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Lil Wayne Will Release Tha Carter IV On August 28th x Rushed To Hospital After Skateboarding Accident

Mon, Aug 22, 2011 by

Lil Wayne Will Release Tha Carter IV On August 28th x Rushed To Hospital After Skateboarding Accident

Lil Wayne will make his Tha Carter IV album available for purchase digitally a few hours before Monday, August 29th, meaning you will be able to buy the album on iTunes on Sunday, August 28th! Weezy‘s plan is to do an amazing live performance on MTV’s Video Music Awards, then release the album digitally so fans will be able to go and purchase C4 straight after he performs at the VMAs. Tunechi is nominated for 2 VMA awards, and the show is scheduled to air live on August 28th at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. Check out what Wayne told Billboard today in a little statement below:

“I am extremely excited to be the first artist to utilize such an amazing idea. I hope that I can open the door for others.”

Earlier this morning, Lil Wayne was rushed to hospital after a bad fall on his skateboard at a skatepark in St. Louis resulting in Weezy needing 9 stitches. The good news is that Wayne is doing fine and has been released from hospital, but he does have a bad gash on his left eye that should heal up in a few days.

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  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!



    good improvement weezy i buy this album 1x online 1x normal version 1x deluxe version!!

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    dont skate on codien kids


    @Its CeeJ mothafucka! fuck you fake nigga 2pac& eminem dickrider

  • Mistah612

    Fuck 1st!!!!!!!!! good look weezy!!!!

  • Jessica Battaglia

    GO WEEZY !!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    hahahahaha ๐Ÿ˜‰
    i kno u r but what am i


    faggot fake nigga ceeJ suck your daddys dick

  • Ms Weezyyy

    Awww man!! Get well soon Wayne! Mad luuuuv! #C4!

  • juggy

    please weezy were protective gear especially a helmet

  • zTunechi-


  • Snay.F

    Go weezy Go Weezy !! C4 in few day after many month finaly

  • zTunechi-



    @zTunechi ????



  • guest

    the last thing this dude needs is injuries.bruises on his face lol … Wayne do yourself a favor and at least wear a face guard lmao.

    oh yeah good marketing releasing the album on itunes at midnight.

  • Rodah

    Yaaaaaaay I’m buying 4 copies….I’m excited!!! I’ll buy an itunes copy Sunday & have my ass @ Target @ 8am Monday to buy 3 more! C4…..BOOM!

  • Amurph

    Omg wayne you need to be more careful on that god damn skateboard! Shit man you need to chill

  • aruba one happy island

    Damn carefull. Or stop skating and go fuck some bitches ,and make some good music 4 us

  • zTunechi-


  • los_101


  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!


  • alicia

    everybody just ignore the hater on here he has no life and is a bitch.. just ignore him

  • ronie

    damn I cant wait for C4

  • blake

    i agree with alicia and ztunechi! oh and shoutout to wayne and mack for moving it up one more day.



  • Rango The Bango

    i wished he broke his neck instead ha

  • waynedude

    Lol, Wayne wrecked his shit Marley G style!!

  • WeezyTune

    ฤฑ’m fuckin’ with ma homie @FUCKEMINEM hell yeah!

  • drew

    shiiid i fuckd my legs up skating.but that comes with the sport he’ll be ok

  • kris J.

    they know we getting hype for this shit so they moved it up ANOTHER DAY cause this is the second move up . thanx ym

  • lil josh

    shit happens i’ve seen worser stuff happend in skating , but like someone said it comes with the sport. as long as he keeps at it he’ll get better.OH AND C4!!


    @zTunechi i understand now lol

  • im_ill

    c4 lets goooo

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    they yell skate wayne, go head and break ur face wayne….

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    bet he cancels his next show

  • guess who


  • ashi_cruz

    yeah ignore all haters thats thirsting for attention on here. and focus on that carter 4 .

  • tracy

    im glad he moved it up . shows he knows he fans


    if everybody buyin 4 copies weezy get easy platin

  • trever

    im with @guesshow and @ashia_cruz

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    tunechi’s back!

