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Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV Album Tracklist

Sun, Aug 14, 2011 by

Lil Waynes Tha Carter IV Album Tracklist
Lil Wayne Tha Carter IV Deluxe Edition Front Cover

A few days ago, Amazon UK posted up the official tracklist for Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter IV album that will be released in stores on August 29th.

I didn’t post this up then, because I wanted to wait for someone from YMCMB to confirm the tracklist as we have had so many fake tracklists floating around the web these past couple of months. Anyways, the Vice President Of YMCMB Promotion, Mel Smith, confirmed the tracklist to one of our forum members last night on Twitter.

You can view the C4 tracklist below, which will consist of 15 tracks!

1. Intro
2. Blunt Blowin’
3. MegaMan
4. 6 Foot, 7 Foot (Feat Cory Gunz)
5. Nightmares Of The Bottom
6. She Will (Feat Drake)
7. How To Hate (Feat T-Pain)
8. Interlude (Feat Tech N9ne)
9. John (Feat Rick Ross)
10. Abortion
11. So Special (Feat John Legend)
12. How To Love
13. President Carter
14. Its Good (Feat Drake & Jadakiss)
15. Outro (Feat Bun B, Nas, Shyne & Busta Rhymes)

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  • flydunGas

    Honestly I’m glad waynes world is cut.. the beat was really rebirth sounding and that red bandana verse just wasn’t dope enough to save the whole track. not that it was a terrible track but it would sound really weird on tha carter 4

  • wtfizzy

    Watch the throne had 16 tracks (delux addition) plus you can’t really put songs like murder to excellence or no church in the wild against shit like john,o how to love..I just really hate john lol

  • imnotahuman

    deluxe edition.. 15 tracks.. what?..
    but i hope intro is the wayne’s world
    where is Lil Twist? Nicki Minaj? Will I Am ?
    no problem 🙂 C4 COME HERE

  • AZIZ

    WTF? WAYNE’S WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  • yung_money


  • Breda076

    t pain on the album he better not use his fucking autotune cuz hes just annoying, wayne and autotune is ok but how pain uses it just gets annoying

  • dungas

    yo you shouldn’t be complaining about tracks number if you’re not planning on getting the deluxe and if you are, all the places that had the tracklist also said the deluxe has 3 extra songs, which makes 18. i got that carter 3 deluxe and it only had 17 so stfu. but i think everyone wishes john wasnt on there lol

  • zTunechi-

    jus confirmed. on the album edition of she will, drake will have a proper verse…. @Danny M, You Live In Manchester yeah, Surely Your Gnna Buy The Deluxe Version?. If So Where From.. I Have Looked EVERYWHERE.. I NEEDA COP THAT DELUXE EDITION, WOULDNT FEEL RIGHT IF I DIDNT.

    • @zTunechi – I asked in my HMV and they won’t sell the deluxe edition, so I’m going to have to buy online.

  • RomeoCarterr

    i bet it’ll be sickkk !!!!!

  • Sari

    i hope that Maestro(3peat producer) had produced for C4


    lil wayne´s “how to love” video coming 19.08.

  • J4rl

    I would love to se some eminem on ths album but oh well! im glad there isnt that many actually! weezy go hard

  • lhlm

    i heard cee-lo is gonna feature in nightmares of the bottom

  • K-Freshh

    @flydunGas- where did u hear the beat to waynes world???


    6´7 : 2x platin ,john : gold, how to love : platin this and the c3 singles all platin i think that album will sell 500-700k first week i hope it but we will see what happend with she will single and his tour is a good idea

  • naheezy

    calm down people carter ||| was just 16 songs

  • Dynomite_be_ah_star

    Is htl video dropping today?

  • Rell

    Why the fuck is John still on the album?? That song is not album material…SMH


    @Dynomite_be_ah_star how to love video coming on 19.08!!

  • LilTunechi

    What the tracklist SHOULD of looked like :
    1. Its Weezys (Intro)
    2. Blunt Blowin’ (Ft. Wiz Khalifa & Snoop dogg)
    3. MegaMan
    4. Hells Gate (Ft. Eminem)
    5. 6 Foot, 7 Foot (Feat Cory Gunz)
    6. Nightmares Of The Bottom
    7. She Will (Feat Drake)
    8. How To Hate (Feat T-Pain)
    9. Interlude (Feat Tech N9ne)
    10. John (Feat Rick Ross)
    11. Abortion
    12. So Special (Feat John Legend)
    13. How To Love
    14. Destiny (Ft. Eminem)
    15. President Carter
    16. Carter Cash (Ft. Jayz)
    17. Its Good (Feat Drake & Jadakiss)
    18. You & Me (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
    19. Big Power [Outro] (Feat Bun B, Nas, Shyne & Busta Rhymes)

    Deluxe Edition
    1. Flowers (Feat Lil Twist)
    2. Sometimes I Think About Her (Move) (Feat Will I Am)
    3. My Wife Hate My Life (Feat Cee-Lo Green)

    Who agrees?

