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Video: Lil Wayne Shows He Officially Quit Syrup x More

Mon, Aug 23, 2010 by

In the clip above, Lil Wayne is seen chillin’ with Tity Boi, Short Dawg, Marley G, NO Capo, KY Finis, Bigman and DJ Scoob Doo, and he shows that he has officially quit syrup. Weezy says he is drinking Patron right now and “RIP to the syrup”. This footage is from the Entourage DVD and after the jump you can see another clip from the DVD, this time of Birdman showing off his new watch which cost $1.5 million. Only two people in the world have one of these watches and the owner of the other watch is Elton John.


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  • vincne


  • TmY

    Free Weezy ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’m From Germany ;D

  • Johnny

    birdman one crazy nigga

  • Joy(RSA)

    3rd…South Africa representing…Free Weezy, when is he coming to SA

  • Ooohhh

    Birdman really has money to blow

  • Lescarter

    5th!,south africa in d buildin


    y tha fuck is tity boi tryna TEMP WAYNE?? SOME “FRIEND” but im glad wayne is off it , then by him being on probation for 3 yrs. meaning he cant smoke/drugs that’ll make him even BETTER!! as a person/father/and artist! …NOV.4, THA BEAST WILL BE SET FREE..

  • young nas

    smfh at baby saying he wants red chandeliers… fake ass blood

  • grand buzz

    lol at tity boi shouting TUNECHI TUNECHI!

  • killa

    smokin and sippin the sizzzurp made weezy who he is today. if it wasn’t for that shit he wouldn’t be on half the beats he’s on or spittin the rediculous lyrics you hear from him. he’ll be back on it. believe dat!

  • holland representing :p
    haha i want baby’s watch ;o


  • yo @killa that shit does nothin good for wayne! its slows your body down which cant do your thought process any good and has put many people into an early grave!

  • robizzle

    man tunechi really looks like he want to drink that sizzurp
    i think he will start sippin it again
    without the purp he lives more healthier but i think his voice is too high pitched since hes drinking no syrup
    the voice is a different than in the middle of 09

  • Yep!

    It’s a sad thing when people start thinking that you aren’t “yourself” when you don’t have dope in your system. You niggas on here need therapy…and Wayne needs to cut some of these dumb ass people out of his life that aren’t trying to lead the same life he does. Who is that black ass nigga that’s always looking doped out and standing around drinking liquor and syrup, but has yet to come out with a song/album? I’d never take advice from a broke ass slacker like him.

    Secondly…If Wayne can’t spit a decent verse WITHOUT syrup…he doesn’t deserve even a self-proclaimed title as “BEST RAPPER ALIVE”. Yep!

  • Yep!

    I’d also like to add that Baby needs to grow up and act his age. Just because you make alot of money doesn’t mean that you need to show off every watch you buy…tell people how much it costs and have the whole world in your financial affairs. Tattooing everything about you and your life on your head and body. When and if he ever reaches 60 years old, he’ll look dumb as hell.

    How did so many people with no class, get so much money? Yep!

  • #1 stunna

    @young nas how you gon call birdman a fake blood and you aint met him a day in yo life

  • tessssx

    damn babys watch is sick as hell

  • Khaled Weezy

    Free Weezy From Egypt.. โ™ฅโ™ฅ

  • K-Freshz

    that sizzurp aint have shit to do with makin him who he is today!!!! he still woulda been just as good and still would been up on everybody’s beats without that shit….. if he quits that shit, his lyrics will make a lot more since and he will be even better than what he was!!!!!!! Tha carter 4 will be a good example of how much better a rapper he is!!!!!

    FREE WEEZY!!!!!!

  • robizzle

    you all cant tell me that you like his flow and voive from right above it more than for example in uh ohh with ja rule

  • TuneChi

    Nahh that syrup did make him have some crazy bars but then its just him he’s always gonna be making od good music ! BELIEVE DAT !


    C4 LETS GO!
    free tunchie! not long now.