  • jumpman 23

    im buying 2 copies in store and itunes for the ipod

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    carter Iv is almost here im so excited! c4!

  • yo daddy

    im buying two also original and the delux version

  • gee gee

    oh yeah i hear the deluxe has extra songs that the original doesnt have. im gonna get that too

  • If You Like Wayne Then You’ll Like Them, Go Like Their Music Page On Facebook:

    download their single here:

  • upt-504-N.O.

    lmao @its ceej mothafucka ( in dark blue) hell yeah

  • aaron

    show ya support and go vote for wayne at this year vmas go to mtv. om and vote

  • Dexter Stevenson

    my pikachu just evolved to a raichu

  • TOON

    wayne has the best fanbase and we’ll show it on the 29th! straight up

  • TOON

    my bad 28th

  • rocko

    got my money ready..going straight to target for the deluxe

  • kelly_b

    how many extra songs are on the deluxe and where do you get it?

  • Ryan.J

    carter iv is almost here and it still feels like there is no buzz for the album:/ sumtin must be wrong.

  • dave

    @kelly i think 3-4 extra songs and only at target

  • malcom

    ryanj you must be crazy c4 got a crazy buzz. his fans are waiting look how they made “she will” #1 on itunes in 2 days dude

  • Libra

    Lmao Wayne Is About TO SHUT SHIT the FUCK DOWN With #C4
    Sorry 4 The Wait Carter 4 On The Way August 29th

  • Ryan.J

    @malcom i know it has a little buzz but not as big as carter 3 had

  • LIkeMe

    Vote for Lil Wayne on MTV.COM

  • L J

    I can’t believe he got hurt! ๐Ÿ™ at least he’s ok now! I don’t want him to skate anymore LOL

  • malcom

    @ryan thats cause the industry is super crowded with artist unlike in 08′ but the buzz is there dude trust me

  • Ogeezy210

    It’s all apart of skating..fuck a helmet n knee pads..once u loose that fear of getting hurt u can proceed on getting better lol

    …N why is everyone goin totaget..?

  • Ogeezy210




  • when is the snippets of the album dropping

  • @Ogeezy210 Yeah..If you loose that fear of getting hurt…you’ll get better and get hurt less…It’s the risk of skating but Skating is awesome and a really good sport.
    Keep skating Weezy..Can’t wait for the C4 album…It’s getting blasted in my ipod and in my car son. LOL

  • @FUCKWAYNE…Why are you on a lil wayne site?…Just to hate? You have no lie bro. Get one.


    someone can tell me eminemfansite?? i want to hate on that bitch


    FUCKEMINEM do u miss kkk, black muthafucker?

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    woah woah woah marshal is not a racist… have u seen 8 mile, he chills with all kinds of people. if anyone is racist its lil wayne, he is the one who specifically talks about fucking white girls.. so either he hates white people or hates black people either way lil wayne is the fucked up racists asshole.

  • Weezy what the fuck were yho thinking skating w/ yho eyes closed..BUT look at the bright side is jst a screch

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    BTW people who are on lil wayne fansite to hate is because we’re fed up with all the wack ass bandwagon pop fans who act like lil wayne is great or something. his flow is all tangled up just like his dreads.
    after we “freed weezy” he has done nothing to the game that is important at all (besides being games birdmans mack mans and eminems bitch) other than that, thanks for drake and nikky u psycho black wannabe skater.

  • kevin

    sniff sniff….yall smell that??..i smell broke haters hating on a well paid rapper named lil wayne

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    i dont smell that kevin. i smell dankburgers cookin in the oven.

  • Ogeezy210

    @Reezy yup ..maybe weezy should try to skate a lil street n less vert ….

  • kevin

    @Its CeeJ mothafucka! lmfaoo dis nigga got noooooo lifa at all dis nigga stay on dis bitch 24/7

  • zTunechi-

    no 1 reply to haters…… OK?… JEEZUS… DONT REPLY… UNDERSTAND?!

