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Video: MTV2 Presents Lil Wayne Unplugged

Mon, Jun 13, 2011 by

Check out Lil Wayne‘s full MTV Unplugged performance in the video above. He performed many classic songs, covered 2Pac’s hit “Hail Mary“, and even showcased a new song titled “Nightmares Of The Bottom” off his upcoming album Tha Carter IV. However, a few of the songs he performed live were cut from the final airing of the show. Do you think this will go down as one of Weezy‘s greatest performances of all time ❓ Let us know in the comments.

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  • @lil tunechi


  • first bitch….c4 coming soon

  • ya heard mih



    YEAH weezy rocks !!! YMCMB secound i think

  • Ecko

    I thought he’d also play dufflebag boy

  • Daknite


  • @lil tunechi

    nope u stupids cant beat me! stupid!!

  • TheDude

    like like like.

  • nachito

    name of the songs? ..

  • lenox

    maan thats the best crowd ever!!!! how did they get the tickets??


    fuck the haterz in eminem butthole all fans back because was back with his best shyt

  • Said_dagestan

    that name of the third song?

  • Micha

    weezy killed it

  • Wisheezy

    1. Intro / 3 Peat
    2. Mr Carter
    3. Shoot Me Down
    4. Miss me
    5. A Milli
    6. Fireman
    7. Hail Mary Cover
    8. Hustler Musik
    9. Drop The World
    10. Single
    11. How to Love / Lollipop
    12. Nightmares at the Bottom
    13. 6 Foot 7 Foot / Outro


    3 peat rock version i need this fuckin shit weezy makes the best rock versions fuck the world eminem eat diggs

  • nachito

    when the unplgugged release in 720p , UP for download plz..


    as a lil wayne fan i could cry because lil wayne is back really!!!!

  • ogeezy210

    Mavs baby!

  • Kadafi f f_

    i can watch this again and again and again and again….

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  • S*.F

    Why he put his fucking badge on his clothes (cap)? Otherwise weezy is The best C4 coming Soon

  • Chris

    Thats lame they cut Let the Beat build – that shit was chill as a unplugged version. Props to Shanell on the backing vocals.


    where is money on my mind ?!?!

  • Wisheezy

    Songs that were CUT from the performance.

    1. Let The Beat Build Ft. Shanell
    2. Money On My Mind
    3. Duffle Bag Boy Ft. Tity Boy
    4. Runnin Ft. Shanell
    5. Prom Queen Ft. Shanell
    6. Ms Officer Ft. Shanell

  • Allen

    shouldve kept ms. officer and let the beat build…..damn

  • wAKE dA fUCK uP

    lil wayne fans r lame az fuck…


    danny or wisheezy we need a download link about the video pls


    what about john ?!

  • sick

    this shit is SICKKK never enjoined a vid like this.. WHHEN DOES THE DVD OR BLURAY OF IT COMESSSS?

  • MTV played ya’ll

    they cut out half the songs lmao … I was there and this is only showing half of the show.

  • the best rapper alive fuck eminem fuck jay-z weezy is the best man all day and tomorrow

  • jean

    vai sim os melhores apresentações sem dúvidas muito foda HOW TO LOVE E LOLLIPOP MUITO FODA..

  • morris

    this is the beast show or unplugged i watched in a while….weezy is the best that ever done it

  • jeremy goonsville

    i don’t think there is anybody on earth who can say that this performance was bad … i can honestly say this was Wayne’s best performance ever, he rapped better than he ever did before.

  • Scooda

    Da Boy Weezy F mutha Fuckin Baby!

  • Mr 5000%

    Will this be an album?

  • Sabine
  • Real_G

    Greatest Performance Of All-Time?? I’d Say That It Was Prolly His Most Important One Tho. His Most Meaningful Fa Sho…

    But His Gossip Performane In 07 Is His Greatest Performance To Me…..

    Nightmares Of Tha Bottom Was Great Tho…. Right Above It Vibe To Me. Prolly Made Around Tha Same Time…… Great Song Tho…. 6’7” John, Anne & Nightmares Of Tha Bottom….. Carter IV starting to seem promising now

    Already Better Than Tha Carter III

  • BrewCityYM


  • WeezyFanPL

    I thought I wouldn’t see Weezy Unplugged as MTV blocks it in my “region” (Poland) Thanx for sharing the video!!!! 😀

  • DamienDwayne

    Just the best rapper alive! i think is tha best live i never hear to weezy, i love him!