    @YOUNGNAS AND @YEP! are some lifeless hatein BITCHES!!@YOUNG NAS IS always on HERE HATEIN ON BIRDMAN! bitch you wanna live that life, but dont kno how 2 get it so you sit and HATE on somone that got off they ass and went got it!! BUT like stunna say it’s “MOTHAFUCK YA NIGGA” lol and @yep! FUCK YOU 2 BITCH,that dude come from tha projects (mine) and got RICH with all odds AGAINST HIM! that’s not EASY! he’s tha “#1 STUNNA” WTF YOU EXSPECT? he ain’t JUST start this HE BEEN STUNTIN SINCE THA 90’S NIGGA! some choose 2 be lowkey and sum choose 2 go all out! HE DOIN HIM SO YOU DO YOU*simple*

  • John


  • Yep!



  • Tunechi

    Dude birdman has no hair why he gettin a haircut

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    @Yep! hey mudafucker stupid dickhead you got some retarded opinions where the fuck is the law that saids you have to act your age huh bitch? reason i ask cuz your lame self over here tryna tell ppl what to do like your the president better yet god bitch shit n wayne can have any fucking type of friends, is his life n if he lets them influence him then shit thats him ok dickhead…Yep! lmao(stupid bitch) #freeweezy

  • Jason704

    @killa you really think he got where he is today cause of drugs? I doubt that it’s cause he is a talented musician if anything he would be better sober. Eminem is.

  • LilDuke1

    ahaaha..readn dem comments was funny,,buh stunna got hella guap yo..damn,,watch go hard..ym cmb!

  • martian

    Fuck Birdman.

  • Birdman,, lol

  • K-Freshz

    now that i think about it, he’s the only rapper that could be wasted and smoke like 4 blunts at the same time, and still spit the illest bars!!!!! so it really wouldnt make a difference in his rhymes…….but if he was that good while on dat syrup, imagine how good he’d be now that he supposedly quit!!!!!

  • Jackie (sa)

    @joy yeah i 2nd u felow citizen, weezy nd tha rest of da ymcmb fam should cum to south africa

  • Google

    I’m glad he quit.

  • NO Capo

    hahaha titty boy said tuneci tuneci so when u sniff that activist boddle hahahah lol that dude funny!

  • Hey,u look soo fine when u doin everythang umma write u….u make my freak.n day evertime u smile..Evmn tho yo words slurred it makes me tingle..N u make me smile…. love u hunn

  • Martone

    Audemar Piguet with the diamonds in the face/
    Canโ€™t tell the time cause the diamonds in the face

  • 414

    weezy put down the cup since before the americas most wanted tour

  • YungNizzy14

    Man Tune on tht real shit now tho lol, but he good the syrup didnt make him who he was wit the bars u can blog tht shit.
    Birdman’s watch iz silly as hell real talk lol FREE TUNE/YOUNG MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ohmane

    has somebody torrented the dvd yet if so post the link or just send it to me at or if you posted the parts on youtube please post the link thanx n advance

  • ohmane

    or if you put the parts on youtube please post the link thanx n advance

  • weezyfan4292

    has somebody put the parts on youtube yet if so please post the link

  • thats whatssup

  • no mo syrup sippin lol

  • Matheo

    The famous syruo has gone ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ryan

    I dont get it? Remember when that ex prisoner gave that interview about him seeing wayne in jail and he said that wayne was gettin methadone. When someone takes methadone its usually for for an opiate (codeine) withdrawl. So why was wayne takin methadone in jail if he quit the surp, if he quit he wouldnt need the methadone. Plz Reply – free wayne

  • Nigs

    @DERICK yoooo straight Tit be one BAD ASS INFLUENCE.

  • johnnyb

    Yo i’m proud that wayne’s gotten over that syrup, Birdman will end up gettin his shit jacked cuz he’s a pussy ass nigger!

  • chris

    man does anyone know when scoob released or releases it cuz i ordered it last week an still didntt get it im sick of scoob.. but plz let me kno

  • every body weezy right above it dropped to no.4.can we just support him and bring it back to no.1


    I’m glad that he don’t drink syrup anymore!