  • Ogeezy210


  • desmund

    Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks
    โ€œI Like the Viewโ€ *
    โ€œMirrorโ€ *
    โ€œTwo Shotsโ€ *

    idk how true dis is but i seen it on #c4

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    preesh for the hate, u know that just makes me wana burn ur “god” lil wayne even more right? attention or no attention im just gonna say wat i want about wayne here on his headquarters site lmao

  • deb gold

    Aww wayne I hope you get better soon be carefull fool!!! Aha still gotto finnish the rest of the tour!

  • mezz

    man if yall actually let mothafuckas that sit on a computer and search /click on wayne shit just to leave a petty ass comment make you mad. you crazy. look aty it this was atleast you know they watching him , if they didnt like him then why would they be knowing his every move? lol FANS


    EXACTLY @MEZZ i say the same thing. i dont like certain rappers either but i dont go on they fansite to talk shit with 400 comments. why? cause i have a life. and thats called being a hater u dont like the music then dont listen period. smh

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    i know what obama is doing to but that doesnt make me a fan. ts called being informed numnuts

  • juelz

    lmfao i remember when a bunch of fans on here ran @ceej punk ass off the site. he wa mad as fuck lmao

  • you lose

    i agree @mezz and juelz i remember that shit too nigga aaahhhhhaa

  • derick

    carter 4 28th now, thats wussup im glad they moved it up.

  • jody

    @mezz @ them haters be the biggest fans trust me lol i bet they got all wayne mixtapes and albums…hell they might even got posters of him lol

  • 17th ward

    i feel ya mezz while they on here THINKING they hurting wayne this nigga out making millions on tour, and having fun living his life. smh it’s crazy what mad mothafuckaz will do with they time son.(joked the fuck out)

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    ? ok thats why i never stoped USING this site right? yall act like ur getting to me. im just hear to let u fans kno ur stupid and if that means responding to a couple scrubs o well.

  • 17th ward

    lol hell yeah @jody

  • paully dee

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO @juelz dude i rember that shit. they flammed his bitchass up for 3 days ahahaha

  • ym fan

    yeah @paully dee they had that nigga off here for days he was shook. lol

  • crystal

    @paully i guess his theme song is “fire flame” *dead* *lmfao*

  • reality

    ……the awkward moment when the whole comment board think you’re a complete joke ๐Ÿ™

  • razor backs

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOO00000000 at @reality too funny

  • keshia

    im fucking done after @reality comment. xD

  • lacey

    @juelz i saw that shit too,damn i swear wayne fans dont play around. [crying with laughter]

  • the infamous CEEJ


  • Kyle

    @ceej your literally have no life. You sit on a computer all day and comment more than ANYONE!! Your lame as fuck and is probably an overweight white boy with no friends. Grow up, go outside and get some sun jackass

  • brooklyn_boy

    lol @crystal @juelz thats why he always talking shit cause of when that happend. L-O-FUCKING-LOUD lil pussy tryna exspress his feelings for being fired up.HA!

  • reality

    ….the awkward moment when you THINK you’re famous for being a hater with no life. and people are really laughing at you ๐Ÿ™

  • jenni

    dead @reality omg

  • bianca

    right!@kyle yeah @brooklynboy thats why, and @reality too damn funny


    IM HURT! ๐Ÿ™

  • -__-

    ^^ rolling laughing

  • reality

    …the awkward moment when your sitting infront your computer reading comments of people flameing u and laughingat u and your hurt but have to act like you’re not so you leave smiley face comments and stuff

  • ricki

    lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo too funny ^

  • trill

    ayo im dying laughing right now son yall burning the fuck out that fool

  • ciara

    lol @reailty @ceej feelings you guys have my head hurting from laughter i swear

  • reality

    …..the awkward moment when you’re tryna think of a good comeback but cant, cause you feel too dumb at the moment so you just refresh the comments over and over and continue to read ๐Ÿ™

  • jody

    a yall ceej finna cry lmfaoo

  • jason

    ^^ @reality you know thats what the lame doing. lol

  • #based

    lol jody

  • bobby

    weezy an idiot he needs to stop skating and get back to reality

  • c4 lets gooo

    whoever @reality is so fucking funny

  • me J

    @Its CeeJ mothafucka! I know you hate Lil Wayne, and I actually appreciate (most) of your comments on here. I enjoy a heated debate, which actually causes indifferent wayne listeners to fight for the awesomeness of Wayne in order to prove assholes like you wrong. Plus it’s entertaining. I wouldn’t want a fan site with a bunch of people typing “C4 Go!” and “Let’s do this!”. However, it’s strange that you defend Eminem so much. HIs lyrical ability and delivery are unparalleled, but you can’t pretend like Recovery and Relapse were good albums. How can you take a guy seriously who wears Nike beanies and hand-me-downs?