  • KarMaIZaBitcH

    you H8tin pussy holes call ur self fans ??

    appreciate it hes fucking dropping an album , hes just dropped a wicked single , and you bitches sat here arguin like its gunna make a difference , just wait for the album to drop , wayne is very unpredictable , they are going to be straight bangers fuck the features wayne dont need features .

  • Weezyfan99

    C1 had 21 tracks (19 if you take out the skits). Weezy hasn’t been the same since C2. C3 was cool but it was not as good as C2. I’m a HUGE Wayne fan and he’s practically the only artist I listen to. But he’s only got one classic right now and that’s C2. I can’t see C4 stacking up to C2…Wayne needs one more classic. No features, no pop shit, just one more album with straight verses fuck these poppy hooks and choruses! The intro to C2 was almost 6 minutes of straight bars!! Wayne needs to write gillie another check! (jk fuck willy the squid!)

  • Manjula ~ RaDiAnX

    6th Track Sick !!!

  • LilTunechi

    Waynes Aint Weezy No Moree , Dats Back In His C2 Days ; He Tunechi Now .

  • Chazz

    too much feat. for my taste
    and only 15 tracks of wich we know 4 already
    still gonna buy it of course

  • Loyalty

    Love it! Countdown to August 29th! C A R T E R IV 🙂

  • DaWeezyFan13

    you guys need to understand that the singles like 6 foot 7 foot and john were planned to be on the album when they released….they weren’t just songs that wayne release and later decided to put them on the album, they were made specifically for the album for promotion kinda like a sneak peak. Sorry it’s just annoyingg for people to complain about these songs being old….thats because c4 was supposed to be released in may. C4!!!!!!!!!!

  • lilsandy96

    as far as i know the bonustracks are:

    16. i like the view
    17. mirror
    18. two shots

    release date in switzerland is august 26th =)

  • weezydarkroms

    01. Intro
    02. Blunt Blowin Prods. By Develop
    03. MegaMan Prods. By Cool & Dre
    04. 6 Foot 7 Foot (Feat. Cory Gunz) Prods. By Bangladesh
    05. Nightmares Of The Botton Prods. By Tha Bizness
    06. She Will (Feat. Drake) Prods. By T-Minus
    07. How To Hate (Feat. T-Pain) Prods. ??
    08. Interlude (Feat. Tech N9ne) Prods. By Seven
    09. John (Feat. Rick Ross ) Prods. By Polow Da Don
    10. Abortion Prods. ??
    11. So Special (Feat. John Legend) Prods. By Kanye West
    12. How To Love Prods. By Detail
    13. President Carter Prods. By NO I.D.
    14. It’s Good (Feat. Drake And Jadakiss) Prods. By Boi-1da
    15. outro (Feat. Bun B, Nas, Shyne And Busta Rhymes) Prods. By Blended Babies

  • Chakatoto

    What happened to weareyoungmoneyenttm on youtube

  • Lil Wezzy

    Hell Yeaaahh….

    The Best Album Ever…. (rock) …!!!!!!

  • Fresh
  • Matheo22

    @LilTunechi i totally agree with You that should be the real tracklist I still hope that amazon tracklist isn’t be real .

  • Ogeezy210

    I wonder wats the record for most comments posted on this site….?.

  • Jabradshaw

    why do ppl come to a lil wayne fan site and talk ish about him? if you dont like him then get off the page. its simple.

  • lil wayne

    two more weeks till we get tha carter IV wen are we getin how to love video

  • Oscar

    15 songs, they are going to add 4 bonus songs

  • Swag

    really looking forward to that President Carter song.

