Kelly Rowland – Motivation (Feat Lil Wayne)

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Kelly Rowland Motivation Feat Lil Wayne
Picture taken at Detail’s estate in California at a private function he had welcoming Lil Wayne & Young Money!

We got Lloyd’s single yesterday, and now we have got Kelly Rowland‘s single featuring Lil Wayne called “Motivation“. We told you about this track 3 days ago, and Kelly and Tune will be shooting a video to this record any day now. You can listen and download this song that was produced by Jim Jonsin below:

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  • Tun


  • Domo



  • Domo

    I Can Smell The Haters Coming..Agree?

  • damn wayne killed it lol i love this song


  • Omar

    wayne is forever killing it

  • JP Weezy Fan

    we’re not hating, we just want that gangster shit… he did okay on his verse

  • be glad with what u get

  • tunechiman

    just kind of wack

  • yep u were right here come the haterz but they right on time for it haha bitches


  • tobey

    wayne is the BEST!!

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    wayne went in on this one!!!

  • mackking

    dam, he straight killed it

  • youngtuna

    woww wayne made this song good! if he werent on it the song would suck. the song was boring but weezy hit the bitch wit tha wayne train! i see u wayne! doin yo thang

  • wayne rocks!!!! Wow

  • Yanna

    awesome .. i love it!

  • thats how i like it no homo when singers give lil wayne good beats


  • She is my motivation, im her transportation, coz i let her ride while i drive her crazy.
    WEEZY KILLED IT!, he is the best rapper alive, cant wait for the vid tomorrow 😀

  • Cameron

    Weezy got the andrea 3000 voice in this song, lol it sounds good as fuck. real smooth, then the beat crazy, loveeee itt babbyyy

    “Yahhh,I like to taste that sugar, That. SweetNLow.” uhh

  • rick

    he took this kid line in this verse,

    “go weezy, go go.”

    and the kid say

    go Packers Go Go

    I Sall his Video On WorldStar
    It Was During superbowl Weekend.
    The Kid Was Reppin The Packers .

    im not hatin, still like weezy flow in this. clean smooth, and beat is good.

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  • Bgang

    I love it.

  • Kadafi_213

    Weezy doing good i love this sh!t fck C.IV where are you

  • WeezyF

    @rick, wtf are you talking about, thats not even a line, i feel like anyone could say that

  • Jays

    @rick, you mean he stole his own line, if you even could call it a line? :S

    I hoped of getting the old Wayne back after prison, at least some song, but my hopes seems to be false..

  • sqeakyG


  • wowwza

    yo that shit is crackcoaine fuc the haters – c4 gonna explode

  • Can’t ban Set Gecko

    nice verse

  • YeahBaby

    I wish old Wayne was still alive ! Dear Old Wayne Please Come Back 🙁

  • Damn Weezy Killed it <3
    –Twitter: @NyshaLovesWayne
    Follow Me &' I'll Follow You Back <3

  • aaaawwww look at my wayne baby ugh cnt wait for dat vid to cum out oh well

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    @rick, yo bro, you mean from his own song “green and yellow” where he made a song for the packers lol, if you didnt know that then, you better start listening and following weezy, else u r no real fan. Not attack by the way, a suggestion

    But anyways, Weezy, that sweetNlow…nice shit!

  • YungNizzy14

    DAMN, this record go hard in the paint ima definately bump this shit in my ride. Weezy killed it of course YMCMB 4 LYFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    About the old weezy tho guys, he has been featuring on peoples songs with melodies that are not so fit for the old gangsta weezy, but for his own tracks he def will put it on, I feel!! so chill!

  • Loyalty

    Umm Mr. Carter Ima definitely need you to drop C4 before the I Am Music tour. Thanks!!! 🙂

  • im sure the carter 4 will have a bunch of gangsta shit but just like 07 he featured on alot of rnb songs and this shit is dope

  • menzy

    Dope as hell bitches!!! nyc 1 weezy.Fags y would he do dat gangster shit on a slow jam? I’m gonna fuck my girl with dis jam. So smooth

  • DJ Scoob Doo

    nino brown 3 where are you, scooby doo likes to eat poo, scooby dooby doo why are you so hard to shit on you

  • jessica

    smfh at people talkin bout “gangsta weezy” it’s a FUCKIN R& B ARTIST AND SONG. y wouldhe rap like that ?? yall r dumb

  • jazmine

    damn waynes verse was sexy as hell..listen carefully to the words..


    wayne just made my pussy wet with that verse!! lol

  • Domo

    I’m Supprised People Ain’t Hatin For A Change

  • Jays fuck is you talkin about you better listen to hustle hard ord someone to love me he better then ever and those are just features but tech said wayne carter4 sound like all the carters mixed into 1

  • Wayne-Train

    weezy keep doin ur thang! killen em!

