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Birdman – Why You Mad (Feat Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj) [No DJ]

Fri, Sep 9, 2011 by

Birdman Why You Mad Feat Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj
“That P on my hat is for PIRU, not Pirates”

Birdman told us about this single back in March this year and it has finally been released today! The track, which will appear on Baby‘s upcoming Bigga Than Life album dropping on November 21st, is titled “Why You Mad” and features Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. You can listen and download the single below:

Updated the link above with the tagless version!

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  • its good


    bitch ass niggas

  • Michelle


  • Tunchie Killed diz shit yoooo!!! Swag. Btw her mouth iz like my house so i guess you can say im cumming home

  • YOUR name here


  • ricardo laguna

    omg great song the best in the song was weezy verse omg soo incredible the song fro venezuela YMCMB

  • Lilduke1

    its aite…nicki had da bes verse to me

  • WeezyWayniac

    thats a phillies hat in the pick. FYI The best team in the game.

  • What a surprise

    another song about nothing!

    another song talking about money and bitches.

    this is why so many people hate on wayne and young money/cash money.

    the songs are about the same shit. make a fucking song about life, make a song people can relate to. majority people listening to this music are not millionaires like birdman and lil wayne, so they cant relate to much of what they say.

    make music people can relate to..and the hate will die down a lot.

  • Idiotsiswear

    Wayne defiantly wrote birdman verse sounds just like Wayne birdman never has punchline and only says the same things every time Wayne wrote that song iight tho

  • WeezyWayniac

    i guess its kinda hard to find a pick with all three and wayne wearing a pirates to go with lyrics and collab

  • Tasha’Minaj’Green

    Amazing song <3 YMCMB LOVE <3

  • lehpro

    follow me ontwitter @ lehpro muzic i follow bac

  • Idiotsiswear

    But this nigga say Wayne killed it ur a Stan nobody killed it everyone was average but nicki verse was better but I’m not saying she killed it

  • YOUR name here

    at first i thought there was urine on lil waynes hat but now i see it was just gang shit. thanks for clearing that up weezy!

  • lil josh

    @what a surprise bitch stfu with that bullshit talk. people hate on ymcmb because they shittin on the game. by winning in everything they do. 75% of hip hop in genereral raps about tha shit you talking bout ym raps about. kill that dumb shit hoe


    thats a philes hat you dumb fucks not a pirates hat.

  • 17th ward p-town

    birdman killed his first verse… “shoot up anything except a skool or a playground” damnnn

  • What a surprise

    @lil josh, lol how am i talking bullshit? its the truth. lil wayne and young money never make songs with any meaning.

    thats kind of the point of hip hop, telling a story.

    you must be a little kid. and im not even hating on them, lil wayne is very talented, and has made great songs (ex: pray to the lord, something you forgot, one night only) but he doesn’t anymore, and thats why everyone hates on him.


    @idiotsiswear & @yournamehere & @whatasurprise =are all the same person .

  • wayne wrote this whole shit and birdman best verse in years

  • ashi_cruz

    @whatasurprise bitch wtf r u talking about? have u not heard c4? mirror,president carter, how to love, and abortion all had meaning behind them. AND THATS HIS LATEST SHIT

  • aaronc

    i have a question for you guys..i?m going to his concert i wanna know howi can get autograph from him or a picture

  • tarell

    @ashi_cruz , and liljosh thank you. that asshole acting like wayne doesnt make shit with meaning. smh he mite not all the time but he does fool

  • What a surprise

    @ashi_cuzz, president carter didnt have meaning, he was just bragging about his self like all his other songs now a days. abortion had NO meaning lmfao just a bunch of random lyrics.

    damn lil wayne fans these days are so ignorant.

    another little kid. and im not Idiotsiswear or yournamehere

  • patrick


  • YOUR name here

    bitch this is the CeeJ talking, now u kno its official this track is garbage.
    between nikki rapping about her vagina and lil wayne rapping about his clothes ym make hiphop look soooo bad.
    thank god for slaughterhouse. eminem and kanye are the last hope for hiphop

