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Rick Ross – Veterans Day (Feat Lil Wayne & Birdman) [Music Video]

Thu, Nov 11, 2010 by

Here is the official music video for Rick Ross‘ “Veterans Day” song featuring Lil Wayne and Birdman, which was directed by Spiff TV.

Click here to read the lyrics for “Veterans Day“!

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  • Lil Carter

    fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirst !!! LOVE WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZY !!!

  • Lil Carter

    Video still tyt like WET PUSSY !!!

  • OurWorldWeMakeItSpin


  • cart_1511


  • Allex B.

    Wayne is sooo HOTTT!!!!

  • Brandon

    Wayne you need to get up that call of duty and madden w me. Aye… Ready for some of those lyrics outta that notebook:))

  • Brandon

    Big_b_5000 Ps3

  • yeah and by the way my name is Tunche

    Lil Wayne]
    I like my p-ssy a little wetter, my drinks a little colder
    my girls a little older with her hair past her shoulders
    like my weed a little stronger, my money a lot longer
    if blooding aint right than I couldn’t be a wronger
    I’m a bad muthaf-cker, be very afraid
    boy this heat will give your ass a raspberry beret
    been in the building muthaf-cker we aint never escape
    cash money is the army, veterans day
    the block got hotter, the World got colder
    so f-ck a diamond chain we wearing guns on our shoulder
    if you want it you can get it, come and sign up,
    we got choppers that will put that Tony Romo 9 up
    man we so about it, 5 star count it
    could have f-cked the World but I left it how I found it
    took the game to school now I’m bout to cap and gown it
    got a circle of success you can say I’m well rounded.

    yeah and by the way my name is Tunche

  • jazmine

    dammmnnnn.. NOW i see what EVERYBODY was talkin bout, WEEZY IS CUT u can actually see his ABS and pecks now. 8 months in rikers did his body GOOD. (PLUS NO DRANK N DRUGS)

  • amir

    thas what im talkin about…..damn ross is fukin high as fuk…………..weezy-f

  • jaychi Li

    @ jazmine that was shot before he went in
    so picture now how he looks .

  • Lilduke1

    vid sweet!

  • TheBluntIsLit

    Ross is Hella Fat and tatted on his stmach

  • Wayneandlink

    Damn Weezy a F**king BEAST!!! Hope tune gets to workin on the Cartr 4 soon!!!

  • sully

    his bottoms grills out here haha jus sayin

  • Yunq Effin Breezy

    this my shit riqht here..the beat on point like an sharpie…weezy banqinq the lyrics like headboards(no homo)….birdman doinq his thanq and ricky ross still on his boss shit….MUCkh LOVE YALL ! dont judqe what i say !

  • Jake

    Video is sick weezy is the MAN!!! ROSS should put a shirt on tho he is kind gross….

  • DaMarquis

    Good Video Weezy

  • DEB

    tunneechii . sick verses

  • GTLawlday

    danny always with that exclusive ish…danny for president

  • ricardo laguna

    omg great video omg fucking amazing lil wayne x life in my blood nro 1 idol from venezuela since hot boys lil wayne the best x ever

  • weezyfBABY

    rick ross- please do us all a favor and put a shirt on.
    tunechi- please do us all a favor and keep dat shirt OFF!

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  • weeezzzyy

    that was a crispy ass video..mad hd lol and weezy flexin those abs i see hahaha

  • kuyzy

    eresssss Lo Mejorrrrrrrrr Weezy ♥

  • youngtunechi05

    damn badass video tunechi! i really want to get that bulls fitted weezy was wearing!!!!!!!

  • *5Tunetunne

    @Kuyzy; De Donde Eres?!
    @jazmine; This Video Was Shot Before He Went In!! LMAO, He’s Madd Bigger Now, “No Homo”

  • Allday

    you sure this was shot before rikers? no homo his body is lookin fit, and his bottom gril isnt in, so maybe this was shot recently? idk maybe not

  • ryry

    if u guys read the description he shot his part before he went to jail.

  • Ricardo Laguna

    kuyzy de dond eres?

  • Ashy.Carter

    Weezy 4ever

  • Wezzy Blood U Look Hard Ass FucK iN The Video On Blood

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    WEEZY’S HOME!!!! AMEN!!!

  • vocker

    and by the way my name is tunechi
    weezy the best rapper alive!!!!!!
    no one can beat this man!

  • Weezy you are the best so many women what to have babies with you i mean false pregnant….lol

  • Still Tunechi

    • Froggie_LiLwAyNe


  • YeahBaby

    Yeah Weezy is sexy alright.

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    who wants to play CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS??
    my PSN > luiseezyfcrazy

  • YungNizzy14

    Damn this a hot record why wasnt it on Teflon Don album YMCMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • all i can add is 😀

  • cleo

    “could have f-cked the World but I left it how I found it” lil wayne quoates couldn’t be any better

  • ym

    holllllllyyyy shit he looks so fucking hot

  • Michael (Eazy-M)

    Saw this on from a good friend of mine yesterday and I love the song 🙂

  • MrTricks

    damn wayne’s high ass fuck look at that niggas eyes

  • 504

    Damn if u look close u can see that the fire looks like wings on him

  • alina


  • Whitney

    handsome, well built – the ideal!

  • Arabmannnmannnn

    He did the video before going to jail.

  • Taylor

    & BTW, My Name is Tunechi (:

    This is the Shit <3

  • Chazz

    Rick Ross suxx

  • Chris

    u see weezy’s hard bod and then theres ross’s fat ass in the backround LMFAOO

  • xhia

    Rick Ross has moobies!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love my African American men but DAMN!

    Wayne coming in with the straight sexy!!!

  • Neezy

    Awesome song, they all killed it!

  • fuck…lil wayne is so hot ..i probably catch a tan around him hahaa<3
    i love this little man<3
    he is tha best

  • u can see a sneak peek of this at the END of ” Lil Wayne – Pop Dat Ft.BM ” < Video

    you can see him turnig around and saying " LIKE MY WEED LIL' STRONGER " But No Music Of Flames On The Back 🙂 i see thingssssss

  • Jess Rosario Wilcox-Burroughs

    This is definitely a grew song for veterans day….. (!¡Not¡!)