    NO I.D. has amazing beats

  • Zach

    im really looking forward to President Carter and So Special… i think that a song with john legend will be deep like how misunderstood was on c3

  • Blaze

    Why Are You Guys Bitching Thats the standard version of the album., it pisses me off that you guys are arguing and crying cuz eminem and nicki minaj’ or Kanye west or jay-z arent on this It’s a LIL WAYNE ALBUM!!! the Deluxe tracklist hasnt been announced yet and even when it does there’s a diff Version coming out for Target

  • Mr Hoooooooooooood

    the features suck dick

  • ricardo laguna

    I totally agree with Blaze I think besides the excellent tracklist

  • Ogeezy210


  • Blaze

    BTW PlayNSkills Produced The T-pain Featured Song “How To Hate” it’s confirmed and they talked about it saying they produced a song for C4 with T-Pain on it, And the Interlude With Tech N9ne is a full song both tez(bitchassnigga) and Tech Confirmed Tech had Verses on C4 soo all and all the album looks pretty good

  • Blaze

    @ Ogeezy210 yes target They announced that a while back a month ago I believe You can search it. they Said They Had a “Special” version of C4 on target when it comes out, which is also why I haven’t pre ordered this album yet.. also Lil Wayne Did the same with C3 last year gave diff versions of it thru best buy(double disc), iTunes, and Target.

  • ricardo laguna

    Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV will be released in 14 days! I can wait from venezuela lil wayne the best forever

  • umm

    why am i feeling like tha carter 4 wont come out august 29th?

    we’re 14 days away and the hype doesnt seem like its there for the album…and usually albums leak about 2 weeks before it comes out so why hasnt there been a leak?

    i honestly wouldnt be surprised if this album gets pushed back again.

    this could be the same situation that happened to tha carter 3, album take almost 2 years to come out

  • Blaze

    My bad I meant 3 years ago.. And just to be specific the versions were different with each having the following
    Best Buy = Regular Tracklist + The Leak Ep
    iTunes = Regular Tracklist + Prostitute 2 and Lollipop Remix
    Target = Regular Tracklist + “Action” and “Whip it”

    listen to this dude he is my friend and he is good

  • zTunechi-

    So @Danny M Are U Gonna Have It By 28th Or 29th,Or After? LOL.. What Website You Using U Gnna Order It From?

  • zTunechi-


  • zTunechi-

    18 tracks all together, “I Like The View,” “Mirror,” and “Two Shots”.. the three bonus tracks.. there u go

  • jason

    where are the bonus songs at

  • zTunechi-

    hiphopcanada . com

  • Fuego

    Y r ppl komplaining about 15 tracks when that’s basically tha average number of tracks for an album in a time where most niggas gon get it illegally.. I believe C4 gon B fire regardless..

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    the deluxe edition will have 18 tracks so stop cry

  • C4 Booooom Bitch

    Where is how to love video didnt cortez say it comes on monday where is it

  • huh

  • junie

    i keep seeing the same comments wtf yall complaining for yall havent even heard the dam songs yet dam the deluxe edition has 3 extra dam songs so thats 18 fuckin songs stfu and buy the shit when it drops and stop complaining dam yall sound like some bitches its just music dam

  • Alexman

    heard how to love was dropping today anybody?

  • lil wayne

    stop complaining how many songs it has its a fuckin cd its not gonna have 30 songs on it so stfu damn

  • Kevin

    What ever happened to the “YOU & I” song that we heard the snippet of??

  • C4 Booooom Bitch

    @Danny M yeah what happened to you and i ?

  • lil wayne

    dannys not lil wayne he doesnt kno wat happen to songs that were snippets

  • carlukiooo

    Mr Mel simth said in Twitter that (as always) How To love video won’t be released today. But he said that will be released this week….

  • weezyf

    How To Hate is produced by Young Fyre, he tweeted about it

  • man that president carter will be fire and the 1 with tech gone be nice but the 1 i really wanna hear is with jada and nas cant wait im anticipating 1 mill of this album

  • Zeca f. Baby

    I was crazy to heard ” you & i ” the snippet is amazing !!! Maybe it’s on D4

  • Revz

    Carter 4 comin’ soon, YEAaaAAAAAAaaaaaH !

  • Varis

    i wanna hear the rest of “put the lights on me” n i hope dem other 10-15 songs get put on a mixtape but LEGO!!!



  • WayneFanatic

    You & I sounds like a mixtape song C4 soon woo!!!!
    Waiting patiently for the leak 😉

  • Hunter

    c4 is gonna be AWESOME

  • Delweezy

    dese arguements b havin me dien ! ,but Da albums gunna have 18-19 songs possibly more , n dats more den c3 ,so stop sayin only 15 tracks ?? ,cus no its not juss only 15 tracks stupid !

  • cant wait when this is out hes planning to make a album with drake but we have to wait for drakes album take care after waynes …waynes world bitch`s

  • Petie24

    I wanna hear that president carter song.

  • SnayF

    Wainting Srry for the tracklist !! ’cause he pushed this album many time for only 15 song wtf !

  • SM

    Tunechi likes surprises am sure there are more songs to the album than jst 15 u know Wayne don’t you?

