Kanye West – All Of The Lights (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne, Big Sean & Drake)

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Kanye West All Of The Lights Remix Feat Lil Wayne Drake & Big Sean

We told you about this track the other day, and now Karen has released the rough version of Kanye West‘s “All Of The Lights” official remix! The record features Lil Wayne, Big Sean and Drake, but the finished version of this song will have a Ye verse and feature other music artists including J. Cole. You can listen and download the track below:

Download: Kanye West – All Of The Lights (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne, Big Sean & Drake)

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    AAAAAAAAHHHH This Shit Goes HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  • tre

    wayne really didnt go hard as he couldve, couple good punchlines. draked killed it tho

  • J-Mal


  • Waqas

    Love the song even with weezys autotune!
    Drake killed it 😀

  • Tunechi !

    Lights ONNNN…….


    shits been out the whole day, your late…. they ALLLLL fucking murder this shit tho!!! cant wait to hear coles verse

  • RockStar

    Curacao In this Shit Good Remix

  • Blessed

    shit is koo, wayne took a different approach and still managed to kill it.. seans verse is weak… drizzy killed it too

  • 2011

    yeah i agree weezy didnt go as hard as he REALLY COULD HAVE. if he wouldve had the track to himself he wouldve KILLED. but so far it’s still hot.

  • chalieboy

    I was extra disappointed in waynes verse. Hes gotta stop with this boring slow flow unless its on a RnB song or something. He shoulda came with a faster flow like “im getting paper” with chris brown. His lyrics were pretty cool but the flow was extra boring. And why is he back on the autotune?

  • ayooo

    wayne TALKED his verse like on “drop the world”and “no love” and “bow chicka wow” but it’s kool i JSUT WANT C4 AND D4!

  • -_-

    I would’ve preferred weezy to just rap on this like everyone else instead of using the autotune, drake didn’t even sing, I don’t see why wayne needed the voice adjustment. But I liked the verse itself. This is one of the few remixes that weezy doesn’t kill like he was supposed to…..maybe I’m not in the right mood for it, but All of the Lights was prob. my favorite song from last year, I expected wayne out of everyone to go in



  • Jared

    I completely agree, wayne’s flow is whack on this. enough talking, get back to rappin. DRIZZY BODIED THIS ISH

  • drizzyNweezyFB

    wish cole was in this forreal

  • $$$

    hell yeah sean part was wack as hell. but drizzy went in and i know yall heard what he said bout “c4” and “take care” aaaaahhhhh kant wait

  • 504joe

    yall better pay attention to what drake said about the carter 4

  • packers1

    idk i think drake bout to start going at rap niggaz necks this time around. judging from his verse. ohhhh shit.

  • drizzyNweezyFB

    yall know drake can fucking rap. hes fuckin ill with it forreal. if you dont believe go download his “comeback season” mixtape and believe…

  • jakob


  • mikey

    ayyyee danny where’s this pic. from?

  • derrick

    what site has it been on all day?????

  • Tim The Toolman Taylor

    Auto Tune = Fag material

  • C4


  • Tim The Toolman Taylor

    Drake absolutely killed it btw. Weezy on the other hand nope.

  • iDONT give A fuck wayne n drake killed itt
    bigg sean was iight 2..

  • Mahbod

    The Rap Genius explanation of this song is madd funny:

  • @countin_MyLEEW

    Take big Sean off dat shit
    N lets get Cory Gunz on dat bitch
    Wayne commander n chief and Drake killin
    Any nigga walkin



  • joe

    @trevor iknow right! lmaooo ol ‘tim allen ass nigga. fuck you ,go shoot toy story 4 bitch..

  • jessica

    lol @trevor and @joe toooo funny..and true.

  • Wayne-Train

    it be dope if weezy just took this beat and killed it on D4

  • woooot click on my name to see this song on youtube !!!

  • effuhaterz

    for some reason waynes been on that slow stupid talkin shit dude thats not cool wtf r yu doin this shit is wack but that dont mean im hatin i hope yu c this comment n realize yu have to start goin ham n cheese niggah lol

  • effuhaterz

    but drake kilt this shit y do i feel like drake hasnt been doin much lately?? i wanna hear 9 piece any one kno where its leaked?


    drake kills this shit

  • @countin_MyLEEW

    4 all you’ll dats hatin on Wayne
    Verse you’ll niggas still trynna find
    Yoself yo dnt even catch the shit he say
    So fallback wit dat hatin shit

  • effuhaterz

    i caught everthing he said bro im not hatin im sayin the wayne flow that made him lil wayne is gone if yu dont kno what im talkin bout then ask someone on this page to teach yah

  • effuhaterz

    i say that with respect tho bro if ur a fan then yu gotta feel me?

