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Ne-Yo Speaks On Lil Wayne x Seventh Letter From Rikers Island

Tue, Sep 28, 2010 by

Above, you can watch an interview Amaru had with Ne-Yo in London, England. Ne-Yo speaks on Lil Wayne and why he has respect for him. Would you like to see a Weezy and Ne-Yo collabo some time in the future ❓

Below, you can read Tunechi‘s seventh letter from Rikers Island were he says he’s been passing time by playing UNO, listening to the radio and working out. He also shouts out his kids and added his “thank you’s” at the end of the letter.

What’z poppin!

I hope that you all are well and as always, thank you thank you thank you for the endless love and support. I think by the time you all read this I’ll be 28 years old… feeling ancient in this b#tch! On that note, I do encourage you young people to enjoy your youth. And for the old heads like me, enjoy your life. Everyday!

As for me, I’m good. Awaiting freedom patiently. People often ask does the days feel longer now that the time is getting shorter… I say that there’s 24 hours in everyday. But honestly, I can’t fxckin’ wait! Sorry. Anyway, I’m still playing UNO. Still doing pushups and such, by the way, please don’t expect me to come out looking any different. I’m the same little ‘ol me. Also, I’ve been trying to get as much rest as I can because I know I won’t when I’m out of here. Wait, Aaliyah’s “Let Me Know” just came on the radio! “At your best, you are love”… and I try to always be at my best, for you.

I only listen to slow jams and ESPN. Shoutout to Keith Stewart and Dr. Bob Lee on WBLS, and Lenny Green on KISSfm. That’s all I listen to, other than sports. Oh and if you haven’t heard the new song by Eric Benet, “Sometimes I Cry”, please stop what you’re doing and check it out. Well, after you finish reading this. It’s the best song I’ve heard since Maxwell’s “Woman’s Worth”. It’s for grown folk. I actually listen to the radio all day waiting for that song. Anyway, so back to my fans, you are the best in the world. When reading those letters, you never cease to amaze me with your love. I am forever grateful.

So my kids are perfect. I miss them like crazy! Reginaé, you are the angel of my life. Kam, you are amazing. Neal, you are my little wonderful meatball. And Lil Tunechi Jr., you are so me. City, I am so you! I love my family and I thank them for the support during this time. It’s almost over. To my YMCM family, you are the fxckin’ best! Uhh Nik, I am jealous of you and Drizzy, but it’s cool! Ha ha. I miss you all and keep killin’ ‘em. I love y’all.

To everyone who’s come to visit me. I thank you for that, graciously. It means a lot. Well I’ll end this letter but never my love. Speaking of love… Mr. Chris Kyle, will you marry Ms. Ashalee Albarr??? Now that was cool. Well I hope y’all got my new album ‘I Am Not A Human Being’. It’s great, like every one of you. Peace.

P.S. … you’re mines.


Kiara Suggs – I thank you for the love and long time support, and mostly for the prayers. I hope that Vegas was perfect! Nice wall.

Emily Sepela – I thank you for the love babe.

Erica Da Rosa – Thanx for the love babe. You’re in my prayers.

Amanda Rowsell – Thanx for the love. Cool cake!

Faith Bentzel – Thanx for the love. Jenny, I thank you as well. I love the list and the balloon. You two are wonderful.

Justina Sessoms – I really appreciate your dedication and support.

Mirra Alexandra – Thanx for writing. Happy B-Day Luc! Thanx for the support bro.

Nicole & Jen – You guys are great. Thanx for all the love.

Shonna Pinchback – I thank you for that support and for your prayers.

Andrew Lonbardo – I appreciate the love. Go Green Wave!

Staci Lyn Rives – Thanx for writing babe. Cool costume

Sandrine Keva – I appreciate your words.

Gerda Fuaku – I genuinely appreciate you.

Cresha Granville – Thanx for the support. Salute!

Daani Akbar – You are a true and I appreciate that.

Sarah Wissler – I thank you dearly.

Kimberly Walker – Thanx for the love doll.

Cameron Lovett – Thanx for the love & respect.

Katelyn Webb – I appreciate your admiration. Big hug & kiss waiting for ya.

Cory Schwarzkopf – I appreciate the respect.

Milly Rueda – Thank you babe & Anessa is your twin!

Tamra Beirne – Thanx doll. Tell Jason I said what up.

Horace Blenman – Thank you.

Jenna Brace – I won’t ever forget you & the kids at the Heinz House camp. I’ll keep that picture forever.

