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Lil Wayne – I’m Not A Human Being EP [Official Cover & Tracklist]

Thu, Sep 16, 2010 by

Lil Wayne Im Not A Human Being EP Official Cover
Click for full size.

Rap-Up got their hands on the official front cover and tracklist to Lil Wayne‘s upcoming I’m Not A Human Being EP, dropping on Wayne‘s birthday – 27th September. The EP has a total of 12 tracks and most of the YMCMB family are featured on it. The “I’m Single” joint with Drizzy on the hook is on there, and there is even a song titled “Gonorrhea” on the EP haha. You can view the front cover above, and the tracklist below:

1. Gonorrhea featuring Drake
2. Hold Up featuring T-Streets
3. With You featuring Drake
4. I Am Not A Human Being
5. Iโ€™m Single featuring. Drake
6. Whatโ€™s Wrong With Them featuring Nicki Minaj
7. Right Above It featuring Drake
8. Popular featuring. Lil Twist
9. That Ainโ€™t Me featuring Jay Sean
10. Bill Gates
11. YM Banger featuring Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda and Tyga
12. YM Salute featuring Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz and Nicki Minaj

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  • dirk29

    firstttt freee weezzy

  • dirk29

    firsttttt..bomb cover

  • Justin981818

    HELL YEA 1st!!!!!! THIS IS GONNA B FIRE!!!!!

  • Justin981818

    Crap Im Salty Ha Ha

  • oh shit I can’t wait!!! but he should done something special with the cover showing off his glowing tattos, but its still goodd

  • weezyf

    Damn, looking forward to all those Drake features, think theyre gonna be HUGE!
    Think I jus jizzed ma pants LOL

  • P Weezy

    sooo great Free Weezy!

  • Shit is crazy!!! Lov the tracklist …. cant image what is gonna be.!!! #FreeWeezy

  • fanlilwayn4ever

    OMG :X:X:X


  • Mike

    No 30 Minutes to new orleans -.-

  • free_weezy


  • Khaled Wezzy


    11 To GO

  • Tunechi241

    What does ‘EP’ mean ?

    • @Tunechi241 – Extended Play

  • Ronsonagga

    why is there no 30 min to no on it ๐Ÿ™

  • Sazh

    Cant wait for this ๐Ÿ˜€

  • mann this foree free weezy ym stand up

  • Da weezy

    To many feat…

  • mann this firee free weezy ym stand up

  • Khaled Wezzy



  • kfadahunsi

    AH nice cant wait thanx danny

  • yeedee

    @ Tunchi241 – Extra Pretzels

  • Mike

    I can’t believe that tee is made by Hanes and goes for $60.00!!!

  • jhughes0022

    free weezy

  • Weezyiswayne21

    Can’t wait…its going to be fire!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wellz

    where is 30 minutes to new Orleans????? aka fuck one time……

  • matt

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! no 30 mins to new orleans? :'(

  • CrackaHacka

    what about ’30 Minutes to New Orleans’? Or is this titled under a different name?

  • Matheo

    Finally can’t wait to hear it !!

  • CJ

    well maybe hes putting 30 min to new orleans on c4?

  • mulamusik

    where 30 minutes to new Orleans??? aka fuck one time….

  • Michelle

    weezy f. baby, cannot wait to hear this shit!!! love.

  • Samser

    Why so much Drake on there smh

  • HaloLubu

    – Ona ustream video someone on the chat asked him when is 30 mins to no comming out… and he said never bitch…. now stfu about the song:) thank you.

    Btw tracklist looks dope, to many featrues though… i want more weezy songs by himself then collab tracks. Cover is dope also.

  • *Weezy_We*

    Anybody know if the whole EP has been leaked yet?

  • K-Freshz

    dammmmm……..he made hella shit with drake!!!!!!! best 2 collabs in the entire fuckin rap game!!!! this ep is gonna be gucciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!! i def. cant wait to hear “Bill Gates”!!!!!! i know its gonna be fire………shit, the whole ep will be fire!!!!

    FREE WEEZY!!!!!!!!

  • Thomas

    No “30 minutes to new orleans” ๐Ÿ™

    How long do we have to wait for it?

  • Pedro Miranda

    where could I download it?

  • yOuNgCarTer17

    this shit right here!..fuckin CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dwayne wayne

    @tunechi241 EP means eatin pussy. so the album is called im not a human being eatin pussy

  • Jamel Hunter

    This looks real dope, 4 Drake features, that’s what’s up, looking forward to the to the other ym/cmb cats on it! That song called Popular, I rly do hope that’s not the same as the Popular that Kanye West was making the beat to, I wanted 2 hear Yeezy on that

  • Trevor Simpson

    This right here is gonna be good, and this is just a taste of what we getting from the C4! 30 Min to New Orleans will be on the C4, i know it..The song sounded to hard not to be. I’ll give this thing 4 more days until it leaks…bet.

