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Flo Rida Talks About Working With Lil Wayne In The Studio & More [Video]

Tue, May 29, 2012 by

In the video above, Flo Rida speaks to Fuse about his forthcoming album, Wild Ones, and who is featured on the project. He says he was recently in the studio with Lil Wayne and they recorded two new “crazy” songs together.

Flo also announced that one of the songs will appear on his upcoming album, which will hit stores on July 3rd. Check out what Flo Rida said about working with Tune and what it is like being in the studio with him below:

“His energy, his aura is just amazing. I’m always excited to hear what’s gonna come out of his mouth next. I actually got a chance to do two records and we will probably put out the next record on the next album or so, but both of the records are crazy.”

Hit the jump to watch another recent Fuse interview, this time with YMCMB boss Birdman.

Birdman speaks on the old Cash Money Records, the Hit Factory in Miami, being in the music game for 22 years, starting up in New Orleans and going global, working on mixtapes with Mack Maine, and more.

Are you looking forward to a new Flo Rida and Weezy collaboration ❓

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  • mattyswizzle
  • First

    ….. And last.

  • Hi


  • Ivory rye

    I am looking forward to it Danny 🙂

  • Suwuuu

    Well ‘American Gangsta’ was dope BUT ‘Fresh I Stay’ was wack.

  • Young nin0

    on the lwhq forums it says one of the records is called New Money

  • TUNEchiFAN

    That is great news everyone, at least they were in the studio when they recorded the tracks. This means better chemistry!

  • C4

    2 songs are better than 1

  • Ye$$ir

    Flo rida new songs have been crazy! They all been #1

  • Douche

    Flo Rida sucks

  • cdotb

    Birdman sucks…

  • Birdman

    birdman daddy flame on the bugatti

  • FAG


  • Reallife

    Birdman is a G! That kid interviewing him looks scared as hell! Lol

  • ym ova u

    I don’t wanna hear Weezy and Flo Rida.

    that shit is dead, black people don’t listen to Flo Rida.

  • Clankipad

    Amazing thing 🙂

  • tunechi

    tunechi birdman,u guys ar th men..!! run this shit 4life,bt nva run out of money !

  • Kay B

    I thnk its kwl tht thy collaborating again, coz their last collabo ws American Superstar nd Weezys murdered it