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Shanell – So Good (Feat Lil Wayne & Drake) [CDQ]

Wed, Nov 2, 2011 by

Shanell So Good Feat Lil Wayne & Drake

Funkmaster Flex just premiered Shanell‘s new single “So Good” featuring her Young Money boss, Lil Wayne, and her YM label-mate, Drake! There is currently no release date for SnL‘s debut album, but I’m guessing she will be looking for an early 2012 release. You can listen and download this Cool & Dre-produced track below:

Download: Shanell – So Good (Feat Lil Wayne & Drake) [CDQ]

I will update this post as soon as we get the tagless/dirty version. Updated the link above with the CDQ version.

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  • was


  • joey


  • stryder

    not first

  • oozaru

    3rd XP

  • this shit finally came out wezzy n drake yeeeeaaah

  • jean ymcmb



  • lilwayne>allrappers

    this definately gone build hype for shanell wayne went in hard and my boy drizzy

  • Timez

    Weezy killin all these features boy


  • lilwayne>allrappers

    some of the best i heard of wayne lately.


    YES 5 songs in 2 days thank you weezy !


    i stopped my porn for this for real 😀

  • Dam this shit going hard. Just when ya’ll thought this nigga was fallin off he comes right back up

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    this shyt addicting

  • dj khaled


  • Lenny

    This song is 2 years old people calm down wayne still saucks he recorded this two years ago

  • bunb

    Weezy going hammer in this hoe!

  • SugarCube

    man, gotta say Im not a fan of SnL at all, but this song is good.

  • tunechi lee

    5 songs in 2 days cant be better !!!!!! and 5 good songs nigga !!!!

  • Ali Wayne Morocoo

    this sing is awesome !!!!!!!!!!

  • weezy4life

    Lenny your a hatin ass bitch! wayne verse is craazy

  • tuer

    tunechi #BRA

  • blackhero

    Lenny can u prove that. Ans Shanell is doing great wit this song


    November is YMCMB!!!

  • Hunter

    this is old as shizaaa

  • scooty_mofo

    wayne back on top. hopefully ppl hear this and the one with robin and go damn he back to the top. drop a mixtape and make a statement now weezy



  • Hunter

    Argentina im sorry but your wrong accept it

  • Dumb ass.

    @Argentina wayne been going by the name tune since he was in his teens.

    he been saying the name tune in songs since 2005. go fuck yourself you dont know what you’re talking about.

    one of waynes better verses lately.

  • Dumb ass.

    lil wayne – weezy’s ambitions 2005 “young tune thats what my ppl call me”

    lil wayne – i feel me 2008 “you just do you and she just do me..tunechi”

    2 songs i thought of where he said tune, off the top my head.

  • Dumb ass.

    lil wayne – best thing yet 2008 “i got the rnb vets saying im the best thing yet…lil tunechi bitch”

  • Lil’ Wayne

    drizzy drake holdin’ it down.

  • Dumb ass.

    lil wayne – fireman 2005 “raw tune not a cartoon”

  • Dumb ass.

    That just shows how many of you faggots hopped on waynes dick after the song lollipop.

  • Dumb ass.

    lil wayne – scarface 2007 “Young tune in the room gimme room”

  • Dumb ass.

    lil wayne – drop it low remix nov. 2009 “yeah they call me tune, no bugs bunny”

  • Dumb ass.

    basically, ARGENTINA, i just made you look stupid. now that I know you’re a bandwagon lil wayne fan after he went commercial..go back and download all his older shit.

  • superlabel

    no ceilings flow

  • Dumb ass.

    @superlabel, no this is more of 2006 flow. no ceilings sound.

  • Is this a old verse?

  • georgiboy87

    shit to hot YMCMB…. for some reason im getting the idea that leeny is junie & dumb ass etc stop creating all these accunts its wayne world & yall are just tourist

  • Dumb ass.

    Very good Wayne verse at that.

    This is how you judge a good wayne verse:
    1. Wordplay. That’s what wayne is best at. “looking for a queen for my king sized bed” “fucking with lil tune then a nigga get murked, a nigga get kilt(killed) like a mafucking skirt”

    2. Flow. That’s what wayne has always stood out from other rappers with. A good flow from him is constant bars, no stopping. None of that “Life’s a bitch…female dog” type of shit. Complete bars.

    3. Substance. That’s what wayne has always lacked. Whenever he puts 2/3 bars that go together he’s easily one of the best in the game.

    “Pull up on them bitches, get out, walk/ way too many hoes(holes), like i play, golf/ she’s somewhere in wayne’s world, stranded, lost/ bitch catching feelings like randy, moss”

    those 2 1/2 bars demonstrate everything i stated. Wordplay, flow, substance. Wayne’s best verse as of late.

  • Wayneandlink

    Bandwagon ass Fans I swear. But other then that HE KILLED it even doe dis song old AF, diz wuz supposed to come out when Wayne wuz in jail..

  • Bezzzz

    Damnn this a banger forsuree, gonna be hot for awhile

  • AntiHate


  • Stack Bundles

    This is maaad old lmao … u guys call yourselves fans but can’t even tell if his verses are old or not.

    Anytime you hear Wayne rapping better than usual, that shit is old lol. He not this good anymore, it’s the truth.

  • Chito

    ^^^ this guy is hatin plus yea it’s old but it’s still good lol

  • tone47
  • Unknown

    i really think tune is gonna MURDER dat Umma Boss Remix .. well we will see in bout four days .
    But tunechis verse on this goes hard (old or not)
    Nd dat “Motto” verse went hard .

