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Video: Lil Wayne Says Tha Carter IV Is Definitely Done x More

Mon, Jul 11, 2011 by

Above, Lil Wayne tells MTV that his Tha Carter IV album is “totally done” and will be released on August 29th (not August 22nd). Tunechi also confirms that his Sorry For The Wait mixtape will be dropping on July 12th or the 13th. He then goes onto to discuss his “How To Love” single:

“That song is just sweeping the world. It’s touching every woman, that’s what it was for,” Wayne said. “It was like Tupac had ‘Keep Ya Head Up’ and it was a message to women and little girls across the world just to keep your head up even though things are hard. That’s what my song was.”

‘Pac’s 1993 song became one of his biggest hits. On it, Shakur rapped about the plight of single mothers and battered women. For “How to Love,” Weezy also lends a sympathetic ear. “A lot of women don’t know how to love because there’s deep reasons for them not knowing how to love,” he explained. “And what I mean by deep reasons is deep and dark reasons. A lot of people don’t open up that can and I figured that I can open up that can of worms and see what happens.”

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  • lil_KaneB

    FIRST BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!

  • JohnnyB


  • Martijn


  • Not first and I have a life so idc

  • wayne

    lil wayne the best rapper

  • alex r.

    First! and cant wait for the mixtape!

  • Austin

    Sweet! Cant Wait!

  • Aishwarya Singh Thakur


  • ariel dubon


  • ariel dubon


  • carter 4=greatness

    BEAST!!!! wayne in this bitch, Carter 4, 1.5 million-2 million 1st week

  • carter 4=greatness

    BEAST!!!! wayne in this bitch, Carter 4 goin to be a legend, 1.5 million-2 million 1st week

  • Manny92

    Sorry For The Wait! Mission Complete…

  • Pauly D

    im going to come on he album if i have it in my hands

  • Pauly D

    the *

  • Finally! A set date! August 29th! Yay!

  • Pauly D

    im going to buy 3 albums of carter 4 than i give weezy some money so he can buy a shot of my money also im going to call her douchter reggina becouse she is hot

  • Loyalty

    C A R T E R IV

  • Bilal

    Is Lil Wayne Wearing Shirt that Turkish Flag on it ? haha #DOPE

  • Zeca f. Baby

    I too buy 3 albums for me and make marketing for the people buy this album

  • carter 4=greatness

    Sorry for the Wait tomorrow anyone? i freaking hope so!! that would be so dope

  • tunechi

    FINALLY the C4 is donne !
    GO C4444444444444

  • ɅA

    I just love that Tunechi loves Pac and give a shit about love and shit. He’s the best.. of these sellout rappers.

  • weezy flyinstealth! know wat it is!

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    ok glad to know wayne is confirming some things #teamtunechi

  • Memo

    Lil Wayne has a Turkey shirt hahahahahahah

  • gabos

    he became obsessed with pac

  • steve

    if its done – why isnt it out till Aug 29th???

  • the best rapper alive

  • Ror Rito

    @ steve
    cause there are 3/4 singles comin yet
    weezy must have a good promo to get the millie first week

  • RyRy

    I can’t wait for the mixtape lil wayne is the best rapper.

  • SpencerHawes

    yeah im sure its definitely done…carter IV june 2012

  • weezycartertunechiwayne

    lol turkish flag on weezys shirt 😀 lmfao

  • MJ

    Now lets all pray the tape is tommorow.
    Also, is T-Pain not going to be on the album? Got money was a hit he needs pain on there

  • MJ

    that comment was meant for the other post, u can delete

  • Tom

    Did he just compare keep your head up to How to love?

  • Its CeeJ!

    who gives a shit?
    where is the mixtape. stop announcing it just release it

  • josh


  • KEVIN_25

    @ CEE J shut the fuck up fagg

  • -__-

    yeah @it’s ceeGAY stop bitching like a hoe. clown ass nigga

  • MJ

    guys take it in, he said the 12 OR the 13, we could be getting that bitch tommorow

  • i been knew thats what it was for and it worked cus the women ate that shit up

  • Sportz

    It is spelled definitely*, Danny =(

  • Its CeeJ!

    fucccc that

  • YungNizzy14

    Damn Weezy just so wise cant wait for the album, already bettin its gonna be album of the yr nxt yr at BET awards 2012 YMCMB!!!!!

  • anybody know when were gonna get the tracklisting for c4

  • Tom

    ceej your a joke, im not saying lyrically that song is fuckin timeless, sorry to tell you, how to love is not.

  • Tom

    ceej your a joke, im not saying lyrically, that song is fuckin timeless, sorry to tell you, how to love is not.

  • Tom

    dont get me wrong i can listen to lil wayne all day long i just thought it was silly comparing it to keep ya head up, and him doing stan part two, stan was incredible if ur gonna make a second version of that its gotta be outta this world

  • WaynesFatChode

    Maaannnn the things i would do to weezys dirty asshole!!! MMmmmmm

  • tinaphooo

    makes lot of since i also love that song to thank you for it !!!!

  • NatalieCarter

    C4 is coming out on August 29th? That’s great! 2 days after my birthday. 🙂

  • lil khalil

    Tunechi u re killin dem wt ur mixtape i can wait 2 buy C4 album nd 2 see u in ma country Nigeria. Wayne man of d moment. Pls visit Nigeria u got alot of fans here ymcmb murder dem

  • Wayne my love 4 u is like diarreah i just cant hold it in”i can’ wait 4 d C4 relis it im dying

  • Chewy Flocka Flame

    appreciate the love of the Turkish Symbol from your T-Shirt!!!! WEEZY BITCHES

  • Yasin

    TURKISH FLAG !!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • @lil khalil. U got dat rite dude. Wayne, u got crazy fanz here in nigeria. I wnt hesitate misin Skl jst 2 come 4 ur concert. YOUNG MULA BABY!!!!

  • @lil khalil. U got dat rite dude. Wayne, u got crazy fanz here in nigeria. I wnt hesitate misin Skl jst 2 come 4 ur concert. YOUNG MULA BABY!!!!i luv u weezy. Am 13yrs. Keep dose gud beats comin.

  • Jasmine

    i like it

    i love turkey

  • Jack Daniels

    where can i buy this shirtt?

  • km


  • Khosta

    there’s a song called moment coming in 2014 f0r tha Carter V!