Lil Wayne – Celebrate

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Lil Wayne - Celebrate

DJ Clue just played a new Lil Wayne song called “Celebrate” on Power 105, which you can listen for yourselves below. There is no word yet on if this song will appear on a new Weezy project, or if it’s just a leftover from a previous project. The full version of this song features Mack Maine and Talib Kweli, and will be released soon.

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  • wezzy07


  • Real life

    I love it. Weezy came from a different angle.

  • dope

  • he comin back

  • B-treezy

    download link?

  • Weezyb

    Goddamn right web everyone thinkin Wayne fell off with that skate shit, he lets us know that he back just as good as ever. Fuck yea ymcmb for life, gon ball til we fall. Soowoo

  • delweezy

    smoove joint sound like some lilweezyana wayne ,need the cdq asap tho

  • Jaysta


  • casey

    where can a download this fucking amazing song

  • Wayne

    Wow he’s backkkkk1!!


    I This Shit Really Dope And Is There A Download Link Or A Video Of The Song Its Self On YouTube. GOLF WANG

  • yeahh nice record tuneee that yeah record with guccii wasnt diggin it tho this joint ooooo wait till celebrate drops with cdq no dj !! im still waiting on Put Tha Light On me record ! when will it drop???? that song too dopeeee

  • celbrate

    pretty short song i’d say…. better than nothing. i guess.

  • Good Song, finally no skateboarding shit, this the best rapper alive right here, can’t wait for his upcoming albums.



  • ym2430

    short song, but its good to see were getting a little weezy form back. if this album sucks, I’m officially off the wayne train


    Ima Have To Listen To It When I Get On My Comp Then Would I Bump This As A Slower Song Or A Go Hard Song

  • mirrio



    That Guys In The Background Look Way Tooo Happy To See Wezzy But I Would Probablly Done The Same HAHA . GOLF WANG

  • Ak

    He Didnt Say Tunchi Not Once Is Weezy F Back Cause This Song Go Super Hard It Seems Like A Snippet Tho Cant Wait For The Real Version

  • KashMoney52

    Going to be a radio hit because there are no swear words.

  • Byrdboi

    This shit is terrible. Can’t believe you fuckers like this…

  • yeah i like this he still got it yeahh buddy i still need more but of this

  • Bang Bang

    Daaaamn just when I thought he fell off … he comes back hard as fuck.

  • YEAAAAHHHHH!!! Loving it! Celebrating just cause of this song.

  • wezzyfan4eva

    i like it thumbs up

  • this sound like some shit he would have dropped in 08 just how he was flippin these lyrics i hope its longer on the cd quality

  • nooo dannyyyboyy wtf its better with out them fuckk

  • Rhino

    Sounds like old Wayne to me. The song itself was alright.

  • Darijo

    Damn it really is too good to be true. Mack Maine tweeted sayin that its one of his unreleased songs and that hes gonna release it shortly. Fuck looks like its not new Wayne…

  • dude give a link fagg and stop keepin your boyfriends muzic to your self .

  • Jaime

    LMAO I knew this shit had to be old. I was hoping it was new stuff he made after jail.

  • it aint old my nigga mack just said unreleased and it cant be old that nigga wayne yellin tunechi threw da whole shit

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    this shyt ryde

  • Sam

    You need google chrome.
    RIght click on “Celebrate.mp3” on the player and click “Inspect Element”
    Scroll up a little until you see “<dic id="jquery_player1" class="jp-jplayer" style="width……. and a bunch of other stuff. Then click the arrow to the left of that line. 3 new lines of code will appear under it. Look at the line that starts with audio, then click the link to the right and it will download.

  • Loyalty

    Wayne been sayin Tunechi since Carter 3, this shit is hella old.

    Plus I didn’t hear him say that nick name on this track.

  • This goes too gots a nice melody flow! Good stuff Tunechi keep it up! YMCMB 4 LIFE.

  • Fuck you haters that’s hating! This song is dope and Lil Wayne never fell off he still is The Best Rapper ever! YMCMB we winning!

