Videos: Sway Interviews Lil Wayne For Unplugged

Mon, Jun 13, 2011 by

Here is Lil Wayne‘s full interview with Sway, which was done right after Tune‘s MTV Unplugged performance. They discuss his performance, “Nightmares Of The Bottom“, past MTV Unplugged performances, Tha Carter IV, and much more. You can view the rest of the interview after the jump.

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  • ya heard mih

    1st! nice vid

  • TheDude

    2ndd ! nicee

  • Jordan

    Fuck yeah man


    dope !!

  • Brandon


  • TheDude

    Again! God Bless Waynehq.

  • Any Mtv video is almost never longer than 2 minutes lol

  • aaaa

    wayne’s dread bout to fall off

  • Real_G

    Where Tha Pix Of wayne Partying Wit Dirk & Mack Cuban at Club LIV lol dirk poppin bottles

  • TONY
  • Annie

    i love you wane you rock

  • Mceezee

    9th bitches

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    Weezy so smart, learning so much from him…Till i go to the top on my craft and be ready to sing the “nightmares of the bottom”

  • BrewCityYM



    follow me on twitter @MR_YMCMB of course i always follow back!

  • gioboss
  • lilwayne>allrappers

    wayne is real intelligent and his intelligance advertises for him

  • TONY
  • SnayF

    Waiting for C4

  • haha wow awsome interviews i love the last one and the cpory gunz interview but all of dem was great …..i luvz u wayne

  • aye did anybody notice one of wayne’s dreads finna cum off i wonder if he knos

  • imma pretty bitch

    yoooooo!!!!!!! ANNE OFF OF C4 Leaked

  • wayniac

    @imma pretty bitch
    i was just about to say the same thing. it’s not gonna be on CIV though

  • BB

    Anne just leaked!!! Full song here…

  • Real_G

    DEAR ANNE LEAKED !!!!!!!!! Yea carter 4 soundin better then C3

  • antuonchris

    come on now webmasters dear anne is on the web and its not on this site? lesgooo

  • Zack

    apparently anne isnt on c4

  • Wisheezy

    @Antuonchris. Danny is on holiday and therefore me and Artille are blogging. I have submitted Anne to be published but the other staff member Artille who has to approve my post it is at work. Sorry it won’t be up until’ he gets back.

    Til’ then:

    You guys need to go to forums more often.

  • Wisheezy

    This will not be on Tha Carter IV btw.

  • Johnathon Taylor Thomas

    Wayne needs to drown himself if this isnt on c4

  • T-Wayne09

    <3 Karen Civil

  • Kyle

    How do y’all know Anne isn’t gonna be on c4?!

  • tunefish

    go listen to dear anne

  • tune

    oh shit anne leaked and its freakin dope man!! its not gonna be on the carter 4 so thats a good thing

  • Kyle

    How the fuck do you know it’s not c4? Where’s The proof?!





  • what sunglasses and jeans on Weyne

  • Wayne sor

  • Amazu

    follow me @masterukoh im a heavy weezy fan… i follow back…

  • Mel-Tunechi

    So excited bout C-IV can’t wait to hear it..1mil first week..btw that nightmares of the Bottom song is dope..mehn wayne killed that Beat..Salute

  • YungNizzy14

    Man if nottin else Weezy is just a wise cat like when i look at him and listen to his music i dnt see all tht gangsta shit i see a real person expressin real emotions on some day to day shit. Cause its how we all feel at the end of the day we just want somebody to understand and i think in my opinion Weezy captures tht emotion the best outta all artists. Great interview YMCMB!!!!!!

  • Artemio

    I know this is a little out of topic, but does anyone know what sunglasses he is wearing in this interview?