  • Dominique

    The song wouldn’t play for me.

    On another note, it says hoe in the background. #JustSayin

  • ricke

    waynes the worst person on this song….wtfs happening

  • YM Salute

    Wayne could’ve done way better. His flow was slower than usual, and he seemed like he just didn’t try as hard as he wanted to. Still good remix regardless, liked the three verses.

    Drake went HAM…

  • @countin_MyLEEW

    Mann Wayne a fuckin boss he ain’t
    Gotta go hard his fuckin artist killin the GAME

  • B’s up.

    People always Want Wayne to kill songs but hes really an artist. He just having fun. He wasen’t trying to “Kill” it.

  • #Reply

    Drizzy murdered this ish RIP… YmCmb!!!

  • weezy’s auto tune is nice. drake killed it. this song goes hard 🙂

  • imthatnigga

    wayne was terrible on this.

  • weezyfire

    just because he didn’t go gansta rap on this doesnt mean he did horrible jeas he was actually better then the rest look at his lyrics not just the speed of the rap shit

  • -_-

    It’s the rough version so maybe they might take the autotune off and wayne can subsistute somein else in for that, that’s what I would suggest him to do, I like the order of the song though, wayne normally go after everybody else so it’s cool to see him go first.

  • -_-

    nigga I am lookin at the lyrics you tellin me that just because wayne named lights that weren’t in the original that he’s automatically more clever than the rest?? Get that shit outta here, my TRUE mc opinion, sean and drake outdid wayne in this song. I didn’t say his verse was bad….

  • posses

    Weezy will definitely go hard later in mixtape.

  • martian101

    i usually don’t mind the autotune but it just doesn’t go wit this song. weezy’s my dude but drizzy killed him on this….lets hear that C4!!!!

  • alex

    does anyone else notice the “is not hoe” in the back

  • alex

    umm 50:50 and my vision is 20:20 i guess that makes 100:100? um last time i checked 50×20=1000 not 100 but whatever;)

  • YeahBaby

    So disappointed in Wayne !!

  • ultrakid

    yeah drake absolutely kills it, sean was aight, wayne’s my dude but this had to b the laziest verse from him , but I like the end of his verse when hes says “bright lights /night lights,/ head lights” 😀

  • weezyfire

    yo dumb shit look up the words then because your clearly blind, the only line that drake said that had meaning was about c4, so pull the dick out of your mouth and jump off the fastest spitting rappers dick thanks braa don’t be mad stop hating.

  • chalieboy

    alex go re listen to the line, its crazy. And he says im countin 100 100s. Big Sean killed this.

  • ultrakid

    i also love the way kanye flipped & tweaked the beat around for this remix

  • Sandzz

    still sick, but wayne gotta stop with the slow flow. just sayin. still good tho’.

  • macd

    Wayne didn have to kill it.he aint got shxt to prove.

  • posses

    wayne was great, i like he’s slow flow.
    It’s really great that he could kill this shit with slow flow.

  • weezy99

    Sean goes hard…dude can spit I don’t know what ya’ll talking about…Drake killed it too…Lil Wayne was easily the weakest on this song, but it’s cool cuz 67 still goes super fuckin hard!

  • Sandzz

    everybody needs to pay a moment of silence for the beat, cus Drizzy murdered it with his verse!!

  • ExpensiveTaste

    wtf nice song

  • Weezy got a bad ass flow alot of people dislike the auto tune i think thats what makes lil wayne what he is ,hes tunechi bitch’s get with the program keep doing ur shit weezy…..O ya drake killed this shit when it was ghetto university but he fucking destroyed it as all the lights

  • lil wayne was dope sean was dope but drake bodied this but if listen to what weezy was sayin its over for niggas now he home he finna shine i hope thats true C4 BITCH ERYBODY USIN AUTOTUNE ON THIS SONG WAS AIGHT NO MY FAVORITE

  • Afro.Izz

    man weezy autotune was dope ….fuck yall haters fall back aiite
    —–she eat me up she got expensive taste FTW

  • President

    All three were weak, this is the drake verse that kanye didn’t put on the album. Says it all really. But big Sean god damn I coulda wrote a better verse than that. If you want real fast rap listen to tech n9ne, bone thugs and harmony or twista, not drake.