  • Junie

    @georgiaboy wtf are you talkin about no ones making fake accounts take my dick out ya mouth dumb fuck im just now gettin on this mufacka

  • Jaime

    So Wayne will go hard on a fucking R&B song but not on his own album … ok.

    Like this is that Megaman and No Ceilings type shit that I’ve been missing.

  • Ty Rilla_fly boy

    This song is about 2 years old and wayne been sayin tune for years thats how u know some of these people are c3 fans and this song is old cuz about 2 years ago it was on ymhq it was just a post sayin shanell is doing a song called so good with wayne and drake

  • Junie

    I look at the older post and see the fuckeminem dude sayin dum shit about me then i see this dum ass georgia boy nigga on my nuts smh godam i feel famous hop off my nuts worry about ya dam self

  • Lenny

    @blackhero because shanell said in an interview that she was doing a song with wayne and drake called so good and this was like late 2009

  • From Tha Carter 2

    “Young Tune , the big kahuna , its my ocean now, y’all niggas just tuna”

  • Lenny

    And @georgiaboy im black i dont say shit like go fuck yourself so that @Dumb ass dude aint me get off my dick


    Young tune the big kahuna this is my ocean baby yall niggas is tuna!

  • Lenny

    And neither is junie

  • Jrs

    I wanna hear harder lil wayne music I mean he’s hangin in there but I wanna hear a bomb by weezy do he can take the streets over again I want him to do a mixtape nd hear that vintage weezy I mean I look up to him I just want him to go crazy like no ceilings or dedication

  • this the shit 🙂 i love it 🙂 it finally came 🙂 wayne and drakes verse is sick 🙂 awesome song 🙂


    Very great style!

  • Young Money Soldier

    Hell yeah!
    I wish we got So many Wayne features in sucj a short period of time more often:)

  • Dumb ass.

    i doubt this verse is old.

    waynes voice has been getting raspy sounding again lately, he has a slight raspy sound in this verse as well.

    from late 09-2011 his voice wasnt raspy at all.

  • sorry haters but this track is the return of Weezy F Baby!!!!!! this track is a killer!

  • Ali Wayne Morocoo

    l7atta dyal lil wayne m9aaawda > the tune part is awesome weezy is killing tha mothafukes haterz !! weezy


    damn u guys never satisfied with wayne ( lenny)

  • I really really doubt this verse is old because, I’ve taken a re-listen 2 tracks of Wayne that came out in ’08 & ’09 and his voice is drastically different, listen carefully and you’ll hear that, that’s not the Smoked up Wayne on this verse, therefore My conclusion is that its a late ’10 or a ’11 verse if you don’t agree that’s your fuck’n opinion.

  • Pauly D

    only listen to waynes verse

  • Actually it’s 2010, Shanell did an interview about this song and it was suppose to be released early 2011 but never released it till now so it’s not really an old song.

  • either way I don’t care when this song was made he had a good verse on pretty lil heart, the motto, and don’t love me so fuck the haters thats been saying he fell off. His verse’s aren’t as good as before without weed but still a good listen.

  • Wayne’s verse is so damn good on this track, think I’m gonna rip it from the rest of the track… LilTunechi bitch.

  • YmCmbOvoXo504

    I used to be the Wayne fan that said ” Wayne raps better now than he did before jail”, but after hearing this verse, I think it’s better than any of Wayne verses in 2011. I’m not saying that wayne fell off so all the DickRiders don’t comment off this , but I am saying that Wayne needs to fuck over beats like he did this song. Wayne verse on here was awesome.

  • YmCmbOvoXo504

    But if this song was made this year, Wayne, continue to rap and sound like this on every song.

  • Young_Eek

    aw shit he killed it..

  • Young_Eek

    @YmCmbOvoXo504 i feel you! he aint nothin like the way he was on No Ceilings or his Drought 3 days. ive been bumpin his old shit and he was so much better. but this verse is raw..

  • RL Polo

    OK this is the Weezy that I’ve been sayin went MIA. If he can keep rappin like this on his own shit, then maybe I won’t stop listenin to him.

  • this verse aint oldhis voice sound like he not smoked up this the 11 wayne he killed it wayne is back u bitches

  • Corey

    ehhh…not really a fan of shanell >.< not because she a singer in ymcmb its just her songs sound like some random shit you just wake up and put together =/….only song i like by her that i have heard is Cupid Got a Gun ft. Nicki Minaj that wuz really good.



  • Alex

    Weezy needs to be on more Cool n Dre tracks man for real!!!!

  • salute or shoot

    This was made around the same time as Glasses Malone’s “Haterz”, before the No Ceilings mixtape.

  • Lex505

    Who ever is talking shit why the fuck you getting on lil waynes page then if you don’t like him you still taking time out of your day to see what the fuck lil wayne is doing. LIL WAYNE IS THE FUCKEN BEST RAPPER ALIVE so stop talking shit YMCMB

  • ricardo laguna

    I really liked the song and verse incredible wayne Shanell also breaks it and everyone sings a saud excellent from Venezuela too the song I liked from Venezuela a big fan of lil wayne for life and for all the best my idol

  • miyo

    How can this be an old verse? Listern to his voice… Its syrup free..

  • ayyyyyyyyye my nigga wezzy f baby is back i told them haten ass niggas when he come back in this world he was gone do it like he aint never did it b4

  • Mmoloki


  • Wow Lil Wayne ur music is so sweet oh is gud frie wel be a gud mean ok

  • Ihec

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  • madi

    I loled at drakes face in the pic