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Behind The Scenes Of Mystikal, Lil Wayne & Birdman’s “Original” [Video]

Sun, Apr 1, 2012 by

In the video above, you can watch some behind the scenes footage from Mystikal, Lil Wayne and Birdman‘s “Original” video shoot that took place in Miami. Gil Green directed this visual, which includes cameos from Cash Money label-mates Mack Maine and Jay Sean.

Click here to watch the official music video and click here to read the “Original” lyrics.

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  • Puzzled


  • mofo


  • Puzzled


  • fuck you first niggas

    YMCMB = a flashy lifestyle

  • Okay

    That chick at :45 D: Dayyum

  • Fly Forever

    Wayne swag in this video was dope, them boots and shades he had on >>>>>

  • thumbs up

    fuck wayne, baby and mystikal…..did you see them vixens??

  • This music video was dope i gotta say..YMCMB 4 LIFE!



  • BOI

    ight not to hate or anything cause weezy has been my favorite rapper for a LONG time but hes droppin in the rap game and soon he says hes gonna be out of it. Drake is in total weezy mode and tyga is gettin there and is blowing up everywhere now with wayne hes skating skating skating hes even skating in music videos lets face it he hasnt put out a solo song the whole 2012 and he is not the best rapper alive right now. i dont even wanna to call him weezy anymore cause that ended in 2008 now hes tunechi. i jst want WEEZY back and hes been taking skating way to serious and he claims hes gonna be the best next year when he cant even pull of a rick and hes been doing this since last summer and hes wearing RETARDED clothes i mean like really tunechi jst stop and IANAHB 2 better be BEASSSTTTT.

  • Yours Truly

    This wha sup Mystikal bck n session !along w/Tune&Birdman good look!

  • siege

    birds fa tha summers
    runners fa tha runners
    hummers fa tha hummers
    drummers fa tha drummers
    dummers fa tha dummers
    brumbers fa tha brumbbers
    crummers fa tha crummers
    bummers fa tha bummers
    fishin on a fishtail
    you know it would’nt be right without earl whale

  • Slim



  • rep757

    @ BOI

    I feel you, Weezy heart is not in rapping no more. He is worried about having fun wit that Skating shit more than he is about making music. Aint nothin wrong wit him enjoying his life and shit but he need to get back to what he did best and thats rapping! Its ashame its April and we have not got one Wayne song, jus a few songs he was featured in..

  • siege

    ill say this again and ill say it slow maybe ull catch on…

    little wayne and all his affiliates are crooks.

    they hype up there album for enormous anticipation and expectations then when the album finally gets released millions sell…. yet still u semi sensible people will complain, even though most of u probably bought the damn cd!
    …. so stop buying his cds and stop saying good things about the cd or trying to justify it. otherwise theyre just gonna hype u up and fool u again then disappear with all the money and not say shit until they feel like people are curious/stupid/”hungry” enough to buy more shit.

    i mean really its pretty simple and easy to see whats goin on. the sad thing is that for some reason teenage girls are eating this shit up right now and hipster wannabe’s are too, making it nearly impossible to ignore.

  • Maxx

    Can anybody tell me what kind of sunglasses wayne is wearing on the stairs??

  • tunebug

    @Maxx they’re called neff shades you can find them on or ccs skate ect

  • BOI

    Lil Wayne – All We Got (ft. 2 Chainz) instrumental IANAMB2 single

  • 504OvoYmCmb

    @Siege your fucking comment was funny AF that’s exactly how Birdman was on this song
    And When is IANAHB 2 comin out ?? Maybe even dedication 4 ?? Something WAYNE !! Drop somethin nigga !

  • ceeeej

    hahahaa wack as fizzles

  • JDB305

    @ slege why hate on wayne 4 wat he do and how he gettin it..every artist gets their shot but haterz consistently missin it..don’t act like u didn’t know wat his plans was 4rm Da start..If u gonna get money Then u gotta Be smart…Come on and letz just live love and get rich..and not feed on negative but stick 2 positive shyt..

  • Shades

    @Maxx I don’t think those r neff on the stairs. I looked all through neffs website and saw nothing like them. I want to know what brand those r on the stairs too! They r like visor /retro/ Macho Man sunglasses. Lol seeeeick! Anybody else have an idea???