  • ovoxo

    @c4letsgo i agree llmfao

  • reality

    …the awkward moment when you wish someone would stick up for you. ๐Ÿ™ (( tears))

  • ceej’s thoughts

    god i wish they would just STOP ALREADY!! maybe if i ACT like im not on here they’ll stop and i can leave 10 comments responding back while they’re gone

  • ToNy27


  • junie

    my nikka u come in this site every single day to hate on every single post smh thats just the meaning of having completely no life

  • wigg_monsta

    r.i.p. @it’sceej born a bitch and died a bitch!

  • king

    @junie yeah he probably sit in his room allday doing this. he has no life bruh

  • Ogeezy210

    lol yes ^^

  • jody

    damn yall jumpin dat nigga ceej lmfao….dat nigga don’t know what ta do anymore dat nigga finna log off the computer and take a nap and shit lol

  • janis

    toyn27 i know right? lol me and my friend are lol right now

  • Stvn87

    Lets all get along people let’s just focus on buying 40 copies of c4 . The hate is inevitable . ๐Ÿ™‚

  • janis

    @jody lol i think you’re right.

  • Libra

    Lmao ay they smashing this ceej dude shit is hilarious lmao I actually enjoy his hatin comments cause I gt to laugh at em lmao


    @stvn87 nah bro we focued on c4 dnt worry people just having fun with @itsceeGAY lil bitchass thats all lol

  • Rango The Bango

    OMG! you can fuck my bitch base god

  • LIkeMe

    Vote for Lil Wayne on MTV.COM

    Does somebody know the bonus songs on C4?

  • Ogeezy210

    Lol hell yea ya shut that niqqa up…

  • billy_STL

    me too @libra he actually think he hurts wayne with um’


  • reailty

    …the awkward moment when you just wanna DIE!! ๐Ÿ™

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    -that awkaward moment when people think you care and are desperately trying to get a response and you are giggling to urself because you dont care.
    -that awkward moment when you see yourself reading insults on a blog from people who think they’re hurting you, then halfway thru u get bored and stop reading them.
    -the awkward moment when people think they kno youre entire life story when in REALITY all they know is your interrnet alias, ITS CEEJ MOTHAFUCKER.
    -the awkward moment when an entire group of bloggers stop paying attention to the content of the page and start entertaining u…. (that one’s gotta hurt, and thats why i know u mad) ๐Ÿ˜‰ *FAMOUS*
    -the awkward moment when weezy tries to think of a punchline but thinks his fans wont get it so he explains it in the next “fuggin” bar.
    like damn weezy who u rappin to? ANSWER-retards.
    -the awkward moment when an old joke thats already dead is killed 5 years later.
    -the awkward moment when the person youre trying to make feel bad logs off for 5 minutes and the whole page is filled with idiots begging him to come back…

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    if you dont get it….
    im here because i dont like what lil wayne, weezy f. baby, tunchi, tunna fish, wizzle…. whatever he calls himself, calls music.
    i got nothing against his fans. and i got nothing against yall that constantly hate on me… i think its funny really. but if you dont get it yet im not gonna stop even if u think ur roasting me or making me feel bad, its pathetic yall i really could care less what you think.
    if you really think the comments on this site -A SITE ABOUT LIL WAYNE- affect me whatsoever then ur the computer faggots who need to see some sunlight.
    get over me and say some shit thats real and not just mindless insults that definitely arent tru.

  • Wesley NL

    I come here on this site for like a year and a half and up till now i never left a comment just supporting wayne and listening to his songs and stuff here, but now I see such a pathetic guy that I just had to write something here!

