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Recap Of Lil Wayne’s Day At Tampa Pro 2012 In Florida [Video]

Mon, Apr 9, 2012 by

In the video above, you can watch a 10 minute recap of Lil Wayne‘s day at Tampa Pro in Florida last month. You can see Weezy watching skateboarders show off their tricks at the event, go for a little skating session himself and then hand out Beats By Dre headphones to the skaters who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. It looked like Tune had a great time at Tampa Pro, especially at the end when bottles of champagne were popping!

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  • Daniel Wilmott




  • Helen S

    Oh what a coincidence, just today lil wayne and his skateboys got in trouble, hehe.



  • Baby money

    Any1 else spot that guy skating with no legs =o

  • Sticky icky

    What award did weezy win?

  • lol

    “pour one up for me”

  • u2

    5:40 wtf was weezy doing

  • youngmoneycmballday

    at the end he says to maine “you pour one up for me ? you pour one up for me? “

  • Diddy

    Haha you hear what Lil Wayne said to T@ – po’ one up!!

    Could this mean Lil Wayne back on sizzurp?

  • watson

    he sai” pour on up for me” he on that syrup

  • Game

    In other news, Prodigy is a faggot

  • “Pour one up fo’ me”

  • Yo Wat song is that at the very beginning, Wat beat is that

  • GC

    @Kevin Its Flo Rida Fresh I Stay (Part 2) Ft. Lil Wayne

  • Can somebody tell me what ever happened to that limo bizkit song with weezy, and why isn’t Wayne releasing alot of songs anymore??

  • Logan

    whoa whoa im so confused. the report I read said Wayne was found dead in december due to self inflicting wounds after a massive amount of PCP. so he ain’t dead?

  • tphil

    i love the zombie look…weezy u da best! breee

  • Slim



  • garrett arledge

    lil wayne is going hard as fuck this year

  • garrett arledge

    hey may not be releasing alot of songs but his lyrics remain untouchable

  • Pour one up for your #1 fan Tunechi!

  • Haha Tunechi is getting hella good at sk8boarding keep it up WEEZY, I skate just cause you do…you been my idol since I was in the 4th grade and now I’m in 11th grade I been ridin with you for awhile and I’m gonna ride with you FOREVER!!

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  • Pedro

    the name of this song ? 2:00 , 3:50 ??? PLEASE !

  • chula

    Its sayin “recap day last month” so i hope tunechi is not bk witj sizzurp!! At the start u can see how high he his eyes tho! Wayne stop this shit..

  • Weezy fan

    5:40 – 5:46 LOL WAYNE!!

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