  • killa24

    What happened to Nicki Manaj not being on here she even comfirmed herself that she was goin to be on the carter 4

  • 1 mil first day!!!

  • when drake’s album comin out?

  • Arthmyx

    Where is RockNRoll? Lenny Kravitz and Swizz Went in on that one…

  • dumbasses how long do u think a fuckin cd is suppose 2 be an if he went to jail an started fresh on the fuckin album 15 tracks is alot for just a couple of months an if the deluxe edition has 3 more songs thats 18 which is over fuckin average also why the fuck would he put jay z or kanye on his album wen they didnt put him on there an tell me a good rap album that came out recently with more than 15 tracks

  • ey lil wayne ROACH GIGZ is A rapper from sf . check him out !! he gooodd!! he cud b on cash money n make hella money wit chu!! it wud be great!! dis video of him,,



  • wayn3

    i hope that tracklist is not the complete one. it wud be good for weezy to release a fake tracklist to prevent the album from leaking (wishful thinking though) i think we just expect to much from weezy but hey there is 11 tracks we ve not heard + 3 from the deluxe edition so lets wait and see

  • fLyDungas

    a fake tracklist wouldn’t keep the album from leaking, it would just have everyone fooled until it does leak. No matter how safe you are, the album will leak 1 week b4 the release cuz thats when stores are gettin it and you know people are gonna steal copies and upload em. Or you can go WTT and do an iTunes exclusive, but that leaked anyway. The guy who had it was just nice enough to wait until like 20 minutes b4 the drop to put it up

  • Bryao

    EVERYBODY go to mtvs website and vote for lip Wayne!! If he wins best hip hop video slot more peoPle will buy tha carter lv!!

  • Drizzzy

    @LilTunechi You really think Wayne’s gonna feat with Khalifa and Snoop Dog ? You’re idiot …

  • Dlizzie2007


  • Grace.

    I agree w/ you alot. You a smart one. But, I think Carter 4 can be better than the 3rd, lyrically, he grow up. He change . Even If he don’t sell as good as Carter 3. Just like the 2nd is better than the 3rd, but didn’t sell better. I hope it will be better(:

  • Grace.

    @Tracks I agree w/ you alot. You a smart one. But, I think Carter 4 can be better than the 3rd, lyrically, he grow up. He change . Even If he don’t sell as good as Carter 3. Just like the 2nd is better than the 3rd, but didn’t sell better. I hope it will be better(:

  • Dajuan

    what about the artist nobody expected wayne to collaborate with a couple months ago that was suppose 2 b on the Carter IV????? Looks 2 me like he wouldve easily dida song with them….

  • yadigg1717

    Weird how some dumb ass posts his idea of how lil wayne aka the best rapper alives 4th masterpiece albums tracklist should look like yet on the song blunt blowin id say about 80 percent of wiz khalifa songs talk ablout smokin doobies and NOT blunts hmmm interesting tactics

  • DeLuxe

    Shoulda maybe cut down on the feats and probably shoulda added a Nicki joint but fuck it C4 2milli!!!!!!!!!!1

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  • I betcha Dear Anne is in the running as a bonus track

  • Mic D

    basically 10 tracks since i listened to 5 of those already….


    Dear Anne Won’t

  • frank

    it’s young money ………… not on , that mean this won’t be a hard album but more like a 6/7 foot ….. this album won’t touch watch the throne … main stream lil wayne SUCKS !!!!!!!!

  • Cjless

    wheres put the light on me??

  • Dallas214

    All y’all niggas STFU! WAYNE is the greatest to ever live! Carter 4 is gonna be the shit. Classic. If your a REAL Wayne fan then you know “Cartes”
    are the shit! Fuck you haters idgaf about y’all.

  • Lil Torrie


  • Carlos

    Ah first off there are more than 15 song on the deluxe version and its good most of the songs just the best rapper alive I want lil Wayne cd not the whole young money

  • marcus

    this absolutely does not look like a tracklist for a carter album these tracks just look to plain and boring i mean come on he only has drake and cory gunz on it wheres nikki? and wtf is shyne doing on here smfh he isnt a good rapper at all. he shldnt put 6’7, john or how to love these are just too played out already needs to replace these with fresh songs never heard before idk this album has to really be great to impress me cuz it doesnt look good right now

  • MJ

    dont take this the wrong way cuz i love wayne and drake colabs, but drake twice and no nicki minaj? I could swear she said she sent a verse for c4. Oh well, 18 tracks out of the 100’s he apparently recorded aint bad. #Auguest29th

    i dont know why but im looking forward to hearing that abortion track, sound like its gonna be funny as fuck

  • no song wid Eminem???????????????????????????????/

  • Charles Napster

    damn i aint felling it…………wat the f!