    Well done CeeJ, you’re the biggest douchebag in the whole universe :d

    Let’s go wayne, C4 gonna be the bomb!! :d

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    are you qualified to give me that award if soo thanks, ill take my trophy in the mail faggot.


    – FOLLOW ME —-> @gavinFbaby

  • zTunechi-


  • BigB’s!

    @ceej.. you want some real shit! if u dont like waynes music then get the fuck off his fan page and go ride the niggas dick that u do listen too. cuz the truth is.. if u wrote the sickest verse u could EVER think of.. wayne would kill u and make u look stupid with just 8 bars! the reason he’sakin the music he makes now is to reach out to the other types of ppl that didnt listen to him. he’s all about that change! ur all about the range… in dif dick sizes haha FAG

  • weezy flystealth!

    Dressed like skater !! looool

  • Lol

    Lol zTunechi- you got him write a whole paragraph dat shit is funny

  • its CeeJ mothafucka!


  • dung

    his life clearly sucks just leave him alone

  • Zach

    ceej your a punk ass hater who thinks we give a fuck about him…. quit tryin to defend yourself noone gives a fuck if you logged off for 5 minutes… noone gives a fuck that you hate lil wayne…. your not even a hater… your a fucking troll. get off this goddamn website with your bitching about wayne.. i for sure dont give a fuck bout you… i took the 2 minutes out of my busy day to tell you that your a fucking jerk-off… now spend the rest of your day reloading your page, to check on me, to see if i replied to your dumbass comment your about to post…

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    just cuz u can laugh about it dont make it funy. u r so lame. im not buying c4 im copin it for free! suck onthat.
    tony montana BITCH

  • real-talk

    This nigga Wayne must of hit his head really fucking hard cause i never heard of LIL WAYNE PUSHING A ALBUM FORWARD…. Even if its one day. haha

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!


  • Ceej-iz- a-dumbass

    ceej u need sum pussy in your life , 4 real!

  • real-talk

    AND YALL STUPID AS FUCK FOR EVEN READIN CJs comment like when you see his name yall really read what he writes? Dont even read that niggas comments and dont respond to him and he will get bored witht this shit he does real fast…

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    tru dat real talk

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!


  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!


  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    i have no life im on here 24/7

  • Hunter

    cee j says “your getting to me”allot. YOUR SUCH A PATHETIC LITTLE… FIRE CROTCH LOOKING FOR ATTENTION

  • Ogeezy210


  • just smoke it -nike

    @realttalk nigga shut up getting all worked up we just messing with this lil bitch fir now. he’s still a loser though

  • reality

    …the awkward moment when you think people actually sat and read them long ass paragraph comments. lmfao

  • reality

    …the awkward moment when you DONT know the difference from people roasting you and laughing at how lame you look and actually being “famous” and thinking they care about you. -_o

  • reality

    ..the awkward moment when you mad but you have to ACT like you’re not bothered but yet you cant stop refreshing this page and replying

  • reality

    …the awkward moment when you put a ๐Ÿ™‚ or a ๐Ÿ˜‰ when you really fell like ๐Ÿ™

  • r u serious?

    @reltalk nigga calm yo hype ass down. you the only one drove about him while we laughing at his wack ass. smh

  • Sanjaya gupta

    @ ceej yo lets make a wayne hate tag team & call it san j & cee j

  • reality

    …the awkward moment when you try to explain why you HATE but it still doesnt make since

  • reality

    ..the awkward moment when a bigger lame thats from another country leaves a lamer comment. (bust out laughing)

  • jessi

    YOOO im dying laughing that dumbass said lets start a page together . pphhahaaaa . go back to where your from apu from the simpsons . *dead*

  • Jafar idris

    ุจุณ ูƒู†ุชุง ุฏุงูŠุฑ ุงู‚ูˆู„ ุงู†ูˆ ุงู„ุฒูˆู„ ุฏุง ุจุฌูŠุจ ุงู„ู‚ุฑูˆุด ุฏูŠ ูƒู„ู‡ุง ู…ู† ูˆูŠู† ูŠุง. ูˆูƒู…ุงู† ูƒุงุฑุชูŠุฑ ูค ุฏุง ุญูŠูƒูˆู† ุดุฑุณ ุดุฑุงุณุฉ

