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Lil Wayne Talks About How Skating Has Influenced His Music & More [Video]

Wed, Apr 18, 2012 by

We saw part 1 of Lil Wayne‘s interview with MTV’s new show called Hip Hop POV last week, now here is a sneak peek of part 2. Weezy talks to Amanda Seales in his own crib about how skating has influenced his music and meeting new friends at the various skateparks he visits around the country. He also goes on to say that he still has love for his “rap friends” and doesn’t wear jewelry no more. The full interview will air at midnight April 18th on MTV.

In related news, you can watch some more footage of Tune skateboarding and taking a bad fall at Tampa Pro in Florida on March 24th after the jump below.

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  • James a

    First YMCMB

  • Breezy

    Weezy still the same !

  • carissa

    cant wait to watch the whole thing

  • joey


  • Tune!

    The clips of him skateboarding on his roof looked fun !

  • way it do

    pretty sure he still does wear jewellery…..and he should because he created the term bling bling



  • Wake up

    Basically what weezy said is he is trading his rap niggas for white skaters

  • YO

    yea skating influenced his shit by makin it gay

  • East Side Damu

    Lil Wayne you are not making any sense blood .. you CREATED the term “BLING BLING” what do you mean you don’t wear jewlery anymore ? and you are “Mr. Make It Rain” so stop acting like you’re too good to do that club shit anymore.

    this guy is changing so much.

  • hunter

    He’s def changed, just as we all change but still love the things closets to us. Hopefully legendary rap is what is closest to him

  • LP

    He even sounds whiter when he talks. Wow jail must fuck people up

  • lmao my nigga he was being sarcastic he dont really talk like that and he always in the fuckin clu LIV on sundays K.O.D on mondays

  • 93clint

    weezy ur gvng us da dope hiphop en living it ..

  • Dynoo

    “ill make it rain anyday with you BROTHER” (x lmao

  • GrimGenius

    can someone tell me what was being said about his “rap friends” ii couldn’t really understand wat he was saying

  • Sk8te

    Weezy…’ve change totaly

  • MJ

    A year and a half guys. I promise you once he sparks that blunt, he won’t even remember what a skateboard is

  • The old weezY

    Missing so much the old weezy…..”Yeah And Everytime I See The Sunshine
    I Drop Down And Give Thanks At Least One Time Feel Like Im Living On The Front Line Im Feeling Like Every Second Is Crunch Time I’ve Had Breakfast, Will I Make It To Lunchtime?”

    “Dont Cry For Me I Gave The Best I Could Give
    I Can Only Do Me, So Thats What I Did And I Cherish Every Breath Of My Kid
    And I Dont Wanna Go Before She Grow, That Aint Cool But In This Game Of Life I Dont Make The Rules”.

    “They say I’m rappin’ like B.I.G, Jay, and 2pac
    Andre 3000, where is Erykah Badu at? I don’t “O U” like 2 vowels But I would like for you to pay me by the hour And I’d rather be pushing flowers”

    2. A MILLI
    3.stuntin like my dad
    4.3 peat
    5.neck of the woods
    6. I’m me


  • The old weezY

    Yep, don’t wear jewez, make it rain or pop bottles coz those stuff aint health for you. come on weezy we miss your old version tunes…like some of these TUNES.
    2. A MILLI
    3.stuntin like my dad
    4.3 peat
    5.neck of the woods
    6. I’m me

  • YCsep27

    i only wana watch you no matter its rap or skate,i luv you from the bottom of my heart.
    god bless you

  • YCsep27

    Salam Wayne

  • YCsep27

    two reasons of critics
    1.they jealous
    2.they dont believe him

  • kanye

    i really wish wayne would sing using autotone again.
    that was like listening to an angels voice back in the day.
    fuck d.o.a

  • kanye

    if rebirth 2 isn’t full of autotune then fuck rebirth 2 and fuck wayne
    rebirth was classic, don’t fuck it up with the sequel wayne

  • Antucci

    At least @Wakeup understood this video.. fuck

  • YCsep27

    There is no reason of jealously.People who are jealous from celebities they are sick,they are not normal.If people don’t believe anybody and they don’t agree to somebody its the reason of different thought.

  • wack

    wayne just wack at the moment i miss the c3 & d3 times where he put out songs every day .. i mean i kno he needs his time but atm he aint doin shit ..
    just wondering where d4 is .. and the juelz collabo we waitin for since .. ’08 or sumthin
    These days:
    1. rick ross
    2. drake
    3 weezy

    he just fell down his throne damn

  • I’m pretty sure he is wearing jewelry in this interview…

  • kanye

    just figured out why wayne’s wack now.
    he’s a pussy. back in the day he use to handle the haters/critics with drugs and shit but now since he cant have those, he’s changed
    why would anyone with all the money and the power need that shit? they don’t need that shit!
    with getting high he feared nobody and did his thing like no other
    nowadays he be saying shit like “best rapper alive? naw man im too old” or “im a dad now, ive grown” and alot of other corny shit
    he’s scared u can see it in his eyes, without his “goons” he’d be very fucked up, mentally.
    he tries to hide behind his former self, but this nigga changed 180 percent
    how do i know? i dont
    hope i made sense cause im drunk

  • siege

    i dont respect him for how much he changed.
    wen kids grow up they change and become more mature, but when an adult changes who they are how they dress or act etc. thats a sign of weakness and shows a desire for attention. i cannot understand how people honestly take him seriously anymore because he is 100% a bullshit character.
    the man would die without his money from his addiction to fashion drugs and women and that being said if he didnt already have money he wouldnt be able to make money. he wouldnt function in society if he didnt have private jets to pick him up and take him away.
    its sad, you know the kind of michael jackson sad where youre only sad cuz ur watching then when ur not watching someone says mj and youre like whose that?

