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Videos: Lil Wayne At LIV For Halloween x Busta Rhymes Joins Cash Money Records

Thu, Nov 17, 2011 by

Above, you can watch some footage of Lil Wayne at LIV on Halloween in Miami, Florida, courtesy of DG. If you missed the photos from the party, then you can view them here.

After the jump, you can watch an announcement from Birdman telling us that Busta Rhymes is the latest artist to sign to Cash Money Records. I’m sure this will mean that we will get a lot more new collaborations from Busta and the YMCMB team. Don’t forget to leave a comment with your thoughts on Busta joining CMB in the comments section!

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  • josh

    Dammmnn First

  • Bezzzz

    Damn busts gonna kill it



  • Stephan

    This is the stupidest thing ever, not everybody is meant to be ymcmb

  • @Meaziiee

    Busta Rhymes is fuckeeedddd! :L


    and yeah, busta signing to YMCMB is dope!

  • Busta rhymes, nd Mystikal are now in cashmoney. YMCMB all day bitches.

  • Maddison

    Man fuck these bitch ass niggas how yal doin I’m lil tunechi I’m a nuisance I go stupid I go dumb like the three studges.

  • I think it’s a good idea for Busta to Sing with Cash Money (Arguably the Biggest Hip Hop Label today) he need to get his career back on track, and with Cash Money’s Huge deal with Universal I think he’ll be able to get his career back on track. YMCMB

  • dammm busta signed ymcmb:D

  • @stephan, nd meaziiee now ya’ll gonna hate on Busta now cus he joined YMCMB? ha! ha! ha! love will always overpower d hate by two.

  • wayne

    t pain ft lil wayne bang bang pow pow out now ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Young_Mulla

    C Breezy is next to sign to YMCMB!

  • Hoezonme

    Ok why y’all keep saying he signed with ymcmb he’s not his cash money two diff things dummy’s damn

  • lil shaq

    busta signed to ymcmb that’s dope

  • iamnotastar

    Busta signin to cash money, ehh? Can i sign now?

  • what song is that at the end of busta rhymes?

  • lala

    busta doesn’t fit in with the whole ymcmb family

  • @lala he can be a badass rapper at times


  • @Hoezonme


    Young Money CASH MONEY & Billionaires or Business.

    Think before you speak.

    Two different labels but associates due to Wayne’s relationship with Baby through the years & he’s sign to em’. So it’s tha same shit basically.

  • Jodizzo


  • georgiaboy87

    shit crazy but im glad for busta. yea cash money is for the older guys while young money is for the young at heart people but i think next to sign is rick ross or t-pain maybe somebidy else who’s also big gonna hook up with them…. only thing ymcmb need is a country singer/spanish singer & they will be perfect cause they already control 90 % on the music game (rap/r&b)

  • Congrats Bustaaaaaaaaa, welcome 2 Y M C M B lifeee. cant wait for you & Tune to go Hard on Em records & YM crew…..

  • Jermisha Sweat

    hey busta an Cash Money, im really happy for you busta. I know you will kill it. I think they made a really good decision and i hear you on Tha Carter IV and it was awsome… Good luck in the future…!

  • Leah

    I’m happy for him =)

  • exavon

    ok he just sign to cash money whicj kinda means he sign to your money cause the pretty much one dAMN TEAM THEY EVEN PUT THERE NAME ALL INTO ONE ND MAD it five letters with double m’s they rich forever nd they r the hottiest label out nd with the best rapper in the game if not the best rapper ever to this date there gona stay the best label ( ever ) !

  • that’s whats up ๐Ÿ™‚ ymcmb ๐Ÿ™‚ i am so gald busta joined cmb. busta is going to kill it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Matthew

    Holy shit that Busta song at the end…dude is nuts…

  • nanz


  • ricardo laguna

    busta rhymes that have joined cash money records seems to me that is very incredible rhymes is a legend for a long time is an excellent rapper and now with the group one of the groups with the best record in the world with the best rappers of the galaxy does not have jurisdiction is Cash Money Records Cash Money Records and ahoa with dj khaled busta and there is nothing to stop from venezuela

  • gigantik

    yeah now that’s what i’m talking about, busta Y.M.C.M.B… Now if you’ll could sign juelz santana i’d be the happiest up and coming South African rapper

  • donat

    Hope Busta has success on YMCMB

  • scotty_mofo

    they blazed up right before this haha

  • Yung babale

    Wat mo can we say!YMCMB all d way!


    next year coming The Game!! that will be fire YMCMB IN THE BUILDING

  • rocker f baby

    luv dat vry much

  • T killah

    O.M.G ymcmb juss got sicka!

  • Zaria :)

    YMCMB is Taking OVER !! #TeamYMCMB Follow Me on Twitter @Lowkey_ImZee.

  • kemz motshabi

    we are waiting for those collabo BUSTA BUSTA rapping cashmoney!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kraviti

    Baby is a 5* recruiter.keep shittn on รจm ymcmb

  • lilo

    ymcmb domination.
    im actually pretty excited that busta signed to cash money…i see bigger things from him! and with a big label behind his name, who knows where this will lead!

  • giih

    YMCMB BABY busta is very good

  • kudzaieffect

    shh…busta cash money haha we will c.Best Lil wayne verse is on All the lyts remix

  • slimz

    Nice move busta, but where is spliff?

  • Bucho

    That is good nigga more rappers more kula

  • damn! busta in cash money. well thats fucking positive for the family. next i wanna see wiz khalifa and j.cole on the deck too then we are untouchable……#

  • Man I understand that u lilwayne have alot of fans but I’m different in a way I really want to meet u sometime soon I hope u get this message bcuz I really idol u lilwayne pls find me Rochester indiana

  • Welcome! Busta. I think you, and “YMCMB” makes good music together. I look forward to hearing your music in the future. You sound good to me. Keep doing your thing.