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Videos: Lil Wayne Releases Episode 4 Of “Weezy’s Sports Corner”

Sat, Feb 18, 2012 by

Lil Wayne has just released episode 4 of his “Weezy’s Sports Corner” series! You can watch the intro above and after the jump, Tunechi talks about NBA, College Basketball, NFL, Major League Baseball and Skateboarding, as well as speak to Devin Thomas and Benjarvus Green Ellis over the phone. If you missed episode 3, then you can check that out here. Enjoy!

Weezy talks about NBA.

Weezy talks about College Basketball and speaks to Devin Thomas on the phone.

Weezy talks about NFL and speaks to Benjarvus Green Ellis on the phone.

Weezy talks about Major League Baseball.

Weezy talks about Skateboarding.


Shouts to Derick G

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  • mattyswizzle



  • WEEZY F.

  • Lil Weezy

    Follow me @iMS0ILL that’s with a zero not an O someone stole it the other way.

  • wesee

    sound like some mixtaaape shit cominnnng!!! fckn right! hell yeeeeeeeea! leeeeeeggo

  • Nicolas K.

    @Danny M.

    Do you where can we ask sport questions to Weezy ?

  • thaaaa

    that awkward moment when wizzle tweets.

  • Queenz

    Why is there a baby bottle on the table in front of him? any1 know?

  • bob

    whats the name of the song thats played in the last part of the outro of the video, birdman starts it an is in other videos here too

  • ryan

    why does it seem like wayne has too much time on his hands now??…..i mean all dis guy ever does now is skateboard,wear crazy clothes and talk about sports,…i mean if he is thinkin about retiring soon why doesn’t he give us much music as he can at lest go out with a bang,..i still dont see what’s da point of dis skating gig it’s not really gettin him anywhere it was cool at first but its like now its the only thing we get from wayne these days,..if he’s retiring soon i hope he doesnt end his career with dis skatin shit and barely no music out,

  • YoungAssassin

    He skates cause he likes skating you fucking idiot. He doesn’t have to get a personal gain out of every single thing he does

  • ryan

    @YoungAssassin suck a long one lol

  • YoungAssassin

    @Queenz. It’s a bottle of syrup. You know the little bear shaped one? Probably for his tea. Why it has a nipple on it, I don’t know. lmao

  • YoungAssassin

    Nah it’s not you bro. That talk just pisses me off.

  • CeeJ mothafucka!

    yo i hit up eddie_remember and were fent to skate. psyyyyych.

  • ServantOfHim

    If Wayne was a real nigga he would speak that real! But he doesnt hes all about the devil’s distractions and the bondage we call life.

    Isaiah 22:13
    But see, there is joy and revelry, slaughtering of cattle and killing of sheep, eating of meat and drinking of wine! “Let us eat and drink,” you say, “for tomorrow we die!”

    The time will come like a thief! Will you all be ready or just eating and drinking like theres no tomorrow? Repent of your wrongdoings and turn to the Everlasting One, The Almighty. Tell others to do the same and you will be saved from the wrath that we all (or at least most of us) deserve

  • TreezyB

    which beats were they? Pro?

  • CeeJ

    suffer ur own fate servant… u and wizzle both need to be tested for brain damage.

  • This is so dope i like how WEEZY shows how much love he has for sports, and haters fall back LIL WAYNE IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE AND YMCMB IS THE BEST TEAM we winning!

  • YoungAssassin

    @ServantOfHim. Get that fairy tale shit outta here. Im sure your god doesnt approve of you pushing your religion on everybody.

    And anybody else see the “die pig” spraypainted on Waynes door. lmao

  • where the drugs at?

    he called jeremy lin “lin laden” cuz he beat the lakers buahahahahaha

  • ku$h

    the outro song is by jae millz and birdman called krazy

  • wtfizzy

    I’m just lmao at ppl who are still yelling “Wayne’s the best rapper” this nigga ain’t even rapping no more…best black sports commentator with dreads and a grill. OK ill give you that one lmao….

  • ServantOfHim

    @CeeJ you’re absolutely correct. I will suffer my own fate whether good or bad just as you will. But the wise will understand the foolish will not I guess. If my message isnt for you ignore it and reap what you sow later.