    Can’t wait for the CIV….

  • zybarra42

    is it just me or are the majority of the tracks on the carter iv super old and already played out or what??? damn all this wait for nothing..

  • MJ

    1. Intro
    2. Blunt Blowin’
    3. MegaMan
    4. 6 Foot, 7 Foot (Feat Cory Gunz)
    5. Nightmares Of The Bottom
    6. She Will (Feat Drake)
    7. How To Hate (Feat T-Pain)
    8. Interlude (Feat Tech N9ne)
    9. John (Feat Rick Ross)
    10. Abortion
    11. So Special (Feat John Legend)
    12. How To Love
    13. President Carter
    14. Its Good (Feat Drake & Jadakiss)
    15. Outro (Feat Bun B, Nas, Shyne & Busta Rhymes)
    16. I Like the view
    17. MIrror
    18. 2 Shots

    we heard the singles John, 67 and howtolove. wayne performs Nightmare of the bottom, but we still technically never heard the CDQ track. so Out of the whole album, there will be 15 tracks we havnt heard yet and 9 of those being just wayne.

    thats pretty damn solid if you ask me

  • Derrik

    This isn’t right because nicki manaj stated in an interview that she was going to be in atleast one of the songs

  • Derrik

    And half of these songs are old

  • sh

    @Derrik what do you mean have the songs are old? The only songs released have been 6’7, John, How To Love, and She Will, and the Whole nightmares of the bottom hasn’t been released yet, there’s only the performed one from MTV unplugged. And also the deluxe edition features are TBA so Nicki could be on one of those songs. And maybe she did record a song for C4 but it didn’t make that cut. Either way this is going to be a dope album, there’s 13 songs we’ve never heard so come on guys don’t whine just because there’s no Nicki but you never know she could be on the deluxe addition.

  • Onggie Benga

    so whats good with this target exclusive version? Or is that bs too that i read in the clothin line article Cortez mentioned. Im guessing its just the deluxe that will be sold everywhere

  • Derrik

    @sh I know what your saying but y wuld there be songs like 6 7 and John on there I meen wat lil Wayne fan dosnt know those songs

  • Sex Machine

    What the F*** only 15 songs!?!?!?!?!

  • what y’all arguin about … wayne has done his album C4 and he’s doin’ his tour music and skatin’ and celebratin in the clubs and y’all niggas are talkin’ cheap shit about the traklist fuck’em those tracklist he aint care about what y’all like or dislike .. dudes wake up !

  • LEVI

    lets go c4 bitches!

  • LEVI

    lets go carter 4 bitches!

  • voske

    What ever happened to thhe song TRAGEDY with NICKI MINAJ? A snippet was realeased and it was said to be on C4. Where did it go?

  • YnBeats

    Looks Legit so far, 1 question tho, where’s those two tracks with Eminem he had ??

    namely, “Bodies & Words” + “Fall From Grace” ????!!!?!?!?!?!

  • Bill Miller

    ill bet weezt cannot drink a beer like myself nor can he do butt chugs. Denmark High Baseball Rules.

  • cRnigga

    this fake ass tracklist

  • Lil

    Deluxe Edition. CARTER IV COMING SOON!

  • bob

    c4 leaked 18 traks

  • Patrick

    I’m listening to Carter 4 right now. Havent finished yet, there are 18 tracks on the deluxe edition. So far the interlude with tech n9ne also has andre 3000. the ones missing are Abortion, Two Shots, Mirrors (ft Bruno Mars).

  • Patrick

    wayne disses jay z pretty effing bad in “its good”

  • Patrick

    waynes on even on the outro

  • Cee3

    Download tha Carter 4 on

  • Isa Hosein

    what the hell . Lil’ Wayne’s dope shit , but he dissed Jay-Z ! ? now whats that about ?

  • Danni-boo

    I already got the whole album it was leaked early yesterday (:

  • shitfer

    Big disappointment. Def not buyin this shit.

  • wezzy

    Tha Carter IV leaked!!!!!!!!!! already have it lol

  • laborn

    you are the best lil wayne…i love you

  • bolaryn

    oh!my guy yew toomuch yew aren’t my boy nomore.fuck those nigga who tried 2 hit yew.


  • If yall dont like the c.d. go get your money back and stop acking like some bitches… Y.M.

  • And stop burning c.d’s yall are killing the hip hop game with that shit.. i mean if your a fan a fan all the way wayne gives out so many c.d’s already who eles does that…..

  • Tha Carter 4 go hard



  • Emy Emy

    im friends