  • Nurse 91

    i hope we will get a version with all the songs

  • Adam

    Dude nightmares of the bottom was so mother fucking ill dude holy shit….His second verse was insane…like unwordable….C4 3 mill first week son .

  • Nak Nak

    @Danny M, will there be like an i tunes version for nightmares of the bottom like will it be released before the album or is the live version all we get for now?

  • LeLeWeeziAnna

    Mtv is going to show unseen footage this Sunday at 1:30 p.m. est. Unplugged part 2

  • Teeeheee

    i looooved it! I wish i can watch him all day! Wayne …

  • Dave


  • ultrakid

    Listen to the last line he rapped on the Mr Carter song , it was a jay-Z line…..: D

  • feelicia

    That was crazy! I would love to see the rest of the songs that Wayne performed that was cut! But I have to say that “Hail Mary” was absolutly amazing!


    The Lil wayne – Nightdreams of the bottom verse, lil wayne sings it with mayday at the roof.

  • Weezy92

    need a download linkkkk 🙂


  • weezy wee

    best show ever !!
    sometimes I don’t get it why he uses the autotune live on songs he actually recorded without
    is the any chance we get the full unplugged ?????

  • Jason

    this is why he dont need no stinkin promo

  • WeezyFanPL

    Great show, are they gonna release it on DVD? It’d be awesome to have the full uncensored Weezy Unplugged in HD!!! 🙂

  • Real_G


  • N3RD

    daaaaaaaaaaaaam I Luv This So Much…..My Fav Song He Perfomed Was Single It Sounds So Much Better When He Sings It Live….Dat Shit Was So Cool When They Mixed How To Love And Lolipop Daaam ..This Is Definetly One Of The Best Perfomances i Have Ever Seen…Cory Killed It Wit Six Foot 7 And Shanelle Did Realy Good To….Ow And Nightmares Of The Bottom Sounds Realy Cool……Now Im Def Gonna Buy Tha Carer IV

  • young tune

    lil wayne – STAN 2/Dear Anne link

  • morris

    @ real_g …wea did it leak at ?????

  • derek

    anne leak is real, it’s all over the internet. it’s very good, good enough for carter 4 but apparently it wont be. im glad it’s not, cause that would be disrespectful to eminem unless he approved. it’s not punchline rap, it’s storytelling rap we need more wayne like this to balance the punchline flow

  • young tune


    ^ put you tube dot com in front of that for the Dear Anne link.

  • morris

    guess dear anne is not gonna be on tha carter 4…..

  • JDaKingman

    The best Weezy Performance i’ve seen this year,if you ask me.

  • NotB

    Nightmares of the bottom couldn’t be more perfect. Every single line was amazing! This song is exactly why Weezy IS the best rapper alive. Just listen to the lyrics like he asked in the show and you will understand. I Cant wait for the the mastered version. And fuck yall hating on the C4 push back. True wayne fans will get that shit no matter what the date is.

    All Weezy doin is getting his share, breathing this air, and making sure Tha Cater IV will be rare.

  • that nightmares of bottom is DOPE

  • Real_G


  • young tune

    nightmare at the bottom is one of his worst songs still … lyrics are too simple. Hes done better in the past.

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    Wayne obviously put it down. hahahaha
    what the fuck are we gonna listen to reruns! hell yea.
    good shit tho

  • Yung’ Tune

    Wayne knows how to make a “Real Show”..
    He even mixed “How to Love” and “Lollipop” together… Very intelligent…
    Nightmares of the bottom it’s very Dope and intelligent at the same time..
    every line makes you think and it makes sense…

    Every song was very nice…

    This is better than Jayzs unplugged…

    Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive period…

    Tha Carter fucking 4 coming soon.. 😉

  • rocket95

    Anyone notice Nightmares Of The Bottom lyrics are some off the freestyle he did with MayDay at the Da Da Da Shoot?

  • man he wrote nightmares of the bottom in prison had to cus of the last line

  • weezyfan

    yo does anyone know i can get that “wow” sweatshirt at?