  • sv

    u guys are not really fans! he was off the lean a while ago watch Nino Brown II then talk. Coffee is the only thing in his white cup now.

  • msm

    lmao why the hell does birdman need a haircut hes bald lmao


    @yep fuck you bitch!! im NOT a RAPPER so i dont need 2 ride for a DEAL!! and i am gettin ME with odds against me!! BUT that dont mean i gotta sit on a (LIL WAYNE /YM FANSITE) AND HATE ON DUDES THAT COME FROM NOTHING AND THAT GOT THIERS!! it’s PUSSY NIGGAZ like YOU AND @MARTAIN that make REAL NIGGAZ WANNA BUST YO FUCKIN HEAD!! stop tryna bring a nigga down w/ yo hatefull ass comments!! YOU BITCH


    @YEP AND @MARTAIN Y COME ON A YM/CMB (FAN)site and HATE?!! yall REALLY took time out 2 sing up and hate?? LMFAOOOO ..NOV.4,2010 NIGGAZ

  • yoh Derick tel d@ btch ass wanksta Yep!… He aint gtta say shit lyk dat nt knwng them nggaz.. Weezy maen we cnt wait til u gt out… Birdman keep on Stunnin’ tis ur Tym!! my ngga..

  • yoh Derick tel d@ btch ass wanksta Yep!… He aint gtta say shit lyk dat nt knwng them nggaz.. Weezy maen we cnt wait til u gt out… Birdman keep on Stunnin’ tis ur Tym!! my ngga…
    And yoh Mack Maine u gtta brng YMoney down 2 South Africa we waitn…

  • Free Weezy ! , CHILE PRESENT ..

  • Shiiiit what happened to “Weed and Syrup, Til’ I die” but forreal though it’s good to see Wayne making some good decisions for once. I sip a lil lean every once in a while but that doesn’t make me a hypocrite..that shit put too many good rappers into an early grave. R.I.P. Pimp! and you too DJ Screw! No one will ever Chop & Screw a track as good as you did!

  • !Free Weezy!

  • !FreeWeezy!

  • now that realy sounds like the real best rapper alive

  • Tayloe

    ive been ready most of the coments reading โ€œfree weezyโ€ but with all do respect to the weezy fans and the Best Rapper Alive and my secont favorite rapper (behind eminem) what he did was wrong and he deserves his jail time

    WEEZY keep ya head up, im waitin on the ep

  • wayneJR


  • well no shit he quit syrup. he’s in jail. and on top of that, it could have been a “publicity stunt.” there is around 100 people total that deal with his pubic affairs and such. they all know that the syrup is a hot subject. i guarantee you when he gets out he is gonna hit the syrup for a while.

  • dhdhdh

    torrent anyone

  • keron

    1.5mil wowwwwwwwwww

  • fety

    gud 4 weezy

  • Tmulley

    Awe u go boyyy! Glad Wayne wants 2 do better 4 himself ;] i got luv 4 him no matter what! 2mths 2 go…cant wait. Texas luvs Tunechi!!! Muahhhh

  • Tmulley

    AND Oh yeah…thats alot of money 4 a damn watch…but i aint mad @ ya Birdman! [must B nice] ๐Ÿ˜€ Lol

  • Syrup,/heroin/Codeine i is all in the ”Opiate ‘family, withdrawing is really tough..Takes MONTHS to kick and It and it aint pretty.The bigger the habit…the longer it takes.and with a ”rock star”habit?”OUCH” lot more kick time.. and or a long stint on methadone at Rikers island to ease the symptoms..Rikers Island is famous and free with their drugs.Been there done that in my teen days.Good luck wheezy.He deserves all he fame/fortune he receives.I just hope he can really kick.A lot of addicts that use are ”ARTISTS” and their craft changes,I just hope people are still feeling him ”straight edge”.His music will be different when he is clean and sober…It should be interesting.Like a famous poet once said”I had to keep doing bad to write good”. As a writer myself,I sadly agree. God bless.

  • didi

    I am a nurse glad to know you put down the cough syrup. It is not good for your vital organs if taken incorrectly. I wish you well.