    @YoungAssasin what religion did I tell you to follow? I wanted you to follow the Almighty one who is above religion. My job really is to call the children of Israel to repentance. But many are like you disbelievers but thats why he’ll prove himself just as he had to way back in the day.

    2nd Peter 3:3
    Most importantly, I want to remind you that in the last days scoffers will come, mocking the truth and following their own desires.

  • miranda

    i wish someone could copy ALL this comments on WORLDSTARHIPHOP(weezy sprt corner video)) n send it to him , so he knw that hes garbage his FALLING!!wayne is DONE ,he cant talk nowadayz iused to be FAN tho !! n say fuck u FUCK u go bakk to syrup , u were lil bit makin it happen!! STOP YELLIN BEST RAPPER ALIVE ,DUMBFUCKS DO U HEAR RAP FROM HIM bitches stop suckin his dick he got money!! he will retire he wants dat!! realtalk

  • wtfizzy

    Right…like if Wayne said “I want to focus on family I retire from rap for a few yrs” cool..nigga been rapping for mad years,do you…but just hanging on to hip hop by a thread and dropping fuck boy verses when you get a free moment..fuck outta here…

  • dg

    @ServantOfHim and i thought i was nuts haha

  • jaylay

    everybody search kendrick lamar ft lil wayne mr. carter “NEW VERSE”

  • ServantOfHim

    @dg you are nuts if you believe that you’ll get away with the evil you’ve committed without having to answer to the Most High eventually. But I’ll let him judge you thats not what Im here for. Im here to call my brethren to repentance.

    John 10:27
    My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

  • Y U MAD

    @CeeJ and ServantofLilWayne

    Trust me you can never persuade enough to convince lil Wayne fans how horrible he is. We all know what he is capable of, it’s just a matter of time before he puts you haters back in your place. We love him for the exact reason that you hate him.. He is him. So keep trying.. Ha

  • @miranda


    you should never use Worldstar as a reliable source of feedback. All the no lifers there hate anything even if it’s a post about a 5 year old kid graduating in kindergartner. Use billboards charts.. They tell you who is more demanded using sales and radio spins… Even YouTube is a better source.

  • Money

    As long I come here and see haters I know Lil Wayne is going something right. When he comes wack like you are claiming.. you all will not he here trying to convince his fans.

    Lil Wayne the best to ever do it.

  • ymob

    anyone else notice the “die pig” paint on his wall when he stood up ??? 😮

  • Matthew

    I have been to a game at Cameron and that shit is crazy.Hope you have a good time Weezy

  • guerilla, fuck cops

    DannyM – do you have the photo shoot with jonathan mannion which weezy was talking about in the skating video? thanks.

  • That song in the beginning is gonna be sick when it’s released its probably off of I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING PT.2, LIL WAYNE IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE AND YMCMB IS THE BEST TEAM WE WINNING!

  • wherem is that first song from MILLZ WAS SNAPPIN brah DAMN

  • Ms.Boss #TeamTune

    Damn….I love how ppl find the time to come on a Lil Wayne fan site and talk shit about LIL WAYNE hahahaa just shows how truly great he is. ily Tune 🙂

  • ogeezy!

    Haha hell yea^

  • MoonMan

    in the the first video, the intro, it already sounds savage as fuck!

  • GrimGenius

    I hate when people ask me “why are you still a wayne fan? he fell off big time” and i tell them that i am not a bandwagon fan. Once i am a fan of someone there is no turning back for me. I don’t respect bandwagon fans (aka so called fans who ride with you for the moment, and then when that celebrity falls off any kind of way, they quickly hop off) but a real fan would continue to support their favorite artists no matter what. SORRY THIS WAS RANDOM AS HELL LOL, BUT I SPEAK THE TRUTH.

    #WayneFanSince ’04

  • Why is peopo talking bad about god creation why?lilwayne

    Yea if carter was a god i wil have serve him for he is my best how which u can feel thesame way then u knw what,no body can stop me from being his fan.i pray today may god give weezy a long life the same with his fans i love u al

  • K Dawg

    wayne finally rockin a snapback…..thats wassup…..and that song he was jammin out to in the intro sounds sick as fuck! cant wait to here dat shit……if it even gets released anytime soon smh

  • By vincent ajarho

    My wayne pls keep on doing it for us for i love u with faith nd don,t let me dawn, u the best to me i don,t no if pipo love u the way i do god if it is a sin pls forgive me,am poison by lilwayne i give him my grand father life so that he can live long amen.

