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Preview Lil Wayne’s Verse On French Montana’s “Pop That” Single [Video]

Mon, May 28, 2012 by

Above, you can watch some behind the scenes footage from French Montana‘s “Pop That” video shoot, which took place in Miami yesterday. In the clip, you can hear Lil Wayne‘s verse, as well as watch him skate and shoot his parts for Montana‘s forthcoming single. Also featured on the song that will drop any night this week is Drake and Rick Ross.

“Bitch, stop talking that shit and suck a nigga dick for some Trukfit.”

Click here to view some behind the scenes photos and listen to a preview of Drake‘s verse from the video shoot!

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  • meow

    first holy moly batman

  • meow

    2nd holy shit batman

  • Go weezy

    Wayne!!! Sweet Pmb repping 410! First!!

  • meow

    wayne’s verse sounds horrible, why? because hes talking about skateboarding, probably the stupidest sport invented

  • meow you couldnt wait to hate on his verse huh you faggot dickrider lol you are a nobody and a cowards his verse sounded awesome faggot hop of his nuts hater

  • Weezy

  • meow

    I guess if I was on his nuts I would like his verse 😛 I still listen to D3, no ceilings, and C3 but this skateboard shit is really bugging me :s

  • RealRapFan#

    Listen i love tunchi like most ppl that fuck wit dis blog.. But fuk man he gotta change this whole skating shit!! If he likes to skate thats fine its his life, but he should never include skating in his raps ever!! But i still fk wit him n ymcmb!!!

  • Get A Life

    Lots of hoes dancing and skaters in this video

  • southside

    his verse seems average but his flow sounds dope

  • Coke Boyz

    Sucks! Drake’s verse sounds bad too.

  • dream chaser

    is that marley g skatin all over da place hahaha



  • Chris

    Verse sounds dope. He always hits beats with a different swag, the way he hit this one is like he did his steady mobbin track. just one of the reasons why i’ve been a fan since 02′

  • who the fuck is Stevie J

    the whole skating swag is sooooo gay.

    it just makes everything seem worse than it really is.

  • Jaime

    this pussy ass skateboard shit again, ughhhh.

    DRAKE has more style than Wayne now … that’s how bad it has gotten.

    Drake even acts more gangster than Wayne now lol.

  • Sounding good, hoping to hear even more of Weezy, he usually has much more stuff available!

  • Fag

    Who agrees ?!

  • meow

    fucking skateboarding, its his anti-drug, gotta be hard not being able to be on weed since hes been on weed recording since the age of 12

  • Real Life

    I am not going to lie I’m a hardcore Weezy fan but the skateboard shit gotta go!!! Yeah skate all you want nigga but dont rub it in everyone’s face!!!

  • YoungGod RigoRigo

    lol you ppl are crazy, i dont care bout his style, only i care about is his voice n talk about pussies n bitchies. thats y i love Weezy. really talk!!

    (im nasty as a son of a bitch I still got that bitch cum on my lips)

  • Wigg Monsta

    The Best Rapper Alive is on the rise.. He goes by the name of “WIGG MONSTA”.. Straight from New Orleans!! One of the best out right now..No Doubt!! Check out these Amazing freestyle—>

    Real or Fake Freestyle-

    1hunnit freestyle-

  • Real

    Man the dude just skateboarding he ain’t hurting no body a nigga found something that he liked I’ll rather see Wayne with a skatebord in every video thin a 2 white cups in everyvideo

  • jay

    My nugga wezzy killin shit

  • @ Real

    well the rest of us would rather see Weezy with 2 white cups because thats the shit that made his flow good.

    he been sippin since he was 16.

  • yo this nigga wayne he has to calm down with dis skating shit … I mean like i fukin love lil waynes music and he looks like an awsome guy to hang wit but just lower it down a lil, get at least a lil bit of your old swag back man have a good time chill wit some lean,smoke weed,fuck chicks,skate,make some of your own #1 hit singles for fuk sake bro and i know yuou dont take any advice cause shit you talk to yourself because you are ur own consultant but im just statin this shit out because i really like the 20 year old wayne damn dude ur dad baby has much more swag than u..through it all ur verse is really tight and i will always worship to ur music about money drugz n sex….. and ive heard a lot of shit about illumianti but ill just leave that satanic shit to you

  • Mixitup047


    So you’d rather chance him dying so u can hear what u consider good music? People loved his no ceilings mixtape, and guess what, he was on the drink then either.

    I’d like to see Wayne grow as a person and better himself too. He’s really into his skating shit right now. So obviously it’s going to show up in his rap. He raps about what’s up and this is a huge part of his life. Why does everyone come on here and expect that to change? Let the man have passions.

  • Mixitup047


  • His verse sounds pretty long

  • YunG based god

    the ultimate poser is at it again

  • ha

    Not gonna lie.. People are haters. I havehated waynes music lately. But this actually sounds pretty decent. And that pusha t diss was not bad either. People just hate on the dude its pretty funny. Hes rich. He doesn’t care what you have to sayso stop wasting your time hatin because its just making him more famous

  • ineye gabriel

    at leats i’m happy that he ain;t wearing shorts. but what really pisses me off is the skate board. he should take a chill on the skate board and be on dope flows again cus he’s merking his carrer little by little if he shownskate boards in videos

  • Zackery

    lmao at people coming on here complaining about him skating.. hes gonna do whatever he wants regardless so save yourself from looking stupid.

  • Jeffyf

    Y’all are dumb as hell whoevers hating on Wayne for skating. Dudes On probation and needed something else to do besides drugs. Plus since he’s started skating he’s gotten a lil attitude back like the old Wayne. I fuck with Wayne except when he’s on some Jonas brothers shit or loving Bieber. I like new Wayne and I like old Wayne. And I’ll never hate on anyone that’s 100000000000000002* more successful then me.

  • C.I.D

    skateboard and weezy. yeah this skateboard fuck shit is a bit irritating but the fuckin dude is still on top of his game and don’t hate on the guy but ride on his dick but not me

  • Lilduke1

    Ymcmbeat dat pussy up..stop playin
    On my proactive shit pop dat pussy lika zit
    Bitch eye ball like 2 eye lids

  • F Tha World

    Wayne just thanks all you HATERS for putting trash talk about him but hey he loves all you HATERS that’s the truth

  • Whade

    Let Wayne Live His Life.

  • Wassup

    Gonna be the summer anthem

  • weezy flyinstealth^^^^

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    this shyt sound dope, but yall got to realise thats what this nigga do he keep switchen up his style, swagg, and songs thats how he staying hot for so long. soon as u get used to his skating shyt then he gone do something else you dont like but learn to accept.

  • Nanna Kristine

    Do someone know if Lil Wayne is going to Europe soon? There are sooo many big fans in Norway waiting for him – and I’m one of them! The best rapper alive <3

  • i heard the first part thats it so i cant judge niggas that judge without hearin was goin to hate reguardless

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  • drodl

    sounds ok but he has to stop skating in every song

  • Swag

    That ousha t diss wasnt bad?? Shit was fucking garbage he didnt say shit about pusha fucking T if ur gonna base a track all towards dissing a dude then fucking KILL HIM the track sounded like all his other fucking songs minus the first line

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  • Mr. Like

    Yes Sir !