Samantha Holmes – Thanx for the support cutie.

Jayden Lee – Thanx for the love.

Melanie Mercurio – Thanx beautiful.

Aaron D. Holt – Thanx for the love bro.

Nkem Asianua – I appreciate your thoughts.

Andrea Mitchell – Thanx for the love & congrats on the graduation. “Class of the Dymes”

Samantha Chadwick – Thanx for the love & Kymbyrlee is gorgeous.

Kelsey Peterson – I appreciate you.

Morgan Mechling and Aubrey Todd – Thanx for the painting.

Laren Nick – Thanx for the letter.

Jeremy Las Dulce – Respect.

Jonah Dowell – Thanx for being such a fan.

Danny Wazquez – Thanx for the support bro.

Success O. – Thanx for the nice words. Sorry I didn’t understand how to spell your last name, but cool first name tho!

KC Deforge – Thanx for the love babe.

Anesha Parker – Congratz!

Karisma Aarons – Thanx for the prayers

Julia Early – Thanx for being a true fan.

Kenneth Ramierz – I really appreciate that homie!

Jen Lyons – I thank you for the love from Dublin.

Shaquille Lee – Thanx for being such a long time fan. Stay focused on positivity

Hunter Goulden – I feel the same way about Tech and I say either Chad or Matt. Definietly not Manning.

Asalla Thompson – Thanx for the love babe. The tat would be awesome.

Breanna Cole – You’re a true fan and I love you! Best wishes.

Tierra Bobor – I love you too!

Jay Lewis – Thanx for the love. Enjoy that college life.

Kara M. Will – Thanx for the support. Follow the music angel.

Nioka Pettus – I appreciate you.

Asia Murphy – Thanx for believing. And for your continuous support.

Kate Eddelbuttel – I appreciate your thoughts and love.

Ambre Zaton – I appreciate your words and your heart.

Martin Vera – Thanx for the love.

Mariah Garcia – Thanx for writing doll.

Stephanie Littell – I appreciate your thought and love. You guys have a nice football team this year.

Steven Kernall – Never give up!

Penny Lane – Interesting!

Joe Raffaele – Thanx for the support.

Jacob Eussen – Thanx for the love mate. Stay focused on today and 2moro will come.

Shareena Sweat – Thanx for the love.

Jennifer Allen – Thanx for the love cutie and I appreciate the good luck.

Nicole Nelson – Thanx for the love cutie & Eli is adorable.

Cash Viedt – I appreciate the cards & the words.

Kagio G. Chavez – Thanx for the support from Peru.

Tymeshia, Akira, and Ziante – I appreciate that love! Thank you and I wish you the best.

Joanne Jones – I thank you kindly for the letter and the love. Please say hi to Jennifer for me. She’s a doll.

Amanda Falcone – Thanx for the love and the poem.

Lana Ziegler – I thank you dearly.

Noelia Marin – I love you too.

Ashlee Siegel – Thanx for the support & the pics.

Mychael Lujan – I thank you soldier.

Asanta Gumms – Thanx for the love from South Africa.

Desereé L. Gonzales – Thanx for the love from Costa Rica and say hi to your lil’ sis for me please.

Kate Goetz – Thanx for writing again and life inspires me and black/red is my favorite color.

Shane Emenheiser – Thanx for the support.

Moana Lue – Thanx for the card. Very funny.

Katie Schad – You’re very welcome.

Shawn Kostelec – Thanx for the card.

Bradley Berman – Thanx for the love bro.

Ani Keshishian – Thanx for the card and lovely words.

Dallas Ramirez – Thanx for love, love, love.

Mari Hopkins – I thank you.

Da Quan Jones – I respect your ambition.

Merissa Patterson – Thanx for all the love babe!

Tiffany Taylor – You’re welcome and thanx for the card.

Tonia Mullen – I thank you for your thoughts & love.

Brianna Weege – Best wishes darling.

Davina Deluna – Thanx for the love. Stay positive. Tell moms I send my love.

Guilden Morden – Thanx for the support.

Oumou Diawara – Thanx for the love from Paris. “Merci”

Matt Ernst – Thanx for the thoughts and prayers.

Hayden McIntyre – Thanx for writing.

Leslie Woodfork – Thank you.

Candice Davis – Thanx for the support.

Aurélie Oliphar – Thanx for the love. Nice songs.

Vin Miloscio – I appreciate that.

Phelisa Mangesi – Thanx for the love all the way from S. Africa

Jasmine Hjorth – Thanx for being so supportive. By the way I’m a cornhusker fan.