  • K-Freshz

    DAMMMMMMMM DRAKE MURDERED THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! if drake is gonna have the same flow on Take Care, than that shit will be so dam official!!!!!!! it will be the second best album of the year, cuz C4 will dam sure be #1!!!!!! as far as waynes verse, it was iight……im not gonna say it was terrible but i was expectin ALOT more from him……..he really goes in on dem hood beats, and dis beat is not really that hood, so i cant wait to hear his verse on the remix to 9 piece!!!!!

  • Jays

    @President, Drakes verse can’t be the one that didn’t make the album.. at least he must have rerecorded it for this remix or something because he would have never promoted C4 on Kanyes album

    But wtf is wayne doing this days? im not a hater, i pay for his work so i can say whatever i want about the shit i am paying for. he got the sickest song of 2010 to remix and he did that verse!?

  • Spitter

    Drake killed this on some So Far Gone/Come Back Season type shit …

    Wayne and Sean didn’t even come close.

  • Bbey

    Weezy <3 and Drake <3

  • Ooohhh

    They say Jay-Z will be on the final version too

  • daniel

    you are so bad ass

  • every 1 lil wayne was the intro of this song.thats how was it suppose to be ye told him to do that

  • Hold Up

    I didn’t hear “hoe” in the background ?

  • lil wayne
    Lights on, I see ya face
    She eat me up, she got expensive taste
    I see ya dreaming, but you still awake
    Big slices, thats how you cut the cake
    It’s cold as hell, I show and tell
    Weezy home, our n-gga out of jail
    In this give or take World I got what it takes
    Put you out your misery, Kathy Bates
    I’m Young Money, I’m cash money
    If we could buy time, I spend my last money
    Now I’m spending time, you in a blind
    This little light of mine, I’ma let it shine

    (All of the lights)

    Bright lights, night lights, head lights
    Shh, no lights but the infra-red lights
    Yeah, long life, dont like to ask twice
    You killin’ me baby, this the past life

    Bad decisions, good intentions
    Man, I’m riding, Weezy with me
    I just left out of the strip club
    Made 5 thousand look like 50
    I spend all my time in Houston smoke that Kush but I don’t do Whitney
    I don’t do Britney, don’t do Lindsay
    I made 2 million since last Wednesday and I hate y’all
    Ya’ll got too much free time
    Sayin’ I aint dropped shit
    Everything’ll be fine
    Worrying ’bout your old girl,
    Tryna see if she’s mine
    N-gga she’s with me, when she tells you she needs some “me” time
    Its our time so f-ck y’all
    I really bout to go Spring break now, start taking shots in this muthaf-cker
    And ya didn’t really have all that ass, last month, girl you got some shots in that muthaf-cker
    Yeah, we got the Roc in this muthaf-cker and you thought n-ggas was gonna pop in this muthaf-cker
    Uh, Young Money, Power Respect in this bitch, you would think we got the Lox in this muthaf-cker
    I made mistakes, I made some bread, I even made a way for them to get ahead
    To my surprise, nobody replacing me
    Take Care and Carter IV, it wont be long ’til they could see the lights
    And I’m on one, I got one
    You a p-ssy n-gga, I’m not one
    So call it a night, call it a night
    And I run this, and y’all know that
    I take the purple and pour that
    All in a Sprite, all in a Sprite

    every 1 who said drake killed it more than lil wayne read the lyrics first its not about fast rapping its about words

  • President

    Drake probably added a few lines but to me it sounds as if his verse was meant for the album, waynes lyrics were good but drakes flow seems off and his lyrics while reading are average. Big Sean was by far the worst though, should have let him do the first intro verse, it was shit

  • michael (Eazy-M)

    Great song and @mohammed thanks for the lyrics 🙂

  • Rell

    i had to listen to this a couple times b4 i started to like it

  • uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………….

    WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF u expect to much of wayne like wtf he doesn’t have to go hard every single time.and try listing to the words and u will like it. and big sean did not do bad he did decent

  • Fly Dungas

    idk why everyones so crazy over drake’s verse he just did what wayne does when he raps fast he needs to get his own his own style one that works for more intense songs like this

  • Fly Dungas

    but…why would wayne lift a finger for ye after H.A.M.?

  • Joe Martinez

    First of all, Drake is tough but why in the hell is he trying to rap fast, he can’t. Drake just sounds off on this track. Weezy was solid, wish he didn’t use the auto-tune but i fuck with his verse. And you all need to stop hatin on Big Sean and actually listen to what he says, my man is nice. Finally Famous will be better then Drake and Weezys last albums

  • bknyhustle

    what yal talking bout wayne didn’t go ham on this huh?! yal must be on some fucking drugs or sumething. this remix wouldve sounded like shit and pretty immature if wayne didn’t give it that intro and flow basically. drizzy did his thing hands down no doubt, big sean was just as vague and he really should be omitted or cut down to size but my piont im making is wayne made song sound very standard and mature but its ok tho cuz most of yal fuckturds won’t get that anyway. yal prolly think spitting faster or talk gibberish like big sean is the way to go in a classic like this. smh yal some fuckin morons!