  • brad

    awesome! when can we get the cover untagged?

  • CrackaHacka

    Yo everybody asking for ’30 Minutes to New Orleans’…DJ Ill Will spoke on it today:

  • Weezyfan

    WOW!! Wayne is fuckin with us just release 30 min to N.O. Already first it was supposed to be on drought is over that shot ain’t even out yet but atleast put it on this ep.. It’s gonna be an amazing cd but it would of been exquisite if 30 min was on it

  • what does the tee say? can anyone read it?

  • Chazz

    this is gonna be sicc



    wtf no 30 min to new orleans? haha last hope for that song is c4…….

  • @hugu, the Tee says:

    “And if the People stare then the people stare”

    you can buy it here:

  • freweezy

    No I told y’all?

  • 757

    @ Weezyfan

    I am wit you my nigga
    it is gonna be an dope cd but would have been even better wit 30 mins to new orleans on it. I doubt it if we ever get 30 mins to new orleans. this is the same as “I can’t feel my face” album, it probably will not ever drop!

  • Chill out every1 may b wayne changed the name of the 30 min to neworleans song start complaining if u didn’t find it in the e.p.

  • Randy, stayfly x5

    cover look hot, can’t wait for this shit to come out. but damn ๐Ÿ™ he has a lot of tracks featuring someone, i mostly like wayne just going in on a song, by himself.

  • yeedee

    Thanks Danny, you the man

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    @Tunechi241 “EP” means -Extraterrestrial People Or Extra Pancakes but i think is the first one

  • Jay

    Now can you give us the full Cascades song, the guy at MuziksMyLife said you told him you had it

  • Bilin

    yo 30 minutes to new orleans and the new told ya’ll needs to be on there.

  • tuneboi

    mack maine was listening to 30 mins to NO on twitter, so it has to be coming out soon

  • IBeTunechi

    Thiss ‘ Fire Right here Wayne

  • tune777

    Told yall will beb on c4. Yall don’t when Danny posted it with a new ending and tunechi was saying c4 at the end

  • k mac

    shit i thought there would be more than 12 tracks

  • Tunecheh!!!!!

  • brian

    this shit is going to be fire!!!!

  • c-meezy

    gonerreah?! WOAH!!! :O

  • vocker

    dam looks fire
    lol i wonder wat the song bill gates is lol, i think its money stuff, coz bill gates is rich lol
    altho i thought 30 min to N.O and i told ya would be here :/, but these names are dope too

  • Lil Drig 17

    @ Danny M man can u put da rapid share links so we can download the music of the IPhone wld appreciate it thanx

  • tune777

    All of these songs will be badass but that banger.I’ve got a feeling that’s gonna be crazy. It’s always crazy when he does a song with gudda millz and tyga

  • weezyfkobe

    @k mack………bro 12 trax is actually alot for an ep. ep’s are usually 8 be happy dummie

  • weezyfkobe

    shit blueprint 3 was 15 tracks

  • Weezy

    I dont think people realise this is an EP!

    EPs usually have like 6 songs on it.

    12 songs on an EP is great.

    Its basically an album. So stop complaning.

    And about 30 minutes to NO….people hypin this waaaaay to much. Itl come when it comes. Which is soon btw ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Drew

    how da fuk u listen or download??
    oh yea n..FREE WEEZY yaa diig?



  • YungNizzy14

    Damn my birthday is this month and this is all im lookin fwd 2 real talk! Wayne is definately a worthwhile artist his craft is so unique (no homo) TUNECHILIOSIS U COMIN HM SOON pimpin’ YOUNG MONEY 4LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREE TUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kyl3y.TX

    everyone shutup about 30 min to NO and told ya’ll! mack maine said he had sumthin special for 30 min comin soon on twitter! and told ya’ll is a C4 song.. i bet he re-did his verses in single tho. FREE WEEZY!

  • Bliss

    HAHA @ everyone bitching and complaining. They didn’t have to give us this EP, they could have left us to wait for C4. EP means extended play, its just a few songs, normally ones that didn’t make the album. A 12 song EP makes it more like an LP which means long play and is an album.

    30 Mins To N.O will either come or it won’t just quit complaining about it for now.

    As for all the features, if these were all possible C4 songs then that means Weezy can re-do parts of his solo songs and work from scratch on his C4 collabs with what he’s wrote in jail.

