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Lil Wayne – Ground Zero [Music Video]

Fri, Aug 27, 2010 by

Here is the music video for Lil Wayne‘s “Ground Zero” track from his Rebirth album. Shanell stars in the video, but something is telling me that this is a visual from one of SnL‘s upcoming music videos and someone just placed the audio over it. I say this because I know she shot a lot of music videos recently for some of her mixtape songs… but who knows? Like I say, this is just my ‘guess’, and don’t forget to leave a comment with your thoughts on this vid below!

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  • alina


  • bayron

    yu fucking faggets smfh

  • KnockMeOut

    Im thinking the same, probably just one of SNLs vids with Ground Zero over it and a few clips of Wayne performing.

  • Ooohhh

    Official or not, Shanell is too sexy

  • rip222

    where’s the video?


  • frity

    this is some highlights form one of is america most wanted music festival tour i hope they put it out on dvd



  • wow i aint dhe only one dkat cant see disz.?

    bad ass sonq thouqh:D

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  • nasty69

    shanell is bangin, ill wife her.

  • weezyyF

    Kill ‘em all, die in the spirit of the war
    Thinkin what am I being spiritual for?
    Huh shit, cause aint no love die while america drink your blood
    It aint no hurricane it aint no flood
    This some other shit we aint no of
    Make that money yeah make that money!
    Then watch the goverment take that money
    But we gon’ raise hell, motherfucker get well
    Laws get passed and economies fail
    Love, hate, emotion, compulsion,addiction,fiction,virgins
    Dixons, means, mixing, swinging , switching, swagging,
    Sweets, freets, faggots, flame,fashion, planes crashing.. ground zero

  • martian

    SNL looks horrible with that nose thingy..

  • Elias Univers

    I thought we would get the Die For You Music Video.
    Ground Zero is a good choise but the video 🙁

  • wayneJR

    amazin song! 🙂

  • yayyy

    stupid ass song lil wayne is a fucken poser

  • KnockMeOut

    ^Shutup. just die.

  • tuneche_517

    nott too good… supporting wayne all the wayy though!!!
    itss good he trying to be diversee butt i think
    we alll wantt a little of thiss waynee backk

  • good 1

  • kevin

    i choose shannel over nikki cause her ass and boobs real and she a real bich

  • hel1

    r SNL and lil wayne dating??

  • YungNizzy14

    Throwed video Wayne really knows how 2 put on a show FREE TUNE/YOUNG MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wayne just keeps killing ’em!

  • TuneChi

    Someone can give the link to download this version plz ? 🙂

  • J.Rico

    man shannel satright pretty but wats wit dat nose thing its so weird

  • What a cool rap song and a cool Lil Wayne music video! I am definitely love this. And it just goes to show how much Lil Wayne is missed. As there are a lot of Rap & Hip hop music videos out there but Lil Waynes rap songs and Lil Waynes music videos are always the bomb.

  • TuneChi

    Please, someone can give me the link to download this mp3 version, i actually got only the Tyga remix, tanks. 🙂

  • Martian_Jr

    Completely irrelavant to Waynes ground zero, if anyone did jus dub the ground zero over it, they didnt really know wat they were doing or didnt think enough bout it, could do such a space jam of a video for dis song…. I hope this aint the video!!!!!! Wayne wouldnt dig it, real talk…

  • Martian_Jr

    oh yeah……………. FREE WEEZY ……………….

  • tonia N texas

    ummmm…ok i guess!!! but like the last comment said…FREEEEEEE WEEZY!!!

  • EkaMan

    Download bitlord or whatever torrent program. and download it here. uncheck all the other songs.
    Or you could support wayne and buy the album. either way there you go. i would of uploaded but im at school and dont have my music with me

  • this vid isnt the official music video. they put the song over one of her mixtapes videos. free weezy xD

  • lil wayne is deadly G

    This man is hip-hop aint no doubt abt it

    We miss you Weezy F BABY

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  • Wayne is the best in the game, hands down. Come home soon, Weezy!

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