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Videos: Lil Wayne Releases Episode 3 Of “Weezy’s Sports Corner”

Sun, Jan 29, 2012 by

Lil Wayne has just released episode 3 of his “Weezy’s Sports Corner” series! You can watch the intro above and after the jump, Tunechi talks about NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, Major League Baseball and Skateboarding. Tune can also be seen with an arm sling on, this is due to a skateboarding accident. If you missed episode 2, then you can check that out here. Enjoy!

Weezy talks about NFL.

Weezy talks about College Football.

Weezy talks about NBA.

Weezy talks about College Basketball.

Weezy talks about Major League Baseball.

Weezy answers 2 fan questions.


Shouts to Derick G

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  • Naww


  • dsfsdfdgdfg

    second and whats the fucking intro song?

    • @dsfsdfdgdfg – Jae Millz – KKKrazy (Feat Birdman)

  • ogeezy!

    Call em first place Carter her lives in the lead he gone die with the tittle n winning is vital ..haha 210

  • Refayne

    i can’t see the video l:

  • lil wayne is the best coz he is from the best

  • clearoner


  • erick

    i think he should have his own little show on espn haha

  • wayne use this as some intro musicc

  • GDMalitia

    Hi Danny M!

  • nivek

    WHats the intro song????? please someone!

  • 2004-2008 wayne


  • CeeJ mothafucka!

    fuck’m! let ymcmb BURN

  • ogeezy!


  • GodsBaibeDoll

    Weezy F. Baby on a Sunday & his view on anything certainly makes my day brighter! Get Well Soon Skater Boi! 🙂

  • Amurph

    danny, how can we send weezy a sports question?

  • brazilian

    tha carter already sold how much?

  • Nicolas K.

    Dammn ! Weezy just answered my question !

  • Mark Stevens

    My question to Lil wayne is :

    Do you think that Dwyane wade is the leader of the heat. What facts or statistics do you use to make your desicion. And i know he has been kind of sluggish lately but do you think that he will pick it up soon? Also, Do you think that Wade is the best guard in the league right now and 3rd best of all time besides Jordan and Kobe.

  • Mark Stevens


  • Fuck this…get in the studio weezy

  • what the fuck is wrong with his arm

  • Young Tunechi Theo

    who u think will go to playoff and when can u get at me im a fan dat now every thang about u and ymcmb i whould like be apart of them go on road see how u live your life want no tha real ymcmb 100

  • Xicano101

    Anybody got a link to get that hat?

  • the real ceej, Mothafucka!

    u probably wanna just find a dead squirrel or bird or something and put that on ur head.. it’ll be more intellegent looking than copying wizzle’s style.

  • 187JoshM187


  • ogeezy!

    2012 is spurs year !

  • CeeJ

    tunechi so dum. he make a video for his blog like a losar then caption it weezy talks skateboarding then dont say one word on actual skateboarding thing the whole time.

    tunchi so stupit mayne.

  • justsaying

    @ceej ok Wayne is dumb and look how you type and sound.. smh


    2 assholes above me a retarded as fuck i cant believe it

  • everybody heard about baby n slim goin to court ??


    best rapper fuck you fake ass niggas wayne should rap over jeezy all we do beat

  • Edgar

    TRUKFIT Baby you da shit Men :DD!!!

  • F.E.M

    Trukfit shirts are so badass belee dat, Weezy might stop raping and go skatboarding he s so blessed period

  • Don ibrowayne @nigeria

    Looks like lily gayne missed his period !! U goin 2 HELL soon !!
    Rip weezy !! W.T.F is wrong wif ur commenting machine ?? @danny “lol”

  • Mj

    Lil wayne- that’s what they call me. Cdq

  • WeezyFAN

    prince fielder went to the tigers

  • Meltunchi

    @don ibrowayne…ur 1 big fool,he’s goin to hell?.tf nigga!! Ur no fuck it,u prolly gon go to hell too!!

  • elizabeth

    sup wayne….i wannted to get ur opinion on heat vs, bulls…do u think heat will stay first in the division or will the bulls rise up on top

  • Alex R

    To Weezy About The Indiana Pacers:

    Do You Think The Pacers Are On A Rise To Greatness Again, Somthing That Havent Had Since Reggie Miller?

  • Dj young money

    Wayne king of music

  • Paul

    QUESTION: Do you think that LeBron is holding the Heat and if Dwayne Wade goes versus LeBron on a 1 on 1 match who would win? thanks weezy UR THE GREATEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!!!!!!

  • tommydmob

    Love ya weez love this show love ym. Put that on my chest keep it up

  • Hello Wayne! 🙂 I love boxing! So I was wondering; Are you into boxing? If so, who’s your favorite boxer? 🙂 Love!

  • If You Wasn’t The Best Rapper Alive .. & You Were A Professional Football Player .. What Team Do You Think You’d Best Fit With .. & Why ?

  • If You Wasn’t The Best Rapper Alive .. & You Were A Professional Football Player .. What Team Do You Think You’d Best Fit With .. & Why ?

  • What’s up with Man U(manchester united)?

  • Talia WFB!

    Weezy baby, I love you! You’re so amazing, you make me smile everyday! You the king! Just hope you get to read this and know how much I appreciate you!

    I was wondering, do you like swimming?:D

    btw, I also hope your arm heals up soon so you can get back out there!

    LOVE. x