  • Double Joy

    Weezeeyy, kip it up I love ya!:-x

  • bob

    enough with u fags shouting an typing best rapper alife an ymcmb we da best shit, i believe that too but i aint saying it like a tool just to make the “haters” look smart an make lil wayne look like a fag which his not. to all the ppl that like the old wayne, i like his old shit an his new shit but if u notice he’s always changing cause if he dint he would just get repetitive an his fanbase wouldnt grow. word..

  • Guess who’s learning how to skate? lol
    Oh and I just want to say that a couple of days ago a huge Lil Wayne fan committed suicide. It was awful to hear, because she was a good friend of mine and a wonderful Lil Wayne fan. Rest in peace.

  • ….

    none of you guys noticed the baby bottle on the table lol … thats syrup.


    weezy high as fuck damn. cant wait if he drops songs.

  • CeeJ

    bitch i do what i want im not here cuz i like blogging or because i like any of you. get my name out ur mouth and focus on the bigger issue that is why little wayne sucks dick as a rapper.
    if u wanna preach go to a church
    if u wanna suck wizzles dick ur a hoe
    if u wanna tell me im wrong i wont listen
    and if u want me to listen u shouldnt be talking to me on a blog.
    simple as that

  • jer

    cant wait for these headline to say WEEZY RELEASES (INSERT ALBUM OR SONG TITLE HERE)…seriously. enough already.

  • ServantOfHim

    @ Y U Mad Im not trying to convince you of how horrible he is musically (though that should speak for itself) Im trying to convince you and others to stop idolizing demo…. oh nvm I’ll be called a “hater” but Im trying to convince you to stop idolizing lames that dont keep it real. Wayne dont tell you about real life he doesnt tell you about whats coming. In fact in his music he disrespects his listener by telling them he will fuck their girl and that he would kill your mama. This man said he would kill a baby yet you call him good? Look at the dude that commented on 9:08 am. Idolatry at its finest

    Isaiah 5:20
    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

  • all haters are like fenes cant wait to they next weezy fix so they come to the source smh if you truly had disdain for a person or a rapper you wouldn’t want to be around that person, or listen to rapper at anytime but we all know the truth these are closet fans that’re mad wayne changed his style and made a rock album with incredible lyrics people change get over it you aint the same as you was 5 years ago are???????? cause if you are you’re scared of progression

  • @servant

    u seriously are the product of some sick shit. stop preaching here i got nothing against a hater but who are u to call anyone a demond behind a computer screen. ur probably more demonic than u admit to urself but i suggest u look into a mirror.
    keepin it real for u homie cuz i know what ur here for i just see ur not getting there the right way.
    in the meantime its fuck lil wayne and anyone on ym hiphop is better now that he’s scared to drop a song.

  • @servant

    i heard that tyga song with little wayne tho and i know he’s on some weak shit now cuz that had a rock beat which is wayne area of expertise or at least its supposed to be yet he didnt even make the song worth listening to.
    he’s really get burried by all that he’s said in the past. jz and kanye are getting more light that wizzle in the rap community and slaughterhouse killed the little nig and they only put out like 3 songs so far.
    get ready for the fall wizzle.

  • @servant


  • dark^martel


  • ServantOfHim

    at @SERVANT- I have no reason or authority to judge Wayne. With that said if I see him leading my fellow brothers and sisters astray what else am I to do? Leave it be? If hes purposely leading people into activity thats against God what else am I to assume that hes a demon? Idk. So I come here to call out Wayne for his BS and fakeness and Im demonic yet he says he will kill your babies, mom, fuck your girl, hes a beast, hes God etc… and hes not? Let me just post this verse again for you

    Isaiah 5:20
    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

    Stop you are not keeping it real. If you were you wouldnt be calling me bad for what Im doing and calling me a hater. Im just saying the truth about a nigga thats a negative influence on not only himself but the world. I will not stop till Im told to go somewhere else and do the same. And how am I not getting there the right way? All Im doing is exposing demons or their minions for what they are. Frauds perpetuating a false lifestyle in turn to get others to chase that vain lifestyle. Thus forgetting what they’re here for. God.