  • patrick

    @whatasurprise either you’re dumb as fuck or retarted if you cant listen to those songs and read between lines of what he’s saying. im im grown jackass so you can stop with calling everyone on here “lil kids” smh

  • Idiotsiswear

    Yo I seriously dont get you wanna be magnum p.i. Wayne stans I have 2 names idiotsiswear and stillidiots if I had more I would tell you you dumb ass how could I be whatasurprised you dumb shit we posted literally at the same time so I wrote all of that and then wrote what I said in the same minute put my name and email in all in the same minute damn someone said Wayne fans are dumb I see why that was said

  • mike

    abortion is about how fucked up the world is and how it’s soon coming to a end. “we in the belly of the beast” = the world we live in ” and she’s thinking about abortion ” = ending . you really are slow

  • Idiotsiswear

    President Carter had no meaning the little speech at the end doesn’t make up for the whole song how to love was a damn love song and abortion had absolutely no meaning there is no lines to read between it had no meaning mirrors did though

  • lol at you

    ceej please get a REAL life and stop making fake pages with different names talking shit. you’re worthless. wayne, nicki, and birdman are doing 20x better in life than you’ll ever do. and yet you sit on they fansite leaving comments as if they matter lol

  • NY _city

    how to love was not a love song jackass go watch the official video to understand the message he was sending. yall are dumb as hell on here

  • YOUR name here

    ok. so by that logic u need to get off here too cuz ur not doing as well as them either (income wise) but i live in america so ill use my God given rite to freespeach and shit on little wayne all i want. capeach?

  • Idiotsiswear

    See everyone has they own meaning for abortion and other Wayne songs you saying it’s about the world ending and some other idiot saying it’s about the illuminati but that’s the hook even if that’s what he meant that’s just the damn Hook that doesn’t save the verse from being about absolutely nothing neither does the ending of president Carter

  • keith

    @ny_ city exactly i thought that 2 until i saw the video for it, and then i got a whole lot more understanding about the song. it’s deep

  • Idiotsiswear

    How to love wasn’t a love song the song is called how to love wow I’m not talking about some boyz to men jagged edge shit when I said love

  • jumpman 23

    only closed mineded people wouldnt understand those songs or waynes diversity. and ceej suck a dick dude you need pussy in your life cause you have too much time on your dick beating hands

  • @ you’d like to get in nicki’s vagina dont even act like u wouldn’t lmao

  • @ your name here**

  • Idiotsiswear

    I woke up this morning dick rock hard ashes my blunt in my Grammy award you can save you bullshit on your memory card If this real business then you niggas unemployed jumped on the celly called makaveli he said he was gravy I said I was jelly looked in the mirror said yous a ill nigga then I ran to the money like track and field nigga now I think I’ll have me a coffee with 6 sugars in a world full of ass kissers and dick pullers

  • ovoxo

    thank you @jumpman23. people come on this site just to criticize wayne as if he isnt the most diverse artist in hip hop. wayne makes typical rapper songs at times yes, but who hasnt? smh wayne has and still has made meaningful songs also so save the b.s. talk

  • CeeJ mothafucka!


  • Idiotsiswear

    Yea y’all know the rest of the verse Danny won’t let me post the rest but y’all know it so you mean to tell me that was about the world ending???

  • kyle

    smh fools claiming they dont like wayne or his music but live on his fansite and typing his lyrics. -__- ((the thirst))

  • ace

    what kind of nigga say “gross” to pussy? *suspect* lmfao

  • Jigga

    I just have one question for you guys. What are you doing on a Lil Wayne fan site if your just gonna hate?

  • ricardo laguna

    @ What a surprise
    in that song that I know do not talk about money birdman as he does frequently and minaj choir is well you’re saying that the usual birdman sings but this song makes the exception not the same of money to blow, 4 mi town, fire flame etc do not quite understand what you’re talking man

  • CeeJ mothafucka!

    its cuz so many people genuinely hate that little nigger. forreal, he’s a crook ass bitch ass two faced piece of whale shit.