  • Mez From Australia

    oh my god.
    i am at a loss for words.
    he is fucking divine. i watched the whole thing but it kind of sucks how they cut off some of his performances, this is some of his best work yet! i love weezy, always have and always will, he’s such a star and he really means the world.

    weezy for life x

  • Kushizzy

    Shit Wayne go hard…….I’m loving all this rock version live like dis or red nation by Game @ lopez Night

  • Reese

    Imma remember this one for a minute. Very musical but still very him. S/O from South Africa

  • 713loves504

    I have been a weezy fan since the block was hot!!! Still spitting that fire!!!

  • TuneMarryME!

    theres not one person in that joint not lovin this:)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxI FUKIN LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH !<3 he acto better come to dublin:)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • epicness

    Mr Carter here is Weezy`s best performance of all time! EPIC

  • Michael (Eazy-M)

    Damn this is the best of Weezy’s performance eva

  • I heard Nightmares of the bottom way before u people, da da da behind the camera

  • Angela

    Wow, Dr. Pepper music so FUCKING ANNOYING when I open this page.

  • Come to Argentina weezy !!!

  • Tyler

    I really hope that he tries to capture this vibe on C4. This is fire!

  • I sang the first verse live caused remember he did that 1st verse behind the seens and memorized when I went 2 the concert and he freestyled it I was wit familiy watching it and he said y’all never herd this before and now they all want 2 know how the fuck could I memorized a verse when they said yall never herd this before

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  • Killswitch

    killer . .. should do more often

  • where can you download and/or purchase the whole unplugged video?

  • Scout

    Am I crazy? What about this is “Unplugged”???????

  • Joseluna

    come to GUATEMALA Weezy

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    iv’e watched this so many fucking times!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bubba

    if u hennessy2 much u mayday victim next morning for unusual reasons

  • fuckallofyou

    unplugged performance with an electric guitar, turntable, and keyboard.
    do any of you even know what unplugged means?
    are you fucking kidding me?

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  • faisal123

    need to download this real quick lol

  • snarez

    They should release a CD/DVD of this, but uncut.

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  • eecanales

    great show! Really enjoyed the whole thing.

  • mendes

    Best Rappper Alive !

  • The Kid

    Man I Gotta Say My Nigga Wayne Did Great Good Job To My Favorite/The Best Rapper Alive Weezy F Baby I Can’t Wait To Get My Hands On Tha Carter IV When It Drops August 29th I Love Everything Single Album You Came Out With
    1999 Tha Block Is Hot
    2000 Lights Out
    2002 500 Degreez
    2004 Tha Carter
    2005 Tha Carter II
    2008 Tha Carter III
    2010 Rebirth
    2010 I Am Not A Human Being

  • Alex

    Putain de censure !

  • what’s the name ,first song pleaaaaaase , the intro ????? ;D

  • terrible

    This isn’t even remotely unplugged. But it is terrible.

  • u aaaaar d best rapper alive (yang mula beby) luuuuuuuuuuv u weezy f baby and f aint for flaw

  • Lyndan

    Promises, i hope i never break them. Thats what Weezy said and thats a boss punchline. 4rm ur biggest fan

  • this is classic

  • bloke

    why oh why did i leave myself wide open too this utter pish. That little fkr has about as much talent as i do tits on my chest. What an utter waste of 5 mins of my life. Lil Wayne shoulda been a blow-job. ffs he has all the appeal of a cancer ridden cock……

  • bloke

    Hopefully we will get the PART 2 when someone does us all a massive favour and un-plugs him………………

  • i find it weezy is the best greatest performances of all time all show all music video weezy is the # 1 YEAH NIGGA 🙂 ..

  • you monkey

    Complete garbage. Sounds more like the primate house at the zoo. This isn’t music, its moronic street poetry shit. Dumb ass liberal white people make me sick. They would by black rapper farts in a bottle and talk of the intense aroma of genius art. Its over. The browning of America looks and sounds like shit.

    • Tommy Stillwell

      You’re fuckin crazy dude. The fact that it’s NOT a dj spinning repetitive beats while Wayne and twelve other hype guys jump around the stage hollering like fuckin idiots speaks volumes about his artistry. I am a musician myself, so seeing a live band (a talented one at that) transpose his shit to actual music and Wayne himself giving a focused performance…… A+ from a music stand point.

      • Esoteric Khosta

        lmao frfr

  • Esoteric Khosta

    Cant be the GOAT without doing unplugged!! Wayne was at his peak here in terms of artistry