  • ServantOfHim

    Dont think I’ve always “hated” (as some of yall put it) Wayne. I used to like his music but thats before I found out who I really was. But even if I look at his music now thru yalls eyes I still see it as a FAR drop off from where he used to be. Nonetheless his music is/was always trash in my Father’s eyes because of the sins it leads people into.

  • latisha g@tunchi

    I love Wayne Carter!!

  • @Latifa

    That’s sad, R.I.P to your friend. We all die one day. Peace

  • bob

    stop defending wayne ppl you sound like tools an making wayne seem like a fag. i like him, u make the haters seem smart.

  • justsayin

    @servant you sound so ignorant, of you do believe in God he says do not judge.. you can’t judge anyone you have no power.

  • …..

    its not a baby bottle nor is it syrup its fuckin honey he’s drinkin tea yall blind

  • Bring some guests over there sometimes!


  • adrianna

    i’ve been a fan of weezys for a while now & everytime i get on the a bitch always got to hate on a black man in bussiness ( Yes Ma’am & Yes Sir ) i am talking about lil wayne ! & even if he looks at this shit , he would laugh at yuu clowns cause yuur hilarious . while yuu talking shit , sitting around waiting on a change to happen , he making one come to reality . i don’t down lil wayne for nothing cause everyone has flaws & he’s not perfect so i don’t know why y’all just making it seem like he can’t make no mistakes so bag the FUCK back ! I LOVE Wayne & yes i ain’t just riding his dick , i’m taking up for him . if a bitch got tosay some hola at me at , yes i’ll respond in the way yuu come at me , so come correct cause i got a mouth full when it comes down to DeWayne Carter !

  • tisha! tunchi fan.

    Enjoy the new episodes, keep them coming tunchi maybe one day you can get your own t.v. show I think it would be nice to catch a season of real tunchi reality Show… from ur ##1 fan ti/tunchi!

  • Tunechi’s News



  • Young Tunechi Theo

    whats up when u gone get back at me trying get in touch with u wayne its alot trying talk about ymcmb get back at me real talk

  • Young niño freak

    To anyone that cares, Wayne is like 90 feet or less away from me! We are at Liv nightclub for Birdmans bday party thing. I wish I could talk to him lol. Anyways, hustle hard remix, motivation, six foot 7, f*ck food, he had hit after hit this year & stans want more?! Give him a break

  • Steazer

    These are the sunglasses Weezy is wearing in the skateboarding clip –

  • Brian Scarbs

    Ramp 48 reprezentin south FL

  • What song was weezy rapping in the 1st video, also follow me on twitter, iFollowBack!/iRap_YouListen

  • ServantofHim

    @just saying yes it does say that. Let me put it in perspective for you:

    Matthew 7
    1 “Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. 2 For you will be treated as you treat others. The standard you use in judging is the standard by which you will be judged.

    I dont mind being judged the way I “judged” Wayne. Did I judge him because he had tattoos? Did I judged him by the way he dressed? Did I judge him because he had dreads? No to all of them. I just said he has a HUGE platform to do good and to push good in the world and what does he do? Push evil into it.

    Matthew 12:36
    But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken.

    How many idle words has Wayne spoken? Now how many idle words has he gotten other people to speak thru his music? Innumerable to count. Im just a messenger though, you can take my advice or leave. Its the free will you were given. Life or death but let me tell you following in Wayne’s footsteps leads to death while following in Jesus Christ’s footsteps leads to eternal life. Pick the right one please.

  • Xicano101

    Fuck listening WITH the beats, what were you listening TO!lol

  • Michael

    Song at the start? ive heard it before but yee i forgot anyone?…

  • Uhh i thought this time he’s gonna answer my question. Everbody follow me on twitter , i’ll follow back (; @Refayne

  • OMFG Lil wayne yourr soooo fukinnn haawtttt
    Btw the beatz sound great its like another whole world of musicc but better

  • wayne…is a visual raper..4 dat al fans should make a big shoutout of weezzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyy……..

  • Dat BITCH305

    Don’t come on here and hate. No life but to go on waynes website and write bullshit?. It’s called a fansite. Don’t like it or him then stay the fuck off this bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!! ServantofHim ServantofHim ServantofHim ServantofHim ServantofHim ServantofHim ServantofHim ServantofHim ServantofHim ServantofHim ServantofHim ServantofHim PUNK ASS NIGGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE GOD <3 😉