  • robb

    @mike @ny_city @ashi_cruz @kyle i agree with yall. and @ace exactly dude esp. nicki minaj smh he’s a fruit cake hahaha

  • CeeJ mothafucka!

    at ACE or weezy gayboy #1… whoever u are, its called standards, and maybe if u had some u wouldnt be a fuck up negro with stds out the azzzzzz

  • razor backs

    @jigga because they have no life dude. esp. ceeGAY i bet he has no friends or if he does they’re losers like him and he lives with his whore of a mother prob. in a basement and sits on his laptop all day on here lmfao

  • CeeJ mothafucka!

    @GAYzor backs… u thnk u funny?
    Yo NiKgA dIs A dEsKtOp BiTcH

  • Idiotsiswear

    Dumbass I’m typing his lyrics because y’all said it had meaning you dumbass I don’t live on here and I said over and over I’m a Wayne fan I said I just hate tha Carter IV I’m a fan with a honest opinion smh everyone quick to call someone a hater for telling the truth

  • trilla

    FUCK EVERYBODY ON HERE HATIN OR TRYNA TALK SHIT THIS SONG IS DOPE. it’s called “why u mad” wtf was it supposed tobe about? u.s.a. history? smh

  • HAHAHA @ ceej go fuck urself boy we kno u dont like pussy

  • ricardo laguna

    @jigga has all the reason I never understand why they are not idiots and the worst is that they talk and they know nothing

  • CeeJ mothafucka!

    weezy cry urself to sleep tonight listen to ur slow rap “gansta” music because all ur fans want to see u get shot up like 50 and u a bitch for getting hated on by ur label.
    ill see u in hell wizzle, maybe ull win a vma award there hahah
    im gone!

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    lol birdmans verse is funny. tight song though

  • Idiotsiswear

    Now the fact that me and ceej posted at the exact same minute proves I’m not him

  • @ idiotsiswear how can u be a wayne fan and hate tha carter iv. fake ass fan

  • trilla

    we call it hate and you call it “the truth” so who’s right? dumbass it’s called YOUR OPINION but when you leave it on a fansite and you call him a nigger and piece of shit. thats HATE. you dont have to like c4 bitch it’s steps away from a million

  • ricardo laguna
  • Jigga

    I understand everyone has their own opinion but i see @Ceej on every single post. Do you have nothing better to do but constantly argue with ppl just because they like someone you don’t?

  • Idiotsiswear

    Trilla umm when I said Wayne repeats the same shit and uses wack lines that’s the truth when I said the verses on abortion had no meaning that’s the truth I never called Wayne a nigger dumbass or a piece of shit so stfu and weezy#1 UR a Stan I’m a fan just not a fan of c4 so wait because I’m a Wayne fan should I automatically love every thing he does even if its garbage? That’s some Stan shit j can be honest when something sucks y’all just dick ride and act like it’s the best thing ever

  • kelly_b

    @jigga dude he seriously dont have anything to do with his life. haahaha it’s really funny to me. i dont like justin beiber or souljaboy but you dont see me on any of they fansites [all day] arguing with they fans and tryna convince them not to like they fav. artist .smh what a waste

  • YM Salute

    @Idiotsiswear Yes the ending of President Carter did make up for the whole song and it did have meaning.

    Now to get on topic of this song. I’m a really big Wayne fan and he’s my favorite rapper…but I just hope he starts writing lyrics down and raps stuff that we could relate to again. I miss those days a lot.

  • you lose

    @jigga and kelly_b and not to forget he used to be on here sucking wayne dick prasing him yeah i remember you lil bitch lollolol

  • ricki


  • ashia

    yeah wayne has 19 nominations and yall on here trying to shit on his name as a artist? smh fail!! wayne still wins

  • Na son u obviously just dont know good music when you hear it cuz C4 is the SHIT.
    fuck you

  • idk y ppl complain about wayne not havin meaning in his songs any more ,cus since drought 3 ,he been rappin wit no meanin ,n nobody wasnt complanin evabody,liked em ,n,ppl want him 2 go back 2 dem days so,i dnt understand ?