  • its arite need a diffrent beat

  • yungquake

    thiss goessssss so fukin hard……….check out young money next artisr

  • Nak Nak

    wayne straight killed this smooth track. Weezy F Beastly! haha, ymcmb

  • C4 FR33 W33ZY C4

    wayne…. you did it again. he went hard considering the type of song this is. he said… girl i turn that thang into a rain forest… rain on my head… call that brain stormin uhhhhhhhh he goin 5X as hard on c4 watch

  • ricardo laguna

    I think because I loved the song was too excellent for me because like all the songs from the bgz duo Wayne and Hot Boys song I liked a lot the c4 and d4 i 6 foot 7 foot video, and like father like son pt 2 I can not hahahahahaha wait YMCMB

  • to be honest, weezy killed it again 🙂

  • mysterymanblaque

    This is amazing the video better be amazing. I want to see cameos from Kim Kardashing and her man, la la and her man, nelly lil wyane and his crew all that the video has to be hot and im ready the people we see loving over the partner the it will be that much better. Just think of her walking into a special nightclub and once she goes in the music starts and seamlessly everyone in the the club famous faces start to get hot and bothered, as kelly and lil wayne make eyes until he cant take anymore and he comes on stage, raps his part. one or two glamour shots of kelly looking fashion foward and sexy.

  • Ron

    Love the music,I think it’s HOT!!!!!!

  • GIGI

    A M A Z I N G ! cuss i was juss sayin the same thing in my head about this boy ! <3

  • Britianny

    Wayne is and always will be the best step off hatas, wtf no matter what track hes on if you actually listen to his words he f***in kills it everytime… what other artist is on EVERY track and topping charts??? NO BODY!! laughin at u hatin ass b****es

  • lonnice strickland

    this my shit my babe was made off this Ionnie Shannon

  • kelly rowlands realli rockz and lovez lil wanye parts yhu guyz reali have hatas on dixxzx song

  • Angie

    Kelly vocals are real strong. She went hard. Yesssssir

  • Griselda perez

    mayne i llov dizz sonqq

  • Rob

    You killing it Wayne… Too bad Kelly is there instead of Beyonce.. Or Hilson.. Kelly doesn’t need to be in music anyway.

  • thiiisxz sonqq istx the shiid okay! :baby iimma be ya motiivatiion! go go go go

  • ashley


  • This song is a good song my Mother likes this song.

  • TI

    I like the Kelly song. Check out for more dope music….

  • OMG; I luv dhz sonq; in mii head everyday

  • phruchie

    umm no if he wasn’t in it…it stilll would of been good cuz i like kelly part tha best…but wayne did get off

  • sue

    i love this song

  • love dis song, owwwweeeeee! makin me move alllll around!!!! lol

  • Watch Dog

    Wayne certainly did do his thing but, I see the comments are mostly from youngsters that don’t know nothing about grown and sexy music. Good music is not always upbeat, some of the best music is slow like this song. Kelly is the one who did her thing on this song. After all, this is her single feat. Wayne. She put it down, Lil Wayne doesn’t even have to say anything on this track and it still would have been a hit. Kelly was smart enough to know that adding someone like Wayne allowed this song to get the notoriety it deserves. So, shout out to Kelly for putting it down. And youngsters don’t talk back, I’m old enough to be your daddy. learn some respect.a difference of opinions doesn’t mean someone is dissin you.

  • Wilkin

    crazy’m from Brazil come from you but very short

  • The Song Is HOT the biggest and Dopiest Hit Of 2011 by Far in my Opinion

  • MaxWell Seven Shot [DuroL]


  • Vanayner

    this is the gay version…i like the other one better….juss’ saying !

  • I Love This Song !!!!!!!!! I love Kelly and Lil Wayne !!!!!!!!!! They Duh Best !!!!!!! 🙂

  • I Love This Song !!!!!!!!! KELLY YOU DUH BEST ( REAL SEXY IN DUH VIDEO)! LIL WAYNE KEEP DOIN YO THANG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • walexy

    I love d track bcos of weezy $ kelly