Destiny Miles – I love you too.

Tracy Larmonie – Thanx for the love.

Ashley Rademacher – Thanx for the love love and Happy B-Day.

Kenya Weaver – Thanx for being a fan baby.

Charmaine Dyoco – Thanx for writing beautiful!

Karla Santiago – Thank you.

Samantha Shoesmith – Thanx for the love.

T. Newsome – Thanx babe.

Nailah Ricco – Thanx for the love and loving my city.

Kimberly Moss – Thanx for the encouragement.

Brandon Elvis – Thanx for being such a proud fan. Say hi to Whitney for me please.

Pryscilla Ruggiero – Thanx for the love darling.

Alaina Lasure – Thanx doll.

John Bell – Thanx for the meaning full words.

Kia-Shun Reeves – I love you too babe and I do want the pics.

Elizabeth Gant – Beautiful artwork. Thank for the love. The sky is the limit.

Caroline Diaguili – Thanx again.

Charlee from England – Thanx for the support and nice prom dress.

Wiepkje Klomp – Thanx for the beautiful letter. I appreciate you.

Chelsea Green – I’ll be at the end of the world waiting for you.

Charlotte Anderer – I love you and I thank you for the prayers.

Ashley & Lil Mack – I love you both and you have my heart and prayers.

Janely Rivera – You’re a wonderful person. I’m blessed to have you “listen” to my music. Have my table ready!

Sara Upholo – Thanx for the love.

Tricia Pollock – I thank you so much for writing to me and for the wonderful pics! Say hi to Tyle and I wish you all the best. And maybe I will get that tattoo.

Hanna Faroyan – Thanx for love and I love you too in all those languages and thanx for the heart.

Sharice Goins – Thanx for being real.

Kevin MacDougall – Thanx for the support and please tell Lindsey that I love her.

Billy Perillo – I thank you.

Jenn Garrity – Thanx for the love babe.

Heather Owens – Thanx for the love and supporting darling.

Laurel Wyatt – Thanx for the support and I applaud what you do.

Thea B. Helle – Thanx for that ultimate love and respect.

Diana Manolova – Thanx for the love and respect, and especially for the prayers. You are a true fan. Thanx again.

Felix Orpong – Thanx a lot bro.

Nancy McDermott – Thank you ma.

Ashley Hunt – You’re funny.

Kaitlin Andrews – Thanx for writing babe.

Logan Michaels – Thanx for the words and the bracelet darling.

Lizzie Fletcher – I love you too.

Sima Itayim – I appreciate the love from Lebanon and I wish you the best with your future.

Meghan S Burgamy – Thanx for the love babe.

Arielle Janae Norris – Thanx for the love.

Kelly Romero – Thanx for the respect. Crazybook!

Emma Rojas – Thanx for the love babe.

Vernonique Lee – I appreciate that.

Julie Durando – I appreciate you!

Ashley Bouchard – I thank you very much for the card and the magazine.

Emmanuel Luppi – I appreciate the letter and support.

Wyteasia Brewster – I thank you for being such a huge fan.

Porvaldur Seinbjörnsson – I thank you for the love from Iceland.

Bradley Fielding – I appreciate your support.

Carter Stelling – I hope that music continues to motivate you.

Machelle Yankovic – Thanx for the beautiful words.

Bianca Ruso – I appreciate you and I wish you the best.

Peri Staples – I thank you for the love and mostly for your prayers.

Wyatt Booth – Cool cake.

Nicole Watson – Thanx for the love and prayers. Say hi to Rain for me.

Cher Johnson – I love you too. Thanx for bring such a big fan.

Chase Stewart – I appreciate the love and respect bro. Say hi to your girl for me.

Clare & Isabella – I thank you both for the love. I wish you two the best at school.

Desirée Spence – I thank you so much for the love. You are appreciated.

Disha Abraham – I appreciate you babe. God bless you and what you’re doing.

Lailah Berry – Thanx for the love darling.

Steven Hill – Thanx for the support.

Tranette Rose – I thank you for the support.

Heather Crowson – I wish you the best and your kids are adorable.

Jane Mai – Thanx for the labels.

Ashley Hayes – Follow your heart.

Kelly Macchio – I thank you for the continuous support and for the prayers. Tell ya mom I appreciate her as well.

Angie Sanfiel – I really appreciate the support.

Leigh Dellefare – I thank you for the love babe.

Latifa Said – I appreciate the love from Sweden. Thanx for the 20..