  • ricardo laguna

    the song is amazing too good from Venezuela this remix was being awaited and finally came wuao truly amazing the song is great but autotune c4 100 million copies sold YMCMB jajajajajaja

  • Kay

    Best Thing Of Lil Wayne Is that He Aint A Conceited, Love Him♥.

  • Victor

    Young Money + G.O.O.D Music = Greatness

  • T.k

    wayne sound freaking crazy on this joint with auto-tune

  • YungNizzy14

    INFUCKINCREDUBLE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Music and Young Money need to have records like this foreva everybody murdered this shit and i see Drake got a lil street on this ho cant wait to hear J. Cole verse tho YMCMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pestrator

    Big Sean had the best verse n then Drake but he fell off beat when he tried to rap fast n wayne did allright.

  • Dope

    I think Big Sean’s verse was fire. Everyone killed it

  • Stach14

    you guys are right, wayne shoulda jus rapped. i dont mind the autotune but damn he shoulda went as hard as he did on the ‘look at me now’ song…and if they took out seans verse and cudi got a verse this song woulda been murder….drake is a beast. he can sing but then he has crazy lyrics and i think a better flow then wayne…drake is better than wayne IMO

  • i am still music

    im thinking wayne stepped down for drake to shine

  • Loogeybear

    First of all BIG Sean killed it stop hating appreciate
    His flow Drake killed it and well you kno Wayne
    Did his thing the the song go hard overall .

  • Ybeezy

    He said its 50:50 vision 20:20 so im countin a hundred hundreds thats raw

  • U stupid fux forgot Wayne is sober. STFU plz.

  • gmart

    drakes verse go SO HARD

  • T-Wayne09


  • Michael90

    no one really sayin much about big sean, cause they don’t know who he is yet! what all you should know is drake and alotta known rappers be bitting on big sean’s style. he the next BIG thing to happen to rap, Finally Famous Over Everything!
    1. Big Sean
    2. Drake
    3. Weezy

  • Sucha big tune. Drake killed this

  • Nate Duncan

    Lmao , bih Wayne said its cold as hell , nd BIG SEAN ND DRAKE KILLED IT ,

  • wayne simply the best rapper odviously didnt want go hard for drake sake who really killed this song . big sean was straight yall funkin haters

  • Fabian van Haandel

    master beat:D and the beautiful part is that kanye aint even on the trax:P
    he should keep it with producing and not rappin/singin:P

  • d

    put u out yo miseryy… kathy bates

  • deontre.lewis

    d that was cold

  • lil wayne still got it but drake killed it but lil wayne is still at it he is the best rapper aliveee……………………………..

  • Jakub


  • YKJ

    Big Sean part was good .. Drake shit wasnt that hard

  • bang*bang*dang :L

    “oh lordy lordy lordy” wtf? drake murded it. ruined that song for life now..ouchh..

  • Y-Money


  • Y-Money

    I’m not a star, somebody lied I got wizzy in the car,


    this song went hard and i think wayne and drake killed it the best

  • This joint tight man!

  • yap sas me it Gone be high and low RAP with Wezzy F Monister i LIke it and I common his vers like look like the End of the world screaming



  • Killa Mike

    J. Cole and Lil wayne=best music of 2011

  • Lyl Kayo

    Drake jus stand for Do Right And Kill Everything! Weezy the best tho!

  • good music

    Big Sean! I do it!!

  • CGantz20

    Drake definitely went HAM!!!

  • rae

    Ok this remix goes hard. Kudos to kanye for such a sick beat.

    Lil Wayne- it was nice for an intro. I mean really, have u all ever had an appetizer that’s better than the actual meal?

    Big sean- was the meal itself. I thought he handled his own and his style is very original

    Drake-was the dessert. Icing on the cake. He spit fire reminiscent to Jcole. Kudos to them all

  • kizzy

    Actually,lil tried the least he could.we all know that what he gave wasn’t his best with the look of things,i think i will join every1 to exclaim that drizzy gave us the best verse with that his motherfucker thing…dats all i can say don’t forget that “every body named BIG got money,and every body named SEAN got money… (its me KOD)