  • nolan


  • YM / CMB

    @jessi “apu” lmao fucking comdey ..and @nolan so true man

  • Sanjaya gupta

    Im from india, im usin windows 95 right now i bet u guys still aing got that type of technology right now so stfu

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    alright i made the page its J&

  • Sanjaya gupta

    Im not apu im sanjay to da A gupt to da A

  • real-talk

    This nigga CJ has been doin this shit ever since Wayne got outta prison. Every1 been talkin shit to him since den to.

  • Ogeezy210

    I’m glad they fkn live in a 3rd world country lol

  • Sanjaya gupta

    Yo ogassy all scientists u have r from 3rd world country even wayne he a nigger aint da way punk i live in la so stfu u prolly chinese u yellow punk

  • K-Freshh

    i hope wayne has the last performance at the vma’s….cuz that will be a great way to end the show!!!!

  • LilTuneChiRox

    ATTENTION ALL HATERZ…ths is a lil wayne fansite we forgive u for nt being able 2 read ur dumbasses is dumb as shit nt 2 recognise greatness, oh nd plz make ur own we hate tunechi site coz we tired of hearing ur gay ass remarks bout wayne being gay! he doesnt make sense to yall coz u nt thnkin outside tha box wayne 1 of da few rapperz interllectual enuf 2 skwl ya in song so fuck @fuckwayne @its ceej mudafucker n any other haterz!!!!!
    C4 #GonBeSick

  • Converse

    ^^^^Got damn you clowns above me are lameee! espeically@reality youre a corny mofo! And everybody cosignin. If you reply to that cee gay bastard you need a life just like him dumbass

    Now back on topic? Why the fuck is this nigga skating? smh CIV and COLE WORLD!!

  • Oz

    dedass gotta go to target for deluxe edition…EHHH for lil wayne i do it. shouldnt best buy have it?

  • man cee J finaly got a fwnd ๐Ÿ™‚ man im so happy 4 tht dude! Oh nd 2 dat guy tht sed relaps nd recovery wern’t goood. I totaly agree Relaps weakest eminem shit i’ve eva heard! Recovery a bunch of bullshit love songs. Tht jst mkes me sick

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    Thunder and lightning, rain, hail,
    sleet with a tornado’s the kind of
    brainstorm I get
    So when the wind starts
    blowing, shit, talking about goin’
    Goin’ insane’s more like it!


  • Libra

    @ceej Dude yu are hilarious lmao ima huge wayne fan bt I find this entertaining lmao

  • robert

    @converse nigga YOU lame as fuck you mad cause we having fun and shit and you even a bigger lame cause you naing yoself after a fucking shoe. lmao

  • fuck yo country

    fuck you apu go back to making slushies and selling rugs

  • aarin

    CEE J= “PEE ON”

  • mike

    LOL at robert i know right

  • Anon

    This site is the best cite for tunechi fans, however the moderators in the forums are bitch niggas. I have posted a couple interesting yet controversial threads and they always delete them in seconds. All i was trying to do was have a discussion to see where weezys fans stand on different topics. but whatever. C4!

  • Moderator

    You guys are turning this site into WSHH lol, keep it respectful people or we will start blocking IP’s.


  • Ogeezy210

    Wat kind of terrorist name is sanjaya lol omg go be a fkn hero n kill urself u fkn Indian pussy ..
    N no I’m not Chinese my area code is in my name u fkn retard oh yeah 3rd world countries don’t have area codes

    So go fkn worship a cow or sacrifice Goat u fkn browned skin bitch lol

  • Zeca f. Baby


  • mike

    lmfao @ogeezy

  • zTunechi-

    @Ogeezy210…Muslims are terrorists, not indians….. pakis(muslims) arent even allowed into india… soo indians arent terrorist.. somalians are… pakis. are.. afghans are… MUSLIMS ARE… indians are hindus, and sikhs,NOT MUSLIMS….SO dont call indians terrorists

