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Lil Wayne Performs “Blunt Blowin”, “How To Love” & More At Free Show In Hollywood [Videos]

Fri, Mar 2, 2012 by

Last night, Lil Wayne performed live at the Hollywood & Highland Center in California for the Caesars Escape Total Rewards free concert. Weezy came out rocking his TRUKFIT gear and a skateboard. You can watch Tune perform “I’m Goin’ In” and “Steady Mobbin’” in the video above, and after the jump you can watch him perform “Blunt Blowin’“, “John (If I Die Today)“, “How To Love” and “6 Foot, 7 Foot“. I will post lots of photos from this event later on!

Lil Wayne performs “Blunt Blowin'” and “John (If I Die Today)”.

Lil Wayne performs “How To Love”.

Lil Wayne performs “6 Foot, 7 Foot”.

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  • shawnymcmb


  • Millz120


  • Lemon

    Go Weezy Go

  • tnash

    Zimbabwe 100% behind yu!!!!YMCMB till die!!

  • Tyler

    Maybe its just me but you can’t see waynes tats much at all is that just the lighting?

  • i killed it i love all my fans thank yall so much

  • hoi k ben erg lekker


  • yoloswaggym

    hell fuck yeah nigga! truk da wurl! tune pass the blunt nikka!

  • jaime

    he killed that shit … damn.

    Is Wayne back in beast mode ?

    that 6’7 performance was crazy.

  • guerilla, fuck cops

    “im on probation so i cant really get high, but make some noise if you high in this muthafucka” ahahahahaa

  • guerilla, fuck cops

    ‎”If you are of age, I will fuck the shit out of you… I’m very sorry but I am a very honest guy, I learned that in jail” – Lil Wayne

  • Clayydohhh

    is it just me or did he mess up like 4 times during 6 foot 7? he would just lose track of the words and mumble then just say “put ya mothafuckin hands up” haha

  • Young_Mulla

    He must be so high and have no energy for 6’7′. lol thats what happens when its a free concert!

  • mattyswizzle
  • Lil black

    I like to enter for YMCMB

  • Young Tunechi

    I love how Wayne just threw a new Trukfit tee in the crowd! Lucky SOB whoever got that

  • CeeJ mothafucka!

    its funny how bloggers who use this site are now starting to hate on wizzle when only a year ago u were all like hell yea 6’7″ bitch. see what one video can do im sure on song and yall will be on his dick. shows what bandwagon bitches are and im not talking to the groupies this time.

  • dg

    thank you

  • WeeZz

    Go WeeZz BaBy :*:*

  • WeeZz

    # 1

  • I was next to the guy who caught the hit man. I eyeballed him all night……sucked

  • I was next to the guy who caught the shirt man. I eyeballed him all night hoping he’d drop it

  • devil

    you like ymcmb… And you always dreams bout to enter…just cantact me via +258823072727 …whateva u do…dance,sing or rap…hit it fast b4 some1 take your spot…its your time…|..|

  • @CeeJ mothafucka!

    so you use the screen name of some dude who hates Lil Wayne to try and prove some point ? lmao.

    you’re just as pathetic as the Wayne haters. You all need to get a life and stop getting offended over other peoples comments on Lil Wayne. Not everyone will agree with everything he does.

  • ogeezy!

    I’m high as fuck!

  • YO

    is that sweater and the pants trukfit

  • keven cooper jr

    loving weeezy from keven cooper and sycho b all the way from south africa

  • Ed!

    Great Night graet Perform Men….. 100%free Wezzzy

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  • Don ibrowayne @nigeria


  • TUNECHI always go in with his performances thats why WEEZY F. BABY IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!


  • moshigh

    weezy on my mind!!!!!!!


    Everyone watch that 6’7 performance and tell me that he hasn’t fallen off.

  • G-buoy

    Make a tour to Africa…

  • NoeliaLoveWeezy

    OMG!! PorQue es tan GUAPO?! Le Amo

  • yo weezy u re the best among the rest ………….the best rapper alive and ur era is from now to the end of tym………..weezy baby……….

  • the best rapper alive!!! SWAG

  • Yash Jadhav

    yeah weezy is the only best rapper on the Earth…..India is waiting 4 u weezy.