  • PDW513

    wayne actually didnt cuss or say pussy= great song and he took it serious.

  • Demeat

    I love it makes me feel good inside

  • tune

    yeah, i dont think this is wayne after prison, this definitely sounds like wayne before jail, but its a good song, so i think we still have the power to say wayne fell off

  • wesck

    wezzy 4 ever YMCMB

  • Nak Nak

    thats the first time in a LONG time a weezy verse has made me smile 🙂 it sounds like his pre rebirth stage with his vocals in autotune.. DAMN i missed this shit. ha

  • Nak Nak

    but at the end of his verse he says “love live life”… which is a line from comfortable on C3… “love life life proceed progress, make sure the neighbors (somethin bout stress)” making me think this is a C3 throwaway?

  • Real talk 101

    Finally a song thanks I can rest for another day or two but weezy please keep the grind up

  • Ak

    You Can Download It On newhiphop thats how i got it

  • erick

    thank god there is hope! 🙂

  • erick

    carter III wayne is my favorite…

  • Jon

    i think this is from the drought is over part 5 or 6, just a song tht never got out. it just sounds like it. listen to louisianimal the 50 diss sounds just like it. i mean the effects . i might be wrong its not like i went in the studio with wayne -___-

  • volcomnukka

    Finally a DECENT song. Only one verse tho wtf. Just being real tho not hating.

  • Jon

    + he said he’ll reach to Hova as well, nope not from nowadays. Unless that’s truce, idk good track, i like tht sound. btw @Sam good look homes, now im gonna dwld all this locked BS on all websites, free singles. HYFR!

  • This is super hot…wayne always be the best heads down

  • Gucci

    fuck yal dickheads, pul ur dicks n start wankin bitches!

  • Dylan f baby

    Hes back

  • Zelos

    The full version just released people. It’s a new Mack Maine-song, featuring Lil Wayne and Talib Kwelie. You can listen to it here:

  • Track is ok,

    still waiting for Put the light on me, You and I and Cascades

    Weezy flyinstealth fuck wid it man!!

  • I’ve notice that Weezy has a lot of hatred yet every time lil Wayne releases new material, haters actually take time out of their lives to listen to it SMH I’ll admit, SOME of Weezy Songs aren’t that great but at the end of the da, i’ll always respect his hustle….besides I GUARANTEE that this song will get more downloads than any Lil B mixtape #Weezy F for FUCK YOU

  • this sounds like an old song , with his old flow and shit and doesnt say tunechi once .

  • Yes. He says Lil Tunechi. “It’s Lil Tunechi, y’all” at 1:31

  • kanye

    still tho i would of liked it better if he put more heart in it(+ some auto tune)

  • kanye

    it cant get more c2 than this yall

  • Ugh_thas_NasTee

    If you guys remember “Best Thing Yet” he says “lil Tunchi bitch” somewhere in there… and that was pre C3

  • Mac Miller


  • Mac Miller

    FULL OF IDIOTS :p ( Cc DannyM )

  • Jaime

    This doesn’t sound anything like the Dedication 2 or Carter 2 at all, he didn’t rap about anything positive at those times.

    This sounds like it was made for the Carter 3 but got scrapped. Anyways the final version is out and Mack Maine had the best verse.

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  • CeeJ mothafucka!

    someone post some damn lyrics to this shit
    “pop a bottle and celebrate we done made it to a new day”
    shits wack as fuck im throwing eggs at every white boy riding around listening to this song.

  • Wayniac Smiff!!

    best rapper alive !

  • chase

    whered all the haters go? fucking bandwagon pricks

  • Amurph

    He said “it’s young tunechi y’all” as much as Id love it to be a newer song (still dope though) he hasn’t really used “young tunechi” since like 09. It’s been “Lil Tunechi” or “Tunechi” or just “Tune”. Damn

  • tune

    you idiots, listen harder he didnt say “its lil tunechi yall” he said “PAY ATTENTION YALL”

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  • i like to celebrate and i feel love coming from that song

  • your celebrating new life or love

  • i also read you got your ex toya prego and is that true