  • zTunechi-

    how to love, wednesday, sneak preview tmo

  • Xicano101

    @CeeJ’s M&M verse:
    People say Iโ€™m borderline crazy, sorta kinda
    Woman of my dreams, I donโ€™t sleep so I canโ€™t find her
    You niggas are gelatin, peanuts to an elephant
    I got through that sentence like a subject and a predicate
    Yeah, with a swag you would kill for
    Money too strong, pockets on bodybuilder
    Jumped in a wishinโ€™ well, now wish me well
    Tell โ€˜em kiss my ass, call it kiss and tell

    Love, Young Tune

  • Xicano101

    ….the awkward moment when Bruno’s ass goes in Eminem’s face
    That little bitch cried wee wee wee all the way home.

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    ha go watch the bow chica wow wow video if u wanna see some ass kissin

  • Zeca f. Baby

    @zTunechi where u find the noticie ? It’s trhue man ? I see in the wikipedia which this video will be released 27th but maybe my information is wrong cuz wikipedia is a site of opinion and etc ….. But if its will be released on wednsday will be best yet ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!!! C4 gonna be the best album of the year i cant wait more 6 fuckin days and excellent wayne’s idea in release it after vma !!! C4 legoo

  • Xicano101

    How is there ass kissin in that video?
    All I see is a chick all up on Wayne’s nuts and then him passing her on…

  • zTunechi-

    @Zeca f. Baby

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    u believe that bullshit. that video is scripted… shit doesnt go down like that in real life

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    weezy takes advantage of the “game” mad hard and other rappers call him out on it

  • Aight dum ass faggets AKA CJ cock sukka —
    And to all them other pussy haters that comment every fukin blogg that shows up everyday and talk nothin but shit go to —-> bitch ! This shit is fans only pussy ass nighas i see u lookin wit ur lookin ass nighas.

  • desmund

    If u watch 106& park u would of seen today how to love. Video comes out on Wednesday !!!!

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    aw is wittle wayen mad?

  • Bitch u talk like a russian Lol no racial

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    sarcasm… idont give a fuck if ur mad

  • Sanjaya gupta

    @ceej my homie get a life

  • real-talk

    this nigga really dont got no life…. what the fuck this nigga do just sit on his computer all day go to sleep and then wake up and do the same thing. Yo CJ i lemme buy you some pussy bruh i feel bad you. you aint never gonna get your dick wet sitting on a lil wayne fansite all day either bruh.

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    saying i got no life hahaha get off my nuts fags

  • zTunechi-


  • Young Money Soldier

    Its not coming out on the 28th
    It’s coming out on the 29th
    The VMAs finish on the west coast of US at 9pm which makes it seem like the 28th, but it is the 29th on the east coast of the US, which is what iTunes goes by

    IANAHB was also released at 9pm on the west coast at 9 which is the nest day in te east

  • Ok guys i admit i get no pussy i to be honest love lil wayne with all my heart and i would suck his dick like i would to my daddy no lie guys sorry if i offended u in any matter I LoVE My people !

    CJ mothafuka !

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    wow get a life

  • Converse


    Youre so clever you lame wigger! If arguing with some clown you dont even know is fun? You mustve a miserable life. Or you must be a 13yr old hipster? Since Lil wayne sold out and that Is now his target audience.

    Maybe falling off the skateboard will turn this poser back to hiself? and just maybe his lyrics will start to make sense again.

  • CeeJ’s Mama

    boy GET YO ASS N DA BED! It was yo bedtime 30 minutes ago! Crack da belt on yo ass…

  • desiree

    Hi lil wayne i heard about your accident and i want to know that i always have pray for in my heart because god is a good god. and i hope that you should take your time and get you some rest so that you heal and i love you and peace out bye.

  • sawquish34


  • desiree sade ross

    i love you lil wayne cause you the best can’t wait to see you on vma awards i hope the you do good on performs but i don’t to get to hype just to have the performs ever love you lil wayne bye- bye.

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    hahah wow. very mature. and funny…

  • stlryder

    wtf is dis nigga wearing -.-, yur not a fucking indian


    over half the album leaked

  • real words

    @sanjaya your a dick rider u mite be gay but only god can judge u and @ceej millions of people love wayne music he makes money for it and u don’t make shit for talkin about him, u mite be some broke ass nigga that don’t get no pussy or anything but only god can judge u, but the things yall posting makes both of u seem lame and some pussy ass nigga and yeah I’m kml


    its amazing too

  • tunechi

    I agree with @real words, just dont give ceej attention that kid got serious social problems i always see him here crying. leave em he got probably no friends to talk with..


    cant wait to buy it, the real album always has better SQ

  • mike

    i hear he’s dropping dedication 4 soon. like after c4 thats the buzz going on

  • #based

    im hearing the same thang mike i hopeing dj drama say something about soon

  • C.Mason

    Yo if you not a Wayne fan get the fuck outta here! Don’t talk shit about a nigga if you ain’t blessed lyrically like he is. I know ya’lls bankroll ain’t like his so STFU!

  • Mariah

    Hey Ceejay is my ex. Hes my ex cause he hates Wayne and he has a 4 inch dick

  • Twizz

    *******&&&&&***** CHECK OUT MY CHANNEEELLL ******&&&&&******

  • Chris

    Seeing Wayne in concert is a surreal experience that is unforgettable. His presense alone gives makes the atmosphere electric. Take a hater, put him near the front row of a Wayne concert. There is no way he will ever say anything negative again. The dudes the best alive. Anyone who denies it just Has not heard or experienced what Wayne is all about. I feel like I have something others don’t since I saw him practically front row In concert. So when I see punk ass fools like Ceej spending his life talking crap. It honestly makes me laugh. Wayne will be a legend, it’s gurenteed. Trust me. So when our generation is older, and Waynes retired, and the next generations big rapper is compared to Wayne. This pathetic worm Ceej will know that he spent his time spewing shit out his mouth cuz he’s Lonley rather then embrassing everything that Wayne gives to his fans. It makes me feel sorry for you. Nuff said.

  • tony

    I hope the gash isn’t on the side where the “I AM MUSIC” tattoo is.

  • sarah

    who is APU?

  • ChokesOnDick

    Soooo…did Wayne do that 16 year old?! Just curious.

  • YungNikko14

    DAMN! weezy take it easy on the skateboardin bro lol YMCMB!!!!!!

  • fly dungas

    who cares its legal where they were and that girl is definitely mature enough to get down

  • stlryder
  • real-talk

    Yo leave CJ alone that nigga has nothing in his life but LWHQ…….


    Vote for Lil Wayne on Mtv.
    & BUUUY THAAA CARTER 4 ! Lets shoow who has the BEST FAAN ;D

  • WOAH

    i vote already for wayne. i buyin 1x normal version and 1x deluxe version weezy need platin u niggas

  • lmao @reality is the funniest nigga on this bitch roastin ceej

  • real-talk

    wtf nigga………… HIS ALBUM COME OUT IN 6 DAYS………….. C”MON SON.

  • real-talk


  • aww that sucks ๐Ÿ™‚ but that’s good that he’s all right ๐Ÿ™‚ yes i can’t wait for the c4 i love wayne ๐Ÿ™‚


    Nigga aint been right since he went to prison …damn shame SkateBoardin…..REALY?

  • Lil


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  • NatalieCarter

    One day after my birthday, that’s awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Weezy!

  • txb

    y is it always a gash by the left eye, its so common lol

  • frank

    done over got it leaked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEAKED LEAKED LEAKED LEAKED

  • shwaggg

    fuck weezy tha carter 3 was better!

  • Mjet bangbang

    Tunechi u’re gud,ur gucci, skate safely, cnt wait 4 d carter iv, its gona be a blast!!! Get wel soon tunafish, haters kip hating bt fuck all ya haters!!!

  • Tunechi u’re gud,u’re gucci, skate safely, cnt wait 4 d carter iv, its gona be a blast!!! Get wel soon tunafish, haters kip hating bt fuck all ya haters!!!