Joe Jonas – Just In Love (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne) [CDQ/Dirty]

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Joe Jonas Just In Love Remix Feat Lil Wayne

Joe Jonas grabs a verse from Lil Wayne for the official remix to his “Just In Love” single. The original song will appear on Joe‘s debut album, Fast Life. You can listen and download the track below:

Download: Joe Jonas – Just In Love (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne)

I’ll update this post as soon as we get the CDQ/Dirty version! Updated the link above with the CDQ/Dirty version!

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  • F R E S H

    Joe Jonas is a fag

  • Monicaaa

    wayne shouldnt be doing verses for any jonas brothers. thats fucked up shitttt

  • i dont like joe but wayne had a good verse honestly

  • tunechi23

    2nd my nigggggaaaa

  • ztunechi-


  • Bebo Gritly

    3rddd n dam tunechi kill it

  • james

    wayne definitely went as hard as he could on a joe jonas song haha

  • waynes verse hard meaning

  • Demitrous

    What the fuck!

  • YoungFhoe

    Hahahaha Joe and weezy

  • Demitrous

    Joe sucks major dick..really!

  • Estonian

    Wtf Wayne? That’s not gangsta.

  • Bleezymula

    Shut up you bitches Wayne killed the song

  • Dank

    Look at wayne in 2004 then Jonas in 2004. Definition of a sell out.

  • @Dank u definition of a hater or penis eater

  • Sell Out

    yeah……thats some stupid sort of shit

  • Bleezymula

    Dank shut the hell up y’all don’t appreciate the work he is doing.

  • wtfizzy

    Lol @ jobro and wayne on a song together…in any case waynes verse went in..unfortunately this will neeeeeeeeeeeeeeever make it to my ipod lol

  • guest

    this pisses me off. Disney channel characters now ? REALLY Wayne ?

  • ogeezy

    Oh dam…

  • Man fuck ya’ll hater, he is doin wat he does best nd always does constitute sell out??? Ya’ll way past stupid, rather say Em is a sell-out tht love the way u lie was a sell-out. Wayne has a gr8 verse…

  • where is junie this whore

  • Alex F. Baby

    This song is fresh man. Tunechi went hard as he could. And stop talkin’ shit like Joe Jonas and Disney Channel. Joe has grown now and the song is just awesome. You understand me. YMCMB.

  • killa cam

    ^^^ You comparing Love The Way You Lie with this ??? ARE YOU RETARDED ?

  • WTF is Tunechi ?

    r.i.p Lil Wayne 1999-2007

  • Yes u dumb fuck “love the way you lie” Biggest sell-out track of the last 5 years, come u surely can’t say u wre expect’in such lovey dovey bull-shit from Em… Yeah ths track is probably also nt wt we expect frm wayne bt wat the hell if someone’s gna ask hm 2 lay a verse on a track hs not gna turn it down neither will Em nd niether will ur stupid ass!!!

  • Alex F. Baby

    I think we should hear some hard gangsta tracks on I Can’t Feel My Face.

  • Weezy part kill it ! <3

  • killa cam

    @Dillon, I dont listen to Eminem’s music but if you think Eminem would say yes if a fucking Jonas Brother asked him to do a verse you are retarded.


    r.i.p 1999-2008***

  • Bleezymula

    Y’all be sippin on some gay shit get a life you fuckin haters

  • Mossy

    weezy went fckn ham on this shit

  • yeah junie is a fag lmao. but wayne killed this shit he’s the man and its funny to see ppl hatin on this song cuz its gonna be so popular

  • Summer


  • Other retards just comment 4 some fucken site beef, its so retard lame

  • tuneindabuildin

    bitches need to stop hatin on wayne for bein on this song… he murdered that shit nd thats how u get more fans by doin songs with different artists.. nd how can u be a sellout if u just doin music nd gettin paid?

  • Not really a big fan of Joe Jonas but MUCH LOVE for Weezy!!!!!!!!! I like the song and Weezy killed it I really liked Weezy’s part. YMCMB <3

    Follow me on Twitter please : YMCMBArab112

  • HiQ

    Wayne went hard, good stuff

  • Melo

    The guys complainin that this isn’t “gangster” Wayne. Why don’t y’all go listen to some underground rapper bullshit! Wayne isnt a sellout, he’s just trying to better his music. What y’all don’t understand is that he is not only a rapper but above all a MUSICIAN/ARTIST!! don’t hate, just stop listening to Wayne and let us true fans enjoy his music.