  • wayneJR

    I LUV yu wayne!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • laaaakLaak

    ya dumb azzes
    the song bill gates is the full version of 30 min to n.o. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • wayniac number 1

    fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuccckkk MAn i GOoot a fuckinnn heartattatck!!!!

  • wayniac number 1

    ive got a question :what he fuck is “gornorrhea”??

  • i can’t wait for d boob to expload

  • laaaakLaak

    @wayniac number 1
    that is an motherfuckin bad sexual illness xD

  • aden

    @Dwayne wayne

    and this is gonna be the shit cant wait

  • YMCM

    @wayniac number 1

    if you don’t have sex

  • Woocky

    fucking amazing!

  • J

    Who got the details on that t-shirt Wayne’s wearing? Somebody said it’s Hanes I tried to look it up and can’t find it

  • teleleul

    30 minutes to new orleans will be on The Drought Is Over 7.

  • kilo

    Cant wat till ill be out

  • habiblakamora

    wowwowowowowowow it’s the dog

  • baby james


  • baby james

    free weezy!!!!

  • Ashy

    Sound Of God Of Rap In 27th September

  • Nico

    Where can i find that t-shirt ?

  • damn man , lil wayne is a best rapper in da world . days n nights he’s makin da S (dollars) curls . hah . This album is gonna be fire . n im gonna buy her .

  • damn man ! as lil wayne is da best rapper in world , days n nights he’s making S curls (dollar) . this album gonna be fire n im gonna buy her . hah

  • I’m thinkin’ that “Hold Up” song on this might be a redone version of “Fix My Hat”…

  • platinum

    mann weeezy theee best !!!!
    subscribe to this youtube channel if yall feeeling me !

  • Tordsen20er

    i just ruined my computer throwing up because this ep is gonna be so sick not mention tha carter IV droppin later this year

  • allen

    Check out the Gucey Wayne Album already out. Features Guce and Lil wayne Must Hear Album


    kant wait!! sep. 27th babyyyyy

  • Hello World Its Your biggest fan! Get Ready For September 27th 2010. Look out for I’m not A Human Being Single! Having Dreams About Lamborginis!Love LAUREN LONDON & NIKKI MINAJ & DRAKE & SNL & MACKMAINE & GUDDA GUDDA & T-STREETS & TYGA & LIL CHUCKEE & J MILLZ & BIRD MAN & LIL TWIST & FAME! Love Reginae Lenox Samuel Ari Dewayne Michael Carter 3 Neal! UNIVERSAL MOTOWN RECORDS YOUNG MONEY ENTERTAINTMENT CASHMONEY RECORDS

  • samanthaxxo


  • Sir A Cast

    free king weezy!!!! the rap game is nothing without you man. we know that “drizzy got the ball & the ball ball wont drop”, but we still miss you man.

  • bigmoose

    i bet these aint all the song thats gone be on the mixtape…just lik the did no ceilings the released song late

  • Woocky

    Fuck yeah! Can’t wait…


    I sware to god.. We have waited about a year for 30 min to N.O. ILL BE FUCKING PISSED IF IT DOESNT COME SOON

  • dragos

    good luck wayne !!!
    Young Money !!!

    Free Weezy !

  • Cameron

    Someone needs to leak this shit its free anyway its like its gone affect him anyway if leaked………….

  • Cameron

    Fuck!!!!Someone needs to leak this shit its free anyway its like its gone affect him anyway if leaked………….


  • LiL WaYne Chile

    lil wayne we waiting for September 27 to come out this cd and will soon sign four

    Free Weezy !!!!!!

  • ‘tune1_7

    ‘im lookin fwd tah dis here..

  • free weezyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • james14207

    FUCK! i cant wait till that comes out… Thats a Sick Ass Cover!! and

    Anybody know whats up with the “Bill Gates” song lol

  • 3zzY


  • icey

    knt wait to hear im single ft. drake cuz lil wayne alredy killed that song

  • youngmoney

    young money need to get on that monster beat asap cuz wayne is gonna kill it with tyga

  • darren

    so why does it say september 27th all stores say october 12

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  • rocstarmusic

    The full album leaked you can find it on frostwire, limewire, etc if your willing to download it that way. havent checked if its anywhere else yet

  • Here or Not Here You Still Rock, Fuck ’em pussy ass nigga’s with their Gonorrhea. You’re An Elien and You’re On to Of ’em all.

  • trizzy

    DopE stUfF!!!!!!!!!! LOve Lil TunEchi noHomo

  • Sam


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