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Lil Wayne Wishes Fans A Merry Christmas!

Sat, Dec 25, 2010 by

In the video above, Lil Wayne wishes us the fans a Merry Christmas and says: “I hope you get every single thing you want. I got what I want and that’s y’all“.

Everyone at LilWayneHQ would like to wish all of our visitors a Merry Christmas too, and we hope that you are all enjoying your holiday 🙂

As a bonus, you can download the CDQ version of Weezy‘s “RappaPomPom” track that leaked unfinished in 2007. The song was produced by STREETRUNNER and features Junior Reid.

Download: Lil Wayne – RappaPomPom (Feat Junior Reid) [CDQ]

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  • tessssx

    nice 😀 Merry christmas weezy!

  • Asai Adame

    First bitches!..merry christmas everyone and lil course of course!

  • EasyBreezy

    Merry Christmas Weezy.

  • Chazz

    merry xmas to u too weezy
    love u no homo, love ur music
    keep doing your thing yo

    merry xmas to everyone else out there too of course

  • Joel joelee

    Same to you mr.carter

  • Jassy babe

    I love you Weezy have a merry christmas!!

  • vocker

    the only thing i wished for is that wayne stays doing music forever :), coz hip hop without wayne is just like earth without water 😛
    BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!!!!!!!

  • rell

    if his voice is deep when he talks normal, then why in his songs he sounds like a cartoon?

  • wyatt


    Kinda like how ozzy osbourne sounds great when singing but can’t understand a damn word when he talks lol

  • merry christmas tunechi , i love you and i wish to keep on your greatest music

    best rapper alive

  • angilina

    merry chrismas Weezy but da best present for me for Chrismas will be ur concert in Russia luv u

  • yeedee

    this track has cancer its so sick

  • kami

    Dang! I wanted YOU!!!!! Or someone similar… Oh well, Merry Christmas to all!

    Happy Holidays. Happy Kwanza. Feliz Navidad. Bon Natale. Happy Hannakah.

  • holy shit lol

    pretty good song

  • ricardo laguna

    Merry christmas dwayne you are the best.from venezuela Merry christmas to you and your family too .take care bro .I want music haha c4 and d4 coming soon YMCMB X life

  • cj

    weezy i have a lil hook that u might be interested in.. “If i can rewind the time in bring it back like it was mine, nun of my niggas on the coner nun doing time all of my niggas on top just looking down n all of my haters looking up with a frown”.

  • tuneeeeeee ur the best i love u bro ima cal dow tomaro she gonna tell me sead hi right

  • LiLDiDi

    Merry x-mas weezy i love you ♥

  • Allen

    all i want for x-mas is C4!!!!!!!

  • GCS

    marry chrismas bro
    i wish u in ur family the best weezy
    c4 letz go

  • Merry Christmas Lil Wayne
    And Merry Christmas LilWayneHQ

  • ya*

    Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!1


    DOPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I got what i want 2! It’s a message sent from U…. Happy b-lated Christmas boo.

  • Jays

    I like the 2007 version of him better then the 2010 version

  • GCS

    here is the official single cover art of first like fater like son 2 single “ fire flame“

  • YungNizzy14

    Merry Christmas Weezy and YMCM

  • Marius

    Merry Xmas Weezy
    keep it rapping your the best;
    Still The Best Rapper Alive!!

  • Lil Wayne Tha King “C4”

    😀 Wayne!!

  • yeedee

    @ jays : yeah dude me too but you gotta admit even if he does sound different his flow is still crazy good

  • Jays

    @yeedee: no doubt he is still the greatest rapper out there, and his flow is still crazy, different, sometimes better, sometimes worse. but im sure young tunafish will go back to something like the 2007 style on C4, the flow that has been mostly the same on all of tha carter albums, sounding like his not trying to hard, just floating above the beat (if you can say that in english) 😉

  • GCS

    next single called´´ first night ´´yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • GCS

    joke bro haha

  • jizzer

    du deutscher hurensohn
    lüg doch nicht

  • weezy wee

    @rell they make his voice higher in the studio don’t ask me why
    you can hear it in the nino brown story 2 I can’t remember which song it was but they played a song right after he recordet it and his voice sounded deeper than afterwards on the no ceilings mixtape
    and also listin to his live performance from 6’7′ his voice was also deeper and I liked it more

  • Teddleyonsis

    the truth about Young Jeezy

    Young Jeezy- Won’t Turn Illuminati Documentary
    part (1-8)

  • Allen

    Weezyyyy……6″7′ is a beast!!!!! Now drop the next single please 😀

  • GCS


    wer ist ein hurensohn du weixxer
    deine mutter hat noch schulden bei mir du verdammter hundesohn
    ich fick deine generation du bastrad
    deine mutter ist wie eine packung böller
    einmal kaufen 6 mal knallen du hurensohn
    hobby opfer alter

  • i dont kno y fans support weezy for just the first week for e.g right above it went no.1 on its first day but then it dropped and the same thing happened to 6 foot 7 foot its now off the charts

  • yeedee

    Why the fuck would they edit his voice higher thats so dumb it just makes it sound worse

  • GCS

    weezy 6 7 is on number 83
    where are the fans damn ???????????

  • Lil Jewelz


  • U iz so fyn..mane..Bt Merry Christmas n al i want 4 christmas is U (Lil Wanye)!!

  • So fyn..Merry Christmas tew Babee’..N al i wan 4 christmas iz u (Lil Wnaye)!!

  • every 1 support lil wayne in thi site i hope all of ya do and distribute it and its free

  • jizzer

    woher hast du deine kinderwitze
    komm bitte nachher berlin-kreuzberg erkelenzdamm 43
    da regeln wir das

  • GCS

    du wohnst berlin das passt ja sehr gut
    wie spät ich komme mit familie du wixxer
    los sag an ?

  • GCS

    niemand belleidigt einfach so meiner mutter man

  • jizzer

    komm 22 uhr
    was lügst du hier rum um aufmerksamkeit zu bekommen?
    next single called” first night ”
    ich freu mich soo
    auf einmal sagst du dass es nur ein scherz war

  • vince j.

    @GCS und jizzer
    😀 jetzt schlagt euch doch nich wegen sonem scheiss

    is weihnachten, habt euch lieb:D (no homo)

  • jizzer

    @vince j.
    1.weihanchten is vorbei
    und 2.
    warum zur hölle besteht die halbe community aus deutschen

  • abam

  • dezzle aka tune

    merry christmas to the best rapper ever dewayne micheal cater dmc back

  • GCS

    oh man update plssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    ok thank you who gives a fuck. we want music videos etc. get to it shitt!!!!

  • GCS

    fuck christmas
    give music

  • GCS

    what the fuck is weezy diong right now ?
    i think the time he was in jail we got more music from him as now

  • vocker

    i swear there used to be more update when wayne was in jail than he he is now outside lol
    and even when there is an update its about wayne with his family or in a basketball game thats dope, but we still need more news about the C4 or D4 new music interviews and or shit like that
    god i mean 4 DAYS AND NO UPDATE?

  • Young CNI

    Thanks, weezy. Merry Christmas too and Young Mula

  • yo bro merry christmas wayne

  • solo

    Merry muthafuckin xmas weezy!!!!!!

  • RSB