  • AntiHate

    This nigga is seeing that life aint about what he use to think it was this nigga never had a childhood he was born straight into the cash money world and thats ALL he knew! than he finally gets to branch out meet new people and do different things let him do him! let the man live we all evolve, if you dont than that fuckin sucks.

  • siege

    haha except he wasnt born at age 12, he signed to hot boyz with cash money at age 12… thats fine.
    it wasnt until he was like 30 years old that he started selling fake rock albums and then just last year soldout to tru k fit clothing line.
    evolving has nothing to do with selling out. it would be evolving if he learned out to mix his own track or evloving if he learned how to market his own products but what he’s done is take samples from old songs and write rhymes to record over them and he’s takin current fashion trends and mirrored them but simply adding a T or a skateboard logo.

    u sound ignorant trying to defend him and blaming others for hating when in fact little wayne is the king of hate but im sure time will enlighten you….

    once you go black

  • cinder

    he stop wearing jewelry to skate cuz then it could bust or bounce up n hit you in the face he still clubbin he still on probation and his clothing line making more money then you are hatin on him his line is to influence black kids you don’t have to rap or ball up be your self skate if you like if he can do it anybody can

  • CeeJ mothafucka!

    ok so if ur a poor black kid… (cuz its only racist if whites say it) u should talk about drugs gangs murder sex white women and gangbanging and that will make u successful…

    girls are so shallow. if i had no morals i would be out there fucking around like little waynes slimey self but sadly i do… so i stay in line and do whats rite. but u groupies keep digging ur holes and keep listening to this garbage wizzle shit and we’ll see were it gets yall.
    that goes to the poor black kids too. u know this shit aint right.

  • DOPE

    is wayne coming to Belgium Danny?

  • lp

    I agree that you have to evolve as an artist and a person. But I just have a hard time believing someone could go from “Tha block is hot bling bling” ghetto to making songs with Justin Bieber and wearing skinny jeans. You obviously weren’t ghetto to begin with, or a blood, there’s a picture of you kissing a man and you don’t address it. Rick Ross was a parole officer but won’t address it. Thats why Tupac was a legend, he was who he claimed to be. Besides j. Cole, Young Jeezy, Bun B, T.I., and a few others, all rappers today are sellouts/fake

  • shot caller

    Full interview tonight

  • Grim Genius

    jay-z used to rap about kilos & grams and shit, but later down the road he changed his style up and worked with people like linkin park, rihanna & lenny kravitz. So i don’t understand. Nobodys gonna stay the same forever.

  • YOLO

    **********@Danny M and everbody ****************

  • grim genius

    ^^^tonight at 12

  • Kaplun

    All very impressive, but when are we actually going to get new music from wayne, its been sooooooooo longg

  • eezywee

    the thing about wayne is he used to be inlove with music untill he met skateboard and now music is jus the side bitch

  • tunechi baby dick

    wow get serious women, if u listen to little waynes sexist violent rap music then i feel sorry for you and your family.

  • Nak Nak

    skating needs to stop influencing his music. turning him into a clown ass looking leopard pant wearing faggot. 9th ward LIL WEEZY ANA needs to continue to influence him. GANGSTA rap needs to influence him. Other rappers that are KILLING him right now need to be influencing him. TRUE wayne fans miss Weezy F Baby. thats not up for debate

  • YM Salute

    He needs to get out of Miami, go back to New Orleans, and get as high as he can again. When’s he get off probation again?

  • Opinion.

    You know… Wayne’s liking white people and their styles now… And I mean skateboarding wise …. He’s trying to say you don’t have to be a hardcore gangsta to be a cold rapper; and I think he’ll prove that with I’m not a human being 2… Well just see y’know… I think weezy is about to change his flow up again jus like he always does… He’s going to put more meaning in his lyrics… His lifestyle that he “supposedly” is living now is a gangbangin skateboarding blood that is now gonna probably be more associated with white people now… Maybe weezys change will be more positive in a way, instead of making him look low class… Look around guys, majority of rich USA citizens are white and have a certain style because the more money you make, the more you’ll adapt.. With all that money you think weezy is gonna be in he hood being a criminal? He’s doing this change for himself… It’s a different Wayne, but I’m sure this guy still has somethin up his sleeve… Or maybe he is just gonna quit real rap for good? I’m a fan of weezy, the man is being smart; hopefully he still has some meaningful good ass flows in store.

  • Opinion

    He’s just trying to be different, maybe he’s tired of all the usual stuff his gangster goons used to always to. You can sorta tell by watching…

  • truuu

    wezy f baby has changed so much

  • wadafuq we want old weezy back

  • prediction/opinion

    by the time wizzle is dead/retired/cant sell a record people are going to hate him. he’s already see thru yet women still love him and anne’s too. i’ll admit there’s a couple good tracks on some of his cds but the cons outweigh the pros heavily and if he continues down the path of bullshit and overall tainted female abuse i think he’s going to end up nailing his own coffin.

  • F.E.M.

    This nagger might get a white skin just like MJ

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  • Mr. Yes Sir !

    Why Stop Now ! Yes Sir !

  • lilme

    weezy i was one off your best fans but no sorry im even going to delete my like on your page on facebook

  • lilme

    50 cent is doing movies lil wayne is selling clothes and is sleep and singing about wasting time drake is running after bitches but he still rock kid cudi is making horror movies emeniem is doing drugs snoop is sell souls , rap is gone welcome to 2012

  • Wigg Monsta

    Im from NEW ORLEANS and been ghost writin for TUNECHI for 3 years. Peep ma YouTube videos, search: Wigg Monsta

  • tinaphooo

    Guess you would be doing bad if you didnt have haters glad you have goalsssssss