  • but its not,like he doesnt make songs wit,meanin 2 em ,

  • C jay

    Tell me one rapper more diverse than wayne..dude been rappn for almost 20 years wtf.last and youngest dude in hotboys and still made it.
    get of homie dik

  • CeeJ mothafucka!

    u want diversity u go to a damn puppy kenl u want rap u listen to hiphop. dont pick one of his traits out and claim that that makes him great. he used to be good and he lost it he’s just a psycho now with a shitty record label. seriously he changed and u cant say thats a good thing because if he started out thinking one thing and now he’s changed then obviously he has no idea what he’s doing. being original and staying true to urself is whats important and when the nigger goes and does autotune crying over synthesized instrumentals then just holds a guitar in front of a crowd and plays 3 chords yet calls himself a rock star he’s a fucking joke. i dont care what yall think my motives are for being here shitting on his attempts at music im here cuz i think he’s a wack ass nigger who cant do shit and i kno he monitors this site so i want him to see how much people hate him for being the piece of shit he is.
    eminem will always be the best rapper alive and weezy has lost his place in the game to people like kanye and even b.o.b who are good lyricists but not at the expense of their fans.

  • Slim

    CeeJ has a point ……


    and it pisses me offf…..

    We all know weezy f baby is great ….. he’s going through a tunechi phase ( probation)

    give him time , he’ll be back…..

    and please you little white fans on here ….. STOP DICKRIDING and be a REAL fan.

    *no offense*

  • Kelso

    Follow me @ orlando21h I follow back.

  • right

    listen up niggers i dont give a FUCK if i am white mexican black or any other race MUSIC IS FOR EVERYONE no matter you color or race if music belongs to you niggers than FREEDOM belongs to us white people..REAL FUCKING TALK so stop being racist through music and saying white people dont know hip-hop rap or r&b because look at your djs, fucking producers, and directors a lot of them are white IF YALL STOP HATING WHITES FOR LIKING RAP THEN MAYBE ILL TAKE BACK WHAT I SAID….DUECES

  • CeeJ mothafucka!


  • CeeJ mothafucka!

    but if yall think weezy is taking probation serious u must be crazy, this is as good as “tunechi” is gonna get. ps. lil wayne weezy and tunechi are all the same person…

  • @what a surprise All of young money doesn’t tell storys? so you telling me none of drakes song ever told a story? None of waynes songs ever told storys? from the top of my head something you forgot, how to love, how to hate, should i continue?

  • Kali

    Honestly if ur on here hating on wayne go suck an aids dick .. Get da fuck off da site .. U won’t change no one mind on this site .. If wayne they favorite rapper then it will remain that .. Now go get sum pussy and calm ya panties .. Hop off wayne dick and his site if u a hater .. Dis song dope tho

  • CeeJ mothafucka!

    yes josh please continue to list ridiculous little wayne songs with little or no real topic that are deep and complex in the world of niggers

  • CeeJ mothafucka!

    “But I hope you haven’t forgot about me up in the livin’ room watchin’ Sports Center
    You were cookin’ dinner, I was such a sinner, but the Lord is a forgiver
    You know they say if you pray then you can get your blessings ordered and delivered
    and your boyfriend is not like me
    Ma you even went and got a teardrop like me
    I remember we would sit at home all day
    You called me Butter i called you babe”

    thats so deep. and wow how to love, did lil wayne really invent the idea of saving sex until marriage? or the concept of an unplanned pregnancy. i feel like i was so stupid until i watched that 3 minute video of him… in that hallway… sitting on the ground… woooow!

  • TmoneY

    Nicki and wayne both have good verses, chorus could be much better.
    99% of the comments ppl leave on here arent even about the post hahaha

  • fuck haters

    the song says it all wayne sold allot of album thats why you mad now its the haters time to hate

  • Yeeeaah

    “Maaan fuck these bitch ass niggas” and haters. Look, it’s called an opinion! Whoever says this song sucks, then okay but don’t say shit about Wayne. You’re NO ONE, Wayne made it for the fans, if you dont like it say you don’t like it, that’s it. What if you haters make a song and your “fans” say “man fuck this song and him. Shit sucks” now what? I’m a big fan, I like the song. No dick riding. Gone



    Daaaaaaaamn!!! That’s some real muthafuckin’ talk! You shut em’ down with that one.

