” from Game‘s last mixtape which we received in April. Do you guys think we could be getting the full version of “Major” from the snippet we received last year ❓ You can read exactly what Game said below and share your thoughts in the comments.

Game also revealed that one of his favorite records from Brake Lights is the title track, and he put a few guests in the mix as well. “I did a few collaborations,” the Compton MC said. “I got something I did with Lil Wayne before he left. I got something with Baby. Always gotta have them a part of anything red. Them my dudes. Waka Flocka came through to jump on the mixtape hook. I got some stuff, man.”

Bonus: Birdman gives an update on how Tunechi is doing in jail after the jump!

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  • Andrew


  • WeezyFan4Life

    YES!!! 2ND!!! HAHAHA

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  • goofeball

    youngmoney(HD).com just dropd “The Rikers island takeover” dvd was ok but was all old stuff we have already seen on lilwaynehq and youngmoneyhq also drops a Mixtape but probably have hear them all alrady.

  • fbaabe

    free wayne!

  • nice to hear. i can’t wait till it comes out. sweet. and thanks for the update birdaman, for telling us lil wayne is doing good in jail. and free weezy 🙂

  • martiandesigns
    You gotta be kiddin me.

  • martiandesigns

    Oh, and that website looks like a scam, same as Mixtapeevolution or somethin..

  • OurWorldWeMakeItSpin

    Birdman actually look sober lol

  • FREE WEEZY!!!!!!!!


  • Akillees

    youngmoneyhd? its just rippin off this site

  • M


  • wayneJR

    Nicceee! 🙂 FREE WEEZY!! 🙂

  • Danny L

    soo woo



  • Kym Mok cant i regester???

  • C-KA

    Ive been waitin 4 dat major snippet shit 4 a year now, its gonna be da shit

  • tee

    game needs to come out with a video instead of being underground

  • Y.A.K.A.

    @ tee your retarted Game is anything but underground that nigga sold out hard

  • tee

    y.a.k.a your stupid cause i never said he’s underground but you never see his music on bet he was all over bet when he was with 50 now all of a sudden his album are promoting as if they are underground so stfu

  • tee

    and that’s not how u spell retarded if u going to come come correct

  • Weezyyy

    Please help me, what is the song at 0:30, weezy part

  • gippio


    heyyo itz Gudda – Money or Graveyard ft lil wayne 😉
    Weeezy f baby and the f is for four like C4

  • Weezyyy

    Thx u

  • dutchy f

    Free wayne.can’t stop feeling u..shout 4rm me and ma goons..repping ninja

  • sakili

    All yall 5 0s should free dwayne carter… homo but wayne rocks my syrup sippin world

  • dutchy fi

    Free D M C,can’t wait to hear him on beamers benz and bentlys…u just got a couple of 3months of good behaviour

  • Wait wayne got jumped??

  • fuck dat dum nigga

  • Marrium loves Waynee

    i love birdman;)

  • lilwayne is my boy man u love all raps and u know my name gos with R.A.P Reginald .Alex. Parker .

  • you lilwayne i dont care what no body say u is the best. REGGY BABY REGGY + LORRY = 100 %.

  • TuneLove

    Free Weezy<333

  • morgan


  • yeedee

    Lil Wayne is NOT on brake lights mixtape

  • Jb

    Artille your full of shit and your sources are beat as fuck, no wayne on break lights….

    free weeezy

  • dsssss


  • capoJOSE


  • l love you babexxxxx so much you are my babexx you so sexy and you are hot ok Lilwaynexxxxxxx love sophie

  • tell to me now p Lilwaynexxxxxxxx or call me now sophie07827417946

  • you text me now p

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