Nathanael Davidson (Ineyt) – Glad you got the letter. Thanx for the tag.

Brandi Chadwick – Thanx for the love babe. Love the drawings.

Nicole Robertson – Thanx for the love and humor.

Kinga Tajuay – I really appreciate your love and support and the drawing is perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Riham Ramzy – You are very intelligent. I thank you for the love and for making me smile.

Jessica Vidal – I thank you for being such a devoted fan.

Beverly Spears – I love you too babe.

Latasha English – Thanx for the love baby.

Darshi Patel – Thanx for the love and the rhyme.

Iyesha D. Young – You’re very welcome. And thanx for the credit and appreciation. Say “what up” to your bro for me and I wish you the best in your career.

Destiny B. Chestnut – You’re adorable. You remind me of Nae Nae. Stay positive. You’ll always be my lil neice.

Jordan Rodrigues – Thanx for the long time support. Stay focused on your craft and you’ll only get better. Best wishes

Elena Jacob – I appreciate you darling. Tell your bro I said “best wishes” and my bro says “hi”.

Kelsey Hesch – I am honored to know that my music can help in such positive ways. I am thankful for you. God bless you.

Amber Shields – I thank you for your love and I wish you the best. I am grateful to be of inspiration to you.

Alexa Gutirrez – I’m glad you liked. Say hi to Vanessa for me.

Anthony Stevenson – Focus on school.

Maria Ferrugia – I appreciate your love for me. That sounded like a great party! Thanx babe.

Italy Lambert – I love you too.

Tamarah Lafontant – Thanx love.

Nora Vinard – I’m glad that I can help babe. Thanx for allowing me to.

Przemyslaw Gawlik – Thanx for the love and support from Poland.

Molly McGee – Thanx for the love.

Lilian Fernandes – I thank you kindly, beautiful.

Stephanie Rae Dean – You’re very beautiful.

Knaborn Allah – Your art is amazing.

Nicole Hardie – Thanx for the love babe. Never regret.

Vida Habibi – I simply appreciate you.

Lyaja Harris – Thanx for the love and support… and I got ya.

Alex Tsurapas – I thank you for your wonderful words. I appreciate you “lil bro”, and I love the drawing.

Farrah Mitchell – I’m glad my music can help babe. I thank you for the love.

Krystal DeBord – I thank you for the thoughs and prayers and say what up to Kris for me. I wish you all the best.

Yvette Ramos – I thakn you so much for your support.

Niki Spreacker – I thank you for the love. Go Mountaineers!

Ruth Evans – You’re funny. Thanx for the love.

Albert Nazzaro – Congrats on finishing school. Best wishes with your project. Thanx for the love.

Monique Williams – Thanx for the love babe. Love your eyes.

Mohammed Tibril – I appreciate your thoughts and payers Thanx for the love from Ghana.

Ronnie Johnson – I appreciate the support lil homey. Stay fresh.

Samantha Arsenault – I thank you dearly.

Michael Dello Russo – I thank you for the support.

Genaro Abdala – Thanx for the love from Argentina.

Jenni Bishop – I appreciate your prayers and your love. I wish you all the best.

Vanessa Shackelford – Thanx darling. Nice pic!

Monica Fagioli R. – Beautiful!

Patrick Wagner – That was definitely appreciated.

Mattie Hunter – I thank you for sharing that with me and I’m blessed ot have you as a fan. I said a prayers for moms and Ginger. Say hi to your angel for me. The poem was fantastic.

Clarissa Bradfield – Thanx for the love babe. Twist loves you too.

Charlotte Savage – I thank you so much for your words. You’re a very beautiful girl. Loads of love.

Natalie Hoog – I appreciate your love for me and my music. You’re definitely one of my biggest fans.

Dana Veraldi – Love the drawing and the jokes.

Katherine Fink – I thank you for the support. Cool pic.

Shelby Starr – You are by far one of my biggest fans. I thank you so much. I love you too. And you are absolutely beautiful.

Chelsea Pascal – I appreciate your admiration of my work. Thank you darling.

Dannia & Lily – I thank you both very much.

Jackee Francis – I appreciate you.

Latasha Cortez – I thank you for the love and support.

Chyquita Lee – Blessed to have you as a true fan.

Danar Simard – I appreciate your support.

Shanon Ahmed – Thanx for being such a fan and thanx for the list.

Christine Tahmisyan – I totally appreciate you and please give Brianna my love. I love the drawings!

Candace Laury – I appreciate that.

Marlaena Lewis – You’re funny! Thanx for the love.


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