    I come to this website everyday, read all tha comments & my opinion on Tha Carter IV is that it wasn’t good because we’ve heard better from Wayne so we have higher standards now for him.

    Wayne is tha ONLY rapper I have respect for but he isn’t tha same. I was surprised with Tha Carter IV selling almost a milli because I feel he doesn’t have tha same buzz he did in 06-08 when he was everywhere killing beats & going for tha throne.

    He had ambition, motivation, determination & DEDICATION to be tha best.

    Wayne is tha BEST RAPPER EVER TO TOUCH A MIC! Wayne’s only competition is himself right now. You don’t know what he’s going through in his life & it might be affecting his career.

    I’am a rapper myself & when I have problems in my life I can’t think nor rap straight.

    Wayne is why I rap. But he isn’t tha same, his music is different, his swagg is different, WEEZY F. BABY is BETTER than LIL TUNECHI.

    Everybody has their opinion but it’s a fact that he’s changed. He’s a brand now & his fans will like anything he puts out but Wayne’s been letting me down.

    I used to love Wayne, I still do but I’m disappointed that he worked so hard for tha throne to be wearing tha throne tha way he is right now.

  • damn this song is hot 🙂 i love it 🙂 wayne killed this shit 🙂

  • CeeJ mothafucka!

    they’re al the same fuckn person! he just a twofaced bitch are yall too dumb to see????? if u go by one name then go by another name the next day (or basically just call urself someting else even if nobody else does) that doesnt make u a different person or stylish or cool it just makes u a fucking psycho.

    u cant tell me little wayne’s opinion matters more than mine just because he’s robbed the rap game big time. he’s just a person and that being said he has to lve by the standards of everyone else, which means no lying cheating (airguitar) and stop talking about chowin down on vag 24/7.

    kanye and eminem make wizzle’s lifes work look like a joke and b.o.b makes his rymes and rhthms sound like they come from a crack baby. so just sit down and stfu with all that gay ass lil wayne dick taking support.

    if ur white u know he’s a liar and two faced, if ur black u know he’s racist…. and if ur hispanic then u probably dont even like him in the first place.

    and stunna never was a great rapper jst had weezy on his label and thats why u know about him, nikki is the same way but on the other side of the coin she is on wizzles record label so thats why u know her otherwise she’d just be a one hit wonder kesha skank.

    thank you.


    Can everybody just comment on tha post & ignore any opinions you do not agree with?

    Get on your grown shit & stfu. We are just some average muthafuckas commenting on a rich ass muthafucka. What difference does Wayne make on your life? Oh well he ain’t dropping what we want. It ain’t tha end of tha world. Good or bad talk, you’re still talking about Wayne & he’s not talking about you nor I, he doesn’t even know we exist.

    He had he’s run, that lasted around 20 years. Everything has it’s end, if he does a comeback, GREAT! But he isn’t even trying. Carter IV was a subpar album. Sorry 4 The Wait was a subpar mixtape. If you’re a fan you’re a fan if not get tha fuck out tha “LIL WAYNE FANSITE”. You’re just wasting time you will never get back from your life. Pathetic people in this world. Do you because he’s doing him.

  • einstein

    All of you are fucking stupid

  • Quantrindic

    Wow you know an artist is kicking ass when he has haters that act more adamant than his fans. That’s some ironic shit for your ass…

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  • president

    Ceej you really need a life man. It’s getting beyond a joke now. Also when insulting Wayne don’t refer to Bob or kanye. Kanye has great production but was never a rapper that would eat you and Bob is garbage. Eminem isn’t the best rapper alive and never was. He isn’t even as big as Wayne in mainstream anymore. Also to those trying to say that because your White means you can’t listen to good hip hop that’s pretty much insulting to me. I’m White and I would like to think my taste in hip hop music is pretty good.

  • Converse

    Damn Wayne and Nicki spaz out? birdman finally switch up the lyrics

    U MAD BRO?

  • Converse

    B.o.b is dope fuck you dumbass?! Gayfish is ass tho

  • 1 of the best verses wayne ever wrote for stunna

  • did this nigga say wayne has never told a story lmao tie my hand trouble get off the corner bmjr everything lalala something you forgot youngin blues keisha biznite the whole block is hot lights out 500 degreez he was tellin hood stories shit another is real rap miss my dawgs shit i can keep goin but now his metaphors he spittin be sayin all the real shit if you cant decipher them thats on you not wayne

  • Bjsu

    “party time, excellent, Waynes world” judging from his verse on red bandanna an this, I have no idea why waynes world wasn’t on tha Carter IV

  • Fly Dungas

    oh my god its like a firedrill at the retard factory in this bitch

  • @What a surprise nigga who gives a fuck about meaning stop hating waynes lyrics are untouchable he is so good cause of how he says it not wat he says its poetic bro some of the mainstream is not its just another track cause hesss soo big that erebody need wayne on the track. listen to the drought three and then you tell me if hes not the best rapper that ever liiiived and many more mixtapes. YMCMB blood!

  • Wayne over tupac had to say it no ones bars goes harder

  • TheKokaineHeadLiNER

    I live by the cold war… .

    Drove from round the globe… .

    All I need is a kilo a apron show me the stove… .

    General electric perfected cookin em Os… .


  • jhonny

    hate ta say but nicki did betta than wayne on dis

  • RyRy

    No homo but wayne flow went to hard on this song. best rapper alive.

  • @Ceej get life u black pussy why u on the fanwebsite? u doesnt got friends?? sadd u wanna big dick in your mouth.eminem got always lipstick on his nuts

  • man i dnt knw why some ppl r say’in nicki had da best verse, u have to be deff to say stupid shit like dat, wayne killed dat sing im nt just saying dat because this a Wayne fan-site nah, thts just the damn truth. hey and you can hear in tht verse Wayne is comfortable again he gna be killing shit nw (nt to say tht he wasn’t)

  • @converse cole world,no blanket haha what are retarded cole fans i give him 30k first week.the game>j.cole simply smh…. the truth is j.cock is weak fuckin album..

  • nicky did kill it but tell me who she got that style from -_- wayne yah fuck heads she even says it when she claims the female wayne her metaphors were tight juss like his but ofcourse weezy cant go hard onn evvery song he has more than a thousand literally ill tell yah this tho he goes hard on half of them which is 500 more than any rapper yaaaaa diggg

  • Yippee

    Why ya’ll mad at weezy, tha songz is 99.9% cool, c4 waz 85 better than yall hater

  • yung_money

    yo real talk im getting fucking tired of coming to this site to hear niggaz up here bitching and whinning every fucking post point blank if u don’t like weezy no more or c4 STOP COMING TO DA FUCKING SITE AND STOP LISTENING TO HIM dam it’s dat simple who da fuck got time to talk about how much he suck and fell off everyday goddam if i don’t like a nigga i just don’t fuck wit him i got a life and shit to do otha then go to dat man fansite yall think coming here bashing his music gonna change sumthin da nigga still went platinum in a week dat should tell u something all da comparing and saying he got no meaning just bullshit none of these rappers got meaning anymore besides nas, styles p , raekwon niggaz like dat weezy, jay-z , eminem all mainstream rappers talking bout money,cars or dissing pop stars and boy bands keep it real man it’s a difference between opinion and hating shit give yo opinion and kick rocks but like 10 comments on every post saying the same shit he fell off ,c4 sucks he has no meaning is just lame as hell u and othas might think dat but it’s millions who don’t if yall spent as much time on a fansite of somebody yall actual like instead of up here hating yall would be da best fans in the world smfh grow da fuck up

  • Kalakuta

    @CeeJ mothafucka,why can’t you at least find something better to do with your life?

  • swagg nation

    dis shit garbage aint nobody buyin birdmans wack ass album #fuckouttahere

  • juliooo

    even the with wayne on most of the songs i bet its the same boring ass flow with weak punchlines

  • ^LAMES^


  • Ben

    Dope! Wayne and Nicki went hard as fuck! Im a buy Birdman album to support the Ymcmb!

  • Dungas

    @lames this site is an extremely poor representation of our generation. not all of us are this stupid and eardead

  • ogeezy

    I fkn hate when these haters call themselves fans ..if u don’t like his music haw does that make u a fan..

  • Fah Dunglish

    Some people are just wicked pissed about c4, like me. If I talk shit its about that album alone not wayne but some of these assholes have been coming here just to start shit for fun for a while and they’re just fags that do it to make themselves feel important. Not unlike all the dick riders buying a bunch of albums and yelling about a mil when it missed that mark by 40k. Which is still a lot. 40 thousand. A lot of people bought it before listening to it too, and where real bummed. I heard a lot of those sales were from pr orders alone. I’m lookin forward to Birdman’s album more honestly..this song is pretty ill and loyalty was DOPE. Wayne had such an ill line on that song.. “Can’t see myself dying broke, Ray Charles.” LMAO way better than “Ray Charles to the bullshit” He just didn’t try hard anymore and people are upset. Like in this case the first line plays on the fact that hes blind AND blew his career and his money, the other one just on the fact that hes blind which is old and repetitive. This is a theme throughout c4. Especially since he can just do that and still sell shitloads more than people who tried way harder to be original and lyrical. Also you can’t use songs like abortion and say they have meaning, CJ or whoever is right there. Idiot actually, hes not a tard like cj. None of the verses match the meaning that you give to the chorus, its likely that he just liked it and threw it on there. its from like 2 or 3 years ago anyway.

  • junie

    u can tell birdman didnt write his verse someone wrote that for him i never heard birdman rap like that

  • maynee

    crazy song for a while that i can bang for weeks !!! Nicki killleeeddd this

  • junie


  • topher86

    Sm1 abav said, Wayne doesnt say anything abt lyf, Listen to Mirrors on C4 or How to Love, oh, maybe U dont grasp the lyrics. WHAT A SUPRISE,


    if birdman want his album to do anything he needs another MONEY TO BLOW or somthin similar to that.

  • i like the songs loyalty waynes fans are loyal fuckin haters get life i vote already on for wayne 6´7 video its the best video after how to love this year

  • guest

    lmao Birdman went hard.

  • ronie

    this song so sick…. I FUCKIN LOVE IT bigga than life its gon be hard

  • Shani

    LIL WAYNE 4 LIFE! I’m his biggest FAn ! YMCMB! C4!

  • Mossy

    boi said turn her pussy to a fire hydrant! undefeated weezy!! how i feel “BITCH I FEEL UNDEFEATED”lmao #bre

  • Corey


  • DanYMCMB4ever

    @what a surprise, you dont have to be a millionaire to relate to wayne, you just have to have a big dream and a passion! everyone will hv a hater in their craft, wayne is like a voice to us to keep us motivated and to continue w/o letting anyone changes us!! and to have fun when we want to, cuz we on one!!!

  • 5zPoppin^Droppin



  • africa

    If u broke an u u got a fav rapper who talks about jou fav subjects which is (being broke),then go to his site an celebrate him,we out the struggle,I don’t a rapper dats gna b reminding me of ma pas mistakes n struggles,YMCMB,if u fil different then fuck outta here

  • Chris

    5/10 its alright not something i will push repeat on

  • oblivion

    everybody check out your boy oblivionboutmymillions youtube videos comment let me know ya;ll feeling me

  • nice song

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  • allen

    But like serzy,y d fuck y’all haters mad???u all should go get a life cos every one on dat track got 1 already.smfh

  • Wow tha son is osam, niki u r the best my gul with ur fake ass hahaha

  • Raziranjaka

    Wat what a suprize said was ture but i don’t mean to be dick ridin’ or nothin’ but i love YMCMB and i know they d best n i think they niggas hating cuz they jealous but he kinda ture i still love em though and i wish i was YMCMB cuz i want some of that hating and cuz i ain’t so rich n cuz it’s all bout hatin’ bitches n money and i come from d same place with minaj