  • Kris

    joe jonas was smart by pickin up lil wayne for a verse. i mean i would’ve never listened to this song, but lil waynes in it.

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    my nigga went in!

  • Why ya’ll gettin mad? He just did a remix. You act like he picked up for an official song or some shit.

  • Dadada

    justin biebers # 810-588-3085
    please call!!!!!!!!

  • Kaj

    On October 3, 2011 at 6:26 pm WTF is Tunechi ? responded with…

    r.i.p Lil Wayne 1999-2007

  • lopy

    wheres the little @@ck sucker junie at! fucqn tranny

  • funny

    funny how that short wayne verse was better than any verse on tha carter 4.

    wayne, get your head out of your ass, the carter 4 was horrible.

    this verse was impressive.

  • i like that!!

  • ted bundy

    Lol. What the fuck is this shit?

  • Man, I gotta admit I miss Wayne’s old gangster shit not this tight girl looking jeans working with the Jonas crap?? Old Wayne would’ve shot that f*cker, Wayne get back on that sizzzurrrpppp!

  • BlahBlah

    why do you ya’ll want Wayne to stick to the whole gangsta shit all his career? i ain’t no fan of Jonas Brothers either but atleast he changin up his flow throughout his career. cause talkin bout shootin niggas and shit gets old. go listen to some 50cent shit if ya want that.

  • this is Awesome πŸ™‚ wayne killed it πŸ™‚ i love this song πŸ™‚

  • scooty_mofo

    i was expecting this song to be outright shit. But its aight not ipod worthy though

  • aaronc

    this is the first time i ever hated on weezy but this is pretty fuvken duumb..

  • LoveTunechi

    whats wrong with it? its got a good beat. wayne killed it and the jonas part aint bad either. everybody gotta grow up sometime. he obviously outta disney. this is good for both of them.

  • i Got ain’t no love like the one i got lmma prisoner love got my heart on lock So i could start from the start by my side and she tell me that it’s mine and i say that’s mine and she look like a butterfly smells like a flower and we go together like money in a power that don’t mean nothing nothing but her cuz all the mother f they don’t f with her and the smile on her face make the world a better place she’s outta this world so we have more space make the love like animals planing like the a peas all night all morning till the bright full of place man we just doing we does and take all eating just eating up and we just be here just because i don’t worry about eating im just in love

  • eminem is sell out now is wayne sell out because he got no competion on the game i listen better to joe jonas as justin cock beiber…. i bet tha carter 4 was recording on i am still music tour and he cant waste the time with the album because of its not super dope…BUT this album is more as average.this song is just a remix….. smh u hatin about everything ok i dont like it still wayne had a goood verse.

  • zama money


  • Steven

    Maannn …Crazy flow by weezy. He killed it and he did mean it when he said, ‘Joe i got youu!!!

  • FuckYoBitch

    i hope wayne made this faggot pay a quarter milli for a verse

  • By FrenchFan

    Kids … if Lil Wayne did a duet with Joe Jonas is that he finds that Joe has enough talent ! Pfff –‘

    When Joe met Lil Wayne said :
    Joe : Hello Lil Wayne. Nice to me to , I’m Joe Jonas
    Lil Wayne : JONAAAAS ! Good Men !

    He was happy to see him! So shut up and enjoy this song!

  • swagg nation


  • A

    Joe ROCKED it ! his version is so much better than this one .. just ACCEPT IT !

  • BrandonJS

    My favorite comment is the one about love the way you lie being “lovey dovey”. “I’ma tie her to the bed and set this house on fire” AWWWW! HOW SWEET!

    But as far as this song goes, i like wayne’s verse. Props to Joe for getting him cuz I never would have listened to this song without the remix. Still not a fan of the song but I thought Wayne killed it.

  • UGH!

    Anyone who says wayne didnt fall off……………….. GO FUCK YOURSELF. FAGGOT.

  • UGH!

    seriously you cant say shit wayne sucks so fucking much for doing this shit with that promise ring wearing little christian faggot. what a joke. im never buying another fuckin wayne cd again smh why wayne why. id rather get a justin biber collabo album than this fucking fag shit. btw everyoen saying waynes not a sellout…he is, and he always has been a sell out. he always says himself, its all about the money for him. he does it for the money. that is what a sellout is, someone who tries to engineer radio music just to make money off of it. Lil Wayne is the definition of that. Hes really fucking good at it too look how trash C4 was and how much it still sold

  • RL Polo

    @UGH, Its not that he sucks its just that he ran out of shit to say and he doesnt have to prove himself anymore so now he’s just puttin generic shit out hoping it will sell and it does.

  • liSah

    stop sayn ish bwt wayne, coz he kild t.

  • boboye bigmeat arbey

    To all haters go fcuk yourselves ya’ll whacked motherfcuker fcuk ya’ll WAYNE has come back from the dead he’s a monster he gonna kill ya’ll to get to the top…REAL NIGGA NINO 111 kill them all

  • Dank

    What does it mean to sell out?

    “It basically means when a band turns their back on the formula and sound that they’ve established, musically, in exchange for more popularity, radio airplay, and money.”

    So I say again… look at Wayne in 2004 and Jonas in 2004. I’d say doing a verse for 100k plus on a jonas song is sellout. Just like wearing jeggings doesn’t really show that your a “grown as blood”

    And you you guys are haters on us. I didn’t say wayne’s verse is wack or he is wack I said that was a clear cut definition of sell out… which is true of course. Maybe you guys don’t understand what selling out is iunno.

  • real-talk

    i dont got nothin to say bout this song…. BUT DANNY M. YOUS A BITCH.

  • #Ray

    omg I was afraid to listen.
    oh come on guys it’s not that bad,
    Wayne actually kills this.

  • jc

    damn man its 2011 some of you need to grow up for real. all music is mainstream these days to not change your style and at least give some attention to mainstream means to not have a career if you dont believe me ask 50 cent.

  • Get a life..! *^*.*.

    Dang u ppl need to grow up n get a life… Lil Wayne killed dis song;he did really good and if u ain’t like it u ain’t gotta say negative things bout it.. I bet u ain’t livin like he iz so keep ur mouth shut cuz he dnt care if u dnt like it. If u dnt like it jus dnt listen.!!! Not so hard to accomplish.!

  • Lol ..

    Real talk you niggas gota stop talking smack . Wayne dont give a fuck of wut yall say or think . The nigga is just making money , hes just smart . You kno dem gay jonas stay having females sweat dem . Wayne dont care , he knows jonas got fans so he makes music wid him . Hop off his shit , in the end of the day da nigga on top of the game no matter who he makes music wid

  • weezy f. baby

    this wayne…I will take her shake her shape her waist up send her to the money she be back before I wake up ha get ya cake up yall niggas lame ducks ya probaly get ya game up when im giving the game up my name wayne what hotboy flame up you niggas trying to change up and im getting my game up im a dboy im a dboy hoe ima dope boy I got the scope and a rope fa them jack boys I got money on my my block I got money in my ppocket go the money and the power im gone (tha carter 2).

  • Jc

    @UGH….if he says he’s in it for the money (which he has many times), and you know that going in then why do u still listen? Lol smh u sound retarded

  • Jc

    Also to add to that if his goal is doing whatever it takes to get money and then he does a song like this to make money is that even selling out if money was his goal all along?

  • weezyFbaby

    Weezy is so on top at the moment not just in the rap game but in music, i mean artist with most top 100 hits and the first artist to have 12 songs in top 100 since the beatles, he is entering MJ’s status YMCMB

  • Lil Wayne

    I do it 4 the luv of musik y’all.

  • Updated with the explicit version.

  • hey Danny M. any word yet on how much awards Wayne won at BET – Hip Hop Awards?


    @thanks danny m sorry for the retarded haters lol i estimate u

  • Ben

    it’s not selling out, it’s expanding your audience. πŸ˜€

  • zani

    i like this………………..NIZE….
    weezy my baby

  • RL Polo

    @ben thats what selling out is -_-

  • Jason

    Im startin to not like wayne i mean from hearing how awful the carter 4 was and that was horrible to him wearing womens pants it just made not wanna fuck with this dude i always try to give him the benefit of the doubt but fuck that this dude is just fallin off rapping wise fuck all the record sells and shit the dude raps are weak and im just being truthful hes 29 years old still rapping like hes 12 this man aint been right since prison

  • Kali

    @jason really? all his songs r hits tho? i dont understand lol…but i think he has been great…

  • Kali

    he sells out cause he want more money? he want more fans? if u dont listen to wayne he always say he about his money and his fans…so if u wasnt a rapper u wouldnt want to expand ya music lol? yall make stupid shit up all da time …get outta here


    i feel wayne lol if wayne retire with 35 he want money for his rest life but dont forget wayne said music is passion for me

  • rorroblood

    Yooooo u kidding? This pussy joe jonas?? Wtf weezy gngsteer? Man this is crap fuck this shit the next song is with justin bieber?


    i want a song like “no ceilings ft birdman on i cant feel my face

  • Zeca f. Baby

    Man to me lil wayne give the ” hype ” to this song …. And i like it …. Weezy killed so much features , keep hustle hard tunechi my nigga !!!! πŸ˜€ and fuck the haters !! πŸ˜› πŸ™‚

  • At first I thought this song would song balls so I didn’t wanna listen to it. Well it does suck balls but I listened to Wayne’s verse and he killed it. Just skip the rest of the song.

  • weezy the best

    yall talk all that shit, but wayne is gonna change his flow again, and kill the game one more time. the reason why yall think wayne getting lazy with his raps is because the whole rap game stole his stlye. wayne is the creator of the sound of rap these days. people had to rap like wayne or flop cause wayne be spittin some fire raps and he is the only person selling records. he ran eminem out the game, and made 50 sell water. and a lot of more rappers couldn’t even put nothing out. and this song, just know its a calculated move. wayne know what he doing he didn’t get this far by accident

  • RAGER_likethispage

    if you have not liked this link yet how the fuck are you living!

  • i agree wit @weezy the best, wayne smarter thn mst of ya’ll give hm credit for…. he mkes you thnk hs going on way wit hs music thn he turns around and goes a whle other dirction, nd thn he hs the whle game in a spin try’in to catch up…

  • Josh

    Wack song.. nuff said

  • real-talk

    real nigga hours…. wake yall fuck azz up


    @josh@real-talk u both gay

  • Jc

    @ weesythebest I agree 100% it’s funny how Wayne can’t do anything right as some ppl say on here. Carter 4 didn’t have enough substance. He’s fallen off. Blah blah now he does this song and it has substance now he’s a fag Bcuz it’s a Joe Jonas song or he’s a sellout like fuck man you ppl are never happy

  • Jc

    And people keep bringing up the women’s jeggings Wayne did it so people would talk about it good or bad it’s more people talkin Wayne. Stop bein little butches and gettin all upset over it Bcuz you know what you are doing? Still talkin about Wayne whether it’s good or bad. Smh.

  • Lil wayne and i are really good buds so shut up ppl. Get a life haterz!

  • WeezyJoe

    Both of them are just AMAZING πŸ˜‰

  • Josh

    @jc @fuckeminem stfu already.. ranting and shit.

  • peanutBUTTER

    if this verse was on another rapper’s song, y’all would be kneeling down.
    if you dont like joe jonas, listen to the verse. not exactly rocket science -_-
    and most of you need some hobbies for real. cause im sure random beef on a fansite does not qualify.
    shut up and listen to the music.

  • KK. Chapman

    what the fuck joe jonas is a gay fag that sucks major dick ….WTF!!!!!!

  • KK. Chapman

    what the fuck joe jonas is a gay fag that sucks dick ….WTF!!!!!!

  • First off Joe Jonas did a good job, lil’ Wayne as usual.. I would def hear this song over and over its def a different sound then what out now.. like different things

  • toby

    whatttttttttttttt lil tunechi should have never done this

  • the movie